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tv   News  RT  November 24, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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more than two hundred thirty people were killed in the assault on a mosque in egypt's north sinai provident city appears to be the deadliest terror attack in the country's history also to cover. panic on the streets of london people flee one of the city's busiest shopping districts after reports of gunfire. if you don't want to ask is accused of twisting british prime minister trees amaze words after hinting that russia interfered in the breakfast referendum and a high security facility that strikes fear into the hearts of even russia's most hardened criminals we gain unique access to the black gulf in the nation's toughest prison. it is here but some of the country's worst maniac
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serial killers terrorists and he wouldn't have the balls held. and i welcome you watching our international which just turned midnight in moscow now our top story this hour an assault on a mosque in egypt's north sinai region has killed at least two hundred thirty five people and left more than one hundred injured officials say that is the deadliest terror attack in the country's history. the assault took place during friday prayers the perpetrators arrived in for off road vehicles and set off two bombs they then opened fire as people tried to flee the country's president has called an emergency meeting to decide how to respond no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack although government forces have
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already killed thirty militants in an anti terror operation cairo based your mistake it. has more. security services are not saying a lot about the details of this attack but we already know what the attack means to the egyptian people this is an attack on the state supported mosque in the north sinai this is an attack on the kind of islam it's promulgated by the egyptian administration one that denounces and renounces terrorism and we see that the jihad is now have decided to go not only against up against the government and up against christians but against muslim or worse a person who are choosing the path of moderate islam that is the mainstream form of that religion here in egypt we do know who operates terror organizations in the sinai and there are groups that are affiliated with isis there are groups affiliated with al qaeda and the egyptians of course are very angry and we see that
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there is really a stark ideological confrontation here between the kind of islam promulgated by isis and al qaeda and the kind of islam that embraced by the egyptian administration and so this is becoming a religious war inside of islam that has implications way beyond egypt itself but but to the wider sunni middle east. in other news tonight there has been a terrorist scare one of london's busy shopping streets during black friday. police responded to reports of shots being fired as people fled in fear the surrounding. round twenty five there were reports of the force of gunfire coming from from off the second station and we spoke to some eyewitnesses in the area who said that they saw hundreds of people streaming running out of oxford street helps asika station and down here into regent street people started fighting it was not running
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a way of knowing if i could soften up the heating very. be your take them back so we barricade the. right the. party on this day was. heavy but it's kind of in the past couple hours now of course to put this into context today is black friday which is one of the busiest if not the busiest shopping day of the year many sales are on many people tried to get those deals before the christmas holidays and so people here are really busy really busy area tens if not hundreds of thousands of people would have been in the immediate vicinity of the station and so what happened was those people were evacuated from other people were being told by police to run into various shops screamed out to go into different shops and to take cover and then we had heard from the metropolitan
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police who said that they were treated a diff it was a terrorist incident but as we've heard since then they've now stood down the incident and said that they found no deaths or injuries that she didn't hear of one reports of a minor injury but it was somebody who got injured in the panic trying to flee from the station but which it really highlights exactly how nervous things are here in the campus of especially this year seen a number of terrorist ties take place in london which of course have people on a very nervous but what i would this we spoke to said actually the way the police responded to the incident made people born of us and panicked by screaming at them so he said that the they should have perhaps exuded more common. but in any case what was feared to possibly be a terrorist incident here at oxford circus looks a little false alarm. these roads are now open with shoppers again trying to get those shelves and i don't know just the start of. the european union chief has been
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accused of twisting the words of the u.k. prime minister to resign may that after he hinted at russian interference in the u.k.'s breaks it referendum citing one of mays' recent speeches he spoke at the eastern partnership summit in brussels has more. this summit is all about eastern europe so they talk about things like security shared challenges and it's not only attended by e.u. states pretty much everyone bordering russia was invited so countries like ukraine and georgia where there as well are not many of them have many good things to say about russia certainly today the forum was heavily focused on the issue of russia and some of the strongest criticism came from the e.u. council president donald tercel take a listen well of the biggest problems with. for example.
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during the british referendum for example so donald tusk referring there to that foreign policy speech that reason may gave last week where she tore into more sco she accused the kremlin of attempting to undermine western democratic values through election interference and planting fake news stories but and this is a pretty important but especially for donald tusk she clarified later on in the week that those sort of russian misdeeds that she referred to were specifically in relation to the u.k. to look at the speech i gave on monday that was the that the examples i gave of russian interference were not in the united kingdom donald turse clearly didn't get that particular memo from london and this looks now like
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a case of sort of classic chinese whispers really where the facts don't really matter because it fits an overarching narrative and that is of russia as a threat to the whole of europe is a narrative that perhaps run. conveniently unifies the e.u. and the u.k. at a time when they have little else in common and to reason they had more to say about russia at the summit today we must be open eyes about the actions of hostile states like russia who threaten the potential growth of the eastern neighborhood and who are trying to turn our collective strength. and i'm looking forward to journey to renewed commitments from european countries to working together to tackle these challenges in both security and development despite the fact that the u.k. is actively negotiating its way out of the european union right now at this summit
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this summit today the u.k.'s pledge to spend one hundred million pounds on countering what it calls russian descent from asia and in eastern europe there's a further fifty million pounds from london going towards reform and security in eastern europe as well and talk of russia really appears quite fruitful from a domestic perspective here in the u.k. it's kind of managed to draw the fire away from extensive media coverage of ministers inappropriate behavior scandals to do with that and constant talk of how fragile to reason may's government is. reporting what we also spoke in grant he's a professor of politics at work university in the u.k. and he thinks the language used by terse is unhelpful. the seem to be some confusion between the term about what they rushed him and certainly he didn't seem to have very much in the way of the evidence for critical or statements he was
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trying to make but it was the black cloth or with all these very different would be gauche ations on bricks it between the united kingdom and the european union talk about russia as a hostile state is very strong language indeed because one would hope for have a constructive relationship between the u.k. the european union russia or not don't think that sort of terminology. helps the development as constructive relations for its own thought because it obviously goes in the opposite direction. now the new bundestag president of gang surely blair is facing an angry backlash after telling him pains not to use twitter during sessions in parliament with the details on this his piece or rather. the experienced former finance minister and now president of the bundestag has sent a message to his fellow parliamentarians stop tweeting during bundestag sessions and they have responded and they're not happy with the police that president
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gadgets for tweeting iran wanted you can watch the session live but we can't sweet anything about the plenary session so if you go outside the plenary hall it will be ok our facebook and instagram fine to use with a handwritten letter be ok that makes no sense i won't lead choice blair bonds with me from the bundestag haggling is a part of parliamentary debate at esalen haggling so what you shouldn't have to go outside for that. a little understanding why twittering is banned in the bundestag transparency also includes commenting on current events for laid out his problems with tweeting in a letter to all members of the bundestag he said it was inappropriate didn't mention any other platforms by name but i think it's implied that he meant they were supposed to post things on instagram or facebook as well some of the wording raises a little smile he says in this letter that
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a parliamentarian should conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate to their participation in a plenary session all very good things to say so here's some pictures of playing sudoku on a tablet during one of those bundestag sessions very much a do as i say not as i do from the president there he's not alone in being caught on camera with a device in his hand chancellor merkel has been pictured quite a few times on the phone while she's in the chamber as well not tweeting though that's hardly a glimmer can style but the fact that she has put out this letter it does show the ten state of german politics out the moment there is no government coalition talks broke down last last weekend at the beginning of this week coalition talks collapsing there is the slim hope of a grand coalition being rekindled but that is still a long way off and all the time that there's no government here in germany we get
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closer to there being a call for fresh elections political analyst raina roth first told us that he thinks there is a need for m.p.'s to be able to use devices during parliamentary sessions. he wants to ban the use of twitter to make a decision in sessions and the debates a little less transparent if this is the case if this should be the case then of course media should ask very rigid questions to this move i would wish that parliamentarians get that information during the debates in parliament because often they don't have this expertise in detail that they would need to decide issues like foreign policy syria intervention etc you need a device that your hand where you can find very quickly very precise information and it's also good to show that parliamentarians are transparent and they share their thoughts and information also with the world terrorists. now in
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a telephone conversation with the turkish president more trump has promised to cease arming kurdish forces in syria at least that is according to turkey's foreign minister. mr trump clearly stated that he had given clear instructions not to provide the white p.j. with arms and that this nonsense should have ended long ago. well should this pledge prove to be the case it will represent quite a change of chain on the part of washington as previously president trump himself was very eager to praise kurdish fighters. we should be using we should be. proven to be the. really proved to be the most real doers and we should be working with them. ok well let's get the thoughts now of carney who he's from the american kurdish information network carney welcome to our say what
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are your thoughts are the kurds getting a raw deal while it looks like. what the foreign minister of turkey says. you know the nonsense was really common sense. the piece of europe was a stake the american cities were not safe why p.d. was around rampart against isis us help them yes that's true and. has not gone away just simply vanished all their fighters are probably hiding now and if the world wants to have peace they still need they still need the kurds. why do you think donald trump if it's true why do you think that he made this you. i think your viewers may not know but there are twelve americans in turkish jails.
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there is a crisis called crisis americans. suspended turks from coming to america . donald trump you know has a better deck of cards with turkey and he wants these americans to be free. you know going back to. the one allowed his border to be used as a staging ground for a lot of these european cutthroats asian and african and. islamic state. state fighters to go through turkey to syria so i think our tramp wants to have his cake and eat it too but i mean this crisis is not over. it's too early to celebrate you make sure you say it's too early to celebrate is that because you still believe ice represents a great threat in syria i say that because just over the last few days we're
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hearing you know from russia for syria to and the armed forces there they believe that isis is on the brink of defeat in syria. you know the numbers stand you know they had many fighters when they were fighting and you know the that bodies don't amount to the number of fighters they had in the fields so where did they go they were hiding somewhere in the desert or in the some safe houses. and the. yes you know down from peace and he wants american cities to be safe he wants europe to be safe. but that means engaging the middle east that means addressing the problems of the middle east. if this is true you know the kurds want peace because i've never said in syria at least they want a separate state u.s. involvement is necessary to bring about peace. in syria turkey is involved
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russia is involved iran is involved easter in euphrates area is basically under control of the kurds and the americans and they should be part of this and the kurds should be invited to the negotiation table and maybe we will have peace in the middle east and i mean in syria. there are millions of syrians outside of syria they would like to go back to their homes eleven million syrians have been internally displaced they'd like to go back to their. businesses and often their businesses so all this is necessary and outran would like to be part of a solution he should you know talk to the kurds talk to arab stuck to the russians and iranians and turks and assad to what sort of reaction then would you expect from the kurds in syria over this nice. well the news is disappointing for the kurds smacks of the what happened in iraqi kurdistan when the kurds were needed
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to take mosul the kurds. you know how to iraqi army and took mosul and when there was a consulate america turned the other way around it didn't really help you know the kurds and the arabs to have a peace. iraqi army iraqi constitution was violated after twelve years. military solution or iraqi army was used to address the internal matter of a matter that was you know a referendum an expression of you know democratic process. and the kurds in syria you know some of them probably feel this could be deja vu this could be the you know a second sellout. but this will not address the problem the problem of you know sustainable peace in syria or sustainable peace in iraq. ok carney look we'll leave it there thoughts to saving that was county who learned from the
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american kurdish information network thank you. now a special report because it's a unique look inside one of russia's most notorious prisons the black dolphin as it is known as is some of the country's most dangerous and violent criminals all along the way for life for heinous crimes. the facility was built in the eighteenth century and today it has hold hundreds of inmates and is known for its brutal rules and also grueling conditions our correspondent was granted access to the site. in the provincial town at the edge of siberia is a prison but it's no ordinary prison the mere sight of the statue is broken the
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moved a soulless butchers the black doll thing russia's highest security prison it is here that some of the country's worst maniacs serial killers terrorists and even cannibals i held in this cell a man who raped forty four miners and killed five children aged seven to eleven some of the people in this prison will never be allowed out so we dread for the things that they've done and then the man in a drunken killing frenzy killed six of his friends in this cell a murderer killed eleven people. seven hundred inmates sentenced to life between them they've killed almost four thousand people everything is procedural everything intended to minimize risk from sleeping
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schedules to how inmates are a school that bend to the waist and blindfolded so they can't memorize the prisons layout. it may seem excessive humiliating even but do not forget what these people did to be here to that end every cell door has a description of the inmates crimes any sympathy the guards might feel disappears immediately. who is missing his judgment as to when you ask me if i do it again i thought about it and it would have been better for died with them i probably wouldn't have done it but it's better to die than sacrifice others eagle was just over twenty when he and his father took on a rival gang after killing their enemies they attempted to get rid of witnesses. ordinary civilians in a restaurant seven dead eight injured both he and his father and castrated here
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do see each other sometimes when he fell ill they transferred me to help him for a while the most important thing is to avoid becoming him bettered it is so easy to turn into an animal here some say a life sentence is worse than the death penalty. but i've been here for seventeen years and i've never heard anyone say they don't regret it or they'd kill more i'm sorry but that's nonsense. i regret it everything is lost all the years go by your health worsens everything passes by i think there are a few people left in here who think they did the right thing they are show you that you were wrong totally wrong you can't do that. to me treat saluted his family his father his mother and his brother he was twenty now he's forty five. years we watch t.v. we see people who have committed two or three murders get sentenced to seventeen or
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nineteen years that isn't so terrible yes we are guilty before the law yes we are guilty before the public but if they're left out after twenty years why are there fraid of letting us out who in their fifty's could be bothered to do anything all they would want is a normal life. the difference is that life sentences are mostly reserved for crimes of such brutality that they escape reason for individuals deemed a permanent danger to society one inmate released early from the black dolphin committed a murder on the very train that was taking him home most will never see release control is total god's check on everyone every fifteen minutes in cell cameras i'm one of the twenty four seven and there's three doors to every cell this is a cell for those sentenced to life it's locked with a full metal door a cage door and another one for complete security we essentially have
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a cell within a cell it's easy to see why no one has ever escaped from the black dolphin and for most of the uni sure way out is in a coffin for i guess the odyssey from seoul in let's russia. now the israeli prime minister has been talking about the nature of his country's cooperation with a number of arab nations and netanyahu says agreements are normally struck in secret and that should continue proactive cooperation with arab countries is usually coverts i believe that this relations will continue to develop and that they will be a fruit for the expansion of the peace orbit however it's not all hushed up and perhaps a symbolic display to saudi officials were seen visiting a synagogue in paris with the media describing it as a nod to israel does come after the israeli defense forces chief said the country
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was ready to share intelligence on iran with saudi arabia jacqueline vigor explains why tel aviv riyadh could be willing to overlook their differences israel has been a thorn in the side of a number of middle eastern states for what feels like forever singled out and attacked it was just a fact of life. we are freezing all the forms and whilst of communication between the israeli enemy and any arab countries while an israel is going ahead with its crimes against the arab people of palestine and lebanon taking advantage of the silence of countries worldwide. yes sure that i live in the world is witnessing the reality and the nature of israeli occupation the cruelty and barbarism of this race is regime committing war crimes and crimes against humanity just a few years ago the idea of saudi arabia and israel getting into bed together would have been shocking to say the least but now they look to be on the same page or the times they are changing and whispers of growing ties between israel and the arab
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world are getting louder respect the other side's wish when times are developing whether it's we saudi arabia or with other arab countries we are willing to exchange information with moderate arab countries including intelligence information there are many common interests between us. a high ranking israeli military official has even been quoted as saying that he agreed with every word his saudi counterpart said at a conference in d.c. adding he felt like they could have been his own words being read by the saudi chief now there is a clear reason for this shift remember the old adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend i think this is a wake up call for everyone when israelis and arabs and it's all the arabs and israel i want to agree on one thing. people should pay attention we should stop the syrian takeover so the motivating factor for these are likely bedfellows is iran and the fear of tehran's growing influence in the region is so strong that it has
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even elbowed aside the question of palestine it's quite obvious that the saudis would consider today that the major threat in the area is the iranian and that's why they were looking for any allies in the in the area also to be against iran in this matter differently that was absolutely israel which we're launching a huge campaign since ages since years against iran and so there will be a kind of closeness between israel and saudi arabia thinking both that the major enemy in the region is in iran and that's why we believe that you know this i would these are willing to negotiate even the arab initiative to start with the normalization with israel even before they are addressing the palestinian question and this is absolutely is not acceptable iran has even tried to bring palestine back into focus today the issue of palestine is the primary issue within the muslim world while it seems not anymore. scores of muslim women have
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reacted angrily to plans to ask in england's primary schools why they are wearing head scarves they do say it would be inappropriate and discriminatory by school inspectors for some of the people themselves is a question of choice and self-confidence. i am a ten year old british for muslim girl who chose to wear the hijab and know that when you look at me you instantly h.t.m. that my parents forced me to wear the hijab you could not be more wrong you are doing office that is ruining my confidence and self-esteem is a young girl the confidence of many other you took well school inspectors say the move is about monitoring whether wearing a hijab might be interpreted as the sexualization of young girls and they also warn that parents should speak out if they are concerned about fundamentalist groups influencing school policy and islamic human rights campaigner though we spoke to says children's clothes are not the government's business. this is something that
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should be a free choice between the parents and the children and it should be something personal and it's not for the state to intervene in such an issue well it's not necessarily them being made to wear it sometimes it's many girls choice choices i have young girls in my family who chose to wear the headscarf at the age of eight or nine i personally see this this is another reason for for institutional islam. where where really. as a muslim community first we heard about trojan horse now we're hearing about muslim young women being targeted when is this going to stop when are we just going to be accepted as being british as being part of this society being allowed to the freedom to practice our faith as long as we're not harming the other individuals your snotty thanks we company tonight more news in half an.


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