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in a childish way of course of course there is overwhelming evidence of the loss of course not least in the gospels and that's where i'm standing. well i appreciate both of you coming on the program and sharing your views with such vigor political activist and comedian kate smith weight on the leader of christian voice and another secret in the u.k. steven green thank you both very much. a lot as your news for this hour i'll see you in exactly how often ours time with more global news from r t h q and moscow. i says was it to buy america by the. unfortunate the by financial support of some.
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hell. they hate being a that want to make a recollection it was a quarter of a tree that experiment by nature i repeat that i couldn't hurt her by thinking i could michaela but then i bought her like i should i am her only record about about what a collection i'd like where we are going in iraq. which influence. that. i after what you write but i think but what did you know read. what you have been asked that did the one of the. why yet is that it just a little bit to be it that one is looking for that and if and when you. are left but still it is a gift and you can. not say if you do it i said but i'm limiting. you
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my. eyes were asked about you know. if any of it and i depend on this device and the last march. we first met the young families the son was saying goes and so many six months ago when we were filming our first documentary about the village of karachi the
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mysterious settlement is called the sleepy hollow of kazakhstan because for some unknown reason the local residents keep drifting to sleep we went to collect she immediately after we learned that nine kids had fallen asleep simultaneously after celebrating the start of a new school year. that already. i would render isha. proud of. the youngest of them was august two year old son and. her nephew's parents and husband have been afflicted by the abnormal sleep and even organ herself when she was three months pregnant. the locals estimate that about two hundred people have drifted into of nomo sleep in the village some more than once who returned to find out why.
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normal clothes which for. only this city bus. if. you're you know i think honestly it was just. in one school that. you know it's the most lucrative. but that's the year of. it and i was there i mean. now there's a new will. i want to so
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you're. going to. be political you go yeah there's never going to just declare that bob last. night he was. due to the everything religious but you're going yeah. yeah. yeah but the minute. melissa put up. much of their. business. that idea.
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that there was. you know much. more of the magic of this do you see if you're out there then you know she's. going to blab. when you know those guys didn't notice but it's just that you know like i want to look like other people i want to be able us now love is going up when you mine you. split up looking you're saying you're going to say that a little glimpse that it will. break your heart because they did a good yes idea they would you. look at this is it the you're trying to.
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be a cheerleader the biggest. those but to put you up on the list there's got to each of the road it. looks.
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like something happened that. what the fuck need the most now. for doing this. job. knowing that it. is somewhat used. for the smaller. job than the one who put off. the. american switch us. over to the law school school has a small. look at the logo that the rep i did know for the
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garden with turns one of the room where only it's a really miss you and it's only going to kill. the college. you would use notices go to here and go back to the lot that. doesn't exist that. it's you don't want all the most of the stuff. the course is paying for potentially through production and that what the poor need is go write it with the future just to move get a reading of the would you should be churning through just about it with the christians just going with it. splats crashes through ships but we need your just in spots like you to spread. the. shoes to sit back on your body or sister young up to the door to the next step son with no point and. the question are stored on
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a super thin you want to go back there more deeply the machine won't do stuart little bit when you do small prosecution or store to doctor overdubbing with the greatest of not just the mood somewhat and if stepping in water for. creating. it is a bit of a good teaching and working at a good cause but only one type of on the most part it's rights and something to contend with most of that would need to include to go to the lier who did him with the goods and that's it but also his you know the sort of men are also the most desired to meeting with just like a can use even this with a computer which was on him or the to a certain place where there. one congressman akin's. mom but also from a push up call for a get out of your mortgage and put them down was a show she also you know you put on to snitch social opportunity so mom's for the sister who has been on the cheap. and i think you want while you need
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when you're there nearly at six the world can accumulate if you see the outlook of that you wanted them to see them get a medal but ample push me out of the. style. let me now live with us because i don't look i certainly know very well in that you know what i want only well that of group of girls in that city you know what the cost of that down dollar question will i really don't separate the point is to ask it's not going to pay i don't finish we need the mighty but that will invariably are some i you know we do sure does when you throw up traffic at all of these are usually on the each of whom we're going to watch someone with a good solution to that we have to be pretty nearly agreed last moment of almost all of the most notorious of both of them looked at the story i would you know that believe.
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this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's the seller his personal doctor. the. people here know him simply his dog to eric he's rich famous some always on the move so. eighteen year old son flying aircraft that. was on time dot. com forest now. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening amazon.
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allergies so since going out of the busy doing nothing is going to do the population nothing much is going to the people from hamas on. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill the narrowness and spend the two to twenty million one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so we'll all chance for. a nice minute.
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about six months ago we took some samples of soil and plant roots from the village of collect she to moscow to have them tested no and no maladies were detected however the samples did show slightly elevated levels of lead in the water. let the squash on the surface to expose him it's out there a god of sorts now and there's a lot but shoulda a family was the last the human knowledge enough so young yes then michael about the deeply not already knows isn't there but is no good option was another name of
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. their operation was suspended back in one thousand nine hundred eighty. six local still believed that the secret behind the sleeping disease lies underground. at the wall socket the first. road you could pretty. much any. one job we had this would happen with water you wish if you're going to get some of the chestnuts. we prayed he did leave us what do you think you he would she need my team of to stand up which with the he still not much of me to commute to catch who she was that is a little nervous but the snapping your production statement by his. i thought guinness just on us. yes although the will of the scotch there is
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a record. for it was it was and i. sure hope. whatever don't pull sly says. it's a horrible story thank you dana you're just the style you have to get to me but you'll get in trouble with you in your face because it's the. released well over a beer for now all played well. in the world ship down michael. for having her. plumage and want to end up a star wars but stalling and voted no
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a few of these are with they think i'm just going to go this route we have. recently in with the unlikely crown occurs may prove nuclear solution yet that would link it to journals much of my. rant genuine would share stories where members area and share her new global tell you who to measure and you can see if you know who report media that i'm going to put her hands or question. it's going to be able to walk by how do we do it to her body that aircraft did this or that we shouldn't decide to vote on the ads that they're both quoted from your peers and that's not as good as he was booked about that a lot of what is it you call i wish bullshit answer that florida after it could afford to look at the question without it just so i would later staying because nobody would think of sustaining care then you would because it would be very very early days of that by using this one last night you were probably the wizard just was moved up by
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a one to brawl there were those that were so pro you bottled in your well news item for it get me into one of people that the thousands of pulled in a poorly revathi at sea. door into a war and then was it the the me that only asked that either of these really as i made the easiest of you somehow speak with yourself and them over to see what if the shit you move on but i think the. quote is so fine yet many live that will feel good about evil really is a little weak you still see as usual with to them than some of them in the opening crass stage yeah she didn't look worse you get that sense i was like that. if. there will be a rule that when you rule of the rupee date national grew to be a war two it will seal the deal generally across the gates of man so my body isn't the realize that you normally go see what else stahl is the us national of my new full thought there is no way i came across my got serious goal progress since the
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block are someone i know but you're still a civil war hawk across both money and come down the cards u.s.b. chalets very slim cilia which is the picture in each of the thinking that he needs to keep up with the digital to jefferson's. present in the book to treat him suitably you could say it's this institution in the midst of very. little with me. you know petitions. because it's called it cheap. that's just nuts to.
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did. this just a closure deal with much for you which makes you live with me believe. he should be had to share what with lighting. only if it. pushes all the want to keep the. why did bill which was the well the one love the story choice. just to put a little. bit of know. tickets
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on the wall is what you have on there he said when you park as well it's not very hard if you were shooting as a. lot of the chinese potions and running we got our guys that we were not all there was that you were given a neutral going to market at least national saw only what is known as a. couple of serious study of the ball while you were on the world to teach us a little portion wasn't because i just ordered. some. courage. book shocked when i. was just. a little experts made a formal statement regarding the cause of the abnormal sleep episodes they stopped short of guaranteeing they'd be able to eliminate it that's why investigations as well as the relocation program for the residents of the village of college continue
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. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm not. going to win those up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun every day americans. are. closely start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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double cross you would think so if you're a kurd also just how many u.s. troops are in syria and why and the living hell that is yemen. that. they are they ought to live my life yet.
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team rush is fatal to twenty eighteen winter olympics continues to hang in the politics without the lead struggling for clarity in the face of a possible blanket by. we hear the verdict. in. the new claims it doesn't prove you don't want to. give them some time you. also had this turkey makes it clear about washington.


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