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tv   News  RT  November 29, 2017 4:00am-4:29am EST

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could potentially american soil. a liberal u.s. political activist. interview with wiki leaks founder julian assange explained. why. he kind of connection with him. and this is just another way. his. inquiry a lie. it's over it's.
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human rights violations in nigeria. headlines for a wednesday live from moscow this is a national thanks for joining us. north korea has announced it successfully tested a nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile it is the first missile test since september. south korea the u.s. and japan all reported detecting this test missile now the missile is reported to be north korea's most powerful to date it landed almost a thousand kilometers off the west coast of japan and during its flight it reached a height of more than ten times that of the international space station that's according both to a statement by north korea to an initial estimates by the us. south korean military
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now if directed differently jonghyun claims the missile could reach any target on american soil and a few minutes after detecting the launch south korea staged its own missile exercise. strike a missile launched by south korea took place near the northern limit line in the east sea which separates the two korean republics he's in there to try and now reporting from seoul on how the region has reacted to this latest missile launch. well this pretty much came out of nowhere after the relative calm of tobar and november when it comes to pyongyang's test activity well into the night while koreans in both the north and the south were sleeping we found out about this latest ballistic missile test and the u.s. president donald trump was briefed on the updates from east asia while the missile
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was still in the air and the missile was launched. into well go. tell you take care of it. general move with us and then we will discussion. it is a situation that we will the u.s. president donald trump and the japanese prime minister shinzo have been on the phone during this conversation they reaffirmed their commitment to counter north korea after the recent missile test that impacted within japan's economic zone there is an international consensus and the u.n. security council has said it many times that the north korean nuclear tests and ballistic missile tests are illegal the u.s. along with allies in japan and south korea are in favor of continued pressure including military means pyongyang while russia and china are. advocating
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a more restrained approach with step by step dialogue following the missile test north korea announced it had completed its nuclear program the boost in nuclear capabilities comes as the rhetoric on both sides of the pacific has been intensifying. burb strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies our suspected leader kim jong un said the u.s. would be unhappy to witness north korea strategic power on its independence day and call for frequently something big and small new packages they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never see. any threat to the united states george territories will be met with a massive military response from. the u.s.
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neglects the international community's will to stop lisbeth's on the korean peninsula. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea did donald trump administration does not have a credible strategy to deal with the issue and the military options on the part of the united states to be very risky and strongly opposed by china and russia and will not be supported by so korea and it is obvious that you cannot make sanctions are known will not be able to push a punk to give up its nuclear weapons program. the united states can continue work military exercises a bit more you konami extensions and so on but they will be equally in defense of
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at this stage to donald trump administration is certainly unwilling to engage in negotiations for pung young so this explains the low key response on the part of the united states. it's. the mayor of a small german town has been stabbed in the neck by a man who objected to his refugee policy the official survived after being treated for serious wounds artie's peter all of a house the story well this attack took place in the small western german town of turner it's a town that's taken in more refugees then we're asked from central government here in berlin its mayor. who is the target of this attack has spoken out publicly in the past about the need for german towns and for his town in particular to do more for refugees while he was at a food stall in the town when
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a man came up behind him and attacked him thankfully he was ok enough to be able to give this interview afterwards. when he approached me he looked aggressive he asked me whether i was the mayor and i said yes then he pulled out a knife saying you let me starve would you let two hundred refugees into our cities i really feared for my life i was scared that i hadn't just been wounded that i might die before then i was rescued certainly quite understated from the mayor just there but when we listen to first responders who were on the scene we realized this could have been much worse north of us when you have been plotted as the mayor whether he was the mayor then pulled out a knife put him in a headlock and tried to cut right through his throat i ran over there and shouted at him to let the man go i asked him to come down but he didn't stop so i grabbed his arms and went for his knife and with my father's help we managed to get hold of . as will visit your host judging by what he said he was
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a german citizen who objected to our manners migrant policies he asked are you the man to which the man replied yes and then he asked how can you feed the refugees here while we are starving so you can't be refugees you must be a german citizen eyewitnesses told german media that the man appeared to be intoxicated and that he was shouting about and that is hold stein's policies on refugees now chancellor angela merkel has also issued a statement on this miss the whole chinese from her own party she said that she was horrified by this attack and relieved that he was back at home recuperating with his family in between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen germany accepted over one million refugees and migrants into the country and it does seem that the tensions caused by that a still well being felt in german society. greenpeace activists have broken into one of france's nuclear power stations to highlight its
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vulnerable security. don't know if you just see now you have magic johnson says that did. not. interest me you told him pascals a green peace activist we decided spontaneously to enter the true us nuclear power station we succeeded in getting into the cooling. it is not the first time greenpeace activists have managed to enter a french nuclear site with fifty eight reactors fran├žoise the second highest number of nuclear plants in the world and the country is deeply reliant on them as they account for seventy five percent of france's electricity now in a report published in october a number of international experts assess the risks posed by nuclear plants they
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highlighted various security shortcomings in france and in europe generally pointing out that most problems were built before modern day terrorism and fronts recently replaced its two year state of emergency with tough anti terror laws to help it deal with the threat posed by terrorists now the state electricity company that looks after the nuclear sites said no threats were posed despite the pictures we just showed you the company insists the activists fail to access nuclear pools or former british army intelligence officer chris huhne to told us greenpeace still succeeded in highlighting a danger. given the number of power plants in france and across europe of course there has to be a review of security and certainly they've got to be multiple layers of security whether that's what they call physical security the electronic surveillance the you know fences and warns that when there's any sort of intrusion this incident in particular tells us quite a lot about the level of security you know getting over one fence is
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a possibility but i think they managed to get quite close to the area where the spent fuel rods are stored and that is quite a concern there are a significant number of power stations across france that have nuclear power plants those facilities were built long before there were threats from al qaida and isis they were built to protect against every day threats security definitely has to be tightened given the number of these facilities and you know that the number of vast threats from isis. to united states where russia and syria has hit a new low after a liberal comedian was issued a subpoena to testify before congress randy credico was a comedian and critic of us foreign policy your national attention to racially charged drug arrests and recently he interviewed wiki leaks co-founder julian assange aren't on his radio program to remind you stand he was accused of links to russia after wiki leaks published democratic party e-mails ahead of the u.s.
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presidential election and we can show you what the interview resulted in a letter from the u.s. house intelligence committee asking the comedian to participate in what it called a quote voluntary transcribed interview at the committee's offices he decided not to go but was still issued with a subpoena. spoke to one of the more unlikely victims of the russian hysteria. well you don't have to be a washington d.c. big wig to get called before the house intelligence committee in relation to their russia investigation recently comedian and social justice activist randy credico received a letter and biting him to participate in a voluntary transcribed interview the reason given is credit goes alleged friendship with wiki leaks founder julian assange credit go refused so now he'll have to appear before the committee or else he'll then have to go to jail so we decided to talk to credico and get his side of the story they're going after me why
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because of my connection to julian the son i have been. you know interviewing him for the last year and a half i've had a moment to show up in the embassy and this is just another way of keeping this phony russia gate inquiry alive they could cite you for contempt for not testifying and i would still rely on the fourth of protection and then i would challenge it they can put me in a jail cell but i certainly am not going to comply with the switch on with this modern day mccarthyism because that's all it is they don't want the people to see what we have done in libya what we have done in syria what we have done in palestine all that stuff they want to keep suppressed in the public i want to know about it why can't i know about it in a silent is probably the most gifted person as a journalist to get the stuff out they want to quite a son and any kind of connection with him could get you with them you know and they do you know they're going to bring more people in and try to keep
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this thing going but interrogating everyone who knows julian a son may not be as easy as it sounds among those who know him are not just lawyers and activists but also quite a few celebrities. i i. i i. i i. i. i . right now we're in a situation in which we have literal civil rights activists opponents of the horrific drug war being subpoenaed and interrogated interrogated by congress
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because they happen to know a in a transparent transparency advocate a world hero somebody who's really brought the light of truth to so many of the horrible things that governments of the doing the idea that a civil rights activist is being brought up under basically congressional interrogations because he's associated with a hero is absurd it really shows how far we've slipped away from the actual normal true meaning of justice this kind of behavior is un-american in the extreme is the opposition of freedom it is everything that is bail could cost the u.k. up to the line they did it. thanks for joining us here on r.t. facebook and twitter are committed to cooperating with the british parliament on its investigation into suppose of the russian interference in last year's bricks and vote that's according to the tech giant's replies to a request from and he's british politicians have voiced their concerns about russia
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several times in recent weeks. given the widespread public concern over foreign and particularly russian interference in western democracies we're sure sure of this house that the government and the electoral commission will examine these reports very carefully and reassure our country that all of the resources spent in the referendum through permissible sources we must be open i doubt the actions of hostile states like russia who threaten the potential presence of eastern neighborhood and who try to tear our collective strength apart although some of those are suspect that london is simply hoping to shift the spotlight from so far on successful and dragged out braggadocio nations recently several hours plus a gesture the so-called divorce bill will cost the u.k. up to fifteen billion euros that's something not confirmed at this point by the british government though two weeks ago during a speech to resign made it very clear she preferred talking about russia than
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talking about direction. chief among those today of course is russia but it is russia's actions russia's illegal annexation of crimea so i have a very simple message for russia because we know there's a strong and prosperous russia russia has the free and the responsibility russia russia does not. to secure the best possible brics it but despite government concerns over russia's alleged role in last year's breck said vote the prime minister herself has just recently actually rejected those claims when commenting on a host speech in which she was a lab rating on the supposed to threat russia poses theresa may claim that she was pointing at alleged russian meddling outside of the united kingdom. what's the reason why it was likely referring to are allegations of russian interference in the us presidential election last year facebook and twitter also help the u.s. government to investigate the case of the conclusions they presented to congress
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didn't exactly satisfy the senators. we determined at the number of accounts we could link to russia and that were tweeting election related content was comparatively small. aggregate these ads were a very small fraction of the overall content. but any amount is too much. these videos most low view. you. lack of resources a lack of commitment and
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a lack of genuine and that just won't do we could have done more but i think we are doing more today and have done more since you know you know we need to do more to stretch it's a mystery. we discussed all of this with a number of experts who believe that western powers are so welded to the idea of blaming russia that it's clouding their judgment. and we'll probably see oh brags it is invalid because of russia in the same way oh donald trump is invalid because of russia it's really quite pathetic it's a carbon copy of what happened in the us instead of talking about jobs instead of talking about the pressure from the u.s. government to do anything to come up with anything they got a tongue lashing in congress because they didn't produce the type of evidence that some people in congress wanted i think the u.s. at least sectors of the u.s. government are very wedded to this whole russia gate scandal and they were also put
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pressure on these social media giants to come up with something in the u.k. investigation this is gone so far down the road that there are people who they're so invested in finding results that they're going to make sure that results are found whether you know there is real facts behind them or not. russia has repeatedly come under fire without occasions and accusations of meddling in elections hacking western politics and even planting russian bots on social media with discussions on meddling in an all time high sophie shevardnadze speaks to three time oscar winner all of a stone to get his thoughts behind the latest rash of political confrontations. and of course the united states i would skip i'm scares me in the sense that it might lose its self control and out of a sense of panic and fear attack. this concept that russia is responsible for everything is insane but it's very easy to to resort to that kind of one thousand
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nine hundred fifty s. primitivism like a joe mccarthy did that's a demi descended to a moral order in which a moral order in which you know they accuse russia of of stealing the election when there's no evidence of it first of all no evidence at all and if there was why are we not really investigating why are we not investigating the computer at the d.n.c. the f.b.i. never even bothered to investigate. it is asking international. international has raised on of all company shells relationship with the nigerian government back in the one nine hundred ninety s. that period so a brutal crackdown on anti pollution protesters in that country. we've been.
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promised and we believe. probably a relationship between the company and the nigerian government. funding to. fund. our let's show you the region where everything happened shell wanted to open up a new pipeline there and according to amnesty international it was well aware this might anger the locals the troops deployed by the nigerian army to guarantee the safety of shell staff opened fire against protesters killing several and documents from that time suggest that the company was well aware of the violence. history has proven that if military personnel are initially used as a tear and only and only requires one shot to be fired in their direction one act
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of violence for them to respond with the intention to kill shells image in the world would soften the intent of this memo is to recommend that the entire team be paid some form of hone rary him as a show of gratitude and motivation for a sustained favorable disposition towards channel in future assignments when we contacted shelf a comment on the amnesty international report it rejected all the claims stressing that it had never colluded with the nigerian authorities to crack down on any protesters well i'm just an international is calling for a court action against shell over its behavior in the past actually several years ago shell already paid over fifteen million dollars to settle a legal case over alleged involvement in the killing of nigerian activists in that case the company rejected all the accusations saying it had only made the fifteen million dollars payment in recognition of a tragic story we spoke to caused and director of the europe a third world center an organization that presented evidence at the un on
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violations by shell in the area. the shell corporation was condemned in two thousand and two by the african commission of human rights but only indirectly because there were no means of taking the corporation to court it was the nigerian government which was charged with complicity because it helped the company violate human rights and destroy the environment but there was no possibility of the company to be charged a general strategy of transnational corporations in such cases is to avoid consummation and avoid court cases so in any international process the corporation prefers to settle the case in an out of court basis to avoid condemnation every time it was clear that a case would be considered in the us or in france companies have chosen to pay millions of dollars instead of taking responsibility for their actions all thanks so much for joining us here at r.t. international for your latest wednesday worldwide news headlines we return with more in about half an hour.
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the village of collect she has been nicknamed sleepy hollow because for some unknown reason its local residents have fallen victim to sleep demick. a shot. or two more the goodness and that's it but also the sort of men have also gone there was the question they're still talking it's a sure thing you've got to go back to the machine won't have so. many of. us from where did you do what we have i don't want. this with. my theory. you're of the. first.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sixty's pull on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know a lot of the really packed a punch. is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue. and see people you never heard of love went back to the night president of the world bank paid the right seriously who sent us an e-mail. i'm afshin rattansi and we're going on the ground is today in london the man responsible for controversial changes to the british welfare system david cork
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discusses how massive a landscape can often social security coming up on the show was it wrecks it boris johnson on the iraq war we asked a lot more as tony blair's former jenny general why britain has lost a seat on the international court of justice for the first time in seventy one years and as he breaks it negotiated michelle bunny's in berlin for security talks today britain's justice select committee boss and former vice chair of the ruling u.k. conservative party neil tells going underground fixing a date to leave the you could be a big mistake from the headlines sub optimal subtitles for jeremy called and i'm glad stuart has put the reason my goal this and more coming up in today's going underground but first this week in one thousand nine hundred five a rich arms manufacturers saying in a club in paris affectively created a peace prize that is still revered by nato nation mainstream media notoriously the prize went to this. trip into should not be thrown.
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it. could reflect on the people who you would guess u.s. president says national security advisor henry kissinger won the nobel peace prize in one nine hundred seventy three and he says calling him out for being a war criminal because of the tens of millions killed wounded or displaced by his actions in vietnam laos and cambodia reflect to me early on his accusers no doubt the other nobel peace laureate the dalai lama would say the same even though it was kissinger who allegedly stabbed his cia payments but of course there was also nobel peace laureate barack obama who neo liberal media applauded for the peaceful firing of tomahawk missiles some of the first u.s. tomahawk missiles had been launched on libya and now we can give you an idea of exactly how this is going to play out now and not no one on corporate media adequately explained how obama's drone strikes on civilians let alone wars on libya
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and syria would play out.


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