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tv   News  RT  November 25, 2017 10:00am-10:27am EST

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modern day slavery in libya triggers protests in two european capitals we'll look at what's led to such a dire humanitarian situation in the country also this hour washington apparently promises to cut weapons supplies to its kurdish allies fighting isis in syria but the exact details haven't been put forward by the white house and the death toll from the militant attack on a mosque in egypt rises to three hundred five with the government saying that the gunmen were carrying an ice or flak there for as little as four hundred dollars. i was.
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able to guinea earlier in the week the leader of the west african country though suggested the e.u. was part of the problem and that libya clearly lacks the resources to tackle such abuses. what has been revealed beyond everything we have to know about the situation in libya definitely falls into the category of trafficking of human beings it is a crime against humanity so france denunciation has been immediately it is indisputable you know took a look at why she was in a european union cannot choose a developing country and ask that country to detain refugees when it doesn't even have the means to do so the refugees are in terrible conditions sorry european friends were not great will be it to keep the migrants the european union as responsible for france for its part has been highly critical of the actions of the un backed libyan government in addressing the issue. looks at the factors that have
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given rise to the human rights crisis in libya. some of the harshest condemnation thrown at libya over the appalling treatment of african migrants is coming from france it is called an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council and has gone as far as to threaten libya with sanctions libyan authorities have decided to open an investigation into the facts we wanted to go fast and if the libyan justice system cannot carry this procedure through then we should open international sanctions those threats are being leveled against the very government that the u.n. endorsed and helped form after the fall of gadhafi let's rewind back to two thousand and eleven. thank you. western leaders of libya was on course to democracy yet it turned out to be a rather gruesome process here's what came next this video purportedly shows libyan rebels torturing groups of black africans they've been locked in cages with their hands tied behind their backs and many of them appear to have the all libyan flag
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stuffed in their mouths these men were said to have been targeted by rebels after rumors emerged that gadhafi had hired black mercenaries the national transitional council seems to confuse black people with mercenaries black people are mercenaries for them they're killing people ordinary workers mistreating them so huge section of the population was being singled out and mistreated or even killed and yet human rights groups noted at the time that the plight of those very migrants was being all but ignored unlike today you see. they beat me with electric cable while my hands were cuffed behind my back and my feet were bound together with this suffered massively from slavery of about fourteen fifty to fifty four hundred years between thirty eight million people forcibly left the continent that was stolen from africa and now deceased slavery
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again inside africa. is absolute disgusting and abhorrent and. the efforts by some of the european countries now to say they want to do something about it they have to recognize that they are part of the cause of the problem itself there's still many would not be the kind of slave three going on in libya today if gadhafi had not been assassinated and the country inoperative thrown into chaos by regime change and human rights abuses during the world's outrage today a stark resemblance to what was happening in libya six years ago when western leaders focus was hailing that off his demise and urging the country to pursue a democracy. now the u.s. president has apparently greed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish fighters who are currently battling islamic state in syria to foreign minister says that trump made the pledge in a phone call to his country's leader. this ain't it mr trump clearly stated that he
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had given clear instructions not to provide the white p.g. with arms and that this nonsense should have ended long ago. but the white house was less forthcoming about the conversation hit did confirm that the call did take place but it didn't mention the kurds and it simply said that donald trump informed president about upcoming adjustments to the military support being provided to america's partners on the ground in syria however whether those adjustments would affect washington support for the kurds kurds sorry wasn't made explicit the us has been sending various types of weapons to forces in supplying their military operations with air strikes today but it's been a major sticking point between america and key which considers some kurdish forces to be terrorists extending from the syria solidarity movement thinks that washington is playing both sides the only thing you're between washington and
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inconsistency washington of course has laid at the role here so we're going to have to see how it what it is about that would be true all of that kurds are just going to do. this over is going to be. on washington. and of course earlier on is is is basically it's is short on stilts so to be very adept at the opportunistic opportunistically seniors interest however our you know it's not just a by the way it's not it's not a war against. the or is that kurdish communities and really a war against the whole progress of community with it. in other news tonight egypt is hunting for the militants behind what appears to be the country's deadliest ever terror attack at least three hundred five people were killed on friday at a mosque in the north. sinai region more than one hundred others were injured so
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far though no group has claimed responsibility for the attack the authorities say they believe between twenty five and thirty masked gunmen took part in the assault in response gyptian more planes have been conducting air strikes on alleged terrorist positions. well apart from the scale and extreme brutality of the atrocity many were also shocked by the choice of targets is to as attacks on mosques are rare in egypt and it is usually the country's coptic christians and security forces who are targeted
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but it does appear to follow a broader trend in the middle east the mosque where the attack took place was the birthplace of a revered sifi cleric it is frequented by the followers of sophism which is the mystical dimension of islam they are considered to be heretics though by islamic fundamentalists and are as a result seen that not all the public feedback was actually genuine. seeing this is pretty annoying and if net neutrality is rolled back in the us people we seeing a lot more of it here's how it works at the moment internet providers have to treat all online traffic equally that means that they can't block or slow anything down but all thora cheese will matter and they think the private sector will invest trillions of dollars into web services if their plan goes ahead they even asked the country what it thought of the move people to submit comments and twenty two million replied the majority in favor of repealing net neutrality problem is some
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users starting to complain that they didn't write the comments then approved by the new york attorney general revealed some feedback to the f.c.c. plan was actually fake hundreds of thousands of americans were likely impersonated to drown out the views of real people and businesses this was a can to identity theft on a massive scale. but the scale won't be even bigger than that one data scientist claims he's found at least one point three million fake pro repeal comments he noticed repetitive language looking as if it was generated by a computer program meanwhile the national tracking poll shows that the majority of americans actually support net neutrality as to who is definitely against it the telecom corporations who stands and huge profits by charging more for faster connections and by the way the current head of the f.c.c. used to work for the biggest telecom operators in the u.s. while asked that he might be behind the feedback pushing for net neutrality to be
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scrapped if he media were quick to point at russian hackers the right to chelles alltel says it's yet another attempt to deflect attention away from internal problems. the notion that russia may have rigged yet another debate over a topic does that begin to sound a little repetitive to you as often happens over here in the states is when one gets close to the heart of the issue think issues emerge and this fake issue of bytes possibly connected to the russian federation i think is a fake issue use very difficult to actually pinpoint where these parts may have arisen after all they are indeed called guards and it's certainly possible that people over here could you know attribute could create a bot and falsely attribute it planted in a way to make it seem as if it's russia where we have asked the f.c.c. to comment on the investigation into those allegations of comments and also foreign meddling and we'll let you know when they respond. and experiments simulating
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a mission to the moon has just ended in russia six crew members spent just over two weeks isolated and confined to a mock space craft project serious as it is known has been partly funded by the american space agency nasa. and.
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that was the first stage of the experiments the next year because the plans will spend about four months in seeing united space and then in twenty nineteen the isolation will last eight months in the final stage is expected to last for a battle here it is hoped that the results will help pave the way for anybody to travel into space in the not too distant future. soon normal citizens will be able to spend time in space it's going to be something that not just astronauts and not just highly trained personnel can go to so it's a very important that we take normal citizens are normal scientists that don't have an astronaut background we see how they're going to work on these environments there are
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a lot of qualities that people generally have that could be used very efficiently in space exploration so i think that it's a good thing to have these sorts of programs of space collaboration and exploration that do not require people to go through this kind of formal you know nasa or russian astronaut and cosmonaut training. well you cough money from nasa human research program and he highlighted to us some of the benefits of cooperation with russia so nasa has a long standing. collaboration with the research reno biomedical research with the russian space industry particularly with i.b.m. p. institute for biomedical problems in russia we have been doing that for years. we bring a great deal of experience both sides. a lot of experience in this area both
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sides have been conducting this type of research studies as well as spaceflight studies up on. the international space station for many years so it was only natural for us to join forces and the lab would take basically leverage each other's abilities and it's only the only makes sense to increase or efficiency in joining our forces and going further together. still ahead for you this hour two hundred is miss protesters are injured when riot police break up a demonstration election right seem pakistan we've got the details. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixty's full on. the only show i
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go out of my way to watch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah john all over a party america is going to see we are apparently better than to see people you've never heard of. down to the night president of the world bank hey you're going to really. seriously send us an e-mail. i would not be surprised if ideal is made selling fannie mae and freddie mac. people's bank of china saw that especially china becomes america's biggest landlord and keeping prices down and up to a. global harmony and this is i think what we're can expect in the next few years because the u.s. is the world's biggest debtor china is the world's biggest creditor so you put those two together you have the biggest creditor taking on some of the u.s. debt like government guaranteed fannie mae freddie macas all the people who parling money on those games say they've got chinese landlords that's the.
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police in the pakistani capital who forcibly dispersed a group of islamist activists who've been blocking key staff in nearly three weeks almost two hundred people have been injured and one police officer was killed according to local media would have warning the following video just contain some distressing images. i was. i. was. i. was.
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i i. was was thousands of police officers took part in that operate to spur supporters of the hardline islamist political party they are opposed to a legal move that will allow no muslim candidates to run for election next year protestors were also demanding the current justice minister steps down after he removed a reference to prophet mohammed in a response reported that they are planning to vet social media accounts of people who want phases with more detail says. the information revolution and the boom of social media have put the world at our fingertips but they've also created some very convenient tools for the government so is the i.t. sector still what the users want us immigration and customs enforcement has asked tech companies microsoft included to help them screen the social media of people
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holding or applying for american visas in order to make that happen the government is asking them to develop special algorithms we have millions and millions and millions of people coming every year and subsequently to processing so we have to be smart about it and i'm sure there are tools out there that can help from microsoft this won't be the first experience they've had working with u.s. authorities last month microsoft released a program called as your government a cloud service of classified information customers with secret requirements can expect to gain access to technologies that scale including services such as cognitive capabilities artificial intelligence and predictive analytics amazon will also be helping to stock the government's tool box last week they released a cloud computing region that will be helping the cia and other intelligence agencies they double you as secret region is a key component of the intel communities multi fabric cloud strategy and u.s. senator mitch mcconnell has blatantly stated that the i.t.
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sector should be working to serve us foreign policy goals and of course he mentioned the russians what we ought to do with regard to the russians is retaliate seriously retaliate against the russians and the. firms could be helpful and having us give us a way to do that the tech sector is private it's supposed to only serve its users and its shareholders but recently more and more it's starting to look like silicon valley is a wing of the u.s. government caleb mop and artsy new york u.s. journalist eric brown who's warns that people should be careful. when using the services of tech giants it's worth noting in understanding that when you search and you use google when you use social media tools like facebook and these other softwares and these other types of apps that they often are very forthcoming with your information they're willing to give your information over to the u.s.
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government without much of a fight some of them do put up a fight occasionally but for the most part they work with them very regularly and that's something you should take into consideration and perhaps pursue alternatives google is not the only search engine that exists there's better alternatives there's better alternatives to facebook there's better alternatives to all these different companies and at some point people should say if you want to support the u.s. government's surveillance and the u.s. government's push towards a police state that i'm not going to buy your product anymore i'm not going to use your product anymore it really will and could be problematic especially with the social media monitoring of immigrants and really the social media monitoring of all americans and in foreigners and people abroad it has implications beyond you know just whether or not the u.s. and these private industries are working together they're definitely working together whether it's for profit over something more nefarious we don't know at this point but i would say this is something more people should be paying attention to there's always been private industry working for governments that's kind of a standard practice but i do think that what we're seeing is this relationship between big business corporate america and the u.s.
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government it's getting further and further and meshed in till they're becoming just one single entity. that anything that navy seals and fearsome how about the soviet battle nice they certainly got the medium thin and fired up however a little basic fact checking might have saved from the worry. the the but. the be .
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published in the russian magazine called the mechanics behind it. by graphic of the photos used in this article a partially real photo of the moose was taken by a friend of mine at the moose farm one of the red army soldiers is me i'm standing with my back towards the camera on the right having taken this photo we later combined it with a photo of a moose a museum has been opened in fill in this year which is dedicated to the winter war and there is a hole there featuring the combat movie i was really taken aback at because there is a line at the end of our article saying this is a joke and the story was disseminated on the internet with no mention of this this
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is not even about fake news this is just an april fool's day joke. ok let me just give you some news just in because president putin has signed amendments to a bill that will require some media outlets to register as foreign agents in russia or it comes in response to similar moves against r.t. america in the us the russian law does mirror the american one demanding regular financial and staffing information earlier russia's ministry of justice warned that u.s. funded outlets the voice of america and radio liberty of their possible requirements as foreign agents. that's the latest i'll be back with more news here in just over half of.
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the city that it may be any prepared to leave the xeni can see it is. not. very. severely limited. hey everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosh task hollywood guy you'll suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i'm not. going to find no no no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet every day americans come calling and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great
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american pill which. i says was it to. americans by the israelis i'm fortunate to be by financial support of some. sort of countries in asia for making unsafe you don't eat it. hello america riser this is the kaiser report we're going to be talking about very exciting topics this morning in the surf news in the saving depending on when you
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watch so you max i hope everybody's thanksgiving was really good and you had lots of turkey and lots of gobble gobble gobble gobble and also it's a family and your it will be another year before you have to talk to your family or i won't you know i remember a thanksgiving show you said your favor thanksgiving meal was a leftover turkey cranberry gravy sandwich i made a song for you there in the refrigerator from a bar of asia it was actually the most this relationship trump in asia or rebalance toward trade yes so what has changed it is worth noting that the trumpet ministrations engagement with asia at the presidents at that of its immediate predecessor the obama administration and provides continuity to america's long rebalance or pivot to the are the priorities of engagement elevating kershaw issues to the same or higher priority and security issues if there is a trumpet ministration legacy and europe coming together that's why i think maybe
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china's one belt one has actually up the game operated across africa is like their advanced past trade deals from the united states sending all our manufacturing over there and getting nothing in return is that they can basically take all.


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