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tv   News  RT  November 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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modern day slavery in libya triggers protests in several european capitals we look at wall to lead to such a dire humanitarian situation in the country. a protest against slavery descends into riots and looting with almost one hundred people arrested. coming up this hour washington a part of. the weapon supplies to its kurdish allies fighting in syria in what's seen as a move to appease turkey but the white house is reluctant to give any details. on the number of dead. skin egypt rises to over three hundred but the government
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saying the gunmen work. for joining us from. moscow on to r.t. international i'm you know neal good to have your company our top story demonstrators across europe have been voicing their anger over a modern day slavery in libya it comes in the wake of reports of migrants and refugees being captured. for as little as four hundred dollars. that there. was just i was looking.
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to this morning that the issues of exploitation slavery and human trafficking were raised when the french president traveled to guinea earlier in the week speaking to the press and condemned the illicit activities while conies president noted that libya lacks the resources to tackle such abuses a little. bit of what has been revealed to us everything we have said to know about the situation in libya definitely falls into the category of trafficking of human beings it is a crime against humanity to france to the ations has been immediate it is indisputable you know to open the question as to the european union cannot choose a developing country and ask that country to detain refugees when it doesn't even have the means to do so if the refugees are in terrible conditions sorry european friends were not great ask libya to keep the migrants and the european union as responsible for a while france house being highly critical of the actions of the u.n. by the libyan government in addressing the issue of slavery jacking phooka looks
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now at some of the causes of the human rights crisis in libya. some of the harshest condemnation thrown at libya over the appalling treatment of african migrants is coming from france it is called an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council and has gone as far as to threaten libya with sanctions libyan authorities have decided to open an investigation into the facts we wanted to go fast and if the libyan justice system cannot carry this procedure through then we should open international sanctions those threats are being leveled against the very government that the u.n. endorsed and helped form after the fall of gadhafi let's rewind back to two thousand and eleven. thank you. western leaders of libya was on course to democracy yet it turned out to be a rather gruesome process here's what came next this video purportedly shows libyan rebels torturing groups of black africans they've been locked in cages with their
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hands tied behind their backs and many of them appear to have the libyan flag stuffed in their mouths these men were said to have been targeted by rebels after rumors emerged that gadhafi had hired black mercenaries the national transitional council seems to confuse black people with mercenaries or black people or mercenaries for them they're killing people ordinary workers mistreating them so huge section of the population was being singled out and mistreated or even killed and yet human rights groups noted at the time that the plight of those very migrants was being all but ignored unlike today you see. they beat me with electric cable while my hands were cuffed behind my back and my feet were bound together after this suffered massively from slavery for about fourteen fifty fifty four hundred years between thirty eight million people
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forcibly left the continent it was stolen from africa and now deceased slavery again inside africa. it's absolutely disgusting and abhorrent and i think the efforts by some of the european countries now to say they want to do something about it they have to recognize that they are part of the core of the problem so this would not be the kind of slavery going on in libya today if gadhafi had not been assassinated and the country had not been thrown into chaos by. the human rights abuses staring the world outreach today a stark resemblance to what was happening in libya six years ago when western leaders focus was hailing about his demise and urging the country to pursue a democracy. protests against slavery have also taken place in brussels where they descended into vandalism looting almost one hundred people have been arrested that is according to the belgian interior minister.
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the demonstrators disrupted the offense and went on the rampage through the city's main shopping streets they damaged property police cars witnesses reported seeing police helicopters in the area and a metro station near where the unrest took place was shut down for a number of hours. moving the american president has apparently agreed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish while a.p.g. fighters who are currently battling islamic state in syria turkey's foreign minister says donald trump made that pledge in a phone call to his country's leader. mr clearly stated that he had given clear instructions not to provide the white b.g. with arms and that this nonsense should have ended long ago. but the white house was less forthcoming by the conversation it confirmed the call took place but did
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not mention the kurds it simply said trump informed earlier one about upcoming adjustments to the military support being provided to america's partners on the ground in syria however whether those adjustments will affect washington support for the kurds was not made explicit now the us has been sending various types of weapons to kurdish forces and supporting their military operations with our strikes but it's been a major sticking point between the us un turkey which considers some kurdish forces to be terrorist journalist kurdish affairs on the list he believes we're seeing a repeat of what happened in iraq. the coalition that the united states has put together the purpose of it was just to and i saw. the kurds proved to be a very good pricing force in this they have finished with them now they can partner
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for them go the this is this has been the situation in iraq it was it was exactly the same there could swear an effective force on the ground in the fight against those so when i saw disappeared they were applied hot potatoes the same situation in the in this city in kurdistan will be repeated i believe. egypt is hunting for the militants behind what officials say was the country's deadliest ever terror attack at least three hundred and five people including twenty seven children who were killed on friday at a mosque in the north sinai region one hundred others were injured so far no group has claimed responsibility but authorities say the attackers were seen carrying an islamic state like it's believed between twenty five and thirty mass gunmen were involved in a twenty minute attack in response egyptian warplanes have been conducting air strikes on suspected terrorist positions.
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well apart from the scale brutality of the assault many were also shocked by the choice of target it's said to be the first time where spears been attacked inside a mosque in egypt it's the country's top to christians as well as security forces who usually bear the brunt of all such violence but it does appear to follow a broader trend in the middle east the mosque where the attack took place will is the birthplace of a revered soofi cleric it's frequented by the followers of sophism which is the
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inner mystical die mention of islam they are considered to be heretics by islamic fundamentalists as a result often targeted by extremists groups. we spoke to middle east analyst martin j. up by the assault he thinks there will now be a concerted effort by the egyptian government to deal with extremism in north sinai region to prevent similar attacks happening again. it's interesting and it's significant that mosques may well be no future trend in egypt or or in the in the sinai province i think this particular mosque in the sinai. which was known to be a supporter of c.c. and susie's cc's crackdown on terrorism that probably put it in the firing line as an alternative strand of islam and i think there was another statement so a double whammy of four for i saw or i still feel it to groups and so i know we'll have to wait and see whether that program extends itself will see a much more intelligent a more focused campaign to deal with this terrorism of the root cause and also i
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think the interruption government are working very closely with israel and they'll put a lot of pressure on hamas now to not have anything to do with this group there are still a few tunnels in operation in terms of transporting of arms and hamas will also be on the radar the. u.s. regulators say there are plans to revoke sue called it net neutrality rules have widespread public backing the move could lead to a two tier internet where some sites pay to get their traffic prioritized over others but it seems not all the public feedback was genuine. seeing this is pretty annoying and if net neutrality is rolled back in the us people will be seeing a lot more of it is how it works at the moment internet providers have to treat all online traffic equally that means that they can't block or slow anything down but all thorough cheese will matter and they think the private sector will invest trillions of dollars into web services if their plan goes ahead they even asked the
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country what it thought of the move people to submit comments and twenty two million replied the majority in favor of repealing net neutrality problem is some users starting to complain that they didn't write the comments then approved by the new york attorney general revealed some feedback to the f.c.c. plan was actually fake hundreds of thousands of americans were likely impersonated to drown out the views of real people and businesses this was a can to identity theft on a massive scale. but the scale won't be even bigger than that one data scientist claims he's found at least one point three million fake pro repeal comments he noticed repetitive language looking as if it was generated by a computer program meanwhile the national tracking poll shows that the majority of americans actually support net neutrality as to who is definitely against it the telecom corporations who stands and huge profits by charging more for faster
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connections and by the way the current head of the f.c.c. used to work for the biggest telecom operators in the u.s. just for clarification we asked the federal communications commission to comment on the investigation into those allegations of fake comments on foreign meddling yet there's been no response. an experiment simulating a mission to the moon has just ended in russia half a dozen crewmembers spent just over two weeks isolated and confined to a mock space craft project serious as it's known was partly funded by the american space agency nasa.
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you know this is just the first stage of the experiments next year participants will spend right four months in simulated space then in twenty nine daily isolation the last double that eight months on the final stage is expected to last for a round year it's hoped the results will then help pave the way for anyone to travel into space in the not too distant future. soon normal citizens will be able
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to spend time in space it's going to be something that not just astronauts not just highly trained personnel can go to so it's a very important that we take normal citizens or normals scientists that don't have an astronaut background we see how they're going to work on these environments there are a lot of qualities that people generally have that could be used very efficiently in space exploration so i think that it's a good thing to have these sorts of programs of space collaboration and exploration that do not require people to go through this kind of formal you know nasa or russian astronaut and cosmonaut training. you is from the us is human research program he spoke to us highlighting some of the benefits of cooperation with russia . so nasa has a long standing collaboration with the research reno biomedical
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research where russian space industry particularly with i.b.m. p. institute for biomedical problems in russia we have been doing that for years. we bring a great deal of experience both sides of a lot of experience and this area both sides have been conducting this type of research studies as well as spaceflight site is up on. the international space station for many years so it was only natural for us to join forces and. allowed to take basically leverage each other's abilities and. only in the ne make sense to increase or efficiency in joining our forces and going further together we're back with more global news in ninety seconds time stay
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with our international. language nothing surprises idealism selling fannie mae and freddie mac. people's bank of china so that it's actually china becomes america's biggest landlord and keeping prices down and. global harmony and this is i think what we're can expect in the next few years because the u.s.
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is the world's biggest debtor china is the world's biggest creditor so you put those two together you have the biggest creditor taking on some of the u.s. . government guaranteed fannie mae freddie macas all the people to borrowing money on those schemes say they've got chinese landlords. in the u.s. where american tech giants are being asked to help the country's immigration authorities it is reported they are planning to fit the social media accounts of people who want visas with more and what's proposed tears are to kill them open. the information revolution and the boom of social media have put the world at our fingertips but they've also created some very convenient tools for the government so is the i.t. sector still what the users want us immigration and customs enforcement has asked
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tech companies microsoft included to help them screen the social media of people holding or applying for american visas in order to make that happen the government is asking them to develop special algorithms we have millions and millions and millions of people coming every year and subsequently to processing so we have to be smart about it and i'm sure there are tools out there that can help from microsoft this won't be the first experience they've had working with u.s. authorities last month microsoft released a program called as your government a cloud service of classified information customers with secret requirements can expect to gain access to technologies that scale including services such as cognitive capabilities artificial intelligence and predictive analytics amazon will also be helping to stock the government's tool box last week they released a cloud computing region that will be helping the cia and other intelligence agencies the a.w.l.'s secret region is a key component of the intel communities multi fabric cloud strategy and u.s.
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senator mitch mcconnell has blatantly stated that the i.t. sector should be working to serve us foreign policy goals and of course he mentioned the russians what we ought to do with regard to the russians is retaliate seriously retaliate against the russians and the these tech firms could be helpful and having those give us a way to do that the tech sector is private it's supposed to only serve its users and its shareholders but recently more and more it's starting to look like silicon valley is a wing of the u.s. government kaleb mopp and artsy new york u.s. journalist erik bros sais that people should be aware of what can be done with your details. it's worth noting in an understanding that when you search and you use google when you use social media tools like facebook and these other softwares and these other types of apps that they often are very forthcoming with your
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information they're willing to give your information over to the u.s. government without much of a fight some of them do put up a fight occasionally but for the most part they work with them very regularly and that's something you should take into consideration and perhaps pursue alternatives google is not the only search engine that exists there's better alternatives there's better alternatives to facebook there's better alternatives to all these different companies and at some point people should say if you want to support the u.s. government's surveillance and the u.s. government's push towards a police state then i'm not going to buy your product anymore i'm not going to use your product anymore it really will and could be problematic especially with the social media monitoring of immigrants and really the social media monitoring of all americans and in foreigners and people abroad it has implications beyond you know just whether or not the u.s. and these private industries are working together they're definitely working together whether it's for profit over something more nefarious we don't know at this point but i would say this is something more people should be paying attention to there's always been private industry working for governments that's kind of
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a standard practice but i do think that what we're seeing is this relationship between big business corporate america and the u.s. government it's getting further and further and meshed in till they're becoming just one single entity. russian president vladimir putin signed a new legislation that will require some media outlets to register as foreign agents in russia it comes in response to similar moves against r.t. america in the u.s. with more or less money. the russian law is similar to the american foreign agents registration act or faroe and requires the outlets to disclose the details about their activity and financial information and this is all in response to the united states in acting very low against arts in america who was forced to register as a foreign agent in the united states just last week after months of pressure from washington now our channel was accused of serving as
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a tool off alleged russian influence during the twenty sixteen presidential race however no evidence of that has been provided arms of the new law in russia and a media outlet funded by foreign states operating here may be designated a foreign agent by the justice ministry and they will have to put a disclaimer on all of its publications including online that it comes indeed from a foreign agent say they refuse to do that their activity in russia will be stopped now earlier russia's ministry of justice warns us on that outlets the voice of america and radio liberty off the possibility of them having to register as foreign agents here in russia. to further details on the story and the impact of it can be found on our website r t v dot com hawkins is here at the top of the are taking you through the rest of the day's big news story stay with us.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's the law in austin the only show i go out of my way to times you know really what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of marjorie america is doing the same thing we have apparently better than blues nothing. to see people you never heard of law. redactor the next president of the world bank paid employment seriously send us an e-mail. global blog selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of. the new socks for the tell you that celebrity gossip the tabloid but also the most important news. off the bad guys i'm telling you on the cool enough and let's not buy their product
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. all the hawks that we along with all the walking. and the big picture but it's it's a real business which we need to maintain we need to what but just know all the facts all the profit so the more we go forward with the dross with the automotive g.p.s. track of the machines will have less and less people employed so the fact that we easily get to show business just shows how the rest of the world is getting ready to live. with it with eager. eyes was it to. americans by the. i'm fortunate to be by a financial support of something. contrary in there. for
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making unsafe cool. live. live live live . well come to a going underground u.k.
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budget special or outside the home of the british chancellor of the exchequer in a minority conservative government coming up on the show jeremy corbyn shadow chancellor of the exchequer john mcdonnell slams the british government for cruelty charging the most vulnerable while david gold the man responsible for running out the new universal credit welfare system has a different view while former vice chairman nigel evans witnessed a twenty five years of british budgets heat on juries of me and the u.k. parliamentary finance committee stephen mcpartland friends new british growth figures that critics accuse of being amongst the worst of the g seven as the shadow chief secretary to the treasury down to. the budget will do to stem the tide of britain's rising numbers of homeless and death. all this and more coming up on today's going underground before we go outside parliament for questions addressed to u.k. prime minister drazen may just minutes before the transfer delivered his controversial british budget
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a budget now accused of spurring on house price inflation because of the abolition of a tax for first time buyers let alone according to the neoliberal institute for fiscal studies to last decades without earnings growth for u.k. labor day the german call been won on so he wanted for drazen may concern just as specifically why bailed out bankers to enjoy free movement around the e.u. after brics it but not normal work because last week the brics it secretary said he would guarantee free movement for bankers postscripts it other any other groups to whom the prime minister believes freedom of movement should apply. don't just teach . scientists agricultural workers because. the u.k. pm said corbin copied his questions from the british liberal party something those on the radical left may well be worrying about given his m.p.'s don't seem very socialist i'm very interested to the right honorable gentleman has found that his
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appearance is a problem is this question's been going so well he's had to borrow a question from the leader of the little democrats who have been not predicting the jury's amaze chancellor was about to dispense with new liberal talk of balancing the books wanted to know where britain's wealth has disappeared to he asked about all the billions in cash stored away in tax savings that could be used to pay for basic social services in a country where perhaps one hundred twenty thousand children will be homeless this christmas would britain seek to emulate the poverty stricken caribbean is she still threatening to turn britain into a tax haven may said she wouldn't take lessons from labor surely a fair point given tony blair's party appeared infamously relaxed about people getting very rich presumably off the poor are certain they're not just the labor party. genie but the boy. one hundred and sixty billion pounds. there was action taken by conservatives in government but
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given their own a legit billion pound bunker formerly paramilitary linked politicians just stay in power some of wondered how sentience drazen may really is ironically media even before a budget giveaway to young people who want to buy half a million pound homes in central london has focused on reports of planning to consider animals not sentience beings it was something he felt the need to deny we also recognize and respect that animals are sentient beings and should be treated accordingly. the animal welfare. the animal welfare act two thousand and six before it's protection for the animals people experiencing. suffering which under the control of man but in the scrum outside parliament on budget day the question for jeremy coleman's u.k. shadow chancellor john mcdonnell appeared to be whether to raise a may with sentiment did the government have feelings shadow chancellor what did you think of the lead.


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