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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 27, 2017 3:30pm-3:58pm EST

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the fact of the matter. we're seeing the latter because i think we'll see a major price correction somewhere at the twenty five thousand dollars per foot coin level up and told that prices achieved it looks like we'll see pretty strong. i says was it to buy americans by the. unfortunate the by financial support of some. because rory contraries in. for making unsafe.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle doublecross you would think so if you're a kurd also just how many u.s. troops are in syria and why and the living hell this is the i'm. talking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor although bitch is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and of course we have dmitri bobbitt she's a political analyst with sputnik international rangel and crosstalk rules in effect
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as usual i want to there's so much to talk today but we can't overlook thomas friedman's article in the new york times so to rebias arab spring at last it's nice gentleman this article is breathtaking for so many reasons. your immediate take away after reading this is somebody who give for chance. before the second iraq war this is somebody who told the american public about the chemical biological and nuclear weapons programs the. progress with. unbeatable speed in iraq. what's the result of that hundreds of thousands of people that the american occupation and what happened after that with isis and everything else and today friedman is claiming that the sweating like a publicist was a crown prince of saudi arabia has been like the treatment has been
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a propagandist for for for decades for his whole intent they can exist the platonic love that can exist between two men. i think this goes beyond bromance i think what we need to say about this is that i mean thomas friedman is the new york times favorite pro globalization pro empire columnist he is embarrassing the new york times at the very least the new york times could have gotten some advertising revenue and made saudi arrange president mocker on even the french press admits it was not a big gain for but growing actually they were both humiliated by mohamed bin someone you know the lebanese prime minister saad hariri and the french president and let me tell you that this is not the first time that the western press is enthusiastic about people through in people in jail and then getting money from them saakashvili did the same thing with shevardnadze family and they had nothing but praise for him
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now mohammed bin someone you know this and take corruption drive about which friedman writes that a lot of soldiers who had nothing but if if use of support was a section well if you don't have if you lose your support for it in saudi arabia you're in trouble here you're going to be just of all knowledge. and you're going to get down to what the phrase the arab spring is a brand a failed idea that mostly regime it was as it was called sunni wintery weather as it is a growth of islamism and attacks on christian orthodoxy across the you know the middle east and north africa but thomas friedman by referring to mohamed bin salman . purges and murders to secure the crown for himself as the arab spring in saudi arabia puts the final nail in that tired he was in sydney when i hope your viewers know what i'm talking about picture going in we have to go check we have to move gears we're going to talk about the kurds going to far as they have to bring
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with it let chaos it's disintegration in the middle east it's wars in libya in syria in other parts of the each and nothing good i think it was for all of our readers to robert fisk slater's think. just said their us foreign policy in the middle east doesn't exist anymore well just a small conclusion. almost prevents us arab spring you know. came on roller skates almost supreme columns old aircraft be liberal thought mistreatment and you weigh in there of the world. with you know with personas reputation with his failure in lebanon with his failure in his policy in the game and with his other failures inside saudi arabia no great. friedman is going to say that he's there potations ok ok gentlemen what's going on donald trump has told his new friend now the president of turkey that the u.s.
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will no longer be supporting the kurds in northern syria according to according to yes ok i think everything i said was true and now it gets a little blurry this is according to our. and his regime in turkey he says that. donald trump promised him in a phone call that he would stop supplying arms to the kurds with which the turks refer to in syria as kurdish terrorists quote unquote here's the problem here is the u.s. has made similar promises to turkey before and they lied and they continued supplying arms. couched this with twitter tweets once again reiterating that what he refers to as the bringing peace to the. massey inherited their right and that what a mistake in lives and six trillion dollars worth and the last thing is most important however the. madness. and the pentagon which are really running military and foreign policy may not be on the same page
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and according to the wall street journal military spokesman named again military officials have said that they do not they have not received any instructions on this matter and even if they were to stop supplying arms to the kurds they could continue supplying them to the syrian democratic forces which are also so there's a. it's a foreign policy of one man look what happened was there was a summit between the go on and the in. of course the americans felt. that russia has slighted them with its own much more successful follow see in a syria policy if you go to stabilizing the region not making it more chaotic what the americans were doing for the last six years and actually much longer than that for decades and so tom felt that he had to see something to add to that kind of
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sation to make him the more i am in the boat to american wishes and so we have promised him something concerning the kurdish but what we know about this wife of the americans look at been helping the kids anyway in that age and because the americans want a stake in syria the want to be in a position in northern syria to dictate some of the terms of civil war settlement and to justify their presence there are you assuming that you know what terry has according to erdogan thirteen military bases illegal. without syrian permission in northern syria without anyone's permission the unit will let you look at all as usual going to the main areas of the i agree with victor that it was important that the iranian turkish and russian leaders met in sochi and in fact they're now deciding the fate of syria and they're deciding what the outcome of the civil war
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is going to be i think the fate of syria will be of course the decided by syrians themselves but what is important is that this so-called high negotiations has more walked in riyadh into just that committee for negotiations and for the first time the so-called cairo platform and most are included these are the real moderates the people who have been supporting a dialogue with president abbas and since the beginning ok there are only eight of them there are eight from the so-called national syrian coalition supported by the west in the media you have a lot of other groups including some that simply were ignored by the west for many years but the block in stake in this is eleven votes so if cairo and more school platforms if they manage to get three on their side they will have a blocking stake in the long locks all and just i think one moves being involved at you know there is nothing more embarrassing if they are gone becomes a friend or
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a trump there is nothing more embarrassing than drums friendship let me remind you of that in july this year mr trump went saw the lebanese prime minister was on a visit to washington trump praised him for resisting hezbollah it looked good detailed that hezbollah is actually four hundred one hundred so it was like going to. france for one simple reason he is a otherworldly there to be understands the words. aren't worth much not the last words are worth anything either bird. the important thing is that yes russia has all these accomplishments on the ground there are trying to move towards a political stunt. if they can separate erdogan from al-qaeda which which doesn't seem likely to me and and if the but the us game is not over yet when mad dog mattis the secretary of defense who is really running us in military foreign policy according to our president says we're not going to just
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a what walk away with right now even though isis is military defeated in eastern syria their last territorial acquisitions there have have have evaporated and now we have the word out that the leaks that the us military is about to admit that they have far more tricks up to for. mark we're going to go to a short break and after a short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news staying with our team . kind of financial survival today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash into three different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your
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something in america something overseas in the cayman islands it will pull these banks are complicit in the kleptocracy you just have to give me a call and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury item bill again from that you know with money wondering is highly illegal so much as it was. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guys. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch all the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else i want to get close i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game
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a great one more chance for. a nice minute. welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. over the last few days we had movement on the anti russian front in europe taken away well there was this so-called eastern partnership or the e.u. states and by john armenia moldova bell rose georgia you know the former soviet republics which border one of the european union and the almost top and trying to make an image of russia out of them i mean officially at this summit they said that this is not directed against russia but i think there is
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a me the prime minister of britain who had a very strong food no to this you know here's what she said we must be open to the actions of hostile states like russia which threaten these european potential and attempt to tear apart our collective strength. you know what i just feel really remarkable about that is that the forces within the e.u. itself are tearing itself apart no one no one has to push it along all you need to do is watch go ahead you know. somebody will travel at home and there she needs a boogie man to blame it on and it's a good. time is always a good point because if we had limits i am sorry but there's another point you know britain actually can't that worse relationship with the soviet union during the cold war and then the americans so it's no surprise that london to the is pushing for another you know for even more confrontational with russia there is another point of course unlike most other european states or like germany and like italy
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france britain actually has very little trade just like the united states has a very little trade with moscow so it has very little to lose and it's. trying to push those european countries that do have something to lose to lose that it's what it's time to do just like the i mean it's it amazing you know you have the british prime minister trying to dictate european foreign policy i would negotiate in bragg's that it takes a long time it's really remarkable this is a in the british government in this still in this post imperial decline trying to pretend to relevance and foreign matters that they simply no longer have especially after break that and frankly with brags that i'm simply waiting for them to say oh it was a russian bots fault and we actually would only send everybody they were this is going to be issuing i'm waiting for them to cancel this the eastern european partnership is a more concerning matter what's driving this is an atlanticist ideology it's
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a geo politically expansionist ideology that declares that europe should be all one basically under brussels rule with their value system unity out of the values from lisbon to the year olds and beyond and let's be honest this is an ideology of geo political expansion in the e.u. is focused on expanding its borders and they're not going we're going to be there not at the tossing a human being for ukraine as well yeah right and they know it's a definite it's the second thing is inherently it's points under way this summit i think was really. and i will put it because the final statement they required from member states strategic communications which would be by god again calling to me in russian disinformation that you know what you know all the time you're probably guessed wrong with no not pressing concerns that i'm fighting not a key ok and they are required ukraine and moldova to fight against russian
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influence but they didn't promise even their remote possibility of your membership mr john called you opening the summit said that this is not. day gender and what to do as in may what she said was it was specially of stalin and for me talking about atlantis a side order she said we should not underestimate the enduring attraction or western society to the possibly a state where we should not even underestimate the you're an attraction of prince mohammed bin so i want to form a friedman no will fight them attraction should be underestimated but at the rig of course to the people there thousands of lives the ukrainian just lost it was actually the result of east. the neighborhood of the e.u. if they were the main driver stop them i don't know how you would be an adelaide settling just trying to we are the prime ministers of all european countries the e.u. countries have to meet and spend these in there are discussing how to shut. the poor
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people here i mean you know where the mouse that roared here i want to change gears or something very important was going on with this do the. things that will be held in the south korea in two thousand and eighteen in that looks like there are again on the agenda is to push russia so. the confrontation between can you call the worse you know rose up again between the united states and russia the americans have started pushing these doping accuse the sions and we know it's the americans and it's some of the canadian airlines they are pushing these building accusations against the russian olympic team we've seen this in one thousand eight hundred but then they were more honest they didn't blame the soviet union for dogging the just said the world there is a war in afghanistan there's way we're not going to come to moscow and we're not going to let then you or ellis come to moscow and then in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight when he visited our city in lhasa in the early but today we have
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a situation where there is really no hard evidence. or a state sponsored doping there's. pearson who is actually under investigation for fraud. his name is. who is now under witness protection in the u.s. he he wanted to commit to a crime existing yes he's tampering with the evidence and now he's participating in all these propaganda exercises against russia who wrongly you know sort of so there is a man here he's been clips yes there's a maximum and minimum programme makers want at this point the next goal is to have the russian olympic team banned from taking part of the of the olympics just before the presidential elections in russia it is sort of embarrassing russia this way in the medium oh cool is to create such a near where sadness fear where russia is going to have to fight for every single
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athlete and for every single you know sports. competition to participate. if this will actually sort of law is there anything in there like their ability to do any of this of course is that the olympic games there's supposed to be the gold standard of competition well ok and the very best the best and all i see is this again extension of this propaganda i mean what kind of winter olympics can you have without a russian team which i think i went through a long picks where western nations were in hockey that's where. i mean doesn't it devalue every single gold and silver and bronze medal it devalues it because you'll never know if you were able to compete against the very very best we want to cover some more ground here mark you've been kind of quite well on the olympics tell us what's going on in you. and we're going to get some different opinions here. a bit of what i consider an extremely embarrassing incident in the lugansk
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republican as it is which is basically just the city of the guns and they're going around yeah one third of of the actual guns from public. that is free from this west back which forces the nominal president of the self declared republic which pinsky to someone who. i think it would be generous to say he has the charisma of a wet paper towel he has been involved in the internal disputes of powers with the interior secretary in charge of the police cornets and this has resulted in what seems to be a change of leadership in the gun scooter about what kind of direction we saw on one hand it certainly shows the people of lugansk and there are the authorities there have more independence from russia than the did anyone has been giving them credit for on the other hand it's extremely embarrassing to them and it shows that
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there's a very chaotic situation there and it bodes ill for you know the west pushing ukraine to try to settle the matter militarily but on the other hand it was not really loved by anyone and we may be better off with him gone someone more charismatic and go and done yet his equivalent in guns might lead the guns to a little bit more success well i think that. you know the west was very disappointed because the press that they backed that you could point me. to went to russia that's the dream that they all go to russia that's hash tag fake news but it was fake news people support me it's just going to represent will go six people's republic at the negotiations can means from now on. i think what happened is indeed not very good but the reason for it i'm sorry but. their actions over the west because they did not ask and ask to have elections they have been denying
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these places the right to have elections since two thousand and fourteen their idea . is that it would have security which means. it's having ukrainian or u.s. troops on the border the runner which means total brigade because since january ukraine is not supplying even that it pretend what they call it for three years you want to saudis have done to yemen exactly where you want to do the syria thing these republics get their food and water and electricity from russia not because russia wants to you know to feed them but because it's got all the supplies you know and if they had elections they would have had a more legitimate government with which such things would not be possible but also please bear in mind that actually the enemy speaks the same language they watch the same television as you did this is a civil war they went to the same school with you so people are. not because they
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are cowards but because it me is the same nation the same people as them there is a little nervousness that are beating a very important piece of this in this entire confrontation that we have seen clear out of the worst week now that a single person was here it or died and that's very different from what's happening in ukraine for example in kiev where people get shot where people were politicians we have human rights organizations turning a blind directly would be right i wish it were politicians are being mean and killed and arrested and held without bail and without trial so that's a very stark difference and also we have to keep it in context there is in the people's republic is were just several million people live there are tens of thousands of people have died over the last few years because the ukrainian forces
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supported by that were supported by the united states supported by the e.u. care of conducted a massive campaign with bombardments of civil and those really are wreaking with. us. kohls one simply answered yes i think you are saying president poroshenko is killing his executive and leaving the room but i will run out of time fascinating discussion many thanks to my guests here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here argue see you next time and remember. hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you'll suspect every proud
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american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. news this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i've got a. good one i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun every day americans more. closely start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. but i know what will. be at.
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the top. more russian receive life time bombs from the winter olympics sells for years. to be prevented from competing in the upcoming twenty eight hundred games we hear the latest verdict on the doping scandal for which he. claims it doesn't prove no one to. give them some time in. germany could be on track for the same coalition government held before september's elections. parties. are coming up is our team use our police in the
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french port city of voice mail for a surge in migrant related crime.


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