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that's happening amazon. already so soon. going to be busy doing nothing is going to do the population because it's going to people whose own. johnson methyl is i think as at least partially. responsible you could you could say for exit one could say she supported breaks it which is good because with their policy he she made it easier for their use advocating to leave it to leave because they see that they they could see how we are struggling with the with the policy awful for america and with the with the millions of migrants coming into europe and then india and also maybe coming to u.k. i.
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welcome one and all to the stunning call evil show we're now the thirty two teams some of qualified for the faith will cope in russia next year with all the boys in green that's the republic of ireland and i play denmark recently going head to head one in copenhagen one in dublin with the price of a last minute tickets to the greatest show on earth. it's a huge few days for all we sports how much old oil playing inside africa in the olden
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rubin's nationals that's the bull denmark fly against the republican politics how can i get in the first game of the playoffs before coming back next tuesday to apply what could be the biggest game in almost football district for no refuse we're going to look. like this one. is a ten year i want to draw you on. lots of a lot ten year olds this twenty keep the change now you won't be keeping the bloody chang thank you very much. the films are. going. to do yes. oh yeah good to me yeah yeah well this isn't very stereotypical it's only zero. points and all things feel funny steve explains. stocks not i.
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call time in copenhagen ten on the all until the august rather than look for much of the first off what crucially fast still very much and that's all the case is flowing from on our live. truck because the mix will take you know explains the choices very much alive i come back to believe next time we've got questions like the local calls it was still up for grabs we will be in the meetings all the tricky points launch. as you can see always team going through a crisis for one last time before huge gains against the dying come in the face will cope will it be the danish celebrating to morning to.
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take you into the inner sanctum of the family guy. danish changed. let's say for comfort and had it's not just the scan but the big. the. lads the face a really. good atmosphere only menacing in songs that. you mean straight sheen and we haven't got a full team what's going on back around here on the ready ready yet just about johnson's puppy dog he won the first got investments after which you got the. house my house much better grades he wouldn't be a stereotypical irish day unless there was some aisle involved. so we hearing saying look at these falling bodies of men the danes and the oil rich it's of the fun is gone before the big guy in all and against denmark over it's the if
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a the stadium it's very traditional for funds groups around the world to connect to play against each other in the spirit of friendship expect to see this across russia next year with over thirty two nations except one of this great placing going to be. all of very best ensure the guy. responded and all. my friends hunt for the one paying. get up get out get out. was. the typical absolutely typical kill by incidence open done house a consistent theme and claim honest to god. we haven't been burning through this group yet we're still in this position here and given what's happened throughout the course this group and given the position we're in now i think any support would have taken it i don't see too much from denmark this action to worry me too much
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but this these nice a very very special this is everything now tonight is everything it's going to if we don't qualify tonight we've got now a year without any competitive games the edge is gone from us from our football will be some will be forgotten about tomorrow maybe even next week you'll be told it forgot about this game when the well comes around we're not the it's a shame but we're not even we're not even in people's mindset from within them to do to her. right. and now it's time to face will cope and we'll show a white oil and. it's not stalling.
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fifty cents a kilo. was. all . i thought it would be a little bit more close but it seems to after we spoke to one of them quickly spoke to two one from a great council tax they had to come in the front for them who knew the be lots of gaps lots of spaces and we could explore fast plastic and stuff. like fall
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which was spitting them out to run i'm ashes on democrats although to five finally what does it mean to dine in football tobacco will cornerstone amounts of information to be honest we have a great team and i think we have a lot to say at the world cup so there might decide to be the people like the fun doesn't really tell us how you feel you don't think russia. does care much about. misfits as. such i say. thanks for south africa nobody fights with me it's. seen too much license. with us to see change how you feel qualified for the world cup with united should. sell most. amazing. moment. i have to believe in sensation. i was.
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five in the world i will see the social. revolution. since i can you saw the world cup had the feel. good today so it is our way and it will set the style and the consumer scene again especially if you had to sum up his performance or how tricky the question was involvement of the whole process. oh my god i seriously think cosplay to be the most prestigious according to begin to break. up with him expect to win five and the noise starts to go six on one with news on something. good news told us it told me. so you're looking forward to cyclists trying to moscow something to split the kids up give us a little song. that i know.
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that's like saying. so as qualification for next year's tournament has come to a close let's take a look at the nations that will be competing in russia next year starting enough for nigeria with the first african saw to qualify as a long sought to musea morocco i'm sorry dome on a sunday called the will finish top of their groups a moment when i was young i. can only some thought and from school to think it. was big i think. today. egypt also sealed best books after a dramatic win against kong this will be their first appearance in the tournament
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for twenty years crossing the red sea to the middle east said you're right you will be could see a finnish group iran. after very impressive qualifying come by. losing zero. one fortunately syria didn't like. most of the people. who were. after dispatching syria australia's socceroos went. after winning intercontinental play off against tom jirus japan also qualified as group winners career all the
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same outside of europe and south america every single tournament since mexico ninety nine six how much did the two thousand two success of the korean team i mean you were obviously very young then i was young i was watching the game and it was crazy beating italy getting to the semifinals how much did it impact you as a person as a footballer great to see also in korea play world cup to. find the. experience for. you know you have a good history but you want to make the story and. the call for the trial is difficult i know and we have to keep it in. the what's happened now heading back west so. in european joints germany the writing champions confederations cup winners and top trying to tame in the world will be many people's favorites in russia next year they scored an incredible forty three goals
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in qualification speaking of goals poland also sealed babri to push up with the score direct old sixteen goals in back. belgium england spying france portugal and. all finishing twelfth of qualifying for the other european teams when their group is the smallest ever and i should to qualify we follow them of course three hundred thousand strong it's all iceland. broke up now so it's it's incredible to be nice and honest i'm going to mention it's going to stay it's going tonight he would come to sweden it's a one over a two legged play off this is the first tournament for talking with us will mean over sixty years krajcir in switzerland sealed the remaining spots for the playoffs that we had to central and south america it seems ok for is called story crafted by bridge the quarter finals in brazil two thousand and fourteen the only team to have
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qualified for every world cup tournament but i feel will of course be in russia for you looking forward to the world cup in russia. the last thing the very. house to see this. if you've got no this and what they want us is that the list of brazil in the final. colombia peru and mexico. central america provides the second team to debut in russia next year problem all qualify for the first ever world cup by famously knocking out the us all g. and so you know with the site school trick against ecuador you know not going you know we. want to you know. no no no no no. you know. you know and then. well as you know one year ago i did seem very well the first ever wall coping going to. be at the tournament like i said it makes it easier for
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you to go on the local thank you so much i'm settled for a pretty little pool i miss you ok. it was. sort of good to see you. unfortunately russia two months of equally fall as. the world cup draw takes place next friday game moscow the kremlin where we're going to be taken an in-depth look at the draw and how it works.
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i would not be surprised if ideal is made selling fannie mae and freddie mac. people's bank of china so that it's actually china becomes america's biggest landlord and keeping prices down and not doing the name of jobs and global harmony and this is i think what we're can expect in the next few years because the u.s. is the world's biggest debtor china is the world's biggest creditor so you put those two together you have the biggest creditor taking on some of the u.s. debt it wasn't government guaranteed fannie mae freddie mac. all the people who parling money on those games say they've got chinese landlords that's to move the economy. oh please. i. know.
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nothing. tell. you not to some of the toughest one of the. fords in the jan two thousand and seven hundred seventy one people lost their lives in the grand sell fire tragedy as a response to the local community all kinds of gather including queens paul rangers the local football club tony fernandez the owner got to get the celebrities at football is football is just a marine you know played even on a football shirts to rise awareness to give a little bit of look to the community saying and some rice precious funds to support these people. to watch to join cause some below very well less food on
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less an incredible guy you've got time for grabs well what you keep you all want to get involved until two of us about your personal involvement i think if you want to get involved were a model wife from from the french will trust you guys here done an incredible job spanish some a lot of shlomi types you know nine months of planning we've done it in six weeks in the stadium where we had to die and you know from a snow celebrity football match you know i'm grateful for you guys coming down by some back coming down and being part of the community and all the people that come in to try coming into the community response from a from from grenfell talk is cheap we died today we brought them well it's a reason i like action and i think they feel it's a down just kind of work over there later and say hello to all of them bad allen tonight that by the time they must know the people. are prepared to come together raise money in order to help them rebuild their lives. i'm here today to see program feel for all the people you know who go and it's a great cause and as
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a community to come together and see what we can and i'm excited to be here as a part of it and we're here to support and encourage him and see what we can do as a race as much money as we can and i'm excited out to be part of a really nice assassination to happen but what can we do how can we move forward what can we do for other people that's the question this amazing only thing would turn up again and i think the risk is so transcends a community and it's a national event here and you know if we can bring something positive to it it shows that we care it's a chance for us to share that with egypt which i mean it's also a chance for us to raise up a few quid to help them you know they need it you know when you look at untowered they need everybody to be having spoken to some of the markets and the victims and the one thing i don't believe is that people care. that it was everybody that comes here tonight. and they want to and this is not the end here it's time we want to go forward and help come forward as be a presence in the community you know going to what i can to help well i'm a local really. i live flight back to streets away from there and then i go past
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the tower every day because i'm a spitz and sitting on this right underneath you know i wasn't here when the fire happened but i've lived around this area you know various times in iraq so you feel part of it you know lives even though my from the place goes i've just been telling things are very negligible i went i was very i was very honored to be asked and i will do my best i was never going to miss out so they all started q.p.r. and i grew up in a live just down the road so a lot friends and family of so you keep your fans and come to the game so i was never going to miss out they used to get mixed up sometimes back in the day a little points out you want to go up front and all going out tonight yeah it was only when shot. gunnin i was inside and i feel the year ago bringing kids off to die number i took a pill or a on today not quite all silky old you know i get a few same boat is going to fight for my god some day this might be
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a trial for the also serious sin of his yeah i'm going to have a view on this before he goes on air i. will but when trying my best it ends up going to. the show since the focus has as you say is a draw and because it brings a whole different areas of life together again these are the sort of performing arts but the fun when you're involved in many unfortunate events are going to be his survivors as well so and a volunteer in some in it is a massive community effort it's very good to keep going but thing on force. and for me will be one sign to going home for the one thing that your and elegant. the. trying to do and if i can. give a little bit to the people that left us i think i should do. was listen penalties so that's nothing new for me. it was important to me that
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within three m. and effort to survive as i've been there i want to make sure that a family you know we can the needs and objects i.u.d. be able to get up for a while and i want to make sure they knew that a family but a few smiles on their face and to know that we can. so in summary experience and a fantastic guy like on the pitch a poem with its own hamstring is great say foreman say much like paul merson les ferdinand chang redknapp and david james jones i'm radio was set upon some dylan in goal and a full house gave all of their support to the people of trent felt. khazan is the first city in the street with a predominantly muslim population its language its cool church and sporting meritage truly unique in russia the study was pretty cool too offering
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a lot more than seats and stands for fun stuff like c.r. takes on a two. what do you imagine when you think of football ground obviously the pitch the game itself the fans the atmosphere the chance but this world cup venue offers a lot more than that because on an arena is like a city within a city. because on arena not only you can watch the sport again and also embrace said a designated cross fit santa is only a minute walk on the pitch side. well
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not really but this is gold the cars were drawn this is just one of many of these that the little ones can have at the stadium and this is a real cool when they can learn how to become a cost of a lot. and while mom and dad are watching the game of football their little ones can music
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instruments. if you have a little more money to spend then on match day ticket you can even leave the stadium on a brand new chopper all the famous american brand boy is built into the stadium. and after you're done with the fit this exercise boredom waterside go or learn something new you can chill at this spacious hotel room which is not your average
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hotel suite it says v.i.p.'s stand at the stadium. but she logs on the strong callable show don't forget to join us next week for more fun topic stories from around before the world really come on.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's long debt. studying so hard it requires drugs just. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and partying to death sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. they call me a useful idiot i mean you called me a useful idiot
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a useful idiot useful idiots go expressing my opinions on t.v. there are thousands of us doing it behind his record is a simple strategy we attack persons instead of talking about the art of what's next why stop well you'll ban me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one or scratch me on the right i should be sent to the town one because i'm to try to break me on the wheel i have put up with a long time of this sort of nonsense you don't scare me want to scare us and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out to him in good company i'm in good company we're going to screen you on to us because we're free thinkers. hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just
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a little bit different. there was no doubt with all the drama happening in our country i'm rude have fun every day americans. look for the store to bridge the gap this is the great american. whenever you buy a russian product. you're not just going to get closer. to the little bit of those we're.
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breaking news on the program over one hundred fifty people are reportedly killed and another one hundred wounded in an attack on a mosque in egypt's north sinai province. also ahead this hour the u.k.'s prime minister of russia for a second time in less than two weeks breaks a talk show no sign of a breakthrough with a number of key issues still on the result. with germany still without a government on setting up a temporary fix just to keep parliament taking over we look at how the french president sees the chance to become the e.u. kingpin. and a high security facility about strikes fear in the hearts of even russia's most hard.


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