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tv   News  RT  November 28, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EST

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whenever you buy the russian product you're not just getting excellent quality. for the little bit of the surface will. look out for the special in the form. suspects under the age of eighteen faced terror charges in two european countries as a younger people become radicalized. amid fears of possible terror attacks during the upcoming holiday season european authorities use discretion when it comes to be think up security. they could be more american soldiers in syria and iraq that officially claimed that's according to new findings from of us think tank.
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a very warm welcome you are watching r.t. international gold casting to you live from the russian capital i'm neki aaron our top story this hour islamic states may be losing its hold over iraq and syria but it's still inspiring europeans and every younger ones at that to carry out attacks at home when a danish court has extended the sentence of a teenage girl who had been planning attacks in the country on monday she was given eighty years after initially being sentenced to six all the girl who has not been named was fifteen when she was arrested near copenhagen in january last year her family alerted police after becoming suspicious about chemicals they had seen in the basement of their home now during a search police found bomb making ingredients and notes expressing sympathy with
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the so-called islamic state evidence indicated she had been planning to attack her former primary school and a jewish school and a statement to the court revealed that since being jailed the girl had stopped a teacher with a broken mirror as laura smith explains there's been a growth of radicalized youngsters in europe seventeen year old boy in wales found guilty of. to ram a car into a crowd in the city of college if he apparently had several venues for this attack under consideration one of which was a shopping center another was a justin bieber concert so reminiscent old the teen that we saw attacked in manchester earlier this year. in his bedroom they found martyrdom in which he said that he was a soldier of the islamic state also a large knife and a how much in a bind police say that he was planning an attack similar to the westminster attack
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in which a man in a van rammed a crowd on westminster bridge and then got out and stabbed a police officer. he posted i still propagand on instagram and his instagram post would believe it or not was truck attack now this comes at the end of a year of terror in the u.k. which has seen a number of attacks including a failed attack on an underground station in pawson screen it turns out that full of the seven people arrested in connection with that attack was under the age of twenty five in the person who is ultimately being charged is just eighteen not all of those attacks were committed by youngsters but we do see a trend emerging one hundred seventeen people under the age of twenty five rested for terror offenses in the year up to the end of june two thousand and seventeen
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hauffe of those were in the seventeen to twenty age bracket and the all the hoff was slightly older twenty to twenty five some of those arrests of course didn't lead to charges but home office statistics do show a rise in the number of young people being convicted of terror offenses. with less than a month to go until christmas cities across europe are getting into the festive swing but with the threat of terror high authorities have come up with a way to maintain security without spoiling the atmosphere artie's poly boyko has the details festive trees aren't the only thing being installed in the run up to christmas on the streets of britain you're likely to see decorations christmas markets and an extra dose of concrete new security measures being put in place at festive markets across the country and steel barriers like these around london's winter wonderland are intended to protect pedestrians from ice still style truck
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attacks for anyone put off by all the steel and concrete this could be the answer or thirty's in the city of whole have come up with this novel way of dressing up their antiterrorist crash barriers london's metropolitan police have said that this year the public may see additional protective measures and security checks at festival vents around the capital and it's not just rings of steel and concrete permanent bollards like these have become common place they prevent cars and trucks from entering pedestrian zones and you feel a bit more sorry for seeing the police now when they were top of it ok so the extra security visibly makes you feel better. you know we just expect more security everywhere now it's just because that's just fortunately the way of the world. after the deadly terror attacks this year many in the u.k. are feeling vulnerable last week
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a security alert at london's oxford circus tube station triggered mass panic. action soon on your holiday is written in english french from the lebanese university believes it shows eisel is becoming desperate we will witness the. by terrorists in order to. prove their presence. prove their higher or grow their falls and that's why i believe based on the use of reports these precautions were taken by western governments fighting terror. directed against civilians arrests nor where they were nor government. ensured safety and security for each and every individual and they know that by targeting civilians dickens' per panic so the fight against terrorism i believe
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that it's a long struggle it's a multilevel struggle. the u.s. could have more forces in syria and iraq than it's admit now as according to findings by the think tank the us defense manpower data center its latest report suggests there are almost two thousand u.s. soldiers in syria washington officially claims is just over five hundred all in iraq the think tanks figures are more than three thousand higher the pentagon says the official figures quoted in the report were initial estimates including short term deployments and the rotation of troops well as middle east analyst alley risk why washington is holding back on the truth figures. the american public is exhausted it's against any increase in troop presence and so i think that the pentagon is very intent on keeping this message that it has a low level of troop presence in order not to you know to not to lead to an
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outburst or an outcry from the american public which as i said is very war weary and would be very much for the very much object to submit increase the american presence this wouldn't be the first time the u.s. has been unclear about its chip numbers in iraq and syria would it let's just remind ourselves as that previous sound bite we have. approximately. fifty thousand syrian or five thousand i'm sorry subverts i think it's all over four thousand u.s. troops in syria right now that are supporting efforts in. against. supporting the i think it's mostly related to the american public and the fact that that is exhausted with these wars and at the same time we do have generals a lot of generals who want to increase or who want to maybe would be more prone to pursuing military solutions where having
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a military build up in the foreign countries. more than two hundred afghani families are trapped in an open desert in the east of the country people had to flee their homes running from crossfire between the taliban and so-called islamic state militants now they live in makeshift tents in the desert with winter fast approaching a month and now they want the government and international forces to help us. we don't even have access to medical care. would cost us our lives our women and children are in a condition how can we live in these tents joining this cold winter. kurdish troops fighting in syria have said they'd have no problem joining government forces if they were allowed to form a federal state in the north of the country the statement comes after turkey claimed donald trump's promise to stop arming kurdish forces however there's apparently no clear position on the matter in the white house once we started
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winning the campaign against isis plan and part of the process is to always wind down support for certain groups and now that we're continuing to crush the physical caliphate that we're in a position to stop providing military equipment to certain groups kurdish forces have been successfully fighting islamic state in northern syria you can see who controls what's areas on this map the u.s. has long been providing the kurds with military equipment is something that is irritated washington's key nato ally turkey as r.t. is more of a county of explains. as the problem says you can't ride two horses with one back side makes sense right unfortunately it doesn't stop people from trying to support turkey in the first fight against terror and terror groups like isis and the p.k. k. the president authorized the department of fence to equip kurdish elements of the syrian democratic forces we should be using we should be doing whatever the reason
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is it is not something that is acceptable for our friends and nato ally turkey is an ally obviously a strong partner certainly over the specter and friends here's how it is to us allies the turks and the syrian kurds as sworn enemies washington has on the kurds to the teeth saying they need these weapons to fight the jihad ists and turkey sort of understood since when do you need to cooperate with one terrorist organization to fight another terrorist organization it's not the way a serious state should behave and it does not suit the united states so what next does the u.s. abandon one of its most trustworthy partners try to take back those guns the kurds are stupid they can play that game too there is no problem for our forces to join the syrian army if a new syrian constitution is drafted on
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a federal basis and the rights of all syrian parties are reserved this is a two pronged approach it's a warning to the u.s. we can dump you before you dump us and the message to actually give us what we want autonomy and we won't need the americans now we need and as a kurd i can say that our people want to build a syria. with no force or ethnic group dominating any other group i believe it is in the interests of the kurds as the second largest ethnic group to build on. federal service with the interests of the kurdish people would be in trying to allowing kurds to participate in parliament and join the army and all of the state institutions. a new constitution for syria is on the horizon russia iran and turkey backing the initiative but what the kurds get out of it is still up for debate. the us has never viewed the syrian democratic forces as partners
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unfortunately the us has only been using them to fight i saw him destroy iraq or i believe the alliance between the us and forces on the ground including the syrian kurdish groups in iraq has never been a true partnership the us provided assistance and weapons for self-defense purposes and for combating eisel with these agreements have never been linked to military action. which leaves us with the us and its two horses the trade the turks a valuable nato ally or betray the kurds in syria alternatively wait for them to betray the states it was the turkish foreign minister who said donald trump promised to cut military aid to the kurds when asked the u.s. led coalition about the issue and this is the response we received the coalition says it's committed to providing the syrian democratic forces with the support they need in order to defeat islamic state analyst nicholas davies believes washington's
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words shouldn't be taken at face value. i think we have to wait wait and see exactly what this means but at the same time we should be very conscious that most of the arming of rebel groups and syria by the u.s. and its allies what was done covertly so whatever they are saying publicly is not necessarily the whole story there's a lot of holes in that story that a big enough to drive. you know ships planes and trucks loaded with weapons through well back off this short break. here's what people have been saying about redacted in. the law. the only show i go out of my way to you know what it is that really packs
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a punch. is the john oliver of our three americas do the same. apparently better than. the sea people you've never heard of redacted the night president of the world bank very. seriously you sent us an e-mail. seems wrong why don't we just don't hold. any of you yet to see how this thing comes out to. and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back now the e.u. has voted to extend the license of a controversial weed killer produced by agricultural giants monsanto despite the products being linked to cancer and other health concerns eighteen countries including germany and poland voted in favor of the license renewal france and italy were among the nine against with only portugal abstaining the decision was met with protests outside the european commission in brussels. and i was livid. that. the cancer doesn't mean a pain because you. see the. third floor of the. earth. today we're
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standing here hoping to get a message through to the commission to young to specifically that democracy is standing behind a ban on going to see it because i don't choose to stand behind monsanto good visit or they can stand on the side of citizens opinion polling has been clear those that sign that you see i have been clear we want a ban on going to see that is where democracy guys have a choice the chemical in question and life a slate has been marketed is the world's most widely used herbicide here's how monsanto describes it in his promotional videos but what about their main active ingredient life estate is it harmful how does it work in addition to the u.s. e.p.a. regulatory agencies and more than one hundred sixty countries have approved place for state based products glyphosate is applied to leads once absorbed it travels to the roots where blocks a specific enzyme found in plants not animals or humans. got to say it is used mainly on food crops but also long public lawns and in forestry the world's health
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organizations council watchdog has raised concerns over the impact of this chemical on nature and humans labeling it as probably cause and agenda in the potential dangers field debate as if the e.u. devotes very concerned that this process is going to fully flawed there was sufficient evidence of cancer in animals and there were strong evidence for mechanisms that we know to be associated with carcinogens garble her lack of dry cleaning products burnt toast cold all issues which would be carcinogenic working night shifts cutting human hair sitting in front of a log far and eating processed meat if we are going to bend life on the strength of its carcinogenic risk don't you agree we have to ban these things as well for figure out smoking for example i'm telling you it's a hazard i'm not going to tell you how many cigarettes you must smoke in order to get cancer and i can confidently tell you that the story of the company's top
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selling chemical glaive to sate is not one of truth but one of deceit carefully calculated and choreographed deceit well asked and then m.e.p. for greece one of the countries that voted against the weed killers approval why the e.u. was in favor. pull the money and it's basically fairly gentle and you know it was sadly good to be believed by the failure of the big pharmaceutical in jericho. was the one which the big brother will say though it is tied to the days are still ahead for the people there are many. who will soon discard recently baby those constraints on the edge to. lead the nation be dishonorably digital which carefully people of the farmers as well of the goal schumer's of the bread that's the rebate with the usual. shape it's not
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a big deal for the government. five months after the worst residential fire in london in more than a century police have released their final findings over the number of deaths in the grenfell a tragedy in total is believed seventy one people were killed the apartment building was ablaze for around sixty hours with more than two hundred fifty firefighters battling to bring it under control after the tragedy hundreds of angry residents and activists storms the local town hall demanding a fair investigation into what happened but based investigative bureau redfish has made a documentary for our team where we hear the stories of those who claim they were failed by the state after the ground for disaster you can watch the full documentary on our channel on the fourth and fifth of december. i was born again for tower it was my home for twenty five years. the five on the forty two that i
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hold in our world. now that was the most heartbreaking thing i've ever seen in my life it was sight it was beyond traumatic you know we will felt by the state before and after the fire. when food changed everything it's all politics now. and how we can take power. if we continue to stand and make the noise and not shut people out we can change this community. we need to realize that collectively we have real power we real real power to shape our destinies and to be artisans of all so we need to seize these opportunities and move. to. the u.s. and south korea will be conducting
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a major military exercise near the north korean border next week russia has voiced concerns over the jewels which will involve around twelve thousand american soldiers and if it isn't so with the latest what has been donald trump's approach to sorting out the north korea crisis in a nutshell all options remain on the table second option not a preferred option they will be met with fire and fury do not underestimate us and do not try this the distance from here to the border with north korea is only about forty kilometers and once you end up in seoul which is well in the firing range of kim's artillery you can't help looking at that rhetoric from a different perspective especially if there is what you'd call a totally different approach. is absolutely no alternative to dialogue but in order to start a dialogue everyone has to stop take a deep breath and
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a step back from the red line which will. so why can we hope that the only option according to moscow will prevail well the south korean capital is hosting a washington valdai discussion club conference where local officials and experts have. gathered to hear what the russian diplomats and researchers have come up with so russia's been saying hey we've got a plan step one north korea should completely halt its missile and nuclear tests for the u.s. that means and ends to almost nonstop war games with seoul moscow calls it a double freeze step two might be very tough direct talks between washington and pyongyang on rules of peaceful coexistence and finally they should lead to step three establishing a security framework for the entire region with every player involved. doors are closed for the main session and one of the south korean officials who is taking
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part is the president's advisor for foreign policy. what do you think about the russian road map i think that the proposal is very realistic flexible i hope. and your cage in the pentagon winter olympic all the parties concerned between particularly between nelson selves who do come up with the most at risk rest reigning behavior do you think it's enough in this case of course not enough in the day should to be some new initiative to create and sustain the senate and the implication that donald trump keeps saying that all options are on the table north korean knew that the military option it's always under the table. by putting the military option and on the table. it's not likely change you know screen behavior as the advisor of the south korean president
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what do you tell them about the drills no you know i personally in a favor engagement dialogue and negotiation with north korea and some people in the government may have different ideas that brings us to why the russian road map may never actually work. because i think most korean politicians believe the trills must be pursued for a defense of now we're not canceling u.s. korean exercises we just want to postpone for the olympics. others openly reject moscow's plan like the neighbors in tokyo who simply can't imagine security without the drills with their allies so for now south koreans have no other choice but to welcome us raptors in co for the vigilance ace war games oh that's just in a few days anyway for those who live in seoul or who are here to talk about keeping the peace in korea that's something to bear in mind be it for war games or. for real strikes that would put millions of lives at risk the decision to send let's
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say warplanes to the korean skies may depend on one single man miles and miles away on the other side of the pacific. but drills will be going ahead despite a low end military activity from the north the regime has conducted no miss silo a nuclear bomb tests since september erik's that it can from the national campaign to end the korean war gave us his take on the situation at a time in which there is this standoff and this misunderstanding and lack of communication creates a very volatile situation it may be seem somehow as intimidating but these have never worked the proposal that anyone who cares about peace in the region is putting forth right now is that these military options are not realistic and you need to sit down at the table and when they do those exercises something could be mistaken as invasion something could be mistaken as live attacks and such
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and so we put the millions and millions of people in the sole area in south korea and japan and other places that risk this seems like folly and foolishness when we have such a volatile situation. that with all the latest at the top of the hour so i mean a. little time. top. hat.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so well more chimes for. the base this minute. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out to caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you
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i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters in mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to him now because there are no other takers. to lame that mainstream media has met its maker. and.


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