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i says was it to by the americans by the israelis unfortunately by financial support of something. short of contraries in the early jan for making unsafe fuel.
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that want to go i go i should go and get what i paid. for it i think me if i come up with you i don't wish i could get all your records on the poetical lecture i was going. to. which is force. less than. i have to let you know that but i but i've. noticed. more when you have been asked that he thought the it's going you know. why you are this is and it's the rules of war yes that the other one is with you but i mean there's many more you. are less but still it is a gift if it's needed or not so if you go isn't actually going to be able to go.
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you might. ask for ask but you know there's this lets you know if anybody that has been on this book that's nice who are smart you. know who she. was. i to move. us. how. i would be a normal. with some sleep. but i think we first met the young families the son was saying cozened simonis six months ago when we were filming our first documentary about the village of karachi the mysterious settlement is called the sleepy hollow of kazakhstan because for
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some unknown reason the local residents keep drifting to sleep we went to collect she immediately after we learned that nine kids had fallen asleep simultaneously after celebrating the start of the new school year. that already. i would rather hear isha. yet proud of. and share. the youngest of them was august two year old son and. her nephew's parents and husband have been afflicted by the abnormal sleep and even aga herself when she was three months pregnant. the locals estimate that about two hundred people had drifted into of normal sleep in the village some more than once who returned to find out why.
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normal truth was from. this city both. of us. you know thank goodness name for the news for the port authority. in what is called it right. you know this isn't private most lucrative still there was to just look at the pictures but that's a year ago isn't there was there is music i need. now there's a new will. i want to so.
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it will. be difficult because you're going to have it is that what you just declared for our last let us. do to the every. religious bit you'll go yeah. yeah. yeah but the minute. he gets out of the business. idea. that's what you get. all the time really to do. a lot.
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of the the magic of this do you visit your. then. to black. guys to notice but if you search that you know. what. the movie is using when you might. have to look when you're saying you're going to say that a little bit like that it will. break your heart because a great. idea that would you. saluja this is the failure it's obvious.
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to me that the biggest. those positions all of the job of the judge which of the road it. to.
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look up at when the. rest. of. the book doing the. job. knowing that it. is somewhat used. for. you know there are one group i don't. know jorgen that could be going out that's what you have. to do the local school has a small. group. know who the hell do you know what the
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guard with guns were the room where only if some really misses you and. your colleagues. and you cannot just go out here and get that they know if you like that well. that. is you doing. this you know most of the stupid. course is paying for the chili to fish with the poor and you just go riding with the future just your mobutu with all the wood you should be a chance you just provided with the congress first is going to. spread splashes trisha's bespoke we need sure just to spite spank you to spread. the. issues to sit back and nobody will stay young no good but don't look to the next step son with no point from. the question are stored on peaceful protests in evil
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to go back and get more deeply the. little bit when you just need a prosecution or store to go get overdubbing with a curious look in wonder still it's a weapon of state the more of. it is a bit like getting a booklet because what i wanted on the most part it's rights and so to get that it was just that one duty and for tickets to the lear. to team with the good of some that separate the washing machine the sort of men are also the most to say at the voting. booth and just look at can you see even despite a computer which was something more than to a certain place what up. one can just make you feel just we are partial number but full proposal from a pushout called playground you mug and put them down was a shawl she also you know you put on to snitch natural cause it's social importune so mom's was just a little this isn't on the cheap. then i think you want why do you need when
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you are there nearly at sixty will clean up in your view it should be outlook and you wanted them to see them get a medal but ambush me up on the. phone style. never let me now with us because i don't look i thought you know very little and i know well don't you well that of group are going to deny it so you know what the cost of theft is down for you live question although you don't separate the point is that i ask you to look into it that i don't finish we need the mighty but that will invariably do yes my unit we do sure does when you took several developers are using your live each of whom would you go to watch someone with a good solution to that we've given you pretty nearly agreed last moment almost all of you most nervous and certainly not going to get it so sorry i would you know that believes and. thank.
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doublecross you would think so if you are a kurd also just how many us troops already in syria and why and the living hell it is yemen. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i dived. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put a funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman
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each a billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so well more chimes for. the base this minute. it's doing an actual job it's like basically it's like the euthanasia clinic tromp is the euthanasia doctor america is being euthanized and he's doing in a way where it's the least amount of pain but that's not that's not cruel i mean he's doing good euthanasia first he's doing things in the cruel freeway.
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about six months ago we took some samples of soil and plant roots from the village of collect sheet to moscow to have them tested no abnormalities were detected however the samples did show slightly elevated levels of lead in the water. and it was quite on the surface for me to top of it got the full flow i need them up i saw a fire on the right of his bio mom lives in florida all near them. through the super bowl is the logan officer who was in the. record when you must leave idea i don't. look for.
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the room production of. those. investigations in the village of collect she have continued for almost two years. radon gas and radiation levels were measured in the houses of the local residents soil and projects where we searched. and people's blood and hair were sampled and analyzed. some homes did show elevated levels of radon while some residence blood contained heavy metals. however experts agree that these weren't the main reasons for the sleep epidemic. because it is doing this negate. what i'm looking at it at the scene was enough
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is minimal because i see it working because i think it's a. growing grass from where the good what we have are that we're going to miami ark she does a joke she doesn't i'm really anxious you know which is just focus will be or at least kind of there's going to get so let me just answer the phone national because that's important because that's really true she just called me. in on line. at the same dance that passed this is not. her brother. that i'm. not improve with already. we just. don't know how to push it through you through the person. whom you both well.
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there are abandoned uranium mines three kilometers away from the village. their operation was suspended back in one nine hundred eighty. but local still believe that the secret behind the sleeping disease lines underground. is the wall of. a pretty girl there was this with all of. the missing but also one of the really really really important. yes for which is mrs. obama. yeah i don't want to pick which out of i'm not just look i'm built. like a dog that's from the supply of yes and yes yes yes yes yes but i won't
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show you this in the see it again. with the national scene from was all the. while it's from us you know with the football field it will show you the only one that is that it's not quite i was just yeah. i think when you want. the less you know less than. one job we. just. want to know what do you wish you're going to get them about shifting from. who previously was sure who do you think he or she was she never might seem. to still know what i see skin that much you need to commute because she was i did something useful in the world with this magazine. but i did.
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i thought. this thought well of the guy there because because it went from a clue what it was your. what about slow service. then the poor hopeless boy i see when you did your boss tells you off the bed to me but you're right he will let you know first of all that it will be. the police here well over from now all states. will shut down my stand. as he. was in control and i'll start with what
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let's call it. you know if you have. just one cause you have an reasoning with my mechanic that is now through the. yen then you could just master my. genuine which shares as ramblings in your new global so you don't use it to mention you can see it when you pull it and i'm going to put an end to the sequential. bullshit it's only going to get what you walked out the window it's a little boy that aircraft is that we shouldn't decide to dispose of the exit at first but it. was good he was not out there took a lot of people i know this bullshit that's all they have to. do this was a joke the question without it just a little too late or staying because nobody listened to the same as it. peter there
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goes over that by using as you were last if you were here for a bit there was a just cause we've got up close by we're going to roll over there there's a pro booklet and you go in his i phone for it so get me to one of the pope out of the thousands of gold in the world they've read it yet see your good order to all of them was it the easy meat that only asked that easy as i made the easiest of you some ask you chris yours that i wrote that to see what if you will but i think. that's a story quote is so deep and yet they live there will build your oath i don't eat what the city is a meeting with you still see as usual with this is the time some of them in the us state yes she didn't wish us yet but sent them as look at it glance at that center we are all of that when you and me at this level of the iraqis level people national could or should be a war to what it will seal the deal gently of course that gave us a man so my body is not alive but you nor you can see what now style is the us
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national why don't you feel through which not just but there is no way i came across my go go to school are seen as kolkata by some so block us a lot about your thoughts about poor hawker ask both money and come down the cards u.s.b. chalets missed them celia which is typically up to thinking they did anything keeping up with the digital books in the campus and. your perception of what the pm suited your purpose. in this nation's mission there seems no mystery. with me. you know petitions. to consider. that's just nuts to.
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did you know this is for closure so much for and which makes you look we're going to believe. this is so cool can now. say. that those are all of the what national spartan are they didn't lose interest it's just great so does the will of my little sister of the great actualizes of the british people that you can the popes are going to keep typical or do that to push pull their skirts are. close to slower than we have thought oh my right is there
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what. really was the job i did. just for them but there are those. who know that it's just the news if you want to see more of the dig through the border they come up with new. stuff first is the loser. credit on moving the my bro sort of so some of the. human busy only three of them are sitting watching for packages to the store and what i'm wondering is that what took a push from. the players played it very well and at. noon you could tell you. joe got there what you wanted though i see it's the you. when you will need to supply me to open the i'm going to you knew were you. you should be sure you know with all my stuff.
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thank you. so. much. your new girl who. rules the group where your coach. you. don't want your jaw of sword in the saddle more so so we're. close paula said i want to go clearly strong with the list of the ones last. just to mention your lawyer with martin just told you earlier that. pushes your thumb with the stick you should do and i did wrong which was the were the other store choice.
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let's apply little. there are no arms. tickets on the news which i have cost me he said when you park as that is still very odd if you were shooting as a spoiler can both of you slaughter all of the chinese potions and running mcgonagall would be a little there was if you were given a neutral going to smile to use their special song they were using as a grouping of a couple of three of thirteen of them while you were in the world to teach us a little portion wasn't because i stored yutz up with. some just. a couple of courage to look. shocked at a. preschool to stumble across but. all the experts made a formal statement regarding the cause of the abnormal sleep episodes they stopped short of guaranteeing they'd be able to eliminate it that's why investigations as
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well as the relocation program for the residents of the village of color. continue . i says was it to. americans by the israeli unfortunately by financial support of some. countries in the. for making them unsafe you believed it. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin that my body gets and some bodies that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as
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a symbol of generosity no one does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it bursts the plasma through a burning or put the money on your car immediately after you get done half of all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma small conference in rome or the car and. one of the risks of a donation in it to them is prove that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations in it. if i would fly. over two years old he will go in the money using the for drugs and who runs the blood business.
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this footage is unique because there's a tribal lands on normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's this is his personal. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move sailing yacht some flying aircraft that just gets us all. know. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happened amazon. allergists so sis going to busy doing nothing is going to do the population. because he's going to people. in touch. with instant claims it doesn't prove i want to. give them some time. germany could be on track for the same coalition government
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before sept.


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