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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  November 25, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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nothing else out there are you tube channels like the jimmy doors show but that's not a t.v. channel you show trust me i've had the meetings if you show up at any other t.v. network and say the two party system is a corrupt broken crap fast owned by wall street then the executives at that channel will look at you like you just farted into a bowl of horny auto tuned it and replayed it to them with bill cosby as your height man. a lot of the shows on r t america are hosted by people who were kicked out of the corporate outlets because they you know after they said things that aren't allowed and when i was when i say said things i don't mean like they accidentally used the word on air . i mean they came out against our military industrial complex or our corporate
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state or the bank own fold democracy ok chris hedges was booted from the new york times after coming out against the iraq war a jolt was sidelined at m.s.n. b.c. after speaking up a lot about the transpacific partnership which was largely considered a global corporate takeover and he was the only one talking about it on that network governor jesse ventura had a major new show with imus n.b.c. set to go set written ready to start for the iraq war began but then they found out he's opposed to war. and this is true they asked him if he could change his mind on that excuse just jesse are you for actually going on the whole let's not kill a million innocent people under false pretenses. kenya kenya flippity flop pretty on that he said no and they paid him like a million dollars. get out of his contract they paid
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a million dollars just to make him go away they will they're like i mean honestly i would love to be that annoying. that's where the real money is the annoyance is going to be right back you can see i just fire fire fire big guys of a nuisance to emma's ten p.c. as you were like happen tonio also now on r t america called out a major corporate sponsor on m.s.n. b.c.'s morning joe and then joe scarborough went on the air the next day to want politics gys to the corporation we're sorry mr corporation we mean to tell the truth about you poisoning children with arsenic that was supposed to be our little secret. and then of course there's me. or may not have been physically removed from the fox news building princess. what
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were the news this is to prove propaganda knew this to say this is a festival of ignorance. is why. a lot of those who are really willing to risk everything to speak out willing to lose money and jobs to stand up for the truth we come here to argy america but being a born and bred american who wants to just make america a better country that doesn't stop the assault against us because on this show we talk about redacted news that is not ok for the ruling elite and therefore so many great anti-establishment programs must be branded with a needle mccarthyist paint brush the corporatocracy doesn't have any logical or convincing argument against what we're saying so they just attack where we're saying it as chris hedges put it the ruling elite to grasp the rain. ideology of
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global corporate capitalism and imperial expansion no longer has moral or intellectual credibility have mounted a campaign to shut down the platforms given to their critics the attacks within this campaign include blacklisting censorship and slandering dissidents and considering they've done all of that to us i have one question. what happened to the honey pots they used to also throw honeypot to dissidents sexy right sexy ladies who would try to get you into a compromising position. what's a disadvantage trying to get. i'm. ready to be compromised the corporate oligarchy knows they have no solutions for everyone struggling across america look at flint michigan look at puerto rico look at west virginia we have they have no answers for the people chris hedges said this ideological collapse in the united states has transformed those of us who attack the corporate state into
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a potent threat because the elites no longer have a plausible counter-argument they're out of answers if this were jeopardy it's like these two people pointing at that woman and going were asked janet. no i don't claim to speak for every r t america show so instead i'll let the former director of intelligence national intelligence do that for me he proved r.t. america is weaponized propaganda in a report this year which included such stunning allegations as our t.v. broadcast hosted an advertised third party candidate debate through our. cook during. the third party candidates were allowed to speak their minds change. what's next in the russians mission to crush america
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burning taylor swift at the stake. if third party candidates are permitted to speak out loud what if what if americans hear. the analysis continued artie's reports often characterize the united states as a surveillance state and allege widespread. infringements of civil liberties police brutality and drone use. for the truth. but worst of all this is unforgivable r t apparently alleged wall street group. i don't know. where is our take at it. if there is greed on wall street what's next beer at a bar but my biggest question is why did that report quote from their show i i i want to i want to see some dude like a suit in
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a congressional hearing go lazy cam says the president of the united states one donald trump is a pathetic walrus like pile of fascistic diarrhea. who would qualify as a psychopath except that psychopaths by definition have an i.q. over seventy. come on come on director of national intelligence do a little research all right jacqui tonight is available on you tube on facebook you can see it on directv channel three twenty one which we have a podcast for free and i didn't instead get on it. but here's what here's why these baseless attacks that we're facing actually mean we're doing something right if you see a show that's being held up you know promoted by viacom or comcast or tom time warner like like like like sean hannity right so maddow wolf blitzer even the late night shows seth meyers jimmy fallon if they're proudly promoted on your mainstream
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outlets then that's because they're safe and connelly for the corporate state you're not getting the suppressed censored nudes now i'm not saying every show even pretends to be giving you good news i don't i don't mean you should be sitting at home going why isn't real housewives of our. county telling me about that the fact that the ambush in the genre was blowback for the u.s. back invasion of lebanon are. ok i don't think a. little big shots little big such as really dropped the ball on the prison industrial complex. where i have worked through you gotta watch yourself girl. there was yourself so go ahead watch c.n.n. you'll never hear about the fact that the f.c.c. will be voting to kill net neutrality in a few weeks or that facial recognition scanning is coming to us airports or that
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fifteen thousand scientists just gave a catastrophic warning about the fate of the world saying disastrous biodiversity loss and untold amounts of human misery will happen soon if we don't act if you want to learn about the censored stories turn to us if you want to hear from the same corporations that destroy your lives foreclose on your homes profit off your dying mother and use your tax dollars to bomb children all of those other generals are waiting there for you with open arms you can pick and choose from them like a buff able. to do you because you see the world to be exactly the right.
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welcome welcome back i'm really can now a save the news from behind r t america isn't the only thing that has russia's evil tentacle is in it more has come out from the paradise papers investigation proving that a russian bank gave money to will guy who threw a third party. invested heavily in twitter and facebook from the years of twenty eleven to twenty fourteen as seen on this informative chart from vice news they said this illustrates the long arm of the kremlin extending into silicon valley in a way that none of us knew before so clearly twitter and facebook are russian foreign agents all right put them on the list put them on the list and it begs the question whether twitter and facebook will ban twitter and facebook. from using twitter and facebook. or maybe
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or maybe and i'm just spit balling here we could we could grow up and realize that this red scare mccarthy is enough bull but bull is childish and millionaires and billionaires around the world invest in all kinds of because they're richest and they want to be rich are they and. for example last week saudi arabia arrested billionaire prince all will lead to bin talal who owns or has owned major stakes in news corp owner of fox news citi group owner of citibank twitter and many other well known companies let's add them to the good to the list let's add all those companies to the big board of foreign agents also this week china energy investment course the world's largest power company has signed a memorandum of understanding to invest eighty three point seven billion dollars in shale gas power and chemical projects projects in west virginia west virginia.
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where there are a lot overall wearing three two with banjo players who are going to be none too pleased to learn they are chinese foreign agents. and you have to add north carolina to the list because as i report a few months ago most of the hawgs in north care. are owned by a chinese company so there you go bacon and north carolina on the list for an a just add the nike swoosh to the list because nike is based in bermuda but the nike swoosh the actual intellectual property that is the boss swoosh is owned by a dutch partnerships or put them on the list apple was based in ireland for a long time but then that's ok they decided to move their headquarters to jersey new jersey finally an american company through and through warms your heart oh wait that's the i love jersey off of angle and. the paradise papers reveal the company's
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kansas to multiple jurisdictions before settling on the small island of jersey which typically does not tax corporate income every time you use your i phone you can think wow that aisle of jersey craft craftsmanship is top notch you know i love them for all their phone work oh wait the phones actually made in china this phone is a double agent. the chinese and british what it's doing surveillance in the u.s. government who are you. know you are gone. maybe you're starting to get the point the rulers of this planet the only guards in the billionaires that really run things they don't give us a country they don't they will base their money wherever there aren't any taxes they will take millions for desktops and dictators nation states mean nothing to them unless it helps them grab more money and power this whole evil russia or even
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this way for our good friends in saudi arabia for our good friends in israel it's all designed to keep you in line afraid and apathetic i mean there are other things like bugbear is also designed to keep you apathetic. but i'm. fran appears so i won't complain about the weather a not that nothing nothing more american than getting out a good old bud lites now sitting back like a true patriots only one problem budweiser is owned by anheuser busch in barrels which is headquartered in louvin belgium belgium hold on. who was.
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willing. i would not be surprised if ideal is made selling head man freddie mac. people's bank of china saw that especially china becomes america's biggest landlord and keeping prices down and up to the name of jobs and global harmony and this is i think what we're can expect in the next few years because the u.s.
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is the world's biggest debtor china is the world's biggest creditor so you put those two together you have the biggest creditor taking on some of the u.s. . government guaranteed fannie mae freddie mac. all the people who love parling money on those games say they've got chinese landlords that's the. same. simply. skip have ten months from now to the independent. with that statement to. the counselors if. they. it was the sort of my lemon who speculate hint that me or the now we have a hunk of those. now at the. scene but. that never. seemed like you could make what we have it would be in the marrow have
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been floating closer gave up because of me it's because he sees when i would. welcome back this month the local news organizations d.n.a. info and got the mist including l.a. in d.c. were shut down by their billionaire owner joe ricketts at this rate at this rate we'll have to turn to social media for local news which is fine if all you're interested in is cupcake centric updates which of course i call cup dates to comment on this we have our mass media mogul naomi campbell annie. you.
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did. rick it struck this thing down well the writers voted to unionize so it was good night and good luck for them joe ricketts hates unions more than me hate tax hikes. and sunshine. is it may be illegal to shut down a business in retaliation for workers' union no it's not it's illegal to threaten a shutdown which ricketts did but he's a billionaire it's only illegal if it angers the billionaires. these were newspaper writers and they were at the bottom of the writer hierarchy you know how it goes it goes dead novelists living novelists screenplay writer female writers authors of nutrition facts whoever named my nail polish miami
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way amie. and then write underneath that local news reporting source. oh it what are we losing here with these wild local news las was the first to cover ice arresting a father when he was dropping his kids off at school and d.n.a. and folks outbreaks of legionnaire's disease in the bronx but it'll be fine you'll hear about the next outbreak when you get the disease. you'll start coughing and that'll be local news. look there's growing news deserts in this country where that where there's no news for some municipalities and we've needed local reporting we need it for things like natural disasters police misconduct corporate abuse you can't have journalists in new york being the only ones covering wildfires in california you're right but wildfire news should be outsourced to self lesia it's cheaper and those which are up to other reporters work for paintings and you know
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things so the f.c.c. is october ruling else we're seeing local news is now legal for almost eighty years the f.c.c. required that t.v. stations have a studio in or near the community they served but then the f.c.c. eliminated the main studio rule so the conservative leaning sinclair. cast company is already farming out the five o'clock and produces news for toledo ohio in south bend indiana it's going great he joins us now live outside the county courthouse where day four of witness testimony wrapped option. but that sums up the media consolidation is either propaganda or silence well you're going to have to get used to the silence sinclair just bought seventy percent of the local news market and you know it's kind of a meditative beside it would throw great and then they just print self-serving crap
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you know it surveyed owning the newspaper is charity work rupert murdoch the neville e sponsors the new york post and the wall street journal that clearly sprouted his agenda baze those scenes to the washington post his contract with the cia and all the pentagon sheldon adelson the vegas casino tycoon fostered the poor orphan review journal the only paper in vegas which covered gambling industry corruption for about a century and there's a paper still do that now why do you think he bought it. but king adamson's paper still serves the community first it enters the hands of a businessman who uses it to block his view of the homeless on his way to work then he throws it out and voila it's a blanket for the homeless they only care. a great. deal we're going to maybe take you heard everything there is to know about sexual
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harassment and assault scandals sweeping the nation but our own natalie mcneal dug deep and found the redacted angles you filed this report. is that we want to else their parents about who's going to be named next from a less. things someone in hollywood. what the. jesus christ. way even the dog. but there is also yet another reason to not trust the hollywood elite because not only are they grabbing they're grabbing tax breaks for grabbing. the payments associated with sexual harassment settlements can be treated as tax deductible business expenses in some cases but don't get upset getting
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a tax break for doing something morally reprehensible is as american as wearing george so on the fourth of july. who among us can forget that time b.p. wrote off over fifteen billion dollars of its twenty point eight billion settlement of the federal government after its oil molested the waters and wildlife of the gulf coast or when j.p. morgan chase bungled your mortgage and then kidnapped your home before its thirteen billion dollars settlement for faulty mortgages allowed the company to deduct about seven billion from its taxes it's those homes with exposed brick that really gets them off. but in hollywood's case it means a major film and t.v. production companies that are already making boatloads of cash can recoup the costs of abuse on a casting couch i wouldn't dare shine a black light on just as long as they're related to the conduct of the company's
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ordinary operation apparently sexual harassment and sometimes assault is part of ordinary operations. don't believe me listen to this conversation i secretly recorded with a casting director last year ok natalie in order to fully consider you for this role i need you to unbutton your blouse a little and waddle toward me. excuse me. you do want this role don't you i do it's just i thought this was an audition for the voice of officer flipper and a happy feet three glacial profiling. oh it is. i complained and reached an eighty thousand dollars settlement. which is also the amount of money that movie took in on a two million dollars budget but he gets the right art keller off on his taxes and
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still keeping a creep i still have to pay taxes on my settlement because the law exempts payments only for physical injuries not for payments related to emotional distress the shark infested waters surrounding the sex abuse scandal in hollywood is just another example of how we let huge companies or powerful people over and then they continue to reap the benefits even after their current. but while the laws were clearly not written in our favor there are some lawmakers in places where t.v. movie magic is made who are trying to change that new york assemblywoman linda rosenthal is proposing a bill that would require firms to disclose sexual harassment complaints and settlements going back five years when they apply for tax breaks or other state business incentives and california state legislator conny leyva clips that introduce a bill in twenty eighteen that would ban confidentiality provisions in monetary
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settlement stemming from sexual harassment assault and discrimination cases not only do we need to make it less worthwhile for people to assault us we need to stop having settlements that hide the offenders period because either we stop hiding them or we spend the rest of our lives hiding our news alerts. for. reporting from washington now let me go back to tonight that's our show and we will be off next week because we will be filming a new standup comedy special in berlin germany but we'll have web exclusive videos or you tube dot com so i was redacted deny it until next time guys.
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years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun bad guy trying to get to one of my family members he would have better. inheriting whatever my my baby says my book was published in the year two thousand more than hoff a million americans have been killed by forums in the us i thought i did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was
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interesting to see who got hit. and i just saw i did to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know that but we are not. the big picture but it's. a real business which we need to maintain we need to but it's no. more go for it with a draw the automotive g.p.s. tracker or some other machines will have less and less people employed so the fact that we easily get business. the rest of the rules is getting a little. with the with the eagle.
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the village of collect she has been nicknamed sleepy hollow because for some unknown reason its local residents have found victim to sleep. over just being able to choose. how you got a nation. to do more than consume that scent but also ensuring the sort of but i'm also going what's the question you're still talking. to go there more deeply the issue motifs what. exactly. from where did you do what we have i did work. towards. this with. my cylinder did your boss tells you off that. was your. first.
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but. i think. modern day slavery in libya triggers protests in several european capitals look at what's led to such a dire humanitarian situation in the country. and brussels the protest against slavery descends into riots and looting with almost one hundred people arrested. also ahead this hour washington apparently promises to cut weapon supplies to its kurdish allies fighting i saw in syria was seen as a move to appease turkey the white house though is reluctant to give any details. and the number of deaths in an attack on a mosque in egypt rises to over three hundred with a guy.


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