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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:22pm EST

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it's coming from generals and generals in his cabinet are the ones that are holding him back they're the ones who are actually the same ones in the room is supposedly but i think that trump the idea of going becoming more friendly with russia is a great idea we want to be have friends around the world but we can't do it when you've got a media that's so controlled and it's so headstrong and their idea of deciding what our foreign policy should be foreign policy should come from our government we should have more control in congress over this this out of control president we see more we see him denouncing the iran agreement which is a great foreign policy you know one of the best things barack obama did getting us into this pulling out of cuba over this so-called hoax of of. sonic thing yeah it's ridiculous ok i mean the whole thing is just a joke you know john you know one of the things that came out was
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a story last week you know when it when apparently the president of the united states that was speaking to the turkish kurds and he said that the u.s. wouldn't be sponsoring the kurds in the north of syria and then you come from the state department the pentagon they say they hadn't heard anything about it this is what i'm getting at is that he may have ideas but it's it doesn't go much further the oil oval office it seems like go ahead john well i. it is that first of all anybody who thought that the trumps presidency would bring peace to the world on every front was well i. was dreaming that's not what he said as not what he promised and that's not what we should expect i think i think well yes but i think that. to go back to first of all there is some progress in syria that the trump and and putin did arrange the ceasefire in southwest syria the situation there is improved dramatically now they're their forces against that
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but that's their trump did meet twice with putin once in hamburg and once in southeast asia even though there was a lot of pressure not to do that the atmospherics at those meetings were very good even though there was pressure against all that and the other thing we have to look at is president xi the atmospherics there are very good i think you know to go back to the tepee that was not just a bad economic deal that was part of that was the economic part of the economic military confrontation with china trump got rid of it and i think rightly that you have to put so i'm not looking for i'm not looking for everything and the problem is i have you know i would offer a very simple thing here. he's president now. and it's not an election
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and i think that you have to do a very simple thing that the policies and the things that he does that you oppose oppose them fine likely the first three ugly things that you think but there are things if you if he does something you support you should say so because without that support he won't be able to continue it is a great sin i think that's a great let me question gentlemen i want to push back a little bit what john had to say there i don't think anybody on this panel or our viewers think that was going to be the world was going to sing kumbaya ok with the election of donald trump what he i was going to i'm going on his word i'm going to let that list last interventionism i mean i would have been happy with that just last of it all right go ahead or go ahead ty go ahead with yeah i just want to ask john i mean when you call. head of a government in north korea little rocket man and you provoke and you provoke a new killer powered country country that is dangerous that is you got us our
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policy that is lunatic changing this no i'm just saying that he would say on when you're talking about p.p. i'm just saying this is a very very dangerous part of his foreign policy if that's a policy at all wow do i how how are we going to deal with this if they're if this if this gets if this heightens the tensions between the united states and north korea not south korea north korea or china north korea but the united states in particular and north korea ok we're going to talk a little bit more about you know what is going to pull out what i just hang hang on gentlemen i'm going to go to a hard break and after that hard break we'll continue our discussion on trump's foreign policy stay with us.
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but we have the caribbean who are we respect the environment to protect the environment who respect the rule of law being punished for it because a lot of going. to probably look into it other ways michel is thinker but instead it's. a country doesn't have the right to responsibility to protect its citizens and what have we can determine but what we say and actions that you were taken in your country are impacting on all countries in the caribbean and they get to. here's what people have been saying about redacted and i. just. feel the show i go out of my way to you know what it really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than to see people you've never heard of. jack to the next
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president of the world bank. seriously send us an e-mail. welcome back across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter remind you we're discussing trump's world view. ok gentlemen the more we talk about of the more we seem to disagree which is good john you want to react quickly to something that tie in georgia and myself i just say go ahead i just want to point out i made two points that i thought are maybe three if you want to include d.p.p. were trumpet done well now what was the response to that from. the response to that was well let's look at north korea i was. talking about north korea i'm not expecting a lot of north korea are though i don't think there's going to be or there because of the stance of russia and china here but i think everyone i would ask you to
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simply i only ask the simple that one and i want to i want to i want to ask the simple question. did. something we would like in meeting with putin and meeting with good atmosphere with sheen and even having some fine economic agreements do you see in any progressive publications do you see any dispatches from the code pink or any of the progressive organizations praising with one word of praise for that i guess you know what have you know you're. great with you john i mean the mainstream media is not going to say get anything good about it all about donald trump and that is not talking about the mainstream media well that's what most people get their and their information from you know i'm sure you know you're going to go to george george one of the problems i had you know i'll be really honest with you is i was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to this president until he attacked syria
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a gross violation of international law based on a thousand feet now in retrospect if somebody had actually done some investigating which nobody wants to do anymore they really they are quick to draw judgments and to point fingers here that's when i just said no i'm going to push back i didn't want hillary clinton i'm still glad she wasn't president but i made it very clear if we see the same bad behavior i'm going to call it out and that was wrong that is probably a war crime go ahead george. no there's no question that that was a war crime it was a violation of international lawyer was an act of naked aggression it wasn't done on any basis of any kind of serious investigation he rushed into that bombing campaign without doing any kind of laying the groundwork or anything like that. and that's that's a terrible blot on the administration however it's interesting that he hasn't
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really followed up on that yet many people who actually were chairing the saw or the mainstream media who are excited by this expected him now to follow up on this and to launch some kind of a serious bombing campaign against. you know a regime change operation of the kind that obama didn't dare venture against assad he didn't do that and having done that bombing he kind of gone back to a much more reasonable say on syria in which he's got a wound down the c.i. a jihadi network and from the what we can gather from that conversation with. last week it looks like it's going to wind down the cooperation with the kurds so it it does look like he's instinct would be during the campaign which was to basically end the whole regime change operation in syria it does seem to be bearing
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fruit now yeah and so the good thing is that he didn't follow our hands for a minute a little i think there isn't gentlemen i think there's a very interesting litmus test right before our eyes right now and it's ukraine time i let me go to you because again there are conflicting reports apparently there is a debate going on inside the white house and in the in the other agencies the report to the executive branch i think it's very interesting is that you know if lethal weapons were given to the partition go regime that conflict will heat up more. ok after what almost twelve thousand deaths. has been aggression coming from kim towards the dumbass here if trump somehow signs off on that then again this it's this the same perpetuation of a foreign policy we've seen for decades now i always say in this program it's the genetic code it doesn't matter who is president the same kind of aggression will continue to be repeated go ahead well we see that
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a part of of trump's foreign policy is to sell arms wherever anybody is willing to buy the good point so we also have seen a uptick in the violence in eastern ukraine where we're seeing aggression both sides i believe but definitely coming from the the what's called the ukraine government at the moment we we i believe that the trump government the reason it looks like they're hemming and hawing is because they're very covert we don't know what they're doing as opposed to obama being a little bit more open but it getting back to syria i don't know where that's coming from we just found out that there are more soldiers and u.s. soldiers in syria i think the u.s. is responsible for major war crimes there were bombing in in syria in the fair the problem is is we're not allowed to see what's going on in syria the united states puts
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a. filter on any news that coming out about there we just heard that there is thirty percent more civilian casualties and that's from a new york times article we don't know the facts but there are thirty times more civilians died in syria in iraq fighting isis then then united swell you know it's to a tie you should be i don't why you should like these you should be thankful to argy because we do report those things ok i'm so proud of this network's coverage of syria. it really blew off the lid of the the pure nonsense that the mainstream was pumping out it was a really disgraceful coverage of the conflict here and i'd like to point out since we're on the topic here. take a look at the mainstream media and you'll never hear that rush it was played an instrumental role and in defeating these terrorists ok you never hear that ever hear that you hear on fox news trump is winning in syria you know it's trump isn't
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winning in syria ok it's others here you know john it's good to go back to it's already been it's been mentioned on this program already it really does look like a general general's foreign policy here if you're in the oval office watching the president oreo over at the pentagon because it seems that that's and they're given a lot more discretion you know i find that very troubling go ahead john well i think that the remarks that your first guest made and syria were excellent yes there was that bombing which the progress so-called progressive love to focus on the one bombing of the airbase but there was there's also been ceasefires which saved a lot of lives and there's also been a cutoff of cia funding to the antis jihadi s. that you have to look at to so well you oppose one i oppose that. you've got to support the other you get the same kind of age you know. well
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but your guest just said. a few minutes ago well you know and i'm glad i could i can address that here i know that i think a involved i get it i could address that it does appear that some of the operations have gone you know they've. gone lower in their intensity or even disappeared to some extent however we do know we do know if a roach george here i mean what are those thousands to thousands probably more american troops doing in syria there's no justification for it if we want to avoid isis two point zero or you know what it becomes a magnet for terrorists ok i haven't we learned that after fifteen years of this nonsense ok when you leave it will probably intensity will go down it's common sense go ahead george. exactly they it makes absolutely no sense for the two thousand there i guess this isn't mattresses policy of defense secretary mabus us policy that he would use this two thousand troops left holding on to some of the
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oil fields yeah exactly as a leverage against us but i don't think that it's a sustainable because with turkey and iraq on the russian side and want to pursue the hostile the peace process how is it going to keep. two thousand troops alive body and soul there so you know it's not a sustainable military operation you know tell you one of the things i find very disturbing and it looks like it was jared cushion or that was involved is involved in this gambit with the saudis after the events that played out of the lebanon i again i find this really disturbing i we would all like to see peace in the middle east i think across the spectrum we'd like to see that there are obviously some players the want more war the better and you know exactly who i'm talking about here but again is this a private operation with jared in the saudis and apparently the state department
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was in in the dark about this again i find this very troubling that's why i keep asking is there a trumping in view of the world because we keep looking it's separate issues i'm asking are there any dots that connected all go ahead. yeah i mean trump goes to saudi arabia dances with the brutal despots and now they feel emboldened and they're talking about this phony. war with iran you know this ron is backing hezbollah which is rightfully defending lebanon's border against terrorists from isis and supposedly iran is getting involved in lebanon and the this is all this is all about israel the fact that. jared cushion or is there and trump has not come out and said one word about the building of new giant settlements in palestine there is no push towards of israel palestine peace agreement and the saudis are only instigating terrorism in syria we know
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that for a fact i don't know why we can't talk about it it seems like the third rail of politics now is not israel it's saudi arabia ok you read images so let me jump in here let me give john the last word i'm going to give john the last word twenty five seconds my friend go ahead. well i would say that the whole that they achilles heel of trumps wish to to get along as he says with russia has always been iran i don't think that's possible if he if he turns around into into an enemy but that basic problem there is that trump skull like capitol hill is the israeli occupied territory so that's the problem that is the key problem i think right now in some sort of his stephen f. cohen thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember. to.
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apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million a one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy my great to want more chance with. and the next minute.
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live. live live live live . my. own welcome to all the part if you look at the registry of global concerns climate
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change is definitely at the top of the list there is no shortage of conferences reports or documentaries that all point to a rapid and dramatic shift in global weather patterns but as politicians and scientists still wrangle over the extent of human input then christian number of nations are left largely alone in the pathways of more frequent and more ferocious hairy canes as the debate over the cause has become a deflection from the consequences to discuss that i'm now joined by roosevelt's carrot prime minister of dominic and they sion in the eastern caribbean that was all but decimated last september by hurricane mary prime minister is great to talk to you thank you very much for your time and your hospitality as you were able to do pleasures work nature usually doesn't care about fairness but i think the on the on the human level the fate of your countries deeply unsettling because dominic actually tried to be and viral mentally contras more than sixty percent of your territory used to be covered by a protected rain forest you invested in the renewables you focused on eco tourism
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and yet despite all your efforts to be good you were hit the hardest how do you process that well it's so difficult experience the reality of global warming is real reality of climate change is really what we've been saved as a community that would contribute significant. proportions to be. grasses cover grasses. but we really was affected we're on the frontline of climate change and the effects of climate change and you've been saying as the international community but i wonder what is the international community responding to i think people accepted people accept that the caribbean adamic intuited is on the front in the global will cool. little woman and the effects of climate change but if indeed there we have it with
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discussions and conversations about climate change and not taken sufficient practical action. to minimize the impact of such disasters unconsciously dominating thinking about practical action from what i heard herrick in my required more than two hundred percent of your.


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