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north korea conducts a ballistic missile test japan claims that it came down just two hundred kilometers of its coast. but its government is to receive a helping hand from media giants facebook and twitter to look into alleged russian interference in last year's regs that vote. i. mean. president has met with protests in bikinis past so while students also grill him over the presence of french troops in the country. thanks so much for joining us once again here in the russian capital money this is
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r.t. international. breaking news because north korea has conducted a ballistic missile test for the first time since september sponsors of the missile flew for fifty minutes and that it came down two hundred kilometers off its coast but did not pass over japanese territory trying to reports from seoul. it was deep into the night pretty much both koreas were asleep when we found out about what is the latest ballistic missile tests by young yang according to estimates by the japanese military and also the pentagon the missile flew for about one thousand kilometers and landed in the sea of japan without causing any harm initially the location of where it touched down or the time was unclear but then the japanese prime minister's office tweeted that indeed a missile was launched from north korea and it landed somewhere and the exclusive
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economic zone of japan i'll be putting it mildly if i say that such launches put governments in the region on high alert cabinet crisis team of the japanese government was immediately summoned as a result of this according to the south korean military their response was a for cision strike missile exercise the u.s. president donald trump was immediately briefed on the situation while the missile was still in the air well it didn't take long for the u.s. leader to come up with reaction to this latest on the missile was launched. a little while ago from korea i won't tell you take care of it we have general most in the room with us and kind of discussion. it is a situation that we will have as it is often the case with pyongyang is ballistic missile test the reaction to it from with all the international players is not going to be time more important than the launch itself so we'll be watching out for
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that. but speaking now to talk to some unction she's from the korea pace simone we just heard it mentioned there is the first north korean missile test in september any significance in the timing. i think that the significance of timing in terms of coming major japan united states and south. joint military exercises which will be scheduled around december fourth and december eighth it is stopped as a visual an ace but it can. trigger the second korean war korean war if not threat of that raising threat of nuclear over and it is it will include any inflict ration and precision strike drills and also it will include a major air base in central thousand soldiers and two hundred aircrafts and six
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stilt bomber and you'll be also the first time that the combined forces of twenty two and twenty five will be mobilized and i think that the north korea is responding to an unprecedented another major a war again united states japan and south korea and as you pointed out that this is a timing it's a horrible because north korea has not launched a new ballistic missile or a new nuclear testing for the war against two months and it has first consistently stated any nuclear missile launch or nuclear testing for not create is for deterrence it will not engage in it will not start a war unless it is a quote so what the timing is i think the response of the upcoming major military joint exercises among those three countries if north korea feels about those coming military maneuvers i mean do you think that this is potentially
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a dangerous situation going on. it is a very dangerous situation as you know a very non she's dorian kernan historian coming of last week pointed out there are all dark korean war has not just. interrupted and system without ending it right now with that we have a major war he called in a matter of a power against waiting to strike north korea so i think the west should be really kind to doug schoen his death. increase unprecedented an incredible heightening of tension by united states japan and south korea in stone of opting for diplomacy and also even accepting the proposal that has been proposed by russia and china that is double freezed and united states and south korea and japan has not really move forward so that is what really needs we need to pay attention to you.
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commenting on the test president trump said that quote he will take care of it it's pretty vague what do you think he will do. i think that has been has been taking she so you will take charge of would i not but i think my guest and he's still not going to call for and diplomacy i think she will do exactly what it has been doing increasing tension and selling more weapons and the more rounds of all war games one hopes that he finally realized that his approach is not working and it's time for our diplomacy and more than eighty percent of the korean support diplomacy and many renowned things a respect a lot more economic curse also support diplomacy. more than eighty percent americans of consistently express their support for diplomacy so it's time for trumps really to go for diplomacy. u.s. defense. went higher than any previous launch it begs the question just how far
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can north cruise missiles go to capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. i think there are going as the experts. argue no matter what you know you are so not going to will be able to develop such muscle. muscle that having rich parts of the united states it is of not going to has made a very significant progress i think it's just a possibility which is reason why the timing is so important this is timed and we can stop it we can freeze all the testing and then we can stuff north korea to cover any progress the north korea has made and in return you know if there is. not yet what north korea wants just stop hostility towards north korea a nation that's what north korea wants united states start asking united states hostility and north korea will will take a step by step benchley we're going to war it that chicken got all of that you
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nuclear. korea announced last also north east asia it's known appreciate you coming on and giving us your views my guests talk to simone children from the career piece that would thank you thank you. let's move on now to news coming out of africa because a manual michael is a man who is there on a three day tour of the continent kicked off of the kenya fast so the french president didn't get the warmest of welcomes. rally. the american. was was written auction is in paris for r t would the latest on president micron's africa talk. wasn't told smooth and read about cohen's trip to africa started with an attempted attack on french troops on
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the ground a security source told reporters that a grenade was thrown to military car and although it wasn't hate the mass h. was very clear the president was not very welcomed on the african soil and as anyone not for me said that he was from the generation that would not tell africans what to do all of that sounded very positive and very promising but apparently something went wrong because of france's president didn't tell africans what to do and on several occasions first while speaking about trafficking problems in northern africa and then micron was meeting students of one the local universities and he put responsibility blame in local people for this problem let's take a listen. you believe a big thing who are the traffickers africans my friends in africa ask yourselves
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the question is not the french or the traffickers it's the africa also the france's president lost his temper another time one this is another deployment of an african student about the number of african students in runs comparing to the number of african of french troops in africa this is what he said look at the global you may have a grandfather who came to fight to help friends when it was attacked in one thousand nine hundred fourteen to eighteen or nineteen thirty nine to forty five we need to look at this shared history but don't talk to me like that about the french soldiers if you don't go there for it so just anything but this applaud. this question highlight brode issue the and that criticism among local population of french troops stationed on the ground in africa because of negative incidents with gregg's fall in the. out rangers one promises to it's literally over
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child abuse allegations and there was just one of the examples they were many of them in several african countries so friends president reaction to this question was quite surprising than anything taking the president actually away from the initial mission of this tree but the journey still goes on and experts now say that the president might have time to clarify his position and to go back to his initial positive mission to build new bridges with africa and many financial interests this isn't the first incident of abuse by french troops central african republic has seen cases of rape by french soldiers with reports of local minors suffering sexual assaults but in two thousand and sixteen several victims who asked not to be identified stories botha's when i was thirteen at that time i saw oranges and french troops asked me to bring them to
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a room in their base when i entered it one of them jumped on means there was nothing else because. i was fifteen and the song french troops hours they take all trays once they asked me to take them to the tank when i got there they seized me and raped me right there. for i know children who socialized with french troops because they played football volleyball with the kids that's when most of the rooms happened and. media giants facebook and twitter have agreed to help the british government look into alleged russian interference in last year's briggs vote with the latest here's artes. house of commons media watchdog wants to know what russia's influence has been in particular in the brig's at referendum they've been requested by the house of commons to speak and give any evidence as to alleged russian interference in the company's include facebook and
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twitter and those companies have said that they will hand over information relating to so-called russian backed accounts talk of alleged russian interference in the brags that process has got more and more intense with british politicians increasingly being critical of russia given the widespread public concern over foreign and particularly russian interference in western democracies will sure sure this house but the government and the electoral commission will examine these reports very carefully and reassure our country that all of the resources spent in the referendum from permissible sources we must be open night about the actions of hostile states like russia who threaten the potential presence of eastern neighborhood and who try to tear our collective strength apart and i'm looking forward today to with new commitments from european countries to working together
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to tackle these shared challenges in both security and development all of this very hostile kind of rhetoric about russia comes in the light of the break that negotiations which have been going on between the u.k. and the european union and they haven't been going very well and just late last week we saw the e.u. giving the u.k. a ten day deadline to get issues like the northern ireland border sorted out and some critics say that this is a way for the prime minister to distract from those difficulties and even divisions within her own party as well on the issue of drugs that are not best nothing better to be. flecks that but a recent speech where she made repeated references to russia chief among those today of course is russia but it is russia's actions russia's illegal onix ation of crimea so i have a very simple message for russia because we know there's
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a strong and prosperous russia russia has the reach and the responsibility russia can russia does not to secure the best possible brics it now facebook say that very will respond with their information to the committee by early december while twitter says it will respond in the coming weeks and their findings and gary he's the managing editor at the iran dot com told us the british government is using russia as a distraction from real problems. and we'll probably see oh brags it is invalid because of russia in the same way donald trump is invalid because of russia it's really quite pathetic it's a carbon copy of what happened in the us instead of talking about jobs instead of talking about national politics versus identity politics outsourcing versus investment it's just russia russia russia russia we've all heard of looking for a needle in a haystack this is a bit more like looking into the eye of
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a needle and trying to find a haystack there it really is total nonsense it's another distraction that failing politicians are putting forward to confuse people about the nature of why things are being run so terribly. may be losing its hold over iraq and syria but it's still inspiring europeans and the younger ones at that to carry out attacks at home danish court has extended the sentence of a teenage girl and she'd been planning bomb attacks in the country on monday she was given eight years in prison after initially being sentenced to six girl who's not been named was fifteen when she was arrested near copenhagen in january of last year a family alerted the police after they became suspicious about chemicals that they'd seen in the basement of their home that during a search the police found bomb making gradients and notes that express sympathy with islamic state evidence indicated that she planned to attack
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a former primary school and a jewish school in a statement the court revealed that since being jailed the girl had stabbed a teacher with a broken mirror that it will smith explains there's been a growth of radicalized youngsters across europe. seventeen year old boy in wales found guilty of planning to ram a car into a crowd in the city of college if he apparently had several venues for this attack under consideration one of which was a shopping center another was a justin bieber concert so reminiscent told the teen that we saw attacked in manchester earlier this year. in his bedroom they found martyrdom in which he said that he was a soldier of the islamic state also a large knife and a hammer in a five police say that he was planning an attack similar to the westminster attack in which a man in a van rammed
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a crowd of westminster bridge and then got out and stabbed a police officer. he posted i still propaganda on instagram and his instagram posts were believe it or not it was truck attack now this comes at the end of a year of terror in the u.k. which has seen a number of attacks including a failed attack on an underground station in pawson screen it turns out the full of the seven people arrested in connection with that attack was under the age of twenty five in the person who is ultimately being charged is just eighteen not all of those attacks were committed by youngsters but we do see a trend emerging one hundred seventeen people under the age of twenty five rested for terror offenses in the year up to the end of june two thousand and seventeen hauffe of those were in the seventeen to twenty age bracket and the other half was
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slightly older twenty to twenty five some of those arrests of course didn't lead to charges but home office desisted show a rise in the number of young people being convicted of terror offenses. now less than a month ago to christmas cities across europe are getting into the festive swing but with the threat of terrorism high authorities of come up with a way to maintain security without spoiling the atmosphere explains. festive trees aren't the only thing being installed in the run up to christmas on the streets of britain you're likely to see decorations christmas markets and an extra dose of concrete new security measures being put in place at festive markets across the country and steel barriers like these around london's winter wonderland are intended to protect pedestrians from ice still style truck attacks for anyone put
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off by all the steel and concrete this could be the answer or thirty's in the city of whole have come up with this novel way of dressing up their anti terror crash barriers london's metropolitan police have said that this year the public may see additional protective measures and security checks at festival vents around the capital and it's not just rings of steel and concrete permanent bollards like these have become common place they prevent cars and trucks from entering pedestrians though is you feel a bit more cipher seeing the police now when they were top of it ok so the extra security visibly makes you feel better. you know we just expect more security everywhere now it's just because that's just fortunately the way of the world. after the deadly terror attacks this year many in the u.k. are feeling vulnerable last week a security alert at london's oxford circus tube station triggered mass panic.
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nine people were injured when crowds ran to escape what they believed to be gunshots after a security lockdown the incident turned out to be a false alarm as well as an illustration of just how nervous many a feeling this festive season. europe measures have been taken to secure christmas markets concrete blocks have been installed in berlin munich budapest and several other cities. meanwhile a picture has spread online of an islamic state fighter brandishing a knife and it comes with the caption soon on your holidays it's written in english french and german he spoke to political commentator graham moore who believes that if a terrorist is determined to carry out an attack and putting up barriers won't help
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because the situation in europe where they are still flooded in my currents into this country you can't really protect against anyone who is determined whether it be a faith a faith in annoy someone staying in a mother so i call whatever it is if someone is determined to carry out our criminal acts and we must remember all the times terrorism is the ultimate crime the old mcroy is murder it goes against the christian faith and terrorism is a crime that's the main thing in each remember what we revert back to the constitution as all start thinking on the sidelines and yeah there are barriers up there all of these things but the term mean to cure you will cure you it doesn't modo but what you know now is sit back and enjoy our christmas what i want is you to be in
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free our our christmas our traditions. kurdish forces fighting in syria has said that they would be willing to fight for the government if they can form their own federal state in the north of the country and that statement comes after turkey claimed donald trump a promise to stop arming kurdish forces but there's apparently no clear position on the matter in the white house. once we started winning that campaign against isis the plan and part of the process is to always wind down support for certain groups and now that we're continuing to crush the physical caliphate that we're in a position to stop providing military equipment to certain groups. could have been successfully fighting islamic state in northern syria. can see who controls which areas the u.s. is providing the kurds with military equipment despite protests from turkey against the explains. there's the problem says you can't ride two horses with one back side
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makes sense right unfortunately it doesn't stop people from trying to support turkey in the first fight against terror and terror groups like isis and the p.k. k. the president authorized the department offense to acquit kurdish elements of the syrian democratic forces we should be using we should be doing whatever the reason is it is not something that is acceptable for our friends and nato ally turkey is an ally obviously a strong partner certainly with respect and a friend here's how it is to us allies the turks and the syrian kurds as sworn enemies washington has on the kurds to the teeth saying they need these weapons to fight the jihad ists and turkey sort of understood. when do you need to cooperate with one terrorist organization to fight another terrorist organization it's not the way a serious state should behave and it does not suit the united states so what next
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does the u.s. abandon one of its most trustworthy partners try to take back those guns the kurds are stupid they can play that game too there is no problem for our forces to join the syrian army if a new syrian constitution is drafted on a federal basis and the rights of all syrian parties are reserved this is a two pronged approach it's a warning to the u.s. we can dump you before you dump us and the message to ash sad give us what we want autonomy and we won't need the americans now you need and as a kurd i can say that our people want to build a syria in syria with no force or ethnic group dominating any other group i believe it is in the interests of the kurds as the second largest ethnic group in syria to build a multi-party federal syria with the interests of the kurdish people would be enshrined
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in fusion allowing kurds to participate in parliament and join the army in all of the state institutions. a new constitution for syria is on the horizon russia iran and turkey backing the initiative but what the kurds get out of it is still up for debate america the us has never viewed the syrian democratic forces as partners unfortunately the u.s. has only been using them to fight i saw him destroy iraq i believe the alliance between the us and forces on the ground including the s.d.f. in syria and kurdish groups in iraq has never been a true partnership with the us provided assistance and weapons for self-defense purposes and for combating nicely with these agreements have never been linked to military action. which leaves us with the us and its two horses the trade the turks a valuable nato ally or betray the kurds their ace in syria alternatively wait for
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them to betray the states. they use voted to extend the license of a controversial weed killer produced by agricultural giant monsanto spotted probably linked to cancer and other health problems eighteen countries including germany and poland voted in favor of license renewal france and italy were among the nine against with only portugal abstaining the decision was met with protest outside the european commission in brussels. you know i would leave it up i have. cancer doesn't mean anything. for you. after the. third year of all this. today we're standing here hoping to get a message through to the commission to younger and to specifically that democracy
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is standing behind a ban on going to see it because i don't choose to stand behind monsanto and go visit or they can stand on the side of citizens opinion polling has been clear those that sign that you see i have been clear we want a ban on going to see that is where democracy buys they have a choice the chemical in question is life saved has been marketed is the world's most widely used herbicide and here's how monsanto describes it in its promotional videos but what about their main active ingredient. is it harmful how does it work in addition to the u.s. e.p.a. regulatory agencies in more than one hundred sixty countries have approved play for state based products like the state is applied to once absorbed it travels to the roots where plaques a specific enzyme found in plants not animals or humans. live say she's mainly on food crops but also on public lawns and in forestry health organizations council watchdog raised concerns over the impact of the chemical on nature and
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humans labeling it is probably carcinogenic the potential dangers fuel debate ahead of the e.u. vote. very concerned that this process is scientifically flawed there was sufficient evidence of cancer in animals and there were strong evidence for mechanisms that we know to be associated with carcinogens garble hair lacquer dry cleaning products burnt toast cold all issues which would be carcinogenic working night shifts cutting human hair sitting in front of a log far and eating processed meat if we are going to band life slate on the strength of it's carcinogenic risk don't you agree we have to ban these things as well for for figure eight smoking for example i'm telling you it's a hazard i'm not going to tell you how many cigarettes you must smoke in order to get cancer and i can confidently tell you that the story of the company's top selling chemical gleick to sate is not one of truth but one of deceit carefully calculated and choreographed deceit. we asked and i mean pay for greece one of the
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countries they voted against that we'd kill his approval why the e.u. was in favor for who might be in the space if you thought it would be suitable you know it was so good to be bullied by your big pharma should you go and. do what was the big brother. who is. going to look you should be. sure we did. with careful people of the farmers.


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