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tv   News  RT  November 25, 2017 6:00am-6:29am EST

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but we're not sure of. was a. modern day slavery and human trafficking from libya sees protests in c. major european capitals we look at the roots of the problem and why do these being criticised. between a rock and a hard place washington apparently promises to keep will cut weapon supplies to its kurdish allies fighting in syria details of any moves have been forthcoming from the white house and the moon and back to full scale space trip simulation it's just concluded here in russia.
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welcome to r.t. international this saturday afternoon two o'clock. our top getting the black. but i was there are was. was just was. looking. at it for the. what human trafficking was part of the discussion when the french president met with the leader of guinea on wednesday and despite the warm welcome they were clearly they were clearly told over who is responsible for the humanitarian crisis. what has been revealed everything we have said to know about the situation in libya definitely falls into the category of trafficking of human beings it is a crime against humanity to france denounce the ation has been immediate it is indisputable you know to see the european union cannot choose
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a developing country and ask that country to detain refugees when it doesn't even have the means to do so the refugees are in terrible conditions sorry european friends were not great ask libya to keep the migrants the european union is responsible. for france planes the care and she went back to libyan government for its poor handling of the human trafficking problem. looks at the current playing gang and how it all started. some of the harshest condemnation thrown at libya over the appalling treatment of african migrants is coming from france it is called an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council and has gone as far as to threaten libya with sanctions libyan authorities have decided to open an investigation into the fact we wanted to go fast and if the libyan justice system cannot carry this procedure through then we should open international sanctions those threats are being leveled against the very government that the u.n. endorsed and helped form after the fall of gadhafi let's rewind back to two thousand and eleven. thank you. really let it.
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be. western leaders said libya was on course to democracy yet it turned out to be a rather gruesome process here's what came next this video purportedly shows libyan rebels torturing groups of black africans they've been locked in cages with their hands tied behind their backs and many of them appear to have the old libyan flag stuffed in their mouths these men were said to have been targeted by rebels after rumors emerged that gadhafi had hired black mercenaries the national transitional council seems to confuse black people with mercenaries black people are mercenaries for them they're killing people ordinary workers mistreating them so huge section of the population was being singled out and mistreated or even killed and yet human rights groups noted at the time that the plight of those very migrants was being all but ignored unlike today you see.
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that they beat me with electric cable while my hands were cuffed behind my back and my feet were bound together after this suffered massively from slavery for about fourteen fifty fifty four hundred years between thirty and eighty million people or forcibly left the continent that was stolen from africa and now deceased slavery again inside africa. is absolute disgusting abhorrent. the efforts by some of the european countries now to say they want to do something about it they have to recognize that they were part of the cause of the problem itself there's still many would not be the kind of slavery going on in libya today you could argue that not because nato and the country had not been thrown into chaos by a regime change the human rights abuses during the world outrage today a stark resemblance to what was happening in libya six years ago when western
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leaders focus was hailing about his demise and urging the country to pursue a democracy. now the u.s. president and his turkish counterpart have apparently agreed to cup weapons supplies to kurdish fighters who are battling i saw in syria it was revealed by the turkish foreign minister following a phone conversation between the two leaders. mr trump clearly stated that he had given clear instructions not to provide the white p.g. with arms and that this nonsense should have ended long ago but the white house was actually less specific on the details of that conversation it did confirm that the call took place but didn't mention the kurds by name saying donald trump informed president about upcoming adjustments to the military support being provided to america's partners on the ground in syria at the moment however whether those adjustments will affect washington support of the kurds isn't exactly clear at the moment in particular the us directly supplies them with various types of weapons
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that you can see here and supports their military operations with air strikes too but it's been a major sticking point between america and turkey which considers some kurdish forces to be terrorists. we should be using we should be looming security. taking the white heat and he why did into consideration in the region be proven to be the biggest leaders will never be accepted they really proved to be the most lethal to solution we'll do it solution will do is the fact that the us is acting together with the white p.g. and p y d and giving them concrete support and we should be working with them to do good work is damaging the spirit of our alliance and partnership we don't believe you are not on our side what we gave them more weapons for urban fighting basically and yes we will recover the gear when it's no longer needed by them.
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or extolling from the serious solidarity in the things that washington is playing both sides the only thing consistent here between washington and anchor rope is the inconsistency washington of course has laid out at the role here so so we're going to have to see how it what it is about the betrayal of the kurds it is going to do. this over really is going to be. seen on washington. and the course earlier on is this is basically he's he's shown on stilts so to be very adept at opportunistic opportunistically been saying years interest however our you know it's not just by the way it's not it's not a war against. terror so or it is the kurdish communities and really a war against the whole progress of community with it turkey. and other news egyptian officials say that the attackers and carried out an attack on
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a mosque on friday were carrying islamic state flags the terror group itself is not claimed responsibility for the assault which killed at least three hundred five people authorities are still hunting for the militants behi. what's being called the deadliest ever terror attack in the country. egypt's public prosecutor says around twenty five to thirty gunman rived in for which they set off two bombs during prayer at the mosque before opening fire as people try to flee cairo based. tells us what could be behind this latest atrocity in egypt this is an attack on the state supported mosque in the north sinai this is an attack on the kind of islam that's promulgated by the egyptian administration one that denounces renounces terrorism and we see that the
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jihad is now have decided to go not only against up against the government and up against christians but against muslim worse worser person who are choosing the path of moderate islam that is the mainstream form of that religion here in egypt and officially we do know who operates terror organizations in the sinai and there are groups that are affiliated with isis there are groups affiliated with al qaeda and the egyptians of course are very angry and so this is becoming a religious war inside of islam that has implications way beyond egypt itself but but to the wider sunni middle east. now an experiment simulating a seventeen day mission to the moon is just finished here in russia and six participants spent their time isolated and confined to a mock space craft for the duration of the project is named city is and has been supported and partly funded by nasa. the to.
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the right and. i. so with the first stage
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of these experiments complete they will be extended in the coming is in twenty eighteen the project will see participants spend about four months in simulated space then in twenty nineteen the isolation well last eight months on the last stage is planned to start in twenty twenty and could last for about a year and pave the way for anyone including meaning to travel into space in the not too distant future. soon normal citizens will be able to spend time in space it's going to be something that not just astronauts and not just highly trained personnel can go to so it's a very important that we take normal citizens are normal scientists that don't have astronaut backgrounds we see how they're going to work on these environments there are a lot of qualities that people generally have that could be used very efficiently in space exploration so i think that it's a good thing to have these sorts of programs of space collaboration and exploration
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that do not require people to go through this kind of formal you know nasa or russian astronaut and cause much training eagle coffman from nasa human research program in russia told us that the cooperation between the united states and russia brings a wealth of experience to both sides. so nasa has a long standing collaboration the research arena biomedical research where the russian space industry particularly where i b m p institute for biomedical problems in russia we have been doing that three years. we bring a great deal of experience both sides. a lot of experience and in this area both sides have been conducting this type of research studies as well as spaceflight studies up on. the international space station for many years so it was
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only natural for us to join forces. that are allowed to take basically leverage each other's abilities and. only it only makes sense to increase or efficiency in joining our forces and going further together. by police in pakistan have used force to remove a group of islamist activists who've been blocking key routes into the capital for nearly three weeks twenty seven people were injured and dozens detained word of warning though the following video does contain distressing images i was. i was.
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i was inside the police officers took part in the operation to disperse supporters of the hardline islamist political party they are against illegal move that will allow normal islam candidates to run for election next year protesters are also demanding the current law minister steps down to haiti removed a reference to the prophet mohammed in a recent build. watching. this our russian april fool's joke did prove to be a bit too realistic for the media in finland we'll have the details of the stories after the break. this is. the financial support of some.
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for making. hello again tech giants in the u.s. reportedly being asked to help the country's immigration authorities they are planning to further tighten their vetting of social media media accounts for visa applicants and details of that emerged after a tech conference where government officials said they are searching for algorithms which could help them assess potential dangers with more is kind of more pay. the information revolution and the boom of social media have put the world at our fingertips but they've also created some very convenient tools for the government
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so is the i.t. sector still what the users want us immigration and customs enforcement has asked tech companies microsoft included to help them screen the social media of people holding or applying for american visas in order to make that happen the government is asking them to develop special algorithms we have millions and millions and millions of people coming every year and subsequently departing so we have to be smart about it and i'm sure there are tools out there that can help from microsoft this won't be the first experience they've had working with u.s. authorities last month microsoft released a program called as your government a cloud service of classified information customers with secret requirements can expect to gain access to technologies that scale including services such as cognitive capabilities artificial intelligence and predictive analytics amazon will also be helping to stock the government's tool box last week they released a cloud computing region that will be helping the cia and other intelligence
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agencies they double you as secret region is a key component of the intel communities multi fabric cloud strategy and u.s. senator mitch mcconnell has blatantly stated that the i.t. sector should be working to serve us foreign policy goals and of course he mentioned the russians what we ought to do with regard to the russians is retaliate seriously retaliate against the russians and the these tech firms could be helpful and having us give us a way to to do that the tech sector is private it's supposed to only serve its users and its shareholders but recently more and more it's starting to look like silicon valley is a wing of the u.s. government kaleb mop and artsy new york. us journalist eric bros warns that people should be careful with their private information online when it comes to using the services of tech giants it's worth noting in understanding that when you search and
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use google when you use social media tools like facebook and these other softwares and these other types of apps that they often are very forthcoming with your information they're willing to give your information over to the u.s. government without much of a fight some of them do put up a fight occasionally but for the most part they work with them very regularly and that's something you should take into consideration and perhaps there's better alternatives to all these different companies and at some point people should say if you want to support the you with the social media monitoring of a to say their plans to revoke spread public backing the move could lead to a two speed internet where some sites pay to get their traffic prioritized over others although it does seen not all the public feedback was actually genuine. seeing this is pretty annoying and if net neutrality is rolled back in the us people will be seeing a lot more of it here's how it works at the moment internet providers have to treat all online traffic equally that means that they can't block or slow anything down
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but all thorough cheese will matter and they think the private sector will invest trillions of dollars into web services if their plan goes ahead they even asked the country what it thought of the move people to submit comments and twenty two million replied the majority in favor of repealing net neutrality problem is some users started to complain that they didn't write the comments then approved by the new york attorney general revealed some feedback to the f.c.c. plan was actually fake hundreds of thousands of americans were likely impersonated to drown out the views of real people and businesses this was a can to identity theft on a massive scale. but the scale won't be even bigger than that one data scientist claims he's found at least one point three million fake pro repeal comments he noticed repetitive language looking as if it was generated by a computer program meanwhile the national tracking poll shows that the majority of americans actually support net neutrality as to who is definitely against it the
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telecom corporations who stands and huge profits by charging more for faster connections and by the way the current head of the f.c.c. used to work for the biggest telecom operators in the u.s. but asked that he might be behind the feedback pushing for net neutrality to be scrapped a few media were quick to point the finger at russian hackers. the notion that russia may have rigged yet or the other debate over a topic does that begin to sound a little repetitive to you as often happens over here in the states is when one gets close to the heart of the issue think issues or merge and this fake issue of bytes possibly connected to the russian federation i think is a fake issue as you rightly point out it is very difficult to actually pinpoint where these parts may have arisen after all they are indeed called bots and it's certainly possible the people over here could you know attribute could create
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a bot and falsely attribute it planted in a way to make it seem as if it's russians we did ask the federal communications commission to comment on the new york attorney general's investigation concerning fake net neutrality comments and alleged foreign meddling to let you know when they respond. if you think navy seals sound theism how about the soviet battle nous they've certainly been getting the media in finland fired up although a little basic journalistic fact checking might have saved them the worry. the be. the be
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. published in the russian magazine cold mechanics has the man behind it. but i think the photos used in this article a partially real the photo of the moose was taken by a friend of mine that's a moose farm one of the red army soldiers is me i'm standing with my but it was the camera on the right having taken this photo we later combined it with a photo of the moose i mean has been opened in fill in this year which is dedicated to the winter war and there is a hole there featuring the combat moose i was really taken aback because there is
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a line at the end of our article saying this is a joke and the story was disseminated on the internet with no mention of this this is not even about fake news this is just an april fools day joke. you're watching out international thanks being with us so often a more news in just over half a. day every body i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy expects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different. because. there was no doubt with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun meet everyday americans. and
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hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. and the culture is good out of the big picture but it's it's a career for real business which we need to maintain we need to i would but it's no the fact of the prospects of the more go forward with the draw with the automotive g.p.s. driven tractor or some other machinist. less and less people so the fact that we easily get business. the rest of the world is getting rid of those. with a with the. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin my body gets and support
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is that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity no one does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it bursts the plasma burning or put the money on your car i'm reading we don't have all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma is low on provider you know murder and. one of the risks of pay donation. to them is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations and it. if i was my. boobs over two years old. in the money using the drug and who runs the blood business.
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lexington in the central east of the united states it is within this city with a population of three hundred thousand that the university of kentucky can be found . it is barely nine in the morning david and brandon two festina students are in the middle of a video game. as of will be for the first match of the season for the university's american football team the wildcats are going to drink a beer. before you can start the race so you're waiting to hear cheers while. the students have found themselves a great way of supporting their team since breakfast is into. a large supply of strawberry banana flavored vodka david and brandon down four shots in less than two minutes on empty stomachs good images of cause good.
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for the students university sport events are a great chance to get away from the pressure of their studies but also a particularly good opportunity to party and that is there on. your ground isn't twenty one years old yet the legal age for drinking alcohol in the usa . but on campus circumventing the law has become a national sport. rather on the way to the stadium they get thirsty again yeah the competition has started. in the streets of lexington the behavior of these young men doesn't seem to shock anyone you go there. and these students even walk along with a bottle of vodka in there had however as is the case on many other american campuses alcohol is illegal here the cops don't care that it's there was a default down through to hammer though like a resident as long as you can spare. the gold rush or somebody on university match
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days anything goes for almost anything. just outside the stadium the traditional parade has started. led by kerry their leader the cheerleaders galvanized the crowd. heave a triumphant parade announces the arrival of the uncontested stars of the camp this . around fifty student football player. was accompanied by their team of staff. all eyes are on this group of players good enough to play for the big professional team . in the usa the love of university sports goes much further than the campus borders. in the stadium parking lot many supporters tense have been set up. fans of all ages from all over kentucky support the wildcats. is beyond me me
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me me me but we will bring. it to. the fans are very loyal and also.


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