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yes well nigel it wasn't the spain had the right to defend this constitution it interested me it was the manner in which they were doing and the prime minister royal was to take up the offer to defend up position in the chair in our exam and show that i'll be delighted to accommodate them. this week i caught up with the flying scotsman subject to stuart in geneva where we discussed his glittering career his global activism on the slate and his coming campaign in the race against dementia subject history first i want to take you back to your boyhood in the bottom you're having a rough time at school you're a bit of a wild child how close were you to your life going off the rails before you for anything you were successful as far as more our acts a feeling of complete loss of my own abilities because school i was a severe dyslexic i didn't know that then i just thought i was dumb stupid and
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thick because that's what the teacher was telling me and that was a class of fifty three people. when you left the primary school to go to the playground and there was a clever four or up here and the dummies were back there and i was one of those three or four or five dummies and the feeling of in security and myself the inferiority against all my other school friends so far so far in my life was so humiliating i mean i couldn't go to school fasten off and your first incest wasn't a motor racing it was a clear pigeon shooting a shooting saved my life and the sense of self esteem because i was saw completely deflated by my inabilities of noble evil to read or write or do the things that other folk could do so easily and you i mean i never went to any church
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. evenings or anything that would have been made for you inferior to everybody else was completely left out so eventually some of the people said well done jackie stewart you've won these competitions yeah great play pigeon shooter but how did you transfer from queen pigeon shooting to mortal sin to formula one motor racing came as a complete surprise it was a rich young man and glasgow whose family foundation would not allow to race which is not unusual and very rich families and i was the mechanic preparing the car for other folk to drive and say we're award he said you do what we release we have a which i did. finish second a complete surprise to me i was amazed this is we better have another one and i won the next one and from that point it was almost a sort of rocket ship to call when i won the monaco grand prix. i'd never been abroad or my life before you know i had done shooting but never racing and if you
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won the monaco grand prix at that time the monday night there was a big black tie and you sat next to the princess grease and graham hill had won the formula one race and he was in the other say the princess grace and for helen and i to be a night company these things and those days was like he went on to twenty seven glomming plea formula one wins three world championships. glittering success but of course you won't feel lately starts in the grown please but that wasn't all of. the reactions was well target over the monaco grand prix there was a great michael lewis year or a french racing driver when lewis you know got the flag up it was an effort but when he had to bring it don't from back here he couldn't play it with desires he had to do it with his legs as well and i was watching him and his. this is news
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been to bring the flag i was off because there's no way you could restore the fly good and of course i won the monaco grand prix two three or four times. as usual morse ms neves while the rest of it was out everybody was written for the for the star look at his knees like a man to three great campaigns that you've been associated with when firstly the campaign and safety in the sport you know look at that no people has a great thing to make a sport safer but it didn't you pick the popular dude that did not make it popular but it's maybe the most important thing i've done in my life i think if we hadn't done it it was a good chance that formula one grand prix racing could have come to an end because i think the insurance company would have finished in the end because sooner or later we're going to have a car going to the trade your second big campaign one which is still very much on google is on dyslexia but you yourself were diagnosed on
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a recognized without condition to long after you tire for now isn't it because both my sons went to a very expensive school and within four weeks of being there the headmaster called me and said you've got to take two boys there they can't keep up with the rest of the school when we can. as it would be ridiculous this is the second most expensive school in the world of people our money for it they said well in that case you've got to get them assess to mark to begin with to london and he was assessed with dyslexia. and i said i don't know what dyslexia is but you do i mean i can't read the rate very well the guy said of you go on minute it took me and ten minutes later i was forty three years of age i was told i was a dyslexic. it was as if i had been saved from doing been normal when people were diagnosed of a serious condition of them as a dreadful moment but for you oh being diagnosed with dyslexia was
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a revelation that explain the grief you wars but it what it did do was alone me to go to a platform about it because i had been so disadvantaged myself by the educational authorities and you were part of our jack o'connell started it you committed no nicholas being involved and in scotland we've probably got the best package far above england and most other countries know we know you know all the something called dyslexia and if you treat people the way we mohammed ali was dyslexia he was as dyslexic so also was einstein so also was the other the vinci sorceress churchill saw also all sorts of famous and successful people in the world because they think the box brunson's dyslexic what a business structure he's created and my little world i can't read or write to this day i can't do a letter by hand i just can't spell jacking off of lots of letters from. you don't
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take all your correspondence and know everything is dictated everything is dictated and it's read back to me i can't read it back so it's a terrible disability still and you think the secret of the way to tackle this is basically in the classroom so that teachers are we're able to identify the can this really was you are examined i phoned up and said listen it's been a disaster and we did so with your minister of education at that time. and with the c.e.o. of dyslexia scotland and we got them to agree that every teacher training college in scotland compost literally had to teach every new teacher at least the sides of the recognition of a child with a learning disability you had a huge success in your campaign on safety and long periods and you had some success in the weirdness of the slight still much much more still to be done but some
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success now you've taken on perhaps the biggest battle of all the race against the mansion tell me why that's become one of your personal priorities four years ago helen went to the mayo clinic in rochester minnesota in the united states and got identified as having the major. dementia has no cure currently and has no preventive medicine to stop people from having dementia helen short term memory know is very very weak sometimes she doesn't know whether she's in switzerland or england it's a terrible disease for many people what a terrible cost is to a family to see one of their own and not being able to be cared for because there's no money left in the kitty for them to be looked after helen is looked after by two new nazis because a huge amount of money alex i can't afford but very few other people can so we've got to change that you've got to find
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a new way of doing business i'm trying to introduce harvard and the me or clinic to doing a joint venture with race against the major to the best places in the world i can find if i can get them to work together and then i can find the money from all the other people i'm capable of reaching out for and it's going to cost millions. that i believe can be done but we've got to do it a different way than it's been currently going on for last twenty years so you're going to grad of this race against dementia do you think you can win this with the right people behind me yes well let's hope so sir that would be wonderful. for appealing only like salmon sure the something very special you get that is a quick as you well way it is for a couple trains you have to supply your own whisky jackie is pretty quick well thank you very much of be kept in the right place in the wee hoose
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a scotland jacket. so jackie stewart thank you so much thank you alex these are great campaigns from subject history of dyslexia and no dementia coming up after the break we'll be hearing from tasmania and that was the campbell will be stating his case as to why blacks it must be bend see certain. she'll be a. student have been miles from the independent. for that date with. the counselor. i went up but if we were me today. i. would wish to set my limit who speculate him to me or the now we share we have a one quarter the only. i now at the five the. hell are you i've known him
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for that matter i see let him to make the point you have made already in the marrow have gone floating closer gave up because of me as. i was it to. americans by the. unfortunate by financial support of some. countries in the. for making unsecured.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's long debt. studying so hard it requires strong just. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci into debt sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. welcome back last sunday and after soccer for women title scotland and the new
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north was held it was hosted by the scottish government was speakers including the first minister to scotland the former president of iceland representatives from the freeway was greenland the new european commission let's hear more about it from tasmania this week's arctic circle for him an edge of included decision me christian governments organizations universities and many other stakeholders interested in the development of the arctic and its consequences for the future of the globe the event was hosted by the scottish government given some of the sheer challenges we face tackling climate change attracting tutors and some of the transportation issues that affect arctic countries and of course its neighbors scotland is not an arctic country but we are very close to the arctic geographically and given these challenges it's really important that we work together collaboratively on them scotland with this great tradition from political thinking of experts to use and economic engagement come play a greater role in helping all of us to mark out the framework for cooperation as
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members with me know taras geographical terms is all strictly speaking and after country but not big countries the baltic countries have neighbors they are all so these form a means of cooperation of course of interfaces and actually that's one of the reasons for having them and of course recently we've seen the scottish government taken a step from finland who had the policy idea of a baby bok then that's now been rolled out across scotland and you know families of newborns receive a lovely box which acts as a cotton will hopefully prevent against court there but also contains a number of items that you know for the baby and for for mums particularly that they can enjoy after the birth of their little one and hopefully that's an example of how we can take a good idea to my neighbors and all of my in our countries to create a better safer hopefully more equal society prevalence enjoy. thank you very much. twenty years ago this man made the political weather in the united kingdom now he's
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back and ready for another fight welcome ouster campbell let's hear you state your case. we know just how the british stream is no longer even argue that brooks is going to be great for britain just that we voted for it and so we have to do it well democracy is a process not a moment a country is entitled to changes mind and i believe britain is doing so as the costs and chaos of brecht's that mound as the incompetence of the charlatans around mrs may is exposed as the big questions remain unanswered how i long for mrs may to stand up and make a speech like this i voted remain but on becoming prime minister i felt duty bound to deliver the result to leave i have tried but having looked at it every which way i've concluded it cannot be done without massive damage to our economy our public services and our standing in the world so i am revoking article fifty and asking
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the country finally to have the debate with fail to have in the referendum and how about jeremy call been he says he believes in following the views of labor members actually doing so on breck's it admitting that if it goes ahead the chances of his implementing his manifesto promises are zero because the economy will not be up to the task saying to what's becoming clearer by the day the heartbreaks is a policy of the hard right for the hard right by the hard right who helped by mr putin in russia and by the lying media oligarchs here successfully harnessed anger at injustice and inequality and falsely presented themselves as the people to put that right so come on to reason do what you know is right stop the madness and jeremy if you want to be prime minister show real leadership on this and you might just make it and for all who like me think is a disaster for our kids' future keep fighting it is your democratic right and judy
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. that's powerful stuff but. can break really people fast i think that eventually as we've had a referendum it probably has to be another referendum at the end of it some point but i just think we're in such chaos i just feel that this is such a mess that something has to give if it doesn't i think the political system is failing and you're one of the leaders of the stop breaks campaign but isn't your past association with a project of new labor is that not impediment to you reaching out to the labor leadership when it might be its night when tony blair comes out in the there's lots to sort of shoot the messenger but i think if you believe something as i often call you know you a nickel or by saying that you have not given up on the idea of scottish independence because you lost the referendum i have no started to agree with for
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raj and johnson go because we lost the referendum i actually think is a father of three kids in their twenty's that if this goes ahead as planned we are bringing our country they unite both know that politics is not just about numbers it's about psychology this moment over the last week where the government are struggling to stamp the date of leaving on the face of the brakes bill do you think that's an important psychological moment in your campaign. i do feel that the ground is shifting they've given up saying this is going to be great their only argument is we've voted for it we have to make it happen do people think the government is handling it well or badly nobody thinks the government's handling it well so we're as a country having voted for this the country is now i think getting really concerned of the idea that we're putting our future in the hands of these people i have never seen a more incompetent government frankly anywhere in the world anywhere in europe as this one reason he was a person of the right boris johnson is
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a proven liar michael gove who's just all about i don't know what live for was wandering around the world of his planes making zero progress on trade david davis who you could tell with david davies has not come confident because he laughs more but you've been very hard on boss johnson and they did the rest of the cabinet unless you just say that they could be in this chair they hardly knew if they wish to resume she in my view is now the the tail is wagging the dog the right wing of her party is driving her in labor. jeremy cotton seems to me to just have given up talking about bricks every event i do you know i start by saying. four questions are you optimistic or pessimistic about trump being president and it's ninety five to one hundred pessimism the optimistic or pessimistic about bricks and i tell you or every audience i've yet to get any audience of any saw above about ten fifteen percent and most are nowhere near that just injuries i'm
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a will be prime minister the next elation and you have any confidence in treason may is close to zero do you think jeremy corbin will win the next election is never above ten percent in your case you said that russia and the media from the u.k. were cheering on the harbor but do you think these forces were responsible for the blacks to vote i think that is parliament doesn't need to look at that in the way that the american system is looking at trump's relationship with russia and his campaign because there is definitely something is going on and i also think the trees mase worried about what that might find so i do hope that that lead goes further but i think the role of the media i mean obviously if you pick up the string missed lie machine newspapers the mail the sun the express the telegraph you would think this thing is going absolutely brilliantly and it's all going well we're going to get everything we want and it's a monster famously you once got the sun on save your labor we did it can you what
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that could get i don't think so i think we've gone beyond if i one of the arguments are you start with tony after that is i think that having go into power that we did enough to if you like to curb the excesses of our media in the mail those papers on bracelet just a normal propaganda nothing else this idea that democracy and the will of the people that it stopped on june twentieth twenty sixteen that was the will of the people and it will never change well it will change and i think it is time we have used the argument of a scottish independence show you have it let's let's say for the sake of argument you don't win this fight what do you think the implications are for the remaining nations of these islands. i was doing archie radio the smaller i mean the the extent to which our land has not even figured didn't figure a referendum campaign despite people trying barely figures anything that the government says and cares about this and you know one of the things i'm proudest of
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in terms of the work that tony blair did as prime minister was the good friday agreement of the peace process there putting at risk they are putting at risk the building the coalition the do you pay in my view puts at risk so i think the economic and political risks for ireland are massive i think scotland. are i've been surprised by two things i've been surprised that the s.n.p. is not more active on this because i think scots despite the fact that some of your voters did work for a city as i think actually scotland does feel that this is the wrong thing for scotland of the wrong thing for the u.k. so i'd like to see the s.n.p. government much more active on this and but but i think for the whole of the u.k. this is this is in my view opting for our own decline many many people watching this program all of voted for it so what's your message to them. they're entitled to change their mind if they think that actually what they thought
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they were voting for is not being delivered they were told it was going to be easy they were told that these trade deals were going to come without any problem they were told we're going to stay in a single mark in the customs union they were told we're going to get my millions and millions and millions more for the for the whole service i was speaking at a meeting the other day in near where i live in north london a doctor from the u.c.h. university college hospital stood up and he said something which i thought was really important he said i am seeing the impact of a combination of a stereotypic and the impact on the economy of the fall in the pound i'm seeing its impact on health care and he said people need to understand you can have the n.h.s. or you cannot break you're not going to have both. and of course the hard right who are pushing this break said they want out they don't want they want a low tax low regulation offshore britain and finally i was to can your case went through hope so i hope so i think it's going to be very very difficult it's very difficult when you've got the government and the opposition party basically saying
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oh well the people voted this has to happen but i think there is enough people have to stay angry about this i've never seen such a shambles kernel if this happens and if it goes ahead and it parliament lets it go ahead as it's being presented the moment we are a country voting for a decline and it's the biggest drop in the history i was. frustrating ok. you're ok you get a quick oh i have a bloomin quick or there are other soft drinks out of billable thank you so my letter for i'm through is it right the school is the only country in the world where coca-cola is not the best selling soft drink will have blue certainly sailor thank you so much because for council. strong stuff from the campbell but particularly sealing criticism of the black cabinet were bought as johnson getting and the net right of reply is open to any cabinet member who feels put. over the government's mounting problems with bracks are difficult to the knife
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and at the heart of them is the disastrous decision to invoke article fifty last march first securing agreement on a transition period that's placed the u.k. negotiating team and an impossible position entering a time limited negotiation with every single card in the hand of mature barney and his colleagues representing the e.u. twenty seven david davis is taking a lot of stick but i think the archangel gabriel would have trouble making a first of this particular hand the u.k. is facing total humiliation abject humiliation or if we are very lucky perhaps just a humiliation. so what is to be done two choices either set the target as an f to take deal that is in the region type of arrangement for the u.k. it does mean freedom of movement but it protects the economic benefits of the single market and there's still a low other trade deals to be done the second would be to take the notification of
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article fifty taylor up and start again. in two weeks time will be a problem that stating their case as to why but exit must prevail the next thursday we're talking fool to often and head to scotland for us and special so from the team i myself good bye for now. we've been cheated again and again and over yet again by pyongyang what we can fully understand is that north korea has never failed the kind of pledge they said they would and their nuclear and missile development has come to
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a point where we've got to pay the greatest amount of heat because of the danger they pose. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin my body gets and support is that it cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity knowing does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that i did this before i was more or. put the money on your car immediately okupe you don't have all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plus much smaller companies you know
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murder and. one of the. risks of pay donation in it and then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations and in it. if i was lying when i say had tubes over two years old he was already in the money using the drill and who runs the blood business. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each a billionaire owners and spending shouldn't twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so one more chance with.
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the base this morning. i. don't know. i.
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sat. there for strikes the last remaining islamic state positions in eastern syria is the terror group self-proclaimed caliphate is all but wiped out in the country meanwhile the leaders of iran turkey in russia take the chance to try and kick start the syrian peace process and bring to an end almost seven years of conflicts also this hour google admits tracking android smartphones even after games of switched off their location sceptics. hello there thanks being with r.t. international tonight where it's just gone ten o'clock here in moscow. now russia's defense ministries.


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