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it's a rumor i've been trying to encourage let's put it this way there's a lot more chance of me going on love island than of me going into the jungle the same tundra is the patron saint of many countries including russia ukraine and greece however to scotland which is adopted the theft of a november as our national day it is celebrated or over the world enthusiastically by extractive scots under friends if you're watching the show in hong kong or singapore today and you bump into some jolly tartan clad men apparently willing scots then the chances are they're on the way till some tundras day event and scott was national dress the kilt. how about imo someone is determined to see this day as a full scale national holiday in scotland former member of the westminster and scottish parliaments denis kahn of them states his case. scotland is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have a national holiday just one d. in the year when we can celebrate our national identity the french have got by
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stealing the irish of goats in part because the united states of america do national holidays they've got the it's thanksgiving day and independence day and here in scotland you know we're nearly the bottom of the european league in terms of the number of public holidays compared with other countries and i would like to see it seen underage be becoming a national d.n.a. that's the nearest thing that we have already to our national day is the day of the patron saint he's been a patron saint for over a thousand years and it's no over ten years since i introduced a bill in the scottish parliament to hot bank holiday owner i don't see an underage day and night bill eventually received the uniting the support of all the members of the scottish parliament irrespective of the party unfortunately as recognition of the bill is recognition of the holiday is rather patchy and i would like to see
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seen under his day becoming more and more widely recognised as a national holiday a huge opportunity for the people of scotland to come together and celebrate our national identity or multiculturalism and our membership of the international community. that's kind of an it's more than ten years since you initiated the legislation to make sometimes the holiday so why are you still having to call for it now well of course in italy all that the bank holiday legislation does it allows for the postponement of of the nine through turns. action until the next working day without incurring any penalty it does unfortunately not go by any employer to give the workers a day off but surely there's lots of celebrations taking place on top flight processions in glasgow the museums open edinburgh the celebrations at loch lomond
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a huge amount of celebration going on across scotland and i think this is why in. my bill in the scottish parliament over ten years ago i think that there has been a significant increase in the celebration of sin on tuesday with various cultural and other events but i feel very very strongly that on tuesday we're only a school wholly for example they know it would lead to a significant increase in recognition of the holiday because many of the would want to deal to sell a decent andris the it with the children so you think the school holiday is the key but how do we make some time to stay both a national and an international celebration well i think that we need action at the parliamentary level scottish parliament at a level i think we need action at local government level at present only three out of thirty two local authorities have a school hall of the owner around on tuesday but at international level i know that
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there is a campaign going on and there already are celebrations towards the end of november in the basque country in bilbo and has been some international dimension added to that with the celebration of what's called fear saturday on the last saturday of november in other countries throughout europe and indeed in so the america and there is a campaign going on no in scotland to try and internationalize the fear south of the so that that will become seen done to spear so that the i wonder the opportunity for all the people of scotland to come together and celebrate their national identity and at the same time having. an international dimension to it which is about giving as about charity and it's about a better national approach to repressing the balance of the consumer society but do you think there was kind of an a you can win this campaign or what are the. significant measure of success already in the celebration of the and i am confident
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that many years to go on this is going to be under venture we will have a national holiday to celebrate st andrews the big scene and to celebrate national identity under membership of the international community there was kind of thank you very much knowing davis i would be a tall surprised if he succeeds now in the last generation scotland's colorful history has taken some dramatic political terms living in walking through that process as being one of the great historians of our times of tom devine off of the seminal work the scottish nation we met a mad man when i asked him how a historian interprets the vents when he is living through this changing political landscape well one of the advantages of course as we can see in context and perspective over the long term and we can judge the extent to which that change is so fundamental and possibly originalist and scott was historically experience and one of your seminal works the scottish station the scottish history with more than
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three hundred year period how does the last thirty years of scotland's story compare in terms of the significance of that change scotland's first economic miracle in the eighteenth century was very fast much faster than england but it's nothing to compare with the last thirty or forty years it's culture economy politics religion even and even identity they have been transformed over the speedy it is an unprecedented period of special in scotland system of change. and then depends to be look at on the constitutional to be more broadly how important is the european that mention that bit if breaks it happens then the debate is obviously very but very much back on the table and it's alive again if it doesn't happen then that may be a difficulty especially if there's a courtman victory in the next general election so you're saying that breaks that
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would help the cause of scottish independence and that undeniably so because it would put scotland towards a potential economic precipice and it will most independence maybe start to build a god that is almost a lifebelt in the context of the choice then for scott move between europe or london correct and then london might join us because a lot of people there voted to remain and finally to tom the question are dying to ask a historian whether scotland was going to happen. there well of course my orthodox answer to that alex is the future is not it's not my period all one can see is that this period of momentous change if anything will probably accelerate especially technologically and of course within a few years we'll know more about the constitutional position because the brics it thing will then be resolved for good or for ill and i'm still on record to seeing i don't think happened. well i think it's quite difficult to stop no but you don't
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think will happen because people see sense or you're talking about politicians being said i think it's very difficult because the current political class even your searing your presence i think is pretty another quit and so there for anything could record in that respect but i think the signs already that lieberman may be moving towards a more skeptical position though whether that results in a plebiscite another referendum or not is very difficult to tell and this is one of the reasons why the future is not my period i have to pressure whether in the changing landscape i think i'm very positive a boat the country i mean underwent a tremendous silent economic transformation in the later part of last century i think it's much more equipped to deal with the modern world but those waters are there those waters in the future alex are very treacherous and anything could happen and this is partly because of personalities and events deal boy and that's
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why for sure is the forces shaping the future can often be interrupted by those particular influences but basically a positive absolutely positive because i mean i love my country and i think it's much better equipped to deal with the future than it was in the dying days of they have industries you know in this in the late sixty's seventy's and early eighty's and it does have a parliament from which more power more muscle can grow over time so tom divine thank you very much. when asked if the insight from soprano divine. coming up after the break we'll be hearing from to you met up with the scottish fashion designers behind talk iraq's i also spoke to kenny macaskill in an in-depth interview about the circumstances surrounding the release of up to bassett. the only man ever convicted of the local be bombing.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sense that it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of party america is doing the same we are apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank take the write me seriously send us an email welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin my body gets
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welcome back to our some time tuesday special. scotland what will be known for five dollars food and drinks on the streets of fashion industry continues to thrive. coming to life but a wealth of creative talent not least innovation try to me thing fashion designers i popped in to talk to you don't have a tablet probably we set up this business for one thing twelve years ago. so holy the name talk to docs who came up with the idea. for talking about what we're going to call their selves and we didn't want anything to serious we love the word tortie and we thought talk to rocks it just came out of the blue and it made us both smile so we thought that's a good start oh i'm drawn instinctively to this piece so tell me a bit about this one this is our tarts and waterfalls and they created that from a friend that lives in london so it's inspired by her she work with a little short jacket and it's become one of our most popular items
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a season because some celebrity customer says they'll come if it's about them yes they were we have living kelly she came into our critique that we had and she is she's come back every year and just ordered a few dresses time but she wears on screen and people recognize and then when she wears it suddenly we have orders come in on the internet i think tracey ullman also dishing up coffee no question she. says the order was placed certain no it was for tracey ullman and then i saw on the t.v. and like. this couldn't realize it's all fun and i think and thinks it's funny as well so all of our clothes are available to anybody any size shape age so they come in to look our websites you know or styles that we do they can pick their own fabrics tweaks think make it suit them and we do need to measure and so the same course is off the peg because it's obviously this idea that if you're having something need to measure it's going to be exponentially more expensive so i think
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you've worked. on trying to ensure that you you can beat the price just a little yeah we don't see it as a tax on having you know a different shape or being told you know so we make everything anyways it makes no difference to us do you feel like your best message there's a strong desire to have things scottish an item is made in scotland yes i think people fondly upon scotland internationally the look at scotland it's a strong small and unique country with a lot of identity with tartan and whisky and so different it's like exotic you know so i thought it is to keep rocking it certainly does thank you thank you. after we confession to make earlier on it was you who told me to say that tartan was the new black but we're going to have to mean i mean that everybody likes to have a black item and they would look at the can we don't know any occasion and i think increasingly and certainly after my discussion with twenty locks tartness it's
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taking its place you know in the world and i want to fashion item that has a tartan element to it so they've taken advantage of that as a business which is a really good thing to do and home portal as a scot on the brand concert or hugely important and i think in terms of fashion they have orders from all around the world and many people from showbusiness also who are increasingly waiting tartan and you know they believe the brand is based on people want a piece of scotland in the world and what they wear and i think it's great just as our food and drink industries create a creature sitting really well on the international stage and it's great to see people taking advantage of that but let's wish them ever success just before christmas one thousand eight hundred pan am flight one hundred three from london to new york came down in the small scottish town of lockerbie and one of the worst terrorist atrocities in history two hundred fifty nine passengers and crew were lost in addition to eleven residents on the ground. twenty years later in the
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hugely controversial decision scotland's justice to kenny macaskill decided on compassionate grounds to release him back to libya the only man convicted to date at least of being part of that conspiracy today i speak to kenny macaskill to find out for that we are any closer to the truth of who was really responsible for the lockerbie bombing. can you remember where you were that nate as a normal citizen when the news came through absolutely i think see it in the saw of every scot and i was or my wife without the eldest son was about fifteen months old and at the end of the news program it would be no one just came down and said that there was a plane had gone missing over southwest scotland that was all and of course you couldn't possibly know that over twenty years later he would be the justices that in a scottish government and fell upon you to decide on the release of potential release of the only person convicted of that of course to was that of dual bus. so by
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the two thousand and nine you were the center of world attention so tell me what you were thinking when you went to make your decision i think i was thinking of just doing my job and doing my duty and it was a lot of pressure is quite difficult to explain because of the complexities of the case you tom though the libyan government application for prisoner transfer under the deal did meet with the british government but you approved mr mclaughlin is up location of a compassionate release is it because they are prostate cancer so you made two different decisions and these up occasions i have to see i would normally ground the prisoner transfer application of always felt it was right and appropriate and even the rights of nelson mandela had argued that mcgrath he should be closer to home. but i refused and i did so because it became quite clear that the british and americans had done a deal with the libyans at the time of the agreement that mcgrath he and his day
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and kook used would come back to face trial but if they were convicted the trial would be the sentence would be say half in the scottish prison i got that not from the british government to run for cover but i got it from eric holder who that stage was a u.s. attorney general he had also been the assistant u.s. attorney general at the time of these negotiations. and he made it quite clear that when they were negotiating the un was brokering these discussions between britain and america they had said if there's a conviction he shares the sentence on not basis i felt trumped what i would normally have done which would have returned them to libya to say every sentence in the libyan jail that then drew me on to dealing with the question of compassionate release and an application to come in because it was only in the september that he'd been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer but there were crikey derb that he had to be within a diagnosis of a three month life expectancy. live for almost a year to live for a significantly longer now i think there's good reason for that he was given
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treatment that wasn't then to be able under the n.h.s. it was quite clear that mr mcgrath he was turning his face to the wall he was a sick man he didn't wish to be treated in scotland the need to claim treatment but i also think it's about values i've always taken the view that no matter what somebody has done there somebody mother or father lost son or daughter i think the should be some dignity and death with. a reasonably short space of time and people accepted that you've done your best and the position the people are that my arms loose goes government standing up to very real pressure and as more and more information came over it became pretty clear that the labor government at the time that been actively seeking the luis of mr mclaughlin first was indeed to come in a sector i phoned us. in the new government came in and did a study in the view of it so think. the best lead schemes of of mice and men after
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only now think that's true i think scotland's strangely places you know well i think as soon as senator menendez and other americans became very hostile towards me even scott you have perhaps supported my decision felt he's one of us leave him alone and i think the hypocrisy is still. comes out as even a few weeks by far the revelations about paul m i six in the cia were doing with the libyan regime political parties which would busy attacking you for trying or for releasing mr mclaughlin compassionate their own party leadership civil to me asli been trying to get a release didn't lead investment on oil plans or political parties our governments were shameful in the poko see they were double dealing i'd always known that scotland was a small colgan are they quil and never realized how small or cold we were or hope bigger wheel a month after i was being criticized for releasing the guy it was coming to light
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that the british through the police service of northern ireland were treating gadhafi elite battalion it's also since become clear that through and this with assistance of united states rendering prisoners to come good afi so this was about building a relationship between the west and gadhafi and scotland was slapped about mercilessly i believe we did the right thing and yet britain and america where conniving to achieve what we delivered bleeding us for doing what we did for the right reasons and when i was in the desert for ten couple gadhafi it was uppermost in his mind bringing libya back into the nexus the fold of a western approval or was uppermost in his mind the leadership of the the licenses the b.p. under the oil companies wanted was quite clear i mean i researched and came up with a timeline gadhafi and blair may met the following day a huge deal was signed for
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a major oil company and the day after that prisoners were rendered by the m i six to the cia so colonel gadhafi got things by as well as people getting access to his country's natural resources if you if you follow that and understand them while you still think he was guilty i think it's quite clear he was a level of. seniority that the he was acceptable to the west and he was also not senior enough to be a threat to the khadafy regime is the prospect of further convictions which may get to the heart of who is actually taking the decision well could be equally some of these people are languishing in jail in libya and it's hard to get them out but there is one person who is out tonight mr kristol who was a foreign secretary he was obviously acting as a double agent on behalf of britain and america because human rights was declared that he'd been told and cia papers disclosed that he was sprung by m i six from
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chin is here he's been brought to london he's no in else we're in the middle east he must know. from certain for the gadhafi regime was brought to london on the fall of the regime and two thousand and eleven and then was scottish authorities did get to interview a fellow member to live with and then he was spirited away it. does would seem surprising to people watching the somebody who was clearly had a key role who had things was brought to london and put on a plane to go eat well i think it's that cynical world of international dialogue he was debriefed by m i six long before scottish prosecutors go anywhere near them they weren't going to be able to prosecute him in any shape or form and i'm sure the he would have been on the list of people given his seniority in the regime but a deal had been done as a scotsman was pilloried for following our laws and i think upholding the correct
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value meanwhile britain and america are seeking to improve their trade links access to libyan minerals and were also propping up the gadhafi regime until such time as they decided that they had to take them down will we ever find the food of pan am one of the lockerbie bombing on. will it be one of these things and and historian and politics never quite explained i think it's good to be a bit of the grass in all that dallas i think the always be doubts because along with the people who don't accept it and the still is that million dollar question of how did they get the suitcase on board at malta but it's got to be remembered that as a consequence of getting on board that multiplying on that went into administration and so i think you know it went toward at malta we don't quite know how i'm going to feel in that i think you weigh in on but i think there's no doubt libya did it
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but they were aided and abetted by other macgraw here how to rule but it was a relatively minor rule people do research shows that he's currently in the middle east so you see no saif gadhafi knows they're there they can argue but. whether we'll actually hear from that i don't very much kenny macaskill thank you very much. powerful stuff is coming mccaskill has told us he made his decision to release most of the glass according to the law of scotland and on compassionate grounds here is my view is it possible for somebody to be guilty yet wrongfully convicted yes it is chemical schools correct the forensic evidence compiled by the scottish authorities under the f.b.i. clearly identified libyan involvement and malta is the place where the bomb was planted most of the glass he was a high ranking libyan intelligence official on the scene at the time this supports
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the charge that he i took my father's was part of the lockerbie conspiracy over his conviction was not just based on the strength of that evidence but on identification evidence which is to say the least open to question back in two thousand and nine kenny macaskill was aware of this as was i a scotland's first minister. the. assist. the. police and the. justice. for big. oil. is good buy.
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french president calls for military action against human traffickers in libya that's the spike the disastrous legacy of the last french intervention in the country against the former regime. the special relationship between the u.s. and u.k. turns frosty over donald trump's controversial retreats. reporters without borders tries to cancel a press of a critical of the controversial syrian rescue group what helmets something slammed the organizers as a free speech very disappointing to see you. ask for.


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