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tv   News  RT  November 28, 2017 9:00pm-9:13pm EST

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weapons tests launching what the pen. a north korea fifteen minutes and came down two hundred kilometers off its coast but didn't pass over japanese territory. reports from seoul. well this pretty much came out of nowhere after the brawl to call both to war and november when it comes to. test exhibit c. well into the night while we have seen both the north and the south who are sleeping we found out about this latest ballistic missile test by the government came john american and japanese radars were quick to register the one thousand kilometer long flight which and did some work in the exclusive economic zone of japan i'll be putting it very mildly if i say that the government says the recent war on. japan to meet the something big happening weissenstein their
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response by the south korean military were for sedition strike military exercises and the us president donald trump was briefed on the updates from these days while the missile was still in the air he was speaking to his fellow members of the republican party and very quickly the u.s. leader said that this situation needs to be taken care of a missile was launched. a while ago from korea i wont tell you take care of it we have generation new with us and kind of discussion on it. it is a situation that we will hear the u.s. president often the japanese prime minister shinzo ha we have been hold the phone during this conversation they reaffirmed their commitment to counter north korea after the recess in recent sorry miss all tests that impacted within japan to spoof
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of economic zone as i was saying. so what are the factors that usually we to an escalation of feed north korean crisis on the one hand that's of course the tests by yank all the other this is joint military. actually by the u.s. and south korea war two drills right on the doorstep of the north well very often it is always the harsh winter right on both sides of the pacific from the leader yang and of course the u.s. president who was seated here of strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies our suspected leader kim jong own said the u.s. would be unhappy to witness north korea strategic power on its independence day and call for frequently sending big and small new packages they will be met with fire
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and fury. like the world has never see. any threat to the united states george territories will be met with a massive military response the u.s. neglects the international community's will to stop this b.s. on the korean peninsula. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. since the united states declared war on our country we will have every right to take countermeasures including the right to shoot down u.s. strategic bombers even when they are not inside our country's airspace.
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there is an international consensus and the white security council announced that it may be fine that the north korean nuclear tests and the list itself are illegal but this break just to the question of how does. john. the west along with allies in japan south korea are in favor of it to you pressure including guilt free beings oh yes while russia and china i know are advocating for restraint approach with step by step dialogue or spoke to braun beca from the antiwar you told us that all sides involved in the standoff need to negotiate. the last time the united states engaged in the korean peninsula four million koreans died thirty eight thousand americans died this is madness the united states needs to enter into serious negotiations with north korea and end the hostility of u.s. pentagon put such extreme pressure on south korea and ratcheted up their rhetoric
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against north korea and then north korea responding carried out numerous military tests including the test of a hydrogen bomb they have put the south korean government in a corner so they've used harsh rhetoric but i think the moon giant government still has the opportunity to reach back to pyongyang and do what i think all the koreans in the north in the south and overseas koreans and all the people who want peace want which is negotiations not a new catastrophic war. check chaunce facebook and twitter have agreed to help the british government look into alleged russian interference in last year's brics a vote he has more from the. house of commons media watchdog wants to know what russia's influence has been in particular in that briggs that referendum they've been requested by the house of commons to speak and give any evidence as to alleged russian interference in the company's include facebook and twitter and those
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companies have said that they will hand over information relating to so-called russian backed accounts talk of alleged russian interference in the brags that process has got more and more intense with british politicians increasingly being critical of russia given the widespread public concern over foreign and particularly russian interference in western democracies surely this house that the government and the electoral commission will examine these reports very carefully and reassure our country that all of the resources spent in the referendum is free permissible sources we must be open night about the actions of hostile states like russia to threaten the potential presence of eastern neighborhood and to try to tear our collective strength apart and i'm looking forward today to bring new commitments from european countries to working together to tackle these shared
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challenges in both security and development all of this very hostile kind of rhetoric about russia comes in the light of the break that negotiations which have been going on between the u.k. and the european union and they haven't been going very well and just late last week we saw the e.u. giving the u.k. a ten day deadline to get issues like the northern ireland border sorted out and some critics say that this is a way for the prime minister to distract from those difficulties and even divisions within her own party as well on the issue of bragg's that a nun best nothing better to reflect. that a recent speech where she made repeated references to russia chief among those today of course is russia but it is russia's actions russia's illegal onix ation of crimea so i have a very simple message for russia because we know there's
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a strong and prosperous russia russia has the reach and the responsibility russia can russia does not just secure the best possible brics it now facebook say that they will respond with their information to the committee by early december while twitter says it will respond in the coming weeks and most exacting maria's claims of russian meddling in the u.s. in late october the same tech giants testified to congress. we determined that the number of accounts we could link to russia and that were tweeting election related content was comparatively small. aggregate these ads and posts were a very small fraction of the overall content on facebook but these videos most.
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of commitment and a lack of genuine effort and that just one do we could we could have done more but . the government is using russia as a discredit looking for a needle in a haystack and trying to find the haystack the sense it's another distraction the failing politicians are putting. the french president. on a three day. and worry if a national is in paris for r.t. with the latest on president micron's tour of africa. wasn't told smooth and read about cohen's trip to africa started with an attempted attack on french troops on the ground a security source told reporters that a grenade was thrown to military car and although it wasn't hate the mass it was very clear the president was not very welcomed on the african soil and as anyone
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not for me says that he was probably doing a regime that would not tell africans what to do all that sounded very positive and very promising but apparently something went wrong because france's president did tell africans what to do and on several occasions first while speaking about trafficking problems in northern africa and then micron was meeting students of wonder local universities and he put responsibility blaming local people for this problem let's take a listen. you believe about who are the traffickers africans my friends it's africans ask yourselves the question is not the french or the traffickers it's the africa or the it's also the france's president lost his temper another time what i want to this is another deployment of an african student about the number of african students in runs comparing to the number of africa of french
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troops in africa this is what he said look at the global you may have a grandfather who came to fight to help friends when it was attacked in one thousand nine hundred fourteen to eighteen or nineteen thirty nine to forty five we need to look at this shared history but don't talk to me like that about the french soldiers if you don't go there for it so just anything but this applaud. this question highlight brode issue the criticism among local population of french troops stationed on the ground in africa because there was a number of negative incidents with french military involved in the. most outrageous one from suspended two of its military over child abuse allegations and there was just one of the examples they were many of them in several african countries so friends president reaction to this question was quite surprising than anything taking the president actually away from the michelle
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mission of this tree but the journey still goes on and experts now say that the president might have some time to clarify his position and to go back to his initial positive mission to build new bridges with africa. maria for notion of this is not the first case of abuse by french troops the central african republic has seen cases of rape by french soldiers with reports of local minors suffering sexual assaults and just last year several victims who asked not to be identified the stories protesters and i was thirteen at the time i saw oranges and french troops asked me to bring them to a room in their base where one of them jumped on me and raped me there was nothing i could go on. and i was fifteen and sold french troops hours they take hold trays once they asked me to take them to the tank when i got there they seized me and
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raped me right there trying. to go for i know children who socialized with french troops because they played football volleyball with the kids that's when most of the rooms happened since. now there's less than a month to go until christmas cities across europe are getting into the first of swing but with the threat of terror still running high authority use of come up with a way to maintain security without spoiling the atmosphere police has the details. best of trees aren't the only thing being installed in the run up to christmas on the streets of britain you're likely to see decorations christmas markets and an extra dose of concrete and.
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