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tv   News  RT  November 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the french president calls for military action against human traffickers in libya at this point the disastrous legacy of the last french intervention in the country against the former gadhafi regime. the special relationship between the u.k. and us turns frosty over donald trump's controversial re tweets. orders without borders tries to cancel a press event critical of the controversial syrian rescue group helmets something slammed by the organizers as an attack on free speech. very disappointed to see with.
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global news every hour you're watching live from moscow i'm daniel hawkins great to have you with us tonight the french president is proposing military action against human traffickers in libya he's claiming it would help the moderate slave trade. we are proposing to hear from the police and military action. this country political transition well human trafficking is indeed a huge problem for northern africa but it's not a new one for years numerous human rights and immigration organizations have been alarming the public they call is and more than slavery and no one argues that this problem before the french president and the proposal to try to solve with military really has come as a surprise you remember france already was part of a massive military operation in libya designed to resolve the crisis of two
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thousand and eleven france played then a very crucial role france was saying going. to bomb a tripoli and france was considering its actions very successful in libya were a member that after the death of believe here in the leader moammar gadhafi and the president nicolas sarkozy for claims officially that now leave is on the way to democracy. rank yesterday. and i do think you're the world you would get rid of it and you would choose freedom the united states is committed to the libyan people you have won your revolution we came we saw very few died. but if we'll look at the facts and what is really happening right now we leave it on the ground we can say that the truth is for all these years has been troubled the
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region with a level of violence and just a police station just be dramatic. the two thousand and eleven military operation in the bay area has been through to dramatic disability and a rising level of violence throughout the country and this is why are so many will not cause proposal to try to want another minute through a racially levy or maybe our question of whether this time it will actually work to help bring balance back or it will not work. i was spoke to beirut based journalist martin j. he told us micron's playing europe's foreign policy chief may be taking on too much responsibility. madness i think is the wackiest ideas come up with so far in six
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months in office i mean he's positioned himself to be a sort of a middle east peace broker or something you can be very much on the international circuit news shows in the middle east and north africa to do that but i think his idea is is just insane i think is he's really trying to be he's actually really trying to take over the job of the e.u.'s on foreign policy for rican marina because that's really her role so i don't really understand why he's going ahead with this plan he seems to be under a certain amount of pressure to resolve the immigration crisis but some you know he along with e.u. leaders are not really looking at the real root cause of the problem it's only in the recent few years since libya has imploded since the disastrous decision but france and britain america to go ahead with the u.n. plan in two thousand and eleven that's made things a lot worse it's been over six years since the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi was deposed and killed following the western incursion into the country we spoke about the current situation in libya with gadhafi is former top assistant. the
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eight billion dollar libyan african investment portfolio he managed to get out the family's private funds as well this is what he had to say. for the for the hardest it's not right to see gadhafi better to say the libyan government the libyan government left about two hundred billion dollars in various banks and broad and the un has frozen the money go according to the security council resolution and when it comes to the money inside the country those who came out after exactly claimed there were one hundred sixty tons of gold billions of dollars in libyan dinars in the central bank when gadhafi moved from tripoli to search he took nothing with him but. an accomplice of the older than i was government official now it was how i dealt with sarkozy as an official with the french media pie another major out this claim that some people met with me and there was a decision taken to be fifty million i said i have nothing to do with that.
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allow i'm one of the few delicate nothing is known about that character few statements and sarkozy statements now better believe that after a look at the. i don't know this person and i never met him if he says he would recognize me if he sees me that's a lie if he's taking money from someone he should reveal from whom exactly but anyway that's a french problem not libyans not. a cold front seems to have blown over the special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. with the countries at loggerheads of all things over president tweeting he said i'll use the law then he explains what caused this but. so this whole issue is started over mr trump tweeting a number of or retreating a number of tweets from the controversial anti muslim group britain first. those
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three tweets that he retreated purporting to show muslims attacking non muslims and one of them proven to be a fake by dutch journalists and so he's come in for criticism for retreating those and that's created a political stand here in the u.k. with many m.p.'s calling on the government to criticize mr trump for doing so and in fact that is what downing street and the prime minister did in a statement through one of their spokespeople it's run for the president to have done this british people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far right which is the antithesis of the values that this country represents decency tolerance and respect president trump criticizing to resume a actually and saying that the focus should be more on militants and terrorist groups who are attacking the u.k. and not on what he is tweeting but of course this. special relationship between the
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two sides goes back many years the relationship between america and britain will be strong our relationship is very special special relationship that exists between our two nations our people forge friendships together. that is what makes this relationship special i hope to have a good relationship with them has over the years been a special relationship but it would appear that the special relationship is under the thumb strain with mr trump mrs may looking to fight at me or quit on their first meeting together in washington there have been many calls today in parliament for the u.k. to take back their invitation to donald trump for a state visit the home secretary amber right here repeatedly saying that the invitation has been extended and accepted but a date hasn't been set but there have also been reports that that state visit has been postponed artificially somewhat indefinitely by mr trump himself who says that he only wants to come to the u.k.
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if he has a warm welcome while in this latest raw it's unlikely that the road that the reception here will get any warmer for the u.s. president. of the international federation of journalists has slammed the stripping of r.t. america's press credentials on capitol hill the decision was made on wednesday by a congressional committee that cited the channel's new foreign agent status that's despite earlier assurances from the state department that no such restrictions would be imposed here's the letter r.t. america received from congress the executive committee of the congressional radio and television correspondents galleries exercised its authority to withdraw all the news credentials of the r.t. network this action was taken in response to the registration of the r.t. network as a foreign agent. when the united states tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't see impacts or
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a fact the ability of them seal the report. news and information we just have to register it's a simple as that seems to be the opposite of what heather nauert said because as of the moment we've received this letter which is essentially telling us that our ability to operate as a news agency and function and report on events on capitol hill a vital place in the us political system the legislative branch of the u.s. government that ability is now in question now at the moment we have this letter telling us that we need to turn over our credentials now this comes in the aftermath of r.t. being pressured and forced to register under the foreign agents registration act now this is a law that was passed in one thousand thirty eight to combat the influence of nazi germany and efforts and propaganda efforts by the nazi government back in the one nine hundred thirty s. now it follows months and months of pressure that have been placed on our see
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recently artie's status in the united states with you tube and their ability to do premium ads in the united states was taken away without any real notice twitter has banned advertising by r.t. and there's been a series of hearings on capitol hill directed at r.t. which are g.'s a name has come up people are calling this atmosphere a witch hunt so this is yet another move another amount of pressure making it harder for reporters like myself to do our job in the united states and we lost the media to expose how congress actions would be principle of freedom of speach. well it's monstrous really there are closing down free speech in the name of free speech they're closing down freedom whilst posing as the champions of freedom it's monstrous because it was a pack of lies when the four started to register as a foreign agent and then said the that would not affect the r.t.
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employees doing their job as reporters only know to make it impossible so it's part of this witch hunt while i a proud member of my republic i asked the question how does this look like to the world in the nation's capital the bastion of free speech the first amendment where scores hundreds thousands of people from every conceivable form of press that there is they get a badge but are cheney oh oh oh no they're all foreign agent very different be gone r t has been in the news in one way or another as this for baden fruit this outlaw roe good news organization and you know what happens in this country when you tell americans you
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can't do something remember when you were a kid your parents said don't listen to that music. now the one helmets rescue group is again causing divisions that's off to reporters without borders a swiss press club to cancel a conference critical of the syrian activists the request was rejected by the head of the organization as a modern day censorship. if you were challenging our support for this conference with the name of our organization appearing on the list of media members we turn only dissociate ourselves from this event and do not wish to be associated with the conference we invite you to abandon this project which will damage the image of this race press club it was very surprising and very disappointing to see the journalist association asking for the kind of censorship that was my first reaction and so i decided to reply writing your letter and asking them to respect
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the freedom of the speech and disrespect to shun a more previous the conduct of his own investigation into the white elements has more details on what caused that split between the journalist organizations. so far almost everything you've been told about the white helmets is stuff from their press releases and video productions not from locals or civilians no know from white helmet sponsors and p.r. agents that's great and all but let's at least hear from the people they say they're saving shows them helping the people but they only help the rebel fighters they really to those close to them the last thing they cared about is civilians. whenever food aid was brought into the white helmets and rebels were taken after themselves to give us nothing not even bread and he to us what there were many people buried alive helmets would come to save them and if they found civilians
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they might help and they might not go that's a huge surprise what a shocker the white helmets aren't perfect who would have thought they were just regular people with their own shortcomings their own agenda just like everyone else so why on earth would reporters without borders want to censor this absolutely obvious fact calling it russian propaganda i think it was the topic which was this disturbing this disguise now having described. as an independent organisation cannot admit they were wrong and yes they didn't even admit to here are the people who are criticizing the why tournaments has it was a taboo to speak about them that's impossible for
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a serious journalist or simply hardest person to admit such so. it's the first time in the twenty years of the existence of this response that we are. the search demons from a journalist association which is supposed to support to to support the press freedom for whatever reason it is taboo no one in the mainstream media or in western governments says anything remotely critical of the white helmets you remember ever hearing anything unflattering. reporters without borders has all but taken sides let's not forget in two thousand and sixteen they named a syrian rebel activist and the journalist of the year is taunting syrian conscripts buried under rubble he says he wants them to taste a slow death
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a swiss press club has made the point not to judge for me i cannot see myself in the mirror or if i am big censorship or deciding you have the right to speak you have not the right to speak because you are representing the bab the supposed bad part and it is paid off they've received an outpouring of support internationally and they vow to continue doing what they do irregardless of pressure i also received many people criticizing russia. for gary kasparov for mrs name server who criticize criticizing russia so i am open to everybody even to the people who are supporting russia and not criticizing that's the goal of the real person not the politically
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correct. association north korean television has been showcasing a powerful new weapon love that story and more just after this short break. when lawmakers manufacture game sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous
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merry go round listen to the one percent. nor middle of the room. welcome back swati international in the north korean television has shown the first images of the country's most advanced missile to date reportedly capable of hitting any part of the united states. thanks. according to north and south korea as well pyongyang's latest missile reach the now the shoot ten times higher than out of the orbit of the international space station
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experts say that if a direct differently the missile could reach both washington and europe following the test the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. warned pyongyang's leadership it would be utterly destroyed in the case of war a threat came at an emergency session of the security council dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from it and if for comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed what would you just gets difficult to move towards any subtle moment as long as north korea fears that its security interests of threatened in the current situation we have heard is sure to be call on all charges will evolve to stop it is going to work on the attention of the company each new cycle of reactions in response but we all need to pause and think look carefully about the consequences
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of such steps without the serial donald trump meanwhile has the now as the north korean launch show he broke off a speech on tax reform to a joy but kim jong un will be rocket fuel. i was a little rocket man rocket fuel for the american because. he is a sick puppy. of a size that president trump tweeted he discussed the launch with china's president and said major new sanctions will be imposed on north korea the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov in turn is questioned whether there's a hidden agenda. because of those two the americans should start with explaining their intentions to see if they are really looking for an excuse to destroy as the u.s. envoy to the u.n. said at a security council meeting let them spend it out clearly and let the u.s. leadership confirm then we will decide how to react. if it's really concerned about
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north korea's nuclear program it would again dialogue that's the only way to resolve the problem and north korea said many many people are not willing to give up a nuclear program unless the united states rough tough policy i think like a reasonable request to me the more the united states wants to punish north korea the more they convince north korea that they need to develop nuclear terror and protect themselves so they have the opposite effect. if the united states were truly interested in. ramping down tensions it would engage in dialogue with no reason to engage in dialogue. russia and other leading oil producers have extended a deal to gradually reduce production until the end of next year follows talks between moscow and opec members in vienna that agreement was struck one year ago to stabilize the global oil price and russia and opec agreed to cut supplies by one
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point eight million barrels per day since the cut began the benchmark crude price known as brant has risen by thirty percent it's now around sixty dollars per barrel . and we spoke to energy experts a little earlier he told us that further all production cuts will have a significant impact on the world economy. influences the national. execution. fourteen is moving more significant. condition and also supporting a russian significant find and understood what was going on the market and lots of restriction to maintain the old prices within fifty five dollars not anymore was not significant that part and i think that so that it be anderson was that there are significant also influences of reducing that production level that's agreement will be more significant in the next campaign of thanks to
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nine months and that's i think the brain mind stormy had been done today in vienna and that's all from us for us our you can check out any of our stories online or on our social media as well i'll be back with you at the top of next hour for more global headlines see you then. it's. this footage is unique because there's a tribal lands on normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's the seller his personal doctor. people here know him simply as don't to eric he's rich and famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft that .
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he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening amazon. allergies so says going out of the busy when nothing is going to do the population because he's going to people on his own. but with the caribbean poor who respect the environment protect the environment respect the rule of law be punished for it because a one to one. problem didn't i always miss always doing care when stands. in a country doesn't have or rights a responsibility to protect its citizens and what have we to determine but what. actions as you were taken in your country are impacting on all countries in the caribbean in negatively.
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all see we have a great sea we need to strengthen before the free flow. and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. i think. at the very last. one believed in us what we want and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the. recently i've had a lot of practice so i can see that peter schmeichel will be. my last in that. the old joke. was left left left more or less ok stuff that's really good.
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the food. of. yes welcome the special son to understand the sion of the alex salmond show to my scotland's national day we travel to edinburgh but i interviewed scotland's greatest living historian divine who answers the key question whether scotland i also caught up with former labor m.p. denis kind of them who wants to see an even bigger celebration of this especially
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as they will hear from them both shortly and. discuss his designs wholly mitchell and lindsay black blob of talk you know who have put to my eyes why totten is the new black and joining me in the studio will be kenny macaskill form the scottish cabinet sect of justice. the man at the center of the most controversial decision ever by the scottish government the freeing of two thousand and nine of the only man convicted of the lockerbie bombing the first thank you for the tweets messages and e-mails let's have a look at a few of them were firstly it ran it five seven watched alec salmon show an arche out of curiosity have to say it was pretty good covering a range of subjects outside of politics interviewer jackie stewart who dislikes and dementia was really interesting yeah we've had a huge reaction rent-a the powerful comments from some jackie stewart on these subjects for example at redclyffe scott says the alex salmon show is a breath of fresh air hearing some jackie was astonishing there is no limit to your
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aspirations and then that sporty bill says just caught up with the expert on the site for sam and in the. book to bill or according to the right wing media it was about a man wearing a horrible shot sport to go there is nothing wrong with my shots don't leave the right wing media and e-mail from michael to carlos says. please issue a correction on your make sure at the end of your show you to fair to gabriel as an archangel the old testament makes clear the only archangel is michael well i'm not so sure michael the both the jewish and they did the muslim tradition have gabriel as an archangel but that is an archangel or just an angel even gabriel would have huge difficulty of making a success of the brakes at negotiations and finally a change in sixty four meister nor true from the rumor that alex salmon is going to appear in love island but change my style it's
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a rumor i've been trying to encourage let's put it this way there's a lot more chance of me going on love ale and then of me going into the jungle. the sim tundra is the patron saint of many countries including russia ukraine and greece however to scotland which is adopted the theft of november as our national day it is celebrated around the world enthusiastically by extractive scots under friends if you're watching the show in hong kong or singapore today and you bump into some jolly tartan clad men apparently willing scots then the chances are they're on the way till some tundras day event and scott was national dress the kilt however imo someone is determined to see this day as a full scale national hold it in scotland former member of the westminster and scottish parliament is dennis canavan states this case. scotland is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have a notch.


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