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tv   News  RT  November 28, 2017 9:00am-9:28am EST

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look suspicious. suspects under the age of eighteen faced terror charges in two european countries as ever younger people become radicalized. amid fears of possible terror attacks during the upcoming holiday season and european authorities use discretion when it comes to be saying that security. they could be more american soldiers in syria and iraq than officially claimed us according to new findings from the us. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me the key aaron good to have you with us the top story this hour islamic state may be losing its hold over iraq and syria but it's still
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inspiring europeans and the younger ones at that stick to carry out attacks at home now a danish court has extended the sentence of a teenage girl who'd been planning bomb attacks in the country on monday she was given eighty years after initially being sentenced to six but girl who has not been named was fifteen when she was arrested near copenhagen in january last year her family alerted police after becoming suspicious about chemicals that found in the basement of their home during a search police found a bomb making ingredients and note expressing sympathy with the so-called islamic state evidence indicated she planned to attack her former primary school and a jewish school in a statement to the court revealed that since being jailed the girl had stabbed a teacher with a broken mirror as laura smith explains there's been a growth of radicalized youngsters in europe seventeen year old boy in wales
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found guilty of planning to ram a car into a crowd in the city of cardiff he apparently had served. venue's for this attack under consideration one of which was the shopping center another was a justin bieber concert so reminiscent told the teen that we saw attacked in manchester earlier this year. in his bedroom they found martyrdom in which he said he was a soldier of the islamic state also a large knife and how much by police say that he was planning an attack similar to the westminster attack in which a man in a van rammed a crowd of westminster bridge and then got out and stabbed a police officer. he posted i still propaganda on instagram and his instagram post would believe it or
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not was truck attack now this comes at the end of a year of terror in the u.k. which has seen a number of attacks including a failed attack on an underground station in parsons green it turns out the full of the seven people arrested in connection with that attack was under the age of twenty five in the person who is ultimately being charged is just eighteen not all of those attacks were committed by youngsters but we do see a trend emerging one hundred seventeen people under the age of twenty five rested for terror offenses in the year up to the end of june two thousand and seventeen hauffe of those were in the seventeen to twenty age bracket and the all the hoff was slightly older twenty to twenty five some of those arrests of course didn't lead to charges but home office to cystic show a rise in the number of young people being convicted of terror offenses. with less than a month to go and so christmas cities across europe are getting into the festive
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swing but with the threat of terror ha it all thora to use of come up with a way to maintain security without spoiling the atmosphere polly boyko has the details festive trees aren't the only thing being installed in the run up to christmas on the streets of britain you're likely to see decorations christmas markets and an extra dose of concrete new security measures being put in place at festive markets across the country and steel barriers like these around london's winter wonderland are intended to protect pedestrians from ice still style truck attacks for anyone put off by all the steel and concrete this could be the answer or thirty's in the city of whole have come up with this novel way of dressing up their anti terror crash barriers london's metropolitan police have said that this year the public may see additional protective measures and security checks at
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festival vents around the capital and it's not just rings of steel and concrete permanent bollards like these have become common place they prevent cars and trucks from entering pedestrians those you feel a bit more sorry for seeing the police knowing that they were top of it ok so the extra security visibly makes you feel better. you know we just expect more security everywhere now it's just because that's just fortunately the way of the world. after the deadly terror attacks this year many in the u.k. are feeling vulnerable last week a security alert at london's oxford circus sheep station triggered mass panic. nine people were injured when crowds ran to escape what they believed to be gunshots. after a security lockdown the incident turned out to be
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a false alarm as well as an illustration of just how nervous many a feeling this festive season. please r.t. london. throughout europe measures have been taken to secure christmas markets concrete blocks have been installed in berlin munich budapest and a number of other cities meanwhile are pictures spread online of an islamic state fighter brandishing a knife with the caption soon on your holiday is written in english french and german to discuss the issue we cannot cross live to our guest graham or political commentator and leader of the whites pendragon constitutional group good to have you on the program mr moore now let's talk about this picture that's been spread online suggesting that attacks are coming for the holidays how much should we read into this apparent threat. well as with all forms of terrorism ease
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a psychological. indoctrination of the people with their choice for so just to let people know. most people from the majority of this country are safe from terrorism but this is the type of thing that they use in psychology this is the chopper thing that i will push outs of pople just to give you an example to why pendragons held the constitution or when they study the german christmas market in just last weekend and the people there was listening to is talking about christianity talking about five talking about constitution and the mine thing is to get out there reassure people that all of the attacks on christian far off and on now christiane on our nation they are all so i could. bicycle a you just go or ignore him because he ended a dog i would never
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a cow on off as a playboy or not. to mind porn online now i've seen them images of all these extra still posting concrete blocks that but it will be extra security measures then europe and especially britain really protects against a determined terrorist. well they also said that if you called me to protect it i say anyone who is determined whether it be a thief a thief in annoy someone stayed in a mother saw whatever it is if someone is determined to carry out a criminal acts and we must remember old times terrorism is mccraw on the album across the murda it goes against the christian faith and terrorism is a crime that's the mind thing in nature remember what were the size of a back to the coast a church and a social thinking on the sidelines and yeah they're all barriers all of these
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things but if i all determined to kill you. it doesn't modo but what you know now is sit back and enjoy christmas what i want is you to be in fear of our christmas out traditions and what ways science of people has done you know you need to look no loss no home no injury and once you've done that once you look at constitution what it stands for once you look at what they said terrorists ultron it to you will understand that we have protection mechanisms the there will always have to think be europe's the authorities have learned from that pos mistakes or do you think there's still more that they can be done to protect people . that's a good question. have you learned from the polish mistakes definitely not. there was a situation in europe well i'll still flooding. into this country but then there is
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a secondary element in this country in particular where mosques and particularly the mosques are funded by was. funded by saudi arabia and other groups including iran though my out. when that these people are teaching violence and teaching violence a guy by you regard me as which is a christian i kufa. viol still allow that to be taught and now we've got a period that will have to go through in this country we first of all we need to stop it we need to stop the ritual coming from the mosques from there my mom's from them off base we need to close down the most if you won't seen through a pop any pop in england and that was in particular produce seen violence of any the police would walk up and close it down no questions
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asked you've lost your last it's gone what we've got a situation here these are the people who are all born here all british are english well sure irish while being doctrine i eat a very young age to heights and that situation happened in nov an island happened between the catholics for example and the pro distance and the height was bred into him is children generations to break that back out of them and now go place we have got a situation in northern ireland where we haven't got that violence where the troubles have gone and that but they haven't done it i haven't stopped that and i need to stop it. i think graham all political commentator and meet of the whites pendragon constitutional thank you for coming in r.t. and sharing your thoughts with. well the u.s. could have more forces in syria and iraq than is it mix that's according to
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findings by the think tank the us defense among power data center and its latest report it suggests there are almost two thousand u.s. soldiers in syria washington officially claims is just over five hundred all in iraq the think tanks figures are more than three thousand higher the pentagon says the official figures quoted in the report were only initial estimates. the d.m. d.c. numbers are not the official deployment count the numbers that we provided the approximately five hundred in syria and possibly five thousand in iraq is the official deployment count we asked middle middle east analyst early risk why washington is holding back on the tree figure. the american public has exhausted its against any increase in troop presence and so i think that the pentagon is very intent on keeping this message that it has a low level of troop presence in order not to not to lead to an outburst
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or an outcry from the american public which as i said is very war weary and would be very much for the very much object to submit increased american presence it wouldn't be the first time the u.s. has been unclear about its chip numbers in iraq in syria would it let's just remind ourselves of a previous soundbite we have. approximately. fifty thousand syrian or five thousand i'm sorry subverts i think it's a lower four thousand u.s. troops in syria right now that are supporting efforts in. against. supporting the u.s. do you think it's mostly related to the american public and the fact that the exhausted with these wars at the same time we do have generals a lot of generals who want to increase or who want to maybe would be more prone to pursuing military solutions where having the military build up in the foreign
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countries well in two hundred afghani families are trapped in open desert in the east of the country people had to flee their homes running from crossfire between the taliban and so-called islamic state militants now they live in makeshift tents in the desert with winter fast approaching. other than now they want we call on the government and international forces to help us. we don't even have access to medical care but going back would cost us our lives our women and children are in a bad condition how can we live in these tents during this cold winter could his troops fighting in syria have said that have no problem joining claims donald trump's promised the first certain groups and now that we're continuing to crush the physical caliphate that we're in a position to stop providing military equipment something that the air is hated washington is king nato ally turkey i thought is more account of explains. as the proverb says you can't ride two horses with one back side makes sense right
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unfortunately it doesn't stop people from trying the president authorized or part of a fence is not something that is acceptable for our friend certainly over the specter and for his arm the kurds to see turkey sort of two pronged approach it's a warning to the u.s. we can dump you before you dump us and the message to ash sad give us what we want autonomy and we won't need the americans now you need and as a kurd i can say that our people want to build a serious series with no force or ethnic groups dominating any other group i believe it is in the interests of the kurds is the second largest ethnic group in syria to build a new multi-party federal syria with the interests of the kurdish people would be in trying to think you should allowing kurds to participate in parliament and join the army and all of the state institutions. a new constitution for syria is on the
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horizon russia iran and turkey backing the initiative but what the kurds get out of it is still up for debate. the us has never viewed the syrian democratic forces as partners unfortunately the us has only been using them to fight i saw him destroy iraq or i believe the alliance between the us and forces on the ground including the s.d.f. in syria and kurdish groups in iraq has never been a true partnership the us provided assistance and weapons for self-defense purposes and for combating eisel but these agreements have never been linked to military action. which leaves us with the u.s. and its two horses the true the turks are valuable nato allies were true the kurds there in syria alternatively we had for them to betray the states it was the turkish foreign minister who said donald trump had promised to cut military aid to the kurds we asked the u.s.
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led coalition about the issue and this was the response we received the coalition says it's committed to providing the syrian democratic forces with the support they need in order to defeat islamic state analyst nicholas davies believes washington's words shouldn't be taken at face value i think we have to wait wait and see exactly what this means but at the same time we should be very conscious that most of the arming of the rebel groups in syria by the u.s. and its allies were was done covertly so whatever they are saying publicly is not necessarily the whole story there's a lot of holes in that story that are big enough to drive. you know ships planes and trucks loaded with weapons through. the agricultural giant ones santo is in the limelight again as the e.u. commission votes in favor of a license extension for weed killer that's linked to cancer we have all the details
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for you right after this break. well before. the dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to do socks for the tell you that will be gossip and probably myself. off the bat as he tells me you are not cool enough to buy your product. although hawkes for me along the border. is doing an actual job it's like basically it's like the euthanasia clinic tromp is the euthanasia doctor america is being euthanized and he's doing in a way where it's the least amount of pain but that's not that's not cruel i mean
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he's doing that as a good euthanasia just he's doing things the cruel free what. they use voted to extend the license of a conjurer cultural giant monsanto just by the product being linked to candy in countries including germany and poland voted in favor of the law you were among the nine against with only portugal abstaining a decision with met with protests outside the european commission in brussels. it leaves. the cancer doesn't mean anything.
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for you to see that serves your overall. today we're standing here hoping to get a message through to the commission to younger and to specifically that democracy is standing behind a ban on privacy it's because i don't choose to stand behind monsanto got to say it or they can stand on the side of citizen's opinion polling has been clear those that sign that you see i have been clear we want a ban on good to see that is where democracy buys. the chemical in question and life a sate has been marketed as the world's most widely used herbicide here's how monsanto describes it in its promotional videos but what about their main active ingredient life estate is it harmful how does it work in addition to the u.s. e.p.a. regulatory agencies in more than one hundred sixty countries have approved places a base product places it is applied to leads once absorbed it travels to the roots
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blocks a specific enzyme found in plants not animals or humans. but if a state is used mainly on flight health organizations council watchdog has raised concerns over the impact of this chemical on nature or mechanisms that we know to be associated with carcinogens garble hair lacquer dry cleaning products burnt toast cold all issues which would be carcinogenic working night shifts touching human hair sitting in front of a log far and eating processed meat if we are going to band life straight on the strength of its carcinogenic risk don't you agree we have to ban these things as well for for figure out smoking for example i'm telling you it's a hazard i'm not going to tell you how many cigarettes of the company's top selling chemical gleiser say is not one of truth but one of deceit carefully calculated and choreographed deceit wellston i may pay for greece one of the countries that voted against the weed killers approval why the e.u.
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was in favor. funnel the money and it's basically for the legion of you local settlers good to be bullied by the bigger the bigger the mushy to go and give it. a little more seed what was the late brother sort of look. at the days are still ahead for the people there are many. nice guy but it's a great baby there's going to generals on the edge. look he's a big if you're of the nature. of these report which carefully people of the farmers as one of the goals schumer's of the brother it's that will be made with the usual local state is not a big deal for the government well enough to hear your thoughts and that's a story so i didn't get in touch by following us on facebook and twitter up about the latest headlines about thirty minutes time about.
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the fact that it was not easy to. see. that. when your make its manufacture consent to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round the sun be the one percent.
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we can all middle of the room sick. to lose the real news room. this footage is unique because there's only a tribal lens on normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's this is his personal doctor. people here know him simply is dr eric he's rich and famous some always on the move saving your old son flying aircraft to get the sounds of. the home. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening amazon. allergies so since we're going to brazil and
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nothing's going to do the population lachrymose is going to keep people from momma's on. the top. i'm beyond that you need this is boom but broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. coming up we'll hear from one company trying to disrupt the multibillion dollar mittens market in cuba and arcade correspondent peter oliver tells us how paris went over the banking authority post brock's that a person let's get to the story is topping today's headlines. it's no secret that
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china has a problem when it comes to debt all the. government has promised to issue reforms and rein it in and analysis from reuters suggests that has yet to happen by the end of september the debt at over two thousand chinese companies jumped twenty three percent from a year ago and that only covers about three fifths of the country's firms the report follows a now famous comment from china's central bank chief at october is national congress where he warned of a minsky moment it was a direct reference to a collapse in asset prices after a long periods of growth fueled by debt in december policymakers will gather again for the central economic work conference at the annual meeting they're expected to balance the debt efforts with growth expectations. and bitcoin just keeps hitting record highs hours after passing the ninety four hundred mark on monday the cryptocurrency climbed to nine thousand seven hundred twenty nine dollars and seventy two cents according to data on coin base which is the biggest bitcoin exchange in the u.s.
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one hundred thousand accounts were added between wednesday and friday of last week that brings the total to thirteen point one million accounts double the amount from a year ago the surge is widely considered to have been retail driven although it also follows big news from c.m.e. group by the second week of december c.m.e. will list futures which is seen by many as a step toward making the digital currency as a legitimate asset class so far it's risen over eight hundred percent from the beginning of two thousand and seventeen. i. speaking of cryptocurrency one canada based company is hoping to create its own point to disrupt the global remittance market but right now the firm has to eye on cuba and the greater caribbean region to hear more about this we're joined now by steve marshall c.e.o. of cuba ventures corp steve your company just announced the creation of the block chain based mobile app were valued paid to target cuba's three point four. billion
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dollar remittance market including it's own crypto currency so how is that supposed to work when only a small portion of the population in cuba has decent access to the internet. well that's one of the fallacies with regard to cuba right now what you have is a situation where the the national telephone company is has a g.s. seven network which is internet capable and we also have the situation where they're having installations in homes. so we know there's a lot of competition now western union seems to be the king pin of rim.
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