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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 18, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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british and atrocities were committed of an untold skills. you know we had problems at the beginning of our independence in our formative years we we had disturbances and people died excesses we've done we're committed because people are trying to if you know the mission we wouldn't even problems it is unfortunate one hundred one percent research isn't a person to debate but we could act but it does not turn our independence into a devilish into business why did robert mugabe take loans from the i.m.f. we know well some and there were arguably destroyed the economy of south africa with the floods i think if there's anything that zimbabwe regrets is going under that structural adjustment programs or it's a piece that's failed throughout the world because. in plain and slanted towards the towards the east we were going for socialism and then believed was that a billion or crumbled in one thousand eight hundred by one thousand ninety are the bacon we're getting from the east subsided and that leaves left us with no option
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because it is a new nation which we need in france i'm sure we would beg to differ there that they didn't because i just ask how does any new government in zimbabwe how will it navigate a world where the brics powers are arguably to the for the new world as it were brics is a blessing to us because we're in the articulation of our policies as a public policy so you will find that we rely on we were building a lot of relationships with brazil we're building a lot of little russia so hopefully it was more it would have a good relationship our treatment comes from india and so on so that's pretty obviously we are all biggest trading alike and it is tell you that in russia that vetoed in july two thousand and eight that featured the security council when it wanted to impose further and more crippling economic sanctions are going to zimbabwe so we do have this relationship this fraternal relationship britain voted presumably to hurt britain well everybody wants to have an influence in africa
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because. of the resources it depends on the relationship the relationship we had with russia the relationship we had with china was also because they they've been funded all independence they were the midwives that protein are independent we've seen beijing and moscow encouraged but when nato nations really move in as we've seen in the in the north of africa in libya how how will you trust them to be powers that are allied to or whether you look at the pockets in the kind of in the world right now we're not looking for cold war total relationships we believe everybody which is supposed to respect deserve to be treated back with respect so you keep some you get some it's as simple as that russia treats bubble the respect and trade deals with russia important we don't want to say we want to use russia to attack britain because that's not their little of the literature so what what you can do is just to build a country to build our economy and to be let alone to go would be would have to
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have the freedoms that we need or that we're prepared to have we don't even want to put to impose any political or economic measures upon us it's unnecessary we have three countries we make on certain decisions when i'm a conservative it's decisions we go forward it's just as much as even things about right now that's why we're seeing every bit off as a bubble going to solve its problems and what is a bubble is also has problems that might want to thank you. for that was the head of robert mugabe's zanu p.f. u.k. chapter joining me now via skype from counter bre in southern england is alex the guy so the former chief advisor zimbabwean opposition leader morgan tsvangirai alex thanks for joining us from from england so why is mortgage angra of all people returned to zimbabwe where chance of replacing mugabe well you know has not been very well. last couple of. weeks ago you went to south africa where he was getting treatment for colon cancer. and he issued
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a state last. week after these said king of the vice president and muslim anger were chrome government and state that this was in their potential security risk and it was therefore not surprised by the fact that the military you know we later to go over and misty january is now back in zimbabwe it is very critical time i think it's a recognition of the crisis to wish the country's going it's a major national significance and as an important part of the national leadership. keys to caldera i think it's important that he be there in zimbabwe how to be involved in any you know we always chair this crisis can be a result isn't it wholly discredited figure though given that we know that he took money from foreign governments for the movement for democratic change well you know morgan tsvangirai has been here courageous and tenacious fighter against
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the regime of mr mugabe for nearly twenty years he is darren figure for the opposition he's very well respected both in zimbabwe and across the african continent and also the donation of community is a very respectable figure but why did the m.d.c. throw him out them before the m.d.c. has never thrown out back in twenty four but always been at the helm once and appear are sort of the i am d.c. and he has never been thrown out there people who have broken away from the m.d.c. that is continuously been the leader of the m.d.c. since ninety nine tonight i think the zimbabwean people will never forgive him for the fact that he supported sanctions against the zimbabwean people when moving trying to die has always been underside of the zimbabwean people he has always done and what is right even when he supported sanctions told the united states and
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britain the old colonial master key to sanction. as up hurting the population of zimbabwe modern trend i raised attention to the concerns into the issues that we africans about when people ask for international assistance if you look at two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen when zimbabwe was being governed by a government of national unity which mother to india is prime minister and the m.d.c. was part of government that was the best time for zimbabweans since two thousand that in itself is not the actions of someone who is undermining zimbabweans but someone who is capable and willing to support his american people have any idea who is paying the seventy thousand dollars in medical bills in september i have no idea who is paying for him but morgan chandra is went to a as friends who has to music person who is suffering from cancer and will wishers who support the courage that many is shown is a fight of what is
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a mob and people will naturally help even if they wish to just finally when you are working as a t.v. advisor where the british government supporting him. the british government weren't supporting this in government look at the record. yes. many foreign governments were supporting the zimbabwean government but the m.d.c. i'm talking about. was absolutely. right alex of again thank you well no doubt robert mugabe will soon be smeared as a kremlin or beijing agent by nature nation corporate media cold war paranoia was clearly on show all week on so-called news networks like c.n.n. and the british state mandated b.b.c. as for the u.k. parliament it sometimes looked like hearings of the us house un-american activities committee in the dog according to this labor m.p. it's britain's foreign secretary boris johnson the foreign secretary told this house he'd see no evidence of russian interference in u.k.
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elections and the referendum well obviously if there was evidence we would have to really run our general election and the bricks of referendum go on yes on monday the prime minister wants russia not to meddle in western democracy and today the times reports that fake russian twitter accounts churned out thousands of messages in an attempt to influence the e.u. referendum result yes this labor m.p. want to debone syria and defacto support for al qaida thinks the reason britain is leaving the e.u. could be because of twitter tweets then she appeared to imply that either britain's foreign secretary is no longer privy to intelligence reports or boras himself as an agent of the kremlin because he decided not to read information produced by institutions that brought us fake reports of w m d in iraq as the foreign secretary not being kept in the dark on the intelligence has he not read it or is he willfully blind and will she now stop dragging her feet and set up the intelligence and security committee here playing into the kremlin's attempts to undermine our
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tomorrow well she seems to have decided the kremlin is undermining british democracy already but maybe the company she keeps on the backbenches raises a more pressing democratic question why have she and her colleagues plotted the downfall of their party leader jeremy corbyn the democratically elected favorite to be the next prime minister of britain after the break. twenty four hours since boris went to dublin can britain really trust island of a break that we talked to a member of teresa mayes defacto coalition and as the president of shin framed militant speights when gerry adams today resigns we are speech in vain north of the border is destroying northern islands good friday agreement told the symbol coming up on through of going underground.
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which. the but. they all. will this is all the roots. the blood. lead.
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a little. child slaves same wrong. loads just don't call. to shape our. hearts to the ticket and it. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. welcome back within the past twenty four hours britain's controversial foreign secretary boris johnson has been in dublin to discuss what brics it will mean for
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the irish border that's while northern ireland's local government institutions created after the ira gave up the military route to irish independence are arguably in chaos with me is due b.m.p. sammy wilson a member of the existing european union committee whose party is defacto keeping dres amazement or a government in power that we welcome back to going underground so was you were hold this government in power to resume in power direct rule from westminster as regards northern ireland the evolution finished well that there's an inevitability about the situation of how to moment shin feehan have to say that that they don't want to participate in a northern ireland assembly mainly because they don't want to be hard to say things that being in government require them to meet on fortunately given the structures in northern ireland if they decide not to be in the executive then their company an executive and if you can't have a local executive then the only able to you know giving away little things in vain or asking for well you know that well i mean first of all the demands which are making a wrong realistic and secondly they're the only party who are demanding that before
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they enter government that certain things be given and the reason of course why they're asking for that could but blackmail really they know they could never get them if they had to debate them and argue for them and focus on them in the assembly their republican supporters who are pretty sure why they're inviting police ministers to run northern ireland because that's a fact what they're doing the one thing you can be united about perhaps is this statement from the british government that james broke into northern ireland is just as you want to review northern ireland assembly politicians pay. your colleagues in the u.p.a. installment little attention friends probably don't happy about that are they doing no work at all at the will for the people who of course that's not true so i think it's a bit unfair on the secular state to say that he wants to review their pay and don't forget he's been. paying shenfield millions of pints for the last ten years why they don't go ahead and vote while they're in labor while they don't sit and
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westminster so you know he can't have it both ways he can't say chef in numbers don't do their job with that's what we pay them but we pony shows exactly what ever it is shouldn't be paid if they don't turn up well well i think that's involvement as a matter belittling shelf in members at westminster not only get paid for secretarial and split compared accommodation alliance they get paired with our elected if he lies but they don't do their job so i don't know for you to say that we're going to close it let's go to the bottle they don't do their job because they don't they don't attend westminster they don't participate in those really dirty votes a living well you know but they are there could argue this on the yard and we have had with second step if you want to stop people's money for not doing their job then you do it westminster as well as stormont so it could have if you don't you should do it if you do not pick and choose and of course i think this is perhaps part of the weakness of this activity is that he tends to ponder to shun feehan rather than take them on and indeed how to kick in the long i don't know if you might not be in the situation we are today what do you think of this budget board
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six billion for northern ireland up from ten point two does include the billion by no it doesn't work for that was not really the rate of present bribe either way it was an allocation of money to deal with social needs in northern ireland we made a case for social needs in northern ireland and the government except the dop and of course where they really are not get well this is just to put it in perspective they have the worst child health indicators to anyone indicate is the worst of the lot of those really drives those are going to be argued for the extra money for northern ireland on the issue is first of all the first fifty million pints has been allocated for this year the yes but a lot of the other money depends upon the satans being readd by ministers either directly ministers or by local ministers at stormont so the money and the money of course was not already given. we're evaluating the mayor in power and you haven't got the money we'll see only how we have i mean first of all there's a commitment to the billion secondly the billion was repaid you don't the
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government doesn't care one hundred billion say no that's your money for the next five years i would preserve the health services. housing service you know some of the money will be no no for some of those things and fact nearly for all of the money that was for five year programs a five year program for mental health a five year program for broadband a five year program for health reform a five year program for infrastructure so as the as the the projects are brought forward the procurement for those is brought forward then the money will be released you see that's the way it's nowhere to be released because where it will vary as well well that's why we're saying that's why we're saying once a direct written step and then those projects can be brought forward if they go to the right will completely destroy will very well remit will they have to which does destroy the good friday agreement that will well no it doesn't no good friday agreement still makes provision for that kind of sarich will business does rio's yes that river as with yes of course a toss me in the good friday agreement all the good friday agreement set dying was
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a structures for government in northern ireland and the relationship between new structures and the rest of the united kingdom also the irish republic british politicians being in dublin evaluation of a new holding of the billion pounds because of their actions what is the power of the tea shook right now in stopping brics it actually happening it is no part in the question for the irish government is this do you cooperate with the british government in leaving and meeting that demands of the people of the united kingdom and leaving the and work with us to make that as pinless as possible for your country or do you burnish your e.u. credentials and a lot of the bureaucrats to take it that they will make life very difficult arland will suffer more than the united kingdom will suffer and very brief you. seem to be raising the public. possibility of there being no bricks at all what is that sure about well chosen that shows at the very naive and foolish man there will be
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because first of all the people of the united kingdom who voted for it the government of the united kingdom is legislating for the they're negotiating for a minute quite clear that have come the twenty ninth of march two thousand and one thing there is still resistance to it from the european union and we will leave or noted sorry of the thank you well that was sorry wilson for the day you peel clearly believes the chin fane are at fault when it comes to the deadlock of governments joining me now is shin fein m.p. from seaman lawyer who was once director of elections for irish hunger striker and be bobby sands friends he welcomes you going underground tell me about the petition you delivered at downing street to theresa may this week with her very important petition from the kelly family they the wife of particularly who was in the panhandle lacked a representative from the independent country who was killed forty three years ago and his wife found their family home to dynasty directly to bring it right back to the heart of her decision making happens here in westminster and treated me as door
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so very important message that they are looking for truth and justice they want to see the implementation of the inquiries that actually happened and the publication of those inquiries that actually he carried out they have never seen them they've never got a report about their solicitor there as well then every time they try to get the information is available they've been knocked back protected by the ministry of defense they don't want to see they are which is a regiment of the of the british army most of the fans regiment which would largely be pretty globally largely protestant they are new news so there is an important role here for confidence in police and as well as justice that the british government do do care what i can help and what information they have went to you do your part role that was there the night that particularly was murdered you expect resume was only kept in power by you. war former enemies as it were formerly paramilitary link do you play you expect theresa may to do something about your petition we do expect it and we expect the minister's word because the justice has
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to come clean and we want to see the opportunity for all the families to get justice doesn't matter what side of the community's own that whatever information is out there that people know that the police hold a special branch hold that all needs to become plain and so that we knew exactly what happened and at whose name it happened because the feeling is on this special is that this come directly from the head of the british government well as i say it isn't republicans are that this is actually yet more proof that you haven't been representing your communities properly because you still haven't had justice in this case at least you did get one sliver of democracy that was stormont and now you've lost that too will stormont was one thing that he was delivered out of the good friday agreement and was a means of actually trying to bring justice under bring people together to work for the future of actively destroyed this well we haven't destroyed what we wanted was
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our rights b.s.t. government we wanted the executive we set up and we still want the example we set up but it has to be right speech to the good friday agreement the senate underage agreement and all agreements that are under that rolls about implementing the good friday agreement and aspects of the good for it the negotiations have been happening the already have happened the compromises have been made and what we want to see implementation what we are fine with of the d.p. one prepared to implement the agreements that their leaders had me of in the past and the british government on forty were backing them up because they are dependent on the to act to keep them in government but there has to be a clear understanding here that people need justice and if we're going to go back into an exact if this family is going to go back on it then we need to be confident there's a rape spaced government on exact of because unless everyone is represented within that unless the rights of everyone represent. then no one has rates at all social indicators in northern ireland of the worst in western europe whether it be health housing whatever you do it holding up budget money that could be going to consider
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in northern ireland because of your. belief that stormont shouldn't host local politicians at the moment no way we're not hold one up we welcome and the money comes into the the north but want to government i mean sorry wilson said maybe not but surely by not returning to power sharing in. their monies going to. negotiate this deal with reason made they said it wasn't dependent on the exact have been in operation but one of the things that for a clear from the assembly was set up on the executive was set up the first thing the tory government on from there came into power was to cut the money to yet assembly they continue to say with the costs and benefits cotton welfare costs in hospitals and education they have continued to be reduced in the block grant the cons westminster which was should have been there twenty able to deliver force people but what they don't right away with
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a sturdy they actually brought in the cots that met the stanley on walkabout and couldn't provide what nurses if the british government had been weiss what they were doing was whenever they got the operation and after taking so long to get an operation they would have found that to make it possible for to make changes but make it possible for they simply and these able to deliver to people but unfortunately what the family was been forced into doing was making costs because of the start because of the block grant because in westminster so they were cutting off the lay plane that the assembly needed to deliver just finally the world may be thinking about its least failure to qualify for the world cup in russia next year it's also another anniversary four years ago nearly to the day celtic football club was fined tens of thousands of euros for by you a for banners at celtic for border. and showing the image of bobby sands the british m.p. who died on august right you are his director of elections that's right just remind
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us about who bobby sands was well what we found was a young man who played soccer football acting and belfast in living in a protestant stance and walking with problems that come from the parents were actually of a mixed marriage as well. as a young republican who was in the prison along cash who is tougher than the commanders during given that it was happening there and the feeder of the british government to actually be able to grasp the issue of the political status for prisoners and went on hunger strike to demand the political status because it was a political conflict that had been involved but a conflict the british government worked inflicting on our people and probably sounds died on hunger strike on his closing remarks for our revenge will be the laughter of our children proud to be a lawyer thank you well for the show will be back on monday when despite protestations from the u.k. crown prosecution service when he takes lawyers jennifer robinson cause doubt on whether it purposely deleted e-mails to keep julius on track for the ecuadorian
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embassy in london children keep in touch rogers the media will see you on monday designated internationally as transgender remembrance day after the ninety two ninety nine murder of transgender woman hastur in massachusetts us. years ago i traveled across the night. states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have better luck with
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a better knife against said grocery bear and hurting whatever my my baby's says my book was published in the year two thousand more than hoffa million americans have been killed by far olds in the us going out of thought to me as i did as this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves some real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit by the paint ball gun i just saw i did to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know this but we are not. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these
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things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. hey everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosh i want to ask hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american. i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max the famous financial guru well just a little bit different i'm just going to the owner windows up with all the drama
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happening in our country i'm shooting the good have fun meet every day americans. and we start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. kid the.
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commanding she. does she don't consume the gel you've been talking to her the whole jay dealing with the single and the most songs that are equal born into some songs are what he calls a stance make the connection don't go so don't be done selling the old movies not to those off putting in a song is this is a downside acid of all to the sitting on. french
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unions that lead a march through central paris raising the pressure on president micron over his controversial labor reforms. french president hosts a meeting with the lebanese prime minister whose surprise resignation announcement has raised fears of regional turmoil we discuss the developments with the country's foreign minister. facing another tempting creasing of chaos and instability which should lead to terrorism. also this hour key decisions are put on hold as german parties missed their deadline to form a governing coalition. and a political satirist carries out a social experiment at berkeley california waving the u.s. and islamic.


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