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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 25, 2017 4:30am-4:59am EST

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this would britain seek to emulate the poverty stricken caribbean sea still threatening to turn britain into a tax haven maze said she wouldn't take lessons from labor surely a fair point given tony blair's party appeared infamously the relaxed about people getting very rich presumably off the poor. just in the labor party. teeny bit tax avoidance and tax evasion one hundred and sixty billion pounds more take. action taken by conservatives in government but given their own alleged billion pound bunker formerly parrot the animal welfare act two thousand and six provides protection for the animals experiencing pain or suffering which under the control of man but in the scrum outside parliament on budget day the question for jeremy corbin's u.k. shadow chancellor john mcdonnell appeared to be with the theresa may with sentiment did the government have feelings shadow chancellor what did you think of the latest
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growth figures that a forecast for this country showed exactly what we've been saying if you don't invest in our economy the growth will go down product of it will not rise and as a result of lack of investment through austerity under this government the economy well i think is in. the sort of condition you would not expect it to be coming out of a recession a loss if you remember when with come out of the recessions of the eighty's and ninety's business investment was well sixty percent in one case thirty percent in another at the moment business investments up five percent so no wonder this is what we've got and i do think the chancellor didn't seem so bothered about the lower figures i think it's because there's paralysis in government no one is in charge no one is in control and this is a government in office but not in power but on a key call being indicators that we're like inequality the government we're proud to say that inequality is the lowest it's been for thirteen losing your case from different means from us a judge in a different way last year one million and a quarter food parcels giving out in the six richest country. the world that shows
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we're in a correlation in our society and it shows you also we've got four million children in poverty in this country two thirds of them are in families where someone is at work and the reason in poverty because of low pay will it make any difference is one week off the universal credit waiting period what are you staring at them only if he's taken ten pounds off people on universal credit and giving one pound back was terrible and these are some of the poorest in our society johnson thank you as for the man in charge of tourism is a new revamped social security system accused of ripping up the social fabric of the united kingdom he wasn't in the mood to talk to us sorry russia today i'm not talking to you when you look to because you are probably your property or propaganda part of that station which is your your propaganda that the position of the i don't care what israel are not talking to r.t. you can have. whatever universal credit the shadow chancellor john mcdonnell just told us when you take your handbags our story recently would also have no reputable person will speak to you because you are a propaganda face shadow chancellor john mcdonnell is not a reputable person prove
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a. point to prove it one more able to talk with is the former vice chair of the party currently running britain in a minority government nigel evans former deputy speaker of the house of commons well with me is the former vice chair of the conservative party nigel evans nigel thanks for being out here on the green some noise from construction because the booming economy what did you think of the budget. i've seen budgets over the past twenty five years as a member of parliament and i'm not philip hammond's biggest cheerleader either because i think in the past he's been far too like mark carney when he's looking at the economy and not as much you know as an enthusiastic cheerleader but my goodness me didn't he sparkle today he performed in all the right areas as far as i'm concerned whether it is for those at the poorest stand for those on universal credit he's recognized that there have been problems with the rollout of the program. for those on the national living wage and the national minimum wage is
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a difference depending on what age you are going at much higher than the rate of inflation and then the threshold before you start paying income tax increases yet again and then the announcement on giving hope to the nurses that whatever the pay settlement is going to be that the chancellor is going to cover that i think it's brilliant and then of course one of the biggest problems for a lot of people living in the united kingdom is being able to afford your own home and he came out with that staggering statistic that the percentage of young people owning homes has dropped by over twenty percent that startling he is now doing something to reverse that in two ways and one is that the there's going to be a massive increase in house building in the areas where people want to live so it's not going to be you know areas where the rural areas where people don't want to go it's going to be cities in the main where people do want to live three hundred thousand houses by the middle of the next decade every year for people wanting to
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own their own homes and then of course that massive bombshell right at the end about the abolition of stamp duty for first time buyers for those buying homes up to the rate of three hundred thousand but also recognising that houses are a bit more expensive in london so it's going to be up to half a million but the relief will still only be on the three hundred thousand i think that's great one could argue that is. merely reflects the fact that the conservatives face a wipe out in future elections and need the house owning classes to be able to vote tory because well don't have a stake in you know. that you know i might agree with you had i not read the recent opinion polls which are just what the conservative party four points ahead of the labor party you would think wouldn't you. know what the chancellor has done today i believe is. a number of key sectors at the lower end investing money at the for the entrepreneurs. particularly in the
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high tech companies and the small to medium sized enterprises as well i think there's been recognition that this is a budget helping a number of sectors and the other key thing that he did today which i was really pleased about which is the extra three billion that is now put to one site for the brigs it preparations up until now it seems to have been reluctant to have given large sums of money it was about seven hundred million pounds in the past now he's given three billion pounds with the promise that if more is needed more will be found universal credit this rollout of this controversial welfare policy would using the waiting period from six weeks to five weeks we were saying this program last week that if you claim the universe of credit one of the pilot areas you had to wait till after chris no no no no it's all changed now and i say no you can do it online and you'll get it within five days now that was the announcement in the budget and i think that that is important change and get you know the other thing that universal credit has done and the chancellor pointed out in his budget
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statement which is that in the past people were penalized if they work more than sixteen hours now that is no longer the case and that has led to a real boom in the number of people working in this country which over the past seven years has gone up by over three million that's a fantastic on every day and you know you see wages here you well know. that the fact is as well that people are earning more money and that's been reflected in the increases in the national living wage a national minimum wage but the we were told that if the british people voted to leave the european union that there would be an immediate shock to the system and thousands of people would lose their jobs well not only is that not happened but the level of unemployment has gone down every month the level of employment has gone up every month lower wages and i just want to know not just what was the one who tried to do the project here on everybody and since leaving parliament he's got another six jobs i mean he's been doing well. well is there for much chance of the
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exchequer who is part of the project or i know they're generally instruments of the economy i'm not even going to blame for this but around the world this is catastrophic g.d.p. forecast slashing them to one point nine percent one point six percent britain is now the slowest it's headed to. economy and that is living and that is going to reverse and start to increase as well but you know i got a huge deal of skepticism about some of the statistics because it's amazing how often they're revised upwards after pretty depressing figures but if you compare us to some of the other countries around the european union my goodness me we're doing really well and this is another further boost in the budget today which i think is going to be welcome for a lot of hard working families in this country and as for the hundred twenty thousand children defacto homeless living in temporary accommodation this christmas nothing for though no well that's all and there again he is going to have projects i think thirty million pounds i think that figure was right to help the
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homelessness problem in the united way you know best a geisha is in them a bull in manchester being commissioned nothing for those children this crime no no no no no there will there's assistance there's there is assistance for those who are homeless and i actually think the ambition on behalf of a chance to the extent to which i've never heard before to say that he is going to polish homelessness by the middle of the next decade is something that i'm really proud of i'm proud that a conservative government is recognize that there is a huge problem there and of course some of the homeless problem as well ties into mental health needs and as you know there's massive extra resources gone into the mental health issues in this country. after the break what about the poor a very different take on this week's british budget from the u.k. shouted chief secretary to the treasury peter down while tory stephen with parklane of the u.k. parliament finance select committee praises the government for a great budget goal a similar going on but to have going on the ground. i
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would not be surprised if a deal is made selling fannie mae freddie back to people's bank of china so that especially china becomes america's biggest landlord and keeping prices down and up to the name of jobs and global harmony and this is i think what we're can expect in the next few years because the u.s. is the world's biggest debtor china is the world's biggest creditor so you put those two together you have the biggest creditor taking us out of the u.s.
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debt as i was like government guaranteed fannie mae freddie mac. they are all the people who love parling money on those games they've got chinese landlords that's the move a lot more coming. up that you're sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last wrong turn. your appetite up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry finally i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our art. and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters my. it's consumed with damp this one difference
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i speak to stanley no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. i says was it too by the americans by the israelis unfortunately by financial support of some. cultural contraries in the early jan for making them unsafe you know region. welcome back your watching a growing on the ground u.k. budget special on the green outside parliament one that is polarized debate on the future of the british economy as it prepares to cope outside the european union but with me now is stephen mccausland who is on the finance select committee still with thanks for being on the green here well it's
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a disaster isn't it i mean when you're in the finance committee did you know the growth was going to be slashed forecasts growth in this country by think the budget was a very very good. chance has got a lot of recovery in the subsidy amazing that we've reduced our debt as a percentage. ten percent down to just over two point four percent isn't that just because g.d.p. is going to be lower so therefore as a percentage of g.d.p. things you look where the g.d.p. is growing i mean you know this is lowest in western europe where we were the fastest growing economy and the reason for a lot of people who were coming to our country was simply because it was the only place where they could get work so you know as an economy we must have employment because the highest employers are the ones who are the fastest growing and now we're the slowest growing economy in the g seven. as a percentage debt and deficits and everything else is in the g.d.p. is going to look better because one is going to forgive me i believe for the second fastest growing economy in europe at the moment and i think that will be quite
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quickly no point. six percent and i'm sure it is going to be the first second i'm sure of our colleagues in your commercial and other places would love to have economy growing at those speeds so you know from our point of view because big tax revenues we're spending eight hundred fifty billion pound a year massive investments and maybe it was a very good butcher it every single part of our society i've been running a campaign of around well first systems universal credit the chancellor just invested one billion pounds or because he listened to the campaign so i was very pleased about that and there's a range of them issues we invest in in terms of our votes for infrastructure and you know it looks as though britain is going to be booming pretty jerry cauldrons. one hundred twenty thousand this christmas. three thousand children this christmas will be effectively homeless these plans investigations into homeless housing investigations into well for at least this national the time for us to gauge most of our investigators about delivering say the chancellor said around
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homelessness news investing a huge amount of money i mean we all accepted twenty face to face these investigations in the wall and liverpool manchester and london but you know in a place where i live in steve. i have a labor council even though i'm a conservative and pay and the landlord who gives the most of diction notices in the whole of the area is that labor council so mr coburn and mr mcdonald need to speak to their friends locally and ask them to stop making my people homeless and will you say to labor councils then throughout the country. giving cuts to local services to say stop prevailing in your government they blame everyone the man labor was in power i'm sure they've managed to blame the government but the government there was in previous parts the way they do all they do is talk of what we do is we have a record of delivery and that's why at the moment people have interest in what we do so people of him getting on with the job and what we wanted to use government which are people with them and support them last week we were saying on this program that if you applied for universal credit this new welfare system from this
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government you weren't going to get any money till after christmas now under these new proposals you're only going to take a week off the delaying for money being given to families what was that in the courtroom so universal credit is actually crossed party across party support we don't understand why the labor party certainly in the last three or four weeks decided it wasn't going to work universal credit is actually a very positive way for because it stops this cliff edge after you've worked sixteen hours what actually happened was people having to wait six weeks in the reforms that just being announced that will go down to five weeks so if i apply it now and i don't have any money i have to wait till after christmas before i haven't . no that's just scaremongering because the other thing the chance to announce is if you apply today you see one hundred percent advance payments that are ok with just one other question about the housing stuff was this hundred percent premium council tax that you have to pay for your property is left empty how long does your bones property have to be empty before you you have to pay on percent not be
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something to look at the detail in a vat book i'm not sure but again if you go back to my local labor council that eight thousand properties they have hundreds of them they're often empty they could be going to people who need them and i'm you know they're not particularly bothered about getting them back on the market quickly say this is a good reform because it means that if your properties empty you going to be punished financially for that sort of specif you to get somebody in the i don't agree you're blaming labor council john mcdonald shall john says we know on this program saying he would get to grips with the labor councils doing these sorts of policies are you just telling the labor party to get to grips with what labor policy centrally is my council's been labor since the thomas created in the one nine hundred fifty s. that's nearly seventy years it seems like you. well u.k. finance select committee choice even mcpartlin may have blamed councils run by gerry corbin's labor party some like former chancellor ken clarke who wasn't on the green when we were filming may blame rupert murdoch according to made a deal with cameron over the british government itself where is to blame the neo liberal institute for fiscal studies says british workers now face to economic last
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decades something with which britain's shadow chief secretary to the treasury peter dowd agrees thanks for being on the show again a great success. by chancellor philip hammond universally applauded by members of our press corps what's wrong with it well it didn't deal with fundamentals did it number housing well let's go through it number one g.d.p. growth flat line investment flat line productivity which feeds into wages flatlined wages worse than they were ten years ago in real terms. and for infrastructure in a. pretty poor state public services in a post eight no pay rise for public sector workers though the health secretary says you have a chat with the nurses about a. half a million nurses will have a chat with five million other public sector workers can go whistle. that seems pretty grim to me what was your understanding about that comment you made about nurses there was an immediate figure given that something about the. pay review
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board recommended well being in excess of that review board recommendation no i think well the devil's in the detail with these sorts of things and it was a sort of rather than igniting point to make what you seem to me to be saying is that for nurses the sec the health secretary will discuss with them about possible changes to agenda for change which is the pay structure for for everybody in fact virtually in the n.h.s. so it's in parts impossible to say the reality is he's going to have a chat with them well the former vice chair of the goods of the body nigel evans replied to my question about economic growth in a way that i think many of our viewers would would assume is just i just referred to that the issue is g.d.p. is is is in its in its boots and all the other in the cases of the same now these are forecasts are not made by the government these are forecast in a sense made independently and verified in the family as much as you possibly can and in fact the office for budget responsibility has responsibility for figures
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which leads into paying room for maneuver in a couple years time so you go a little bit of breathing space but this is going to look pretty grim in two years' time but on the central perhaps greatest macro economic issue facing this country inequality the tory government is it is the least for thirteen years now how can you beat a system like that well because i suspect the trying to say that because everybody's poll. the guy is is less than it was i mean it's a nonsense analysis essentially when homelessness is still pretty grim it's increased by fifty percent over the past five years. on the government's strategy in relation to rough sleeping it says it will eliminate hope to eliminate rough sleeping when in ten years as a limit never given by pay vs labor chancellors will tell you well i tell you walk in the commitment that you're going to. try to eliminate rough sleeping in ten years time is going rough sleeping is gone up dramatically and exponentially under this government what you've got to do is to stop it happening in the first place
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not sort the problem out after the event you see the big headline story of this budget talking about a strange tax for our international viewers on buying houses first time purchases of houses as more to do with the need for electoral support for the conservative party well the thing i'm more interested in is the fact that a lot of those young people who would have paid a particular tocs a house tax are not going to have to pay that for your international viewers that are going to have to pay their help young people to get into the housing market all the better but it still doesn't deal with the fundamental issues that we don't have enough houses for people to go in in the first place so those people who can get on two thousand market that's great and i welcome that might my son did that in the last twelve months that's great however it still doesn't deal with the fundamental issue of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people millions who can't get into the house and now i know it's an old joke by this government to criticize tony
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blair and gordon brown and this is an all new jersey call been labor party why is it that labor could never even thought of introducing the grind of a hundred percent council premium tax on empty properties that has been mooted by chancellor philip hammond with surrounded by empty flats here no doubt investment vehicles for foreign owners but i think the fiscal measures these are technical measures that you can you can introduce the key to this is that you can tax those houses as much as you want and that's ok people are going to move into them the key to this is to start at the bottom make the houses make the flats. provide the accommodation he said every hundred thousand a year house building program well well if he can do the code look to the bottom line is that the rate huge shortages in the whole range of trades from quantity surveying right the way through to join is to brickies plumbers electricians that's where you start the housing market's renascence when you trained and skilled people
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to do those jobs not just making announcements which you then revise the following year in the year after the year after that and on the closest britain gets to a religion the national health service we mention the nurses what about the fact that the government can keep on returning to the fact that we have record patient levels and the public satisfaction with the national health service is highest in twenty is much better than under even leave neo liberal brown a playwright label well i think he's a fantasy a lot of the bottom line is try to get an appointment with a chief there's now a waiting list which is the longest in terms of being to get operations for example i think that they are completely in a fantasy land if they genuinely believe the public think everything's hunky dory and then it just with well we could do it better they really are in a fantasy land and i think this bullshit just reaffirms the fact that they think seem to think most things are ok growth productivity is ok investment investment in
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the public services they'll have a chat with nurses about giving them a pay rise and the rest of them can go to whistle if they think that is a good start and i go to public services i'm going to go to economic state will not help us all and as regards where the real cash is arguably the baby trillions who knows in the tax havens you're still calling on the government to have an inquiry into tax dodging on the offshore islands why do you think they don't want to do that well because it must really go to the heart of the matter of getting that money back to the bushies talking and i think this i can so myself but i was on. at all the t.v. programme about two weeks ago with the chairman of the cayman island stock exchange and he says that his answer to the you know criminal activity taking place in relation to talks about thought may well be the case that it was the journalist who needs to be jailed. that speaks volumes when you still go for i think water answers and absolute and you believe that if you legislation could be put forward there may
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be dead fingers in deficit because of this country could be very different the key to this is about transparency the bottom line is you've got nothing to home eat if you've got nothing to hide what's wrong with transparency and that's the key to this it's the transparency transparency transplants need and thank you. well that's have a day's budget special we'll be back on monday when we ask award winning artists from around the globe about using their work to deconstruct nato nations drone attacks increased government surveillance and the cia back to take the ship still then he would just by social media we'll see on monday sixty four years to the day of the death of the writer of long day's journey into night eugene o'neill played by jack nicholson in the film of the life of american communist jack reed in red.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. of debt. studying so hard it requires. going through mediation to enter society. and toci sometimes quite. literally. wants of the true colors of universities in the us. and the culture is good now to the big picture but it's. true for real business which we need to maintain we need to but it's no all defects of the profit of the
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movie go forward with the drawings with the automotive g.p.s. tracks for some of the machines will have less and less people employed so the fact that we easily get the business. the rest of the rules is getting rid of those. with the. i was not be surprised if ideal is made selling fannie mae and freddie back to people's bank of china so that essentially china becomes america's biggest landlord and keeping prices down and up to. global harmony and this is i think what we're can expect in the next few years because the u.s. is the world's biggest debtor china is the world's biggest creditor so you put those two together you have the biggest creditor taking on some of the u.s. deaths caused by government guaranteed fannie mae freddie mac. games say they've got chinese landlords that's the move
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a lot more coming. was it to. americans by the. oem fortune is the by financial support of some. in there. for making unsafe you. and you can see. that in all. the media.
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i have. modern day slavery and human trafficking from protests in two major european capitals we look at the root of the problem is being directed at the. between a rock and a hard place washington apparently promising weapon supplies to its allies fighting in syria but the exact details of any move haven't been forthcoming from the white house. to the moon and back the full scale space simulation with. the saturdays one pm here in moscow one is called.


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