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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 18, 2017 9:30am-9:46am EST

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major media is clear when it comes to countries like zimbabwe or venezuela or iran which seek a future outside the washington consensus some viewers may remember when the b.b.c. routinely attacked this man for being a terrorist for wanting the end of white imperialism in africa. right where. we. got. democratic country comrade mandela went from terrorist just saying to nato nation media when he fell in line with the washington consensus and neo liberal privatization as from a garbage tax from the state mandated b.b.c. arguably rise and fall depending on the levels of his genuflection before the international monetary fund the lesson arguably is watch out for this information in nato nation mainstream media about leadership succession in zimbabwe especially when media outlets and perhaps the real global superpower of the twenty first
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century carry reports like this. said china in zimbabwe are real or whether friends yeah the page should not only be good friends on politics but also be good partners in development let alone reports like this russian president vladimir putin welcomed zimbabwe president robert mugabe into the kremlin well joining me now is the chairman of the u.k. chapter of zanu p.f. nick maguire nick thanks so much for coming on going underground events moving fast . to play people i would just give you simple snippets like that people we're not supposed to we considered minus you couldn't a woman could not transact on your own until in one nine hundred eighty two when president mugabe and his government passed a law which was called the legal majority at your wife and your child will equal or worse than mainstream media all week we hearing that robert mugabe was responsible
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for the mass slaughter of tens of thousands of zimbabweans well people with thousands and thousands and thousands where it was a bubble and swim cup it bought during the liberation struggle made of additions britain and america were support the united states was about exams africa against cuba and react so we wanted to be a little bit better we had them in a suit or something the regime when actually every hunter you know they were the fighter jets and planes that were being used by the religions were british red almost through important that was being used was british made so it was something as we're talking about here so we received the british we were fighting the british we were indeed fighting the british and atrocities were committed off and on and told the scales. you know we had problems at the beginning of our independence you know formative years we we had disturbances and people died excesses we've done we've committed because people are trying to if you know the mission we wouldn't even problems it is unfortunate one not one person isn't
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a person to debate but we could act but it does not turn our independence into a devilish independents why did robert mugabe take the loans from the i.m.f. we know well some and there were arguably destroyed the economy of south africa with the floods i think if there's anything that zimbabwe regrets is going under that structural adjustment programs in plain and slums torn bilin or start a billion or crumbled in the one nine hundred eighty nine by one nine hundred ninety four the bacon we're getting from the east subsided and that leaves left us with no option because as a new nation which we need in france i'm sure we would beg to differ there that they didn't because i just ask how does any new government in zimbabwe how will it navigate a world where the brics powers are arguably to the fore a new world as it were brics is a blessing to us because we're in the articulation of our policies as
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a public policy so you will find that we rely on we were building a lot of relationships with brazil we're building a lot of little russia so i hope it was more it would have a good relationship our treatment comes from india and so on so that's pretty obviously we are all biggest trading alike and it is tell you that in russia that vetoed in july two thousand and eight that featured the security council when it wanted to impose further and more crippling economic sanctions are going to zimbabwe so we do have this relationship this fraternal relationship britain voted presumably to hurt britain well everybody wants to have an influence in africa because. of the resources it depends on the relationship the relationship we had with russia the relationship we had with china was also because they were. funded or independence they were the midwives that brought in our independence we've seen beijing and moscow encouraged traitor but when nato nations really move in as we've seen in the in the north of africa in libya how will you trust them to be powers
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that are allied to or whether you look at the pockets in the country that in the world right now we are not looking for a cold war type of relationship we believe everybody which is supposed to respect deserve to be treated back with respect so you keep some you get some it's as simple as that russia treats bubble the respect and trade deals with russia important we do when we say we want to use russia to attack britain because that's not the little of the literature for what what you can do is just to build our country to build our economy and to be let alone to go would be would have to have the freedoms that we need or that we're prepared to have we don't even want to put to impose any political or economic measures it's unnecessary we have three countries we make on certain decisions when i'm a conservative it's decisions we go forward it's just as much as even things about right now that's why we're seeing every bit off as a bubble going to solve its problems and what it's about also has problems that might want to thank you. for that was the head of robert mugabe's zanu
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p.f. u.k. chapter joining me now via skype from canterbury in southern england is alex for guy so the former chief advisor zimbabwean opposition leader morgan tsvangirai alex thanks for joining us from from england so why is mortgage angra of all people returned to zimbabwe a chance of replacing mugabe well you know more has not been very well. last couple of. weeks ago you went to south africa where he was getting treatment for colon cancer and he issued a statement last week after. vice president. government. they're potential security at least and it was therefore not surprised by the fact that the military you know we later to go over and misty january is now back in zimbabwe very critical time i think it's
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a really good mission of the crisis to wish the country's going it's a major hold national significance and as an important part of the national leadership. keys to cold air i think it's important that he be there in zimbabwe to be involved in any you know ways in which a disgrace is going to be a result isn't a wholly discredited figure though given that we know that he took money from foreign governments for the movement for democratic change. well you know morgan tsvangirai has been here courageous and technicians fighter against the regime of mr mugabe for nearly twenty years he is a towering figure for the opposition he's very well respected both in zimbabwe and across the african continent and also the danish no community is a very respectable figure but why did the m.d.c. throw him out them before the m.d.c.
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has never thrown out anger and back in twenty four but always been at the helm was an appearance a sort of the i am d.c. and he has never been thrown out there people who have broken away from the m.d.c. that is continuously been the leader of the m.d.c. since ninety ninety nine i think the zimbabwean people will never forgive him for the fact that he supported sanctions against the zimbabwean people well maybe in trying to i has always been on the side of the zimbabwean people he is always down and what is right even when he supported sanctions told the united states and britain the old colonial master keep the sanctions are hurting the population of zimbabwe modern trend i raised attention to the concerns into the issues that we africans about when people ask for international assistance if you look at two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen when zimbabwe was being governed by a government of national unity in which mother to india is prime minister and the m.d.c. was part of government that was the best time for zimbabweans since two thousand
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that in itself is not the actions of someone who is i don't mind them up with but someone who is capable and willing to support the zimbabwean people and any idea who is paying the seventy thousand dollars in medical bills in september i have no idea who is paying for him but morgan chandra is went away as friends who are desperate to music person who is suffering from cancer and will wishers who support the character that many is shown as a fighter for those above and people will naturally help you if they wish to and just finally when you are working as a t.v. advisor where the british government supporting him. the british government was supporting this in government look at the record. yes. many foreign governments were supporting it but the m.d.c. i'm talking about. was absolutely. right
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alex ferguson thank you well no doubt robert mugabe will soon be smeared as a kremlin or beijing agent by nato nation corporate media cold war paranoia was clearly on show all week on so-called news networks like c.n.n. and the british state mandated b.b.c. as for the u.k. parliament it sometimes looked like hearings of the us house un-american activities committee in the dark according to this labor m.p. it's britain's foreign secretary boris johnson the foreign secretary told this house he'd see no evidence of russian interference in u.k. elections on the referendum well obviously if there was evidence we would have to really run our general election and the bricks at referendum go on yes on monday the prime minister wants russia not to meddle in western democracy and today the times reports that fake russian twitter accounts churned out thousands of messages in an attempt to influence the e.u. referendum result yes this labor m.p. you want to debone syria and defacto support for al qaida thinks the reason britain
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is leaving the e.u. could be because of twitter tweets then she appeared to imply that either britain's foreign secretary is no longer privy to intelligence reports or boras himself as an agent of the kremlin because he decided not to read information produced by institutions that brought us fake reports of w m d in iraq as the foreign secretary not being kept in the dark on the intelligence has he not read it or is he willfully blind and will she now stop dragging her feet and set up the intelligence and security committee here playing into the kremlin's attempts to undermine our tomorrow well she seems to have decided the kremlin is undermining british democracy already but maybe the. she keeps on the backbenches raises a more pressing democratic question why she and her colleagues plotted the downfall of their party leader jeremy corbyn the democratically elected we talked to a member of razor made friday agreement.
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this war against country country individual the individual and we said now it's spilling over into the brawl that's happening. welcome back within the past twenty four hours britain's controversial foreign secretary boris johnson has been in dublin to discuss what brics it will mean for the irish border that's wild all that island's local government institutions created after the ira gave up the military route to irish independence are arguably in chaos with his new pm p sammy wilson a member of the exiting the european union committee whose party is defacto keeping to raise amazement or to government in power that we welcome back to going underground so was you hold this government in power to resume in power direct rule
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from westminster as regards northern ireland do you lucian finished well that there's an inevitability about the situation of how to the moment and have to say that they don't want to participate in a northern ireland assembly mainly because they don't want to be hard to say that being in government requires them to make on fortunately given the structures in northern ireland if they decide not to be in the executive then their company and the executive if you can't have a local executive then the only able to you know giving away. well i mean first of all the demands which are making a wrong realistic and secondly they're the only party who are demanding that before they enter government that certain things be given and the reason of course why they're. asking for that could but blackmail really they know they could never get them if they had to debate them and argue for them and focus on them in the assembly their republican supporters who are pretty sure why they're inviting police ministers to run northern ireland because that's a fact what they're doing the one thing you can be united about perhaps is this
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statement from the british government that james broke into northern ireland is just as you want to review northern ireland assembly politicians pay. your colleagues in the u.p.a. installment little attention friends probably don't happy about that are they doing no work at all at the will for the people who of course that's not true so i think it's a bit unfair on the secular state to say that he wants to review their pay and don't forget he's been paying shenfield millions of pints for the last ten years why they don't get it and why they are in labor while they don't sit and westminster so you know he can't have it both ways he can say cynthia numbers don't do their job where that's what we pay them but we pony shows exactly what ever it is shouldn't be paid if they don't turn up well well i think that's involvement as a matter of really little chef in members at westminster not only get paid for secretarial and split compared accommodation allowance they get paid for the elected if he likes to put it into their job so i don't know for you to say that with like you know it closes there's
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a good in about oh they don't do their job because they don't they don't attend westminster they don't participate in those really dirty vosa live what well you know but they are there could argue deserves a new yard and we have had with said if you want to stop people's money for not doing their job then you do it westminster as well as stormont so you could have your donations if you do not pick and choose and of course a think this is perhaps part of the weakness of the secular state that he tends to pander to shun feehan rather than take them on and indeed how he taken them on i don't know if you might not be in the situation we are today what do you think of his budget ten point six billion for northern ireland for example in two does include the billion by no it doesn't was he for that was not really great. by the way it was an allocation of money to deal with social needs in northern ireland we made a key s. for social needs in northern ireland and the government accepted that and of course where they really are not get well this is just to put in perspective they have the worst child health indicators to anyone in.
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