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with islamic state on the back foot in syria the leaders of iran turkey and russia agreed to host an all inclusive syrian talks to kick start of the country's post-war political process. but prime minister suspends his resignation following a request by the country's president the pm sparked a regional political crisis two weeks ago when he said he was stepping down. and the international olympic committee makes another ruling in the russian doping scandal for russian that skeleton athletes for life.
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are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our two international thomas certainly glad to have you with us. with the tide it turned against islamic state in syria there is renewed hope that a political solution can finally bring peace speaking at a summit on syria attended by the leaders of iran turkey and russia vladimir putin said that syria now has a real chance to end its six year civil war at the summit in sochi it was also agreed to hold inclusive all syrian talks. as been following the trial lateral talks for us. with syria becoming almost completely terrorist free or eyesore free i should say we were all curious what is going to be decided and what was going to be said when the key regional players the leaders of turkey and iran type word on the house and ronnie arrive and saw archie we saw happy faces as they were meeting the russian president vladimir putin all three leaders looked quite
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determined and when the camera men were asked to press their off buttons and leave the room we heard the leaders confirm their assessment the syrian conflict has entered a new stage the era of active fighting is over and time has come for a new settlement opportunities that we. do not scale military actions against terrorist groups in syria are coming to an end i'd like to note that thanks to the efforts of russia iran and turkey we have managed to prevent the dissolution of syria stop it from being captured by international terrorists and avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. if you want our joint efforts over the last eleven months of help to prepare the ground for a political settlement to the syrian crisis and our meeting today symbolizes the start of a new stage in this process. the trilateral meeting today has uk most important is
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the final stage in putting an end to the bloodshed in syria we have achieved success thanks to the union of rand turkey and russia so after roughly one and a half hours of talks along with the foreign ministers and the heads of militaries when the three presidents came out to say a few words to the journalist we finally heard about the number one decision for the new stage the creation of the syrian national dialogue congress it will be an unprecedented platform for. inclusive all syria talks and all kinds of political ethnic religious groups are expected to be involved it is going to convene here and saw it she but the date and the specific list of participants hasn't been decided just yet the leaders say that it should pave the way for a new constitution in syria and new elections and it all looks good on paper i can
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tell you that ankara tehran and moscow are really genuinely looking forward for the plan to work on the ground on monday we heard the president of syria bashar assad telling vladimir putin that he is ready for new rounds of dialogue reforms and the new elections that i mentioned mr putin tried to convey this message to the leaders of iran and turkey and when it comes to the syrian opposition they are always in close contact with anchor up so the hope is definitely there we discussed the importance of these talks with sayyid mohammad marandi from of the university of tehran he believes the syrian national congress would be a positive step forward though there are many questions regarding how it might work given that so many sides are involved. the very fact that for the first time. this process is being moved forward largely without the united states and its
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allies i think is one reason why it has achieved so much faster than the fox as well as the current talks from sochi have. pushed the process a great deal for the force things have shifted in change of enormously on the ground and hopefully these talks will help pave the way for. the the conflict to come to an end but i think that it looks good on paper but it i'm sure it's going to be very complicated in the weeks and months ahead but one of the difficulties is what about those groups that align themselves and continue to be allies of al-qaeda we know that many of these people have committed horrific crimes they continue to exist they continue to terrorize people in different parts of syria who is allowed to participate in who isn't allowed to participate in a very important and the world the united states to pull out of syria the americans
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have occupied significant portions of syria without the permission of the syrian government this is a violation of syrian sovereignty there's a lot to do and it's not clear if the americans and their allies are going to help this process move forward or whether they are going to improve and competed but i think what is what is very positive is that these countries seem. to be determined obviously all three of them have their own opinions but i think the very fact that they're getting to get they've they're getting together and they're making the statements public show that there is a strong degree of determination. the lebanese prime minister has announced he is putting his surprise resignation on the hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider i am still. with you we continued together the was we shall stay together and we shall carry
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on to you was either a nation of moderation and the action of stability. the political crisis began when the lebanese prime minister announced his resignation in saudi arabia's capital riyadh well the decision was televised and was met in beirut with disbelief with many suspecting he had been pressured by the saudis then france's president of iran invited her riri and his family to paris where the french leader short him of his political support after paris a rarity and flew back to lebanon for independence day though not without paying at lightning visits to the president of egypt and then the leader of cyprus on his way and now he is back in beirut having made his surprise announcement and he's more if an ocean brings us the latest from the lebanese capital. pool is a surprise but a relief space time prime minister hariri has been speaking from beirut for the
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first time on the lebanese soil in the last twenty days that has been a very turbulent time for lebanon one and two weeks ago mr hariri left the country and he announced his resignation in a televised speech while speaking from the capital of saudi arabia and i draw a kind of crisis here to lebanon and today is speaking after the official part of the independence day celebrations he can see now they are still can see here in beirut mr harry has said that he agrees to put his decision on hauled off to be disgusted with the lebanese president and he stressed that the major goal right now is to gas and keep leveled out away from any arab conflict he didn't give any further specific detail but as he earlier mentioned the attempt by some iranian backed military and political forces to meddle is a fairy tale lebanon and throughout the arab region as the major reason behind his
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decision to resign he's at today's speech wasn't this true by many as the l.t. makes him the iranian influence to be diminished i have been able to speak to people here on the ground and they have told me that given how influential iran bag forces are this could be a difficult thing to do but it is also clear mr hariri made it clear that if it's not happening he might come back to this because he's very sick nation decision again so i guess this is the challenge that lebanon is now facing. a professor of history and international relations with jamal wakim believes the saudis are using hariri as a tool to put more pressure on iran. i believe that his figure got damaged a lot here received as severe blow specially the lebanese public thinks the prime minister how did he was humiliated in saudi arabia we need to admit the fact . his father really how do you leave. for. a
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long time representatives or sold the influence in lebanon and that is a widespread belief in lebanon and not how do you was forced to designate by none at a time when the crown prince of saudi arabia. is trying to increase the tension in iran especially in lebanon after they lost their influence in iraq. and syria. international olympic committee has handed a lifetime ban for russian skeleton athletes two of the athletes have also been stripped of their sochi winter olympic medals the i.o.c. says it disqualified the athletes for violating anti-doping rules at the two thousand and fourteen games hours cashmore professor of sociology at aston university says there is an atmosphere of fear among russian athletes still hoping to compete. i mean it must be dreadful i can't even get myself into the mind of an
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athlete to imagine that if if i'd prepared for four years maybe longer still waiting for the outcome of the deliberations to know whether i'd be allowed to compete for what is after all a lifetime's goal i mean it's unimaginably difficult for them you know in a properly run world probably so this should not happen let's think of an analogy it's as if moscow city center for the past several saturday nights the in a high number of driving under the influence of alcohol arrests you would expect that the offenders would be tried individually cases evaluated and they would be punished accordingly we wouldn't expect that everyone who holds a driving license in moscow to be banned but that is effectively what is being contemplated at the moment. in these new cases should not really material impact the material impact the decision on whether to disqualify russia as
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a nation but i think in the real world they probably will. the former bosnian serb army commander. has been handed a life sentence for his role in the atrocities committed during the bosnian war a lot of he was found guilty on ten of eleven counts including war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity he was sentenced to by a un court in the hague a lot of it was in command of the bosnian serb army at the height of the bosnian conflict between one thousand nine hundred two and one thousand nine hundred six taking part in the siege of the bosnian capital stereo he was also found responsible for ordering a series of persecutions and exterminations across many other bosnian towns including benita where thousands of muslims mostly men and young boys were slaughtered by his troops many of the victims have not been identified to this day and serbia while condemning the killings has never accepted the charge of genocide we discussed of the verdict with political analyst john bosnich. this
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verdict was in to support it even before the court was formed there's no surprise about the way it was done what is surprising is that anybody anywhere expected even the slightest chance the general might be acquitted that i'm sure no normal rational person could have expected and not because he's guilty but because he was determined to be found guilty even before the first witness presented any evidence but i can tell you that here in downtown belgrade in the main central park in the city there are rows of stands for tourists to buy things and among the things they can buy are t. shirts with general blood of his face on them and generals hats that all of the type exactly worn by general and i can tell you that later today there's going to be a run on those stalls and you're going to see young children aged ten and twelve years
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old buying those t. shirts and buying those generals who doesn't that tell us a little bit more about what the reality is here. online giant amazon has announced a very are teaming up with u.s. intelligence details on that and much more coming up watching art international today. with lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous. be the one percent. nor middle of the room sick. you. are welcome back this is art international so the u.s. has carried out an airstrike in the north east somalia targeting al shabaab militants in coordination with the federal government of somalia u.s. forces conducted an air strike in somalia against the camp killing more than one
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hundred militants. affiliated has been fighting the somali federal government and is comprised of around eight thousand militants and the u.s. is conducting military operations across africa to be exact in eleven countries more than six thousand troops are currently stationed there however it seems some american politicians are confused about the exact extent of america's military presence on the continent but i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger this is an endless war without band boundaries no limitations on the geography you're at center ground there you didn't know we had a thousand troops in the air did you know i did not. discuss the issue for the let's cross to my friend. and editor of pan african newswire thanks for being with us here in our international as always when situations like this happen you're the person who i want to go to so let's get right down to it some senators don't know how many troops are actually stationed on the continent of
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africa what does that actually reveal about the awareness of our military operations well a lot of the information is classified nonetheless if you look at the u.s. africa command our website they have a considerable amount of information that's open source therefore if these senators and congress people and the public in general were really interested in u.s. military operations in africa they could find out a lot more information so we've just got this report coming out of afghanistan about civilian casualties what about in somalia somalia we have another strike there one hundred militants killed is it likely to have been a quote unquote clean strike or are we to expect some civilian casualties there as well. we've been hearing this for years in fact for decades that these airstrikes are for citizens bombing operations none the less in
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subsequent weeks it comes out oftentimes that's a variance or so-called collateral damage is involved in these airstrikes was just reported as you mentioned yesterday that one hundred quote militants unquote were killed in somalia nonetheless there's been many incidents including somalia where civilians people who have no involvement whatsoever in al-shabaab have been killed in these airstrikes many cases al-shabaab is not identified it's an underground guerrilla organization they in the past have worn uniforms but today it is highly unlikely since they're focusing heavily in urban areas in small towns and villages that they don't even wear uniforms or any other insignia that indemnifies them as being. so this clearly is
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a means of justifying these airstrikes if it is mentioned for example by the trumpet ministration that al shabaab is affiliated with isis or al qaeda then in many cases people just block out any further thought about what the u.s. military is actually doing on the ground there let's talk about those troops on the ground there we have six thousand station across the african continent in eleven different countries what's america's goal in the region i mean if we look at the number of troops six thousand spread out really isn't enough to carry out any serious operations you see any other reason for them to be there. they are saying the presence of africa on the african continent is designed to strengthen and hast enhanced the security capacity of various african union member states nonetheless the areas in which they are stationed are strategic for example in djibouti where you have the camp limone now which is the largest concentrated
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presence of u.s. troops it's a very very important area it's right next door to somalia it's clearly in the range of the gulf of aden it's within short distance from the southern arabian peninsula leads into the indian ocean which is one of the largest shipping lanes internationally but also look at ms year where four u.s. green berets were killed last month one is year is the world's fourth largest producer of uranium so all of the presence of u.s. troops in africa is clearly related to economic and military interests all right certainly interesting to hear your thoughts you're always the expert i want to go to you on these types of subjects i mean as a keyway editor of the pan african newswire thanks for being with us here on our to international. thank you for. right now the u.s.
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intelligence community has struck a deal with amazon for the company to provide data storage the online giant has developed a special project tailored exactly to the government's needs jaclyn volga explains the line between political business and commercial business is getting thinner by the day especially when it comes to internet and tech giants let's start with amazon which has just announced a new deal to provide a tailored cloud service to the u.s. intelligence community this secret region yes that's really its name comes on top of amazon's existing six hundred million dollar contract with the cia and other agencies and the cia's chief information officer couldn't be more excited about the partnership that we named it commercial club services or so to us for a reason because we want to be like commercial would want to be like government we want to the best of breed us while we partner with amazon and they aren't alone just last month microsoft announced a similar partnership over a dedicated cloud for the u.s. government and their partners microsoft is partnering with the u.s.
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government in the journey to the cloud providing both infrastructure and platform offerings to enable digital transformation meanwhile a treasure trove of connections were uncovered between u.s. politics and internet heavyweights after last year's presidential election in which some of them seem to have sided with hillary clinton now take google clinton's campaign chair john podesta had his emails hacked and published at the end of two thousand and sixteen they contain several references to eric schmidt the executive chairman of alphabet google's parent company and schmidt seemed eager to help with their rich meet tonight he's ready to fund it rise the recruitment etc clearly wants to be had outside advisor but didn't seem like he wanted to push others out one of clinton's digital advisors noted that schmidt had a team working on important products for the campaign and a memo which also mentioned that discrete conversations had been initiated with google facebook and apple to understand their priorities. when it came to the election and their priorities were quickly made obvious especially when it comes to
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facebook there was a sense of deja vu when facebook's chief operating officer was also revealed to be in communication with pedestrians expressing her hope and a willingness to assist clinton in the race for the presidency i still want hillary clinton to win badly i'm still here to help us i can look forward to working with you to elect the first woman president of the united states with such an intricate web of partnerships between internet giants politicians and the government perhaps it's time to worry about our online freedoms getting tangled up in them and should be mentioned that hillary clinton's former campaign chair suggested some of the leaked e-mails could have been doctored. spain's national intelligence center has concluded that spanish government websites were not to buy the kremlin their research is stated that seventy cyber attacks were recorded on government sites but that none of them were authorized by foreign states nevertheless spanish
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officials and media are accusing russia of meddling in last month's independence referendum and here you can see some examples spain's largest newspaper accuses russia of aggravating the council on crisis another article from by use stated that the russian hackers helped to keep the referendum web site active and one more spanish outlet a.b.c.'s banja alleged the influence of putin's propaganda spanish foreign minister dusty's was one of those who accused russia of interference. so you. right now i am not sure what the total percentage was but yes fifty percent was from russia and thirty percent from venezuela on all the accounts that have been detected it seems to me that only three of them were authentic the rest were fake accounts that had been put up with the objective of multiplying any exact information we spoke with thomas harrington professor of iberian studies at trinity college for his thoughts he says it is all about sabotaging relations between
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europe and moscow. fortunately i think one of the objects of this entire campaign to talk about russian influence in both the us and in europe is about that very strategic goal of making sure that moscow and europe do not have good relationships the degree to which the importance to which it is that is being given to the russian president is simply laughably out of proportion. there is no way people in the know know this that there could be anywhere near the amount of russian influence that is alleged to be taking place in spain or in the united states hence the creation of this idea of the russian threat which apparently they're telling us is in every part of our lives but of course it isn't it is being blown up to make people think that way and unfortunately our state of civic education isn't strong enough for many people to do the discerning work to some of
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these more outrageous theories of russian influence. the french prosecutor has demanded that a russian senator. surrender his passport to police and post five billion euros in bail currently facing an investigation over alleged tax evasion and money laundering and french or judicial sources said the case centered on the purchase of several luxury residences on the french riviera through shell companies on wednesday russia's foreign affairs ministry said that as a senator kerry possesses immunity and that they are working to protect is that lawful rights. and that does it for me i'll be back in about thirty three minutes with a full look at your news you are watching our international and we are glad to have you with us.
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coming up it's a special dedicated to travel and retail we'll talk to you from the wings gary left about changing feeding charts on airlines and we'll examine how online commerce is disrupting the retail industry. first while american united and delta all offer a basic economy southwest does not in fact the airline c.e.o. calls a second class others call it third class or steerage to get his take we sat down with gary left founder of you from the wing got calm when he first asked him why some of the biggest airlines in the u.s. are doing this here's what he had to say. what the airlines have done the three large largest airlines have done is they're offering fewer of the normal benefits the you expect as part of your travel on their cheapest fares you're not going to be able to change a ticket at all you're not going to get a seat assignment before you check in and in the case of american united you're not
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even going to be able to bring on your normal full size carry on bag if you're buying one of these fares the idea is to make the travel experience more difficult with these fares in hopes that you'll spend more money for the things that used to get included in your ticket. the basic economy fares from all accounts you know were essentially created to compete with these budget airlines spirit frontier. things of that nature they're offered a rapidly growing number of people use them especially young fliers i've noticed when i'm on them anyway no frills carriers they basically call themselves if you look at the prices spirit airlines cost of fare per a cent per mile is six frontier airlines up to nine express jet. about seven sky west it goes on up delta. american united those are some of the highest.


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