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in the second half and we're going to look at deeper into what has happened but there's been a major major major shift. in the focus on this relationship trump in asia or rebalance toward trade yes so what has changed it is worth noting that the trumpet ministrations engagement with asia at the presidential and cabinet levels has matched that of its immediate predecessor the obama administration and provides continuity to america's long rebalance or pivot to the region what has changed are the priorities of engagement elevating kirshner all issues to the same or higher priority and security issues with allies and partners if there is a trumpet ministration legacy on the asia pacific it might well be a rebalance to the commercial in the u.s. asia relations well that's always been you know foster good trade and more secure
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environment for various trading partners by focusing on security first you actually increase the chance of more violence between these countries so that makes a lot of sense plus you've got china russia the eurasian and europe coming together that's a huge trading block and this is where the future is for all global commerce and they're working together to get the one belt one road initiative going to stretch transportation all across your asia russia china and so they love him over there they love trump they realize he's a business person they love business they don't get involved and some of the side shows well yes that's interesting because many of the democrats and those who prefer the obama administration like instead like let's project our military let's take control of the south china sea that's build more military bases let's show these people that we keep. so here i think i think maybe china's one belt one road or one road on belt policy has actually up the game and that is the way to china
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has operated across africa is like. they're advance and so rapidly not only because of past trade deals from the united states sending all our manufacturing over there and getting nothing in return is that they can basically take all the resources and of africa but by not taking them but i do trade deals and commerce and setting up operations there rather than building military bases whether neas air or anywhere else in africa and here he's now focusing on trade and he's actually speaking publicly being tough about this what he said is that if by a lot of trade and investment agreements with the region's countries are pursued as vigorously as promised us asia relations are likely to be unusually contentious even as defense ties are sustained while every administration calibrates between security and commercial relations the trumpet administration is emphasize and
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commerce over defense and that's a significant change and it is no political bluff or negotiations postures on no other subject has the president been more details are passionate about thirteen hundred of the three thousand five hundred words of his downing speech were devoted to u.s. asia economic relationships and so he's saying from now on you know the u.s. is going to get something back out of these trade deals we're not just going to send you all our jobs what i mean obviously the u.s. corporations do quite well out of it he's saying like it has to trickle down into the u.s. trade has to come back you know he's wise to help manage the transition period where the global economic superpower becomes china and the u.s. falls into a second or third tier bracket so he's wise to manage that transition and to do it peacefully and then one can work out as a winner in this kind of transition obviously china has got the resources they've got the money they've got the long term plan they've got political stability so
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they're the twenty first century wonder so i think you know make it a good move and hell. when the us transition to that well of course everything in the us is about the next election and the next elections are in twenty eighteen and we've already covered this many times we're talking about what the democrats are doing and what they're looking at and they they seem to still think from what my reading of the media is that they think putin will win it for the democrats if they keep on talking about russia russia russia that went for the democrats so let's look a little bit more at what his talk in asia and how that might. play with people in wisconsin or michigan or other places where they used to have jobs president trump declared that from now on we expect that our partners will faithfully follow the rules just like we do markets will be open to an equal degree on both sides and that private industry not government planners will direct investment only fair every sip of coal bilateral trade agreements will be
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acceptable he said he rejected large agreements that tie our hands surrender our sovereignty and make enforcement practically impossible presumably referring to the transpacific partnership from which the u.s. has withdrawn and wish remaining eleven countries agreed at the same summit to pursue so those large biological trade deals in which you know these it's basically like a large tax code it's like only the insiders only the only only the multinationals only the very very wealthy in the the connected know where all the loopholes are and they get their own you know justice system separate and the ball of our own for example you know the softening the ground for a deal big deal i've said this for a few years then i would not be surprised if a deal is made selling fannie mae and freddie mac. to people's bank of china so that essentially china becomes america's biggest landlord and keeping prices down and they'll do it in the name of jobs and global harmony and this is i think what we're expecting the next few years because the
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u.s. is the world's biggest debtor china is the world's biggest creditor so you. put those two together yeah the biggest creditor taking on some of the u.s. debt this is a quasi government guarantee fannie mae freddie mac. but all the people who love borrowing money on those games day they've got chinese landlords. who move global economy now he did also you know upset the democratic partisans because he basically went soft on the south china sea he didn't press you know there are of these territorial disputes between philippines and japan and china well here's another headline relating to that. regarding the philippines trump makes friends by putting america first and ignoring human rights in asia president donald trump did not press philippine president to tear it on human rights issues in the philippines where thousands are believed to have been killed by the police in a raging drug war instead trump raised the terror today and stress that the two
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were friends so i mean the interesting thing about this is forget like our own drug war here and how many people are incarcerated and thrown into the prison industrial system but you know they're pressing on the philippines and it looks like he's following the philippines lead so basically the u.s. relies on the philippines and their bases in the philippines to project power and the region but the philippines because of its location in the south china sea and in the pacific and its utility has a host of massive u.s. military bases serves as a result stronghold of u.s. influence which many see as having declined in comparison to a rising china but in twenty fifteen the the philippines were handed a world court they said that they have the right to the territorial dispute their china laws but to tear came into power and now he just said he basically said i don't want to fight over this when china pushed to territory by announcing it would develop islands just outside the philippines maritime borders the brash
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filipino backed down what do you want me to do declare war against china he said i can't we will lose all our military policemen tomorrow we will be destroyed as a nation so you know if you just return to the negotiating table and just did they are doing deals because. you know people want to just move forward in progress they don't want to get stuck into a conflict over little pieces of land as you point out it's a waste of time for the u.s. to lecture any culture on human rights with the president does your complex as you mentioned biggest the largest incarceration rate in the world some people liken it to a continuation of jim crow and slavery because it's sort of way to keep black population and slaves with prison labor so why waste time even trying to take that position just do deals open golf courses get the trade flowing and this will you know temper down their jihadi ism because they'll be too busy on the back nine you know with a double nasty bet against their friend mom a winner in
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a few bucks so they can go downtown and smoke a pipe they don't need to be warrant on each other and we can all get along on trump's golf course you know but this whole focus since that whole third way tony blair bill clinton sort of politics where everything is about this notion of human rights and our perception of what human rights are in our perception of how people should run their culture and blah blah blah but in the meantime i want to turn to this chart from the economist and perhaps this might actually ultimately be more important because what about the respect and dignity in of your own population long live and prosper the economists thirty five rich countries u.s. versus south korea but all these little blue lines are other rich developed nations and what it shows that orange line is the u.s. the blue dark blue line is south korea a female male and what you see is that the u.s. is for women women's life expectancy by twenty thirty will be the lowest of these
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thirty five like the second to lowest of these thirty five nations richest nations south korea is eating our lunch that's these people are prospering and living longer why are we when we're the ones banging on over and over about all these everything but. the economy and that's what people want to be able to talk about not that human rights are obviously important but you know maybe releasing these three million people in the prison system here is you know is an issue that should be addressed by human rights but the fact is we see in the results that you know the declining life expectancy of americans should maybe be addressed life expect next. life expectancy palling birth rates declining birth fatal fatalities mortality rates and all the man giving birth he asked. all across the board you have these key metrics that aren't calculated by various world
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organizations are declining in the u.s. and we don't have kimchi yet you know i don't know what's intention but apparently the south koreans eat this stuff it's like vinegar that's gross no it's not good for you i think currently makes you own invigorated i'm going to get some chemistry and live another ten years you know but you know in those last few moments i want to say that while we're banging on about human rights this seems like a human rights issue that americans are living not as long and i don't know what i missed this is a human rights issue i was floating around in the dark looking at these charts thinking about kimchee and i missed the point your point is this is a human rights issue people in america are dying really they're dying in childbirth they're under educated they can't go to school they can't get health care what the further we do lecturing to other countries when they can't even other stuff here why why why so just to deal. maybe to look at yourself rather than projecting about what other people are doing wrong maybe it's time these charts would suggest that
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maybe somebody has to care about us you know in america it's like we're always busy worrying about everybody else maybe look at ourselves that's my friends well that's fine through a very well phrased. much more common way of the brick. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's long debt. studying so hard it requires. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. today sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the u.s. . everybody
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i'm stephen ball. hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush in our view to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we're just a little bit different. though no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have to meet every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. i says to. americans by the israelis i'm fortunate to
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be by financial support of some. sort of countries in the. form making unsecure. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm ask as a time out to go to shanghai and speak with dan collins of the china money report dot com dan welcome back to the max all right dan call it hasn't got much coverage on the u.s. news but it appears uncle trump was actually a big hit in china tell us about it yeah he was treated like royalty here i mean a really ruled out the red carpets. big trade deals announced he got to dine in the forbidden city i think it was
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a really good visit you know president trump was you know a little bit you know stern with them about well you know way down from his campaign rhetoric in china but oh no was it was it was a was a big trip to get a lot of respect you compare that to when obama came last time for the g twenty summit you know they forgot to give him the staircase at the air force one and he did rowing already red carpet so it was a kind of a really big contrast in terms of presidential visits here so damn tabs popularity in china in china is the number two or number one biggest economy in the world right now the u.s. media likes to slam trump does it really matter if the u.s. media slams trump because trump is the global negotiator and shape he's cutting deals with china and other countries around the world does it really matter what the u.s. media thinks this point down. i don't think it does i don't think it does or the chinese or the the policy makers shared fact there was a
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a good article that came out by a professor from renmin university who said. and also an advisor to the chinese you know leadership he said china is no use united states is the divided states and you have to realize what we're dealing with and he went on to mention he said the pro establishment elitists and united states their criticism of the president trump is is completely irrational and non-logical and we have to view that from the perspective that was quoted in the even in the china daily here in english so but it's quite interesting reaction years yeah i guess if americans want the benefits of the china trade they have to stop they they they they objection asked are they the folks that are getting in the way with all that you know and washington are creating a problem there so now a viral video in china trumps granddaughter sounds pretty interesting i didn't care
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about until recently she's a media star in china fam. yeah her video went viral it probably had four or five people that day asked me about it did you see the video it went all over the social media platforms like we chat basically her singing in a traditional chinese song and she was wearing a traditional chinese cheapo when she when she sang it but that was kind of the big takeaway of the business in the it was kind of. you know the chinese was very you that very favorably or they really liked endured from family i think the chinese you know it and i have a theory i want to comment on it it's a pretty you know out of the out of a you know roar mle thanking type of fairy but america is the biggest debtor in the world china's the biggest creditor in the world is it possible that we might see some point a deal where the u.s. government under trump south fannie mae and freddie mac. to china and therefore china becomes america's biggest landlord as a way to address the debt problem the currency problem the dollar problem except
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for me and i realize it's a bit of an idea i've put the five put us on huffington post about six years ago i saw the future is this if you think this is a wild idea or does it have some possibility down. well particular to fannie and freddie i think i don't think cheney's want to take on that kind of a bankrupt outfit however as you mention the economy wise the economics positions have already slipped and china is the world's largest creditor. there's a report surfaces week which i've been talking about here on the show and also writing about it china has cities now there are large is countries economically speaking you know you have shenzhen now is equal to sweden germany g.d.p. chung do the call to norway you know the three hundred six billion dollar g b cities people have never heard of tongue shown as a g.d.p. that bigger than new zealand so we saw the single day that just happened i mean chinese we talked before on the show digital payments are fifty times larger than
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the united states but now they are online retail is six times what united states did ali baba and j.d. combined this week on the singles day holiday here eleven eleven is forty billion dollars in sales compare that to last year's black friday and cyber monday combined were only six point eight billion so you literally i see you know china has become a consumption powerhouse not only just a production power also the economic scripts have switch the united states has been that has been industrialized it's constant it's just living off of debt and printed the currency and everything has been turned over to the banking system so the. you know what's in store in the future is just going to get more of this unless us can certainly get smart all right so the policy at china for years was a self-imposed middle class austerity because they pegged the the currency to the dollar as a way to make sure that all of the products that they were export into the u.s.
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didn't come back to them in the form of inflation as those dollars and yet hit the chinese economy they recycled those back to america and kept the contrary. a on a starvation mode for a few years to kill the american manufacturing capacity now that america's manufacturing capacity is dead sounds like they're hitting stage two of their policy they're now going to allow some inflation they're going to allow this middle class to rise they're going to be the world's biggest consumer now the deferred the deferred gratification if you well as out kicking into the gratification of now becoming the world's biggest consumer this also means that we're going to start saying world beating chinese brands you know we haven't seen chinese brands really the chinese coke the chinese nike the chinese and that's like to assist the new we're going to start seeing world beating chinese brands now that they're going to be the world's biggest consumer market than i think of it as venture you'll see
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that i think the first time with the way is that you're just going to really well china's coming into the base to enter this phase one was all about catch up learning how to you know make all this stuff and do that in china and taiwan has a reputation for quality everybody loves foreign brands i mean because the foreign countries like make are just selling billions of dollars here you know every year to me they're just booming so. so the brand wise here they're not so strong but you see that attempt to get a job what they do now is they buy brand so you saw a jeely bubble and now they're selling hundreds and hundreds thousands of bulls in china using a form rand of sell in china into their own markets so we're seen going to the stage where they're buying foreign brands would continue to try to do that and to take all those trade surpluses and buy anything left in the european united states that has economic belly then tell us about you know trump's visit of course tells about some of the deals that he did what does it say about us soft power i think
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ways to cover that a little bit but can you tell us about some of the actual deals that took place with trump and china. yeah there so they're talking about the deals two hundred fifty billion dollars and deals. in boeing airplanes i think the interesting point there was the new oil and gas it seems china is interested in u.s. shale production and when today only you know when you're running a five hundred the dollar to trade surplus with the united states importing oil makes a lot of sense because you can quite quickly bring down that trade deficit so i think that was the most interesting one it took but yeah there were a lot of deals announced or it's at the billion and they trump announced three hundred billion all to asia a month that day so yeah i think it's just the start of the troubles that we're in for a long straight fight we've got to match up to the rates we can't continue to have zero percent duty rates for your product and you have forty percent new rates for ours those chinese economic miracle miracle has all been behind the strategy of the
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mercantile of the qana me where they do things for themselves first they have had big high tariff duty well you can't just come in here and set up a car plant you have to have a joint venture partner or you can just come in the banking sectors close the oil and gas is close there's the telecom business is closer so many businesses that are off limits and so they've grown their economy behind these huge tourist trade walls and non-tariff barriers meanwhile the american economies are still over there sucking their thumbs talking about free trade when free trade doesn't exist and i would point i would challenge all american economists and policy makers how many more detroit do you need before you wake up at that point as well now dr paul craig roberts and others have come on our show and other shows and talked about america sacrifice manufacturing capacity to china and china has clearly been packing their cars into the dollar and oh and this mark and tell us to grab for global manufacturing domination but in our end now face too and so they're going to get
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some inflation in china. they've got this program called made in china twenty twenty five which i guess fake so that. but what are they going to do about the dollar as the dollar is still the world's reserve currency and they need the escape the dollar to really triumph and take over the global economy what's the people's bank of china the p.b.s. say failing i know they're buying a lot of golf it would suggest they might be setting up for a gold backed car say maybe aligning with russia to do that which is what i'm hearing what do you hear over there them. as you mentioned gold there's i think there's multiple strategies on that strength standpoint number one is there going to internationalize the rim and be they've been doing the put the gold into people's hands they are doing it for seven ten years now you know you could buy gold in any bank in china bank accounts in gold but really the pa i think the big
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focus now is the rim and be internationalization or also the petro yen you know there's been very loyal sales in to us in the whole built in road strategy is going to be you know borrowing r. and b. build up infrastructure you know they're going to control central asia and east asia economically everybody's already was in the grips of swayze philippines as they walked away from us they said china we're with you you know help us build our economy so they are gradually becoming the regional power in economically the global power but the internationalization their own bees the new thing they know the deal some bond they're trying to internationalize this in the big strait you know there's thirty countries now holding r. and b. as a reserve asset and it's just going to continue to grow from here yunus the international arm be it compete with the dollar in and i think my estimate by twenty twenty five twenty thirty when we get in the united states when we get the thirty forty trillion dollars in debt. that's when the game's up right sort of put that in the
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context the u.s.s. carl a just under are about twenty trillion dollars and that they're saying when we hit forty to fifty trillion dollars and that and any hope of ever being out of debt permanently put out of range then china simply walks and takes it off. you know all right well dan can you hang on for a second segment. you know absolutely no right all right all that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me guys or as they see her would like to thank our guest dan collins of the china money we report dot com generates on twitter it's kaiser report and i found.
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in the culture is good now out of the big picture but it's it's true for real business which we need to maintain we need to i would but it's no the fact of the prospects of the move go forward with the drawings with the automotive g.p.s. g one track across other machines will have less and less people employed so the fact that we easily get to the show business just so the rest of the world is getting rid of this beast. with it with the.
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i simply. sat still and have been miles from the independent with meters of that plane. the. moon mean they. were sort of my limit was like you know him to me or the now with jamie has a hunk on those. now at that but they. got money for that matter. i see let him to make the point i mean already in the mail folding clothes i gave up they got me. see he said when i looked.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected and since it is full on awesome feel the show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it is that really packs a punch to sleep yeah mr john oliver a hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank very. seriously send us an email.
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to. the. modern day slavery in libya triggers protests in several european capitals look at what's led to such a dog. humanitarian situation in the country. and in brussels the protest against slavery descends into riots and looting with almost one hundred people arrested. also ahead washington apparently promises to cut weapons supplies through its kurdish allies fighting are still in syria and what's seen as a move to appease the white house though is reluctant to give any details. on the number of deaths in an attack on a mosque in egypt rises to over three hundred with the government saying the gunmen work carrying myself like.


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