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very well. the white helmets group. reporters without borders. that was critical of the. request was rejected by the head of the organization. if you were challenging our support for this conference with the name of our organization appearing on the list of media members return only dissociate ourselves from the savant and do not wish to be associated with the conference we invite you to abandon this project which will damage the image of this race press club it was very surprising and very disappointing to see the journalist association asking for the kind of censorship that was my first reaction and
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so i decided to reply writing your letter and asking them to wrest back the freedom of disputes and disrespect to shun a correspondent but i guess dia who previously conducted his own investigation into the white helmets on the ground in syria as more details on what caused the split between the journalist organizations. so far almost everything you've been told about the white helmets is stuff from their press releases and video productions not from locals or civilians no know from white helmet sponsors and p.r. agents that's great and all but let's at least hear from the people they say they're saving shows them helping the people but they only help the rebel fighters they really to those close to them the last thing they cared about was civilians have to sit on whenever food aid was brought into the white helmets and rebels were
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taken after themselves to give us nothing not even bread and he us what there were many people buried alive helmets would come to save them and if they found civilians they might help and they might not know that's a huge surprise what a shocker the white helmets aren't perfect who would have thought they were just regular people with their own shortcomings their own agenda just like everyone else so why on earth would reporters without borders want to censor this absolutely obvious fact calling it russian propaganda i think it was the topic which was this disturbing this disguise now having described. as and indeed. it they were wrong and yes they didn't even admit to here are the people who are criticizing
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the why tournaments has it was a taboo to speak about that that's impossible for a serious journalist or simply hardest person to admit such such abuse but it's the first time in the twenty years of the existence of the world that we are. give such demons former journalists association which is supposed to support to to support depressed freedom for whatever reason it is taboo no one in the mainstream media or in western governments says anything remotely critical of the white helmets you remember ever hearing the bad part and it is paid off they've received an outpouring of support and what they do irregardless of pressure i also received many people criticizing russia. for
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garry kasparov for businesses named silva who. are criticizing russia so i am open to everybody even to do people who are supporting russia and not going to be criticizing that's i think the goal of the real person not the politically correct. association. of former croatian general who fought in bosnia has died after taking poison at a yugoslav war crimes tribunal at the hague as the verdict was being read out at an appeal hearing the unexpectedly produced a small bottle and drank from it right in front of the judge. here. stop police don't. mention.
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the. word although. i have taken poison. slot on the prowl yack was a general of coalition forces during the yugoslav wars he was convicted of war crimes and sentenced to twenty years before the war probably act was a theatre and film director and writer political analyst john bosnich believes what he says he's actually skeptical of the entire hague process. when we talk about the whole war itself the united states government tried to force the croats and the muslims to become allies of course they did not want to be allies they fought each other but whenever the muslims and the croats fought each other america sided with the muslims and you'll see that this croatian general is one of the victims of america's policy of muslims first everybody else later nobody got a fair trial neither the serbs nor the croats nor the muslims. and some people took
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their lives into their own hands rather than become. a puppet players in a play scripted directed and run from washington so they could cut this region up and colonize it. a u.s. congressional committee has barred journalists from reporting from capitol hill by revoking their accreditation it cites auntie america's new foreign agent status as despite earlier assurances from the u.s. state department that the status would not stand in the way of our reporting here is that the letter that r.t. america received from congress the executive committee of the congressional radio and television correspondents galleries exercised its authority to withdraw the news credentials of the network this action was taken in response to the registration of the arts unit work as a foreign agent. when the united states tells someone
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to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't see impacts or a fact the ability of them to report. news and information we just have to register it's a simple as that seems to be the opposite of what heather nauert said because as of the moment we've received this letter which is essentially telling us that our ability to operate as a news agency and function and report on events on capitol hill a vital place in the us political system the legislative branch of the u.s. government that ability is now in question now at the moment we have this letter telling us that we need to turn over our credentials now this comes in the aftermath of r.t. being pressured and forced to register under the foreign agents registration act now this is a law that was passed in one nine hundred thirty eight to combat the influence of nazi germany and efforts and propaganda efforts by the nazi government back in the
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one nine hundred thirty s. now it follows months and months of pressure that have been placed on our see recently archie's status in the united states with youtube and their ability to do premium ads in the united states was taken away without any real notice twitter has banned advertising by r.t. and there's been a series of hearings on capitol hill directed at r.t. which are g.'s a name has come up people are calling this atmosphere a witch hunt so this is yet another move another amount of pressure making it harder for reporters like myself to do our job in the united states our editor in chief margarita simonyan has also reacted to the latest obstacles put by washington in the way of our journalistic work to all the self-righteous defenders the freedom of speech who also ardently proclaimed that far registration places no restrictions whatsoever on azziz journalistic work in the u.s. withdrawal of congressional credentials speaks much louder than i am to plentitude
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. legal and the media analyst lionel has been questioning washington's selective approach to giving access to so joining us. while i a proud member of my republic i ask the question how does this look like to the world in the nation's capital the bastion of free speech the first amendment where scores hundreds thousands of people from every conceivable form of press that there is they get a badge but are cheney oh oh oh no they're all foreign agent very different be gone our tea has been in the new in one way or another as this for a big new fruit this outlaw roe good news organization and you know what happens in this country when you tell americans you can't do something for when you
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were a kid your parents said don't listen to that music. the bitcoin crypto currency hit a record high on wednesday of eleven thousand dollars poto can and sunk back down to ten thousand dollars later in the day but it remains the strongest a virtual currency out that a bit card has skyrocketed since january when one token was worth around one thousand dollars is a quick reminder of how the virtual currency works. for .
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a bit coin has been controversial for some years now my colleague neil harvey discussed the risks on the appeal of investing in crypto currency as with. an economics professor steve kane. it's such a huge right across encourage people looking at the ceiling of go to be there the entry cost is certainly less than buying a house and having the house model appreciate so people are dogging in because the process is rausing but that's one of the definitions of the bubble bitcoin is not a bubble the us dollars in a bubble they feel that currency world is in a bubble stocks and bonds you could argue are in a bubble something that's not a bubble would be a big coin you've got the dollar that is crashing in a hyperinflationary crash against bitcoin you're still is maintaining its value
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would be the right inflation right running weeks i tomsic cetera et cetera it's like the old chessboard that simply concave on going and i disagree that people are using it for a transaction of this this is the floor it's a brilliant you it's a store of value sure at the moment now it's not crypto currencies but critics are in suits because they intend holding them until they die that is not money it's already the number twenty five biggest reserve currency in the world it's heading into the top ten it'll soon be the biggest crypt reserve currency in the world you've got sovereign wealth funds like abu dhabi now buying bitcoin you've got russia and china now and japan actively buying bitcoin because they see that the fia bubble is bursting and again the u.s. dollar is collapsing against big point this is a paradigm shift isn't there a really strong argument that it's being used speculatively as a store of value but actually where can you actually use a big gold isn't too many places in the come on you can actually spend it and isn't there a danger when people realize that the pony can sell this story value it's being
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a it's a there are hundreds of thousands of transactions now a day hundred thousand merchants accept it going to the real estate market being up ended by bit going you can buy high end properties went big client but again the timeline here has to be considered the travel from being a store of value to a means of exchange is going to take another few years because even though you can boil those things with it you'd be immediate to buy those things now because if you wipe ten weeks you can botch wash as many or three times as many so it's a process stop to. laws now my worry is when it stabilizes what will happen to that process i don't think it's going to surely reach the stratosphere at one hundred thousand dollars and then stay there if you get to the stage where the only returns you're getting out of big coin mounting of the transactions then i think the process to fall dramatically you have gold as a case study gold is used takes a lot of energy to produce gold gold is used as a means of exchange as well as a store of value it's been around for quite some time because it is gold to point out the mother lode it's still taking over the global finance in this way it's
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putting feet of money out of business and the bankers on wall street are running scared jamie diamond is literally you know peeing in his pants at this point because you know he's going to be out of a job in five years we don't need the jamie diamond of the world ripping us off we don't need wells fargo stealing money out of accounts we don't really just b.c. funding drug lords in mexico to the tune of billions of dollars we don't need those bad actors in society and because it gets rid of all those financial terrorists and it's about time somebody stood up and did battle because the government's not doing it the academics are doing it so we have to coin to do it you can learn a lot more about the so much in popularity of bitcoin the latest edition of boom bust that's the old day today or check out right now at r.t. talk. a little bit more value on the idea that dropping bombs brings us to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battles. as you saw try to tell you that will be gossiping
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publicly for. most of my eyes and tell me you are not old enough to like. all the hard stuff we along the border will want. but we have the caribbean who are who respect the environment. and respect the rule of law been punished for it because. he doesn't have a right it's a responsibility to protect its citizens and what have we determined but what we see. in your country. on.
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your news here on our international following north korea's latest missile test and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. warned at the leadership in pyongyang that it would be quote utterly destroyed in the event of a war and the threat came at an emergency session of the security council the countries were discussing solutions to the korean crisis. the dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war if not farther from it and if for comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroy those that would use the gets difficult to move towards any such movements as long as north korea fears that its security is threatened in the current situation we urge them to call on all parties involved to stop escalating the tensions that
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accompany each new cycle of reactions in response beijing we all eat to pause and think carefully about the consequences of such steps. now a north korea claims its new intercontinental ballistic missile can hit targets anywhere on the u.s. mainland according to both north korean claims and south korean estimates younglings latest missile reached an altitude of four and a half thousand kilometers that is ten times the height of the international space station experts say if there acted differently the missile could reach both washington and europe and the u.s. president thought of trying to denounce the north korean launch you might have broke off a speech on tax reform to take a quick job and kim jong un will be rocket fuel. of the. little rocket man rocket fuel for the american economy.
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he is a sick puppy. president trumbo also tweeted that he had discussed the launch with china's president adding that quote major new sanctions will be imposed on north korea gregory from the korea policy institute things the more pressure is put on north korea the more convinced pyongyang becomes of the need of having nuclear weapons. the united states with really concerned about north korea's nuclear program it wouldn't gain dialogue that's the only way to resolve the problem and north korea said many many times we repeat we are not willing to give up a nuclear program unless the united states dropped its policy i think like a reasonable request to me the more the united states wants to punish north korea the more they convince north korea that they need to develop their nuclear terror and protect themselves so they have the opposite effect. if the united states were truly interested in. ramping down tensions it would engage in dialogue with no
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reason not to engage in dialogue. the u.s. supreme court has voiced concern over the government's so that was interviewing a case in which a criminal was convicted using a cell phone data obtained without a warrant now the case in question involves timothy carpenter who is appealing he was convicted on multiple counts of robbery and is now serving one hundred sixteen years in prison in court the f.b.i. used cell phone location data as evidence the agency had gathered this data over a full month period and done so without a warrant but this has led to questions whether this kind of surveillance violates the fourth amendment which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures a lawyer douglas mcnabb says the f.b.i. is tracking cop and a full months was excessive. there is little question about whether the government has access to that data government requests that data from the cell carrier than
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the government is going to get it what is an issue with this particular case mr carpenter is arguing that because of that extended period of time that the government should have had a warrant over all the obtain a warrant the f.b.i. requested the cell data under the nine hundred eighty six stored communications act and used this to force third party service providers to give out customer information well it has to do is claim that the information in question is relevant to a case and former f.b.i. agent coleen rowley's says the government thinks it has a right to snow this is been going on for some number of years where the f.b.i. and the government thought that they were allowed to track cell phones without showing probable cause the so-called war on terror has allowed under executive you know commander in chief powers in wartime the government that has decided that they
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can obtain a lot of these records under that basis if they'd say that it is constitutional to track cell phones it will open the door wider and it will open the door also to even changing the whole law about the expectation of privacy. in less than a week on december the fifth the international olympic committee will rule on whether to allow russian athletes to compete in next year's winter olympics in south korea but team russia is already receiving support from international sporting associations including coaling and bobsled and the biggest response came from the international ice hockey federation which has called for old clean athletes to be allowed to participate in the games in pyongyang chang. we wanted to outline opposition clearly to the are you see that we are against a collective punishment approach that would unfairly punish many russian athletes that had nothing to do with doping that followed
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a letter from the us canadian swedish finnish czech and swiss hockey federations backing russia's participation in the hockey tournament and many young members of hockey clubs across russia also showing their support for russian athletes by organizing a flash mob online chanting we want to go to the olympics. your news continues in a half an hour. the village of collect she has been nicknamed sleepy hollow because for some unknown reason its local residents have formed victim to sleep to make.
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sure. how you. could have some. sort of middle school in them was. to go. to the. grove from where did you do we have our. school. this is where the. queues of hiring former cia agents to spy on rival companies the claim was made in court on tuesday by former employee richard jacobs who worked as the company's manager of global intelligence he first made the allegation in may in a letter written by his lawyer which argued that jacobs was wrongfully demoted and then fired for trying to stop misconduct it's unclear which competitors were was allegedly going after but jacobs did say that some of the stolen information
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involved drivers his testimony came on the eve of jury selection for a trial between and way moe which is google's self driving car service that trial was supposed to begin next week but has since been delayed due to the recently unsealed claims. a new report from mckinsey global institute says automation could kill up to seventy three million jobs in the u.s. in a little over a decade however the report did say that about twenty million of those displaced workers could easily move into similar jobs so that means almost a third of the american workforce will have to totally be. totally retrained to enter new occupations the researchers said it will be industries that involve operating machinery and repairing fast food that could be hit the hardest by the changes in the report they wrote income polarization could continue in the united states and other advanced economies if every employment is slow for unemployment will likely rise in the short term and wages could face downward pressure.
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and in just twenty four hours bitcoin made a thousand dollar gain jumping all the way to eleven thousand three hundred seventy seven dollars and thirty three cents by nine sixteen am on wednesday however it dropped an hour later to ten thousand seven hundred seventy seven dollars and twenty seven cents for context a crypto currency was worth six cents in two thousand and ten at the beginning of this year it was less than a thousand c.m.e. group already announced its plan to launch bitcoin futures by the end of this year but nasdaq might be hopping on the crypto bandwagon too according to a report in the wall street journal nasdaq's bitcoin contract would debut on nasdaq futures. on wednesday federal reserve chair janet yellen gave her final testimony to the joint committee economic committee on capitol hill well she said we can expect a gradual increase in interest rates to come she didn't offer much beyond that here
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to discuss further is daniel.


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