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to see people you've never heard of redacted the next president of the world bank very. seriously some of the. credit cards more than just money it's more than just revolutionary it's a pretty black hole that's sucking in every asset class now into the history of humanity into one glorious op to who knows where. welcome back the twenty eighteen world cup draw is underway in moscow state kremlin palace and watching it all for us and neil harvey stan collymore and a special guest.
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we all roll the world law you've just got the technical go is all the. other there we seem to be having a few technical difficulties crossing over to our red square studio we'll go again to them soon as we can do it meanwhile as they're saying the draw for the twenty eight hundred feet for world cup is not just moments away thirty two teams will soon learn who will they face and who will they'll be playing in the next group stage of next summer's tournament and we're going to cross to neil. more and to the special guest peter schmeichel as soon as possible.
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to news on the door is on the way very pleased to say come to save the fetus michael spike is at a lovely day i understand you met with president bush number twelve you never got close to him you've been here hours and you already got him india what i know is how i will know you he was here he was hosting. a very very big group of incredible legends from the world of football and it was quite humbling to be in that room cantelupe how many well cut trove his than gold medals i was in that sport at least time and it was you know patty diego marathon of the knowledge of the no dino car food car kind of on it was just all of that going there and our sister was very humbling to be in there he's very safe three hundred one don't forget you were there for good reason champions the european championships countless organizations voted you best goalkeeper of the year so then put yourself out this case one of the great football teams was the most expensive player in the english premier league is a long time ago the son cole of all i think he's down at the maybe
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a sense of following the action over to stand. with yes we hear the drawer starts it's we've got the greats in the good old maradona our favorite player of all time café to the great brazilian fullback fabio cannavaro that we mention that we say yes to die or get in the bowls or they maria come undone i ask that of course is contributed on the stand calling no shots and gary lineker started the draw so the bowls are starting to go around the chatter is getting a little bit quieter everybody starting to get a little bit excited but a little bit earlier on today we managed to chat to some of the managers that sucks in the auditorium and say military temporary manager of the socceroos australia bulgarian legend. i left for a hot and call a squid former manager of south africa for the manager brown madrid now manager of iran.
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we're in full force so you know obviously where we're going to get is going to be difficult you just mentioned a heist of really strong things there in that first part russia would be a norse one being the high something that's a sort of an interesting field and you keep off the tournament that would have a great void to it but at the same time yeah boys and they're really excited to be here and would get you know that's something that's out of our control so what's of a deal tonight we look forward to it. to sink the fitted to teams to day to day everybody it's the dream is ball the win the world cup. the finally it's all you want. your money. in spain. you know listen away she. makes it will. look so i love it keeps but is the big problem is the bigger teams will stay borges. it's
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a lady tell us sheila romani she rather thinks. this is so pretty. it is a goal it is a dream but we're going to try to be not the only tool in the order of course the role is land but that would have to try our best right what device and for reach the second stage of the competition this is our goal this is our motivation this is our do we know it these are probably a magic step of that but they want to try that's that he could really come the goal is to try that goal that is. so welcome back to the media center it's very quiet we know and the balls are coming out now and starting to tell us who's in which group we know that reassuring group right because they're the hosts group i always did saying that i was the tournament group. cristiano ronaldo i'll
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give you the world's best player in group b. they will be the seeds in that grouping group seats left alone the winner is the ninety nine tournament and as we going to group the argentina lino messi enough said and group eight is brazil we're just waiting for one more but we'll come back to you and tell you shortly. yeah. many thanks and that brings us right up to date with the draw as we said welcome back to the studio thanks michael long sideman we're going to guess now alexander's also c.e.o. of the football players union of russia to the i think the bravest and toughest man in moscow right now to join me alexander so we don't know yet know with the first the first ball the seeds coming out so we don't know who they're going to play yet what comes back to that in a few moments but first of all as the host nation. to dish an early people expect great things of the host nation because they got you know home advantage. not the strongest they've been in the last few decades had to write their chances and
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support. home support is always important for any team and well we remember korea did we do well in two thousand and two so i think russia even though maybe not as good like it was like twenty years ago as you said but still we have a good chance of getting a lot of young players coming up and i hope next year if the weather is better then we have good chances but because the crowd's going to turn up there and then in big numbers along with you on the better way. we are here on the roof top of the four seasons looking at the current in this incredible weather once it gets to the to the world cup russia obviously was caught up in two years of the kind of again playing competitive matches you must speak to the players how housed has it been for them not to be playing games for points well i mean it's always frustrating because a friendly match is not a competitive match you're right but i think the. coach was always stressing out
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that any game they play now is like a tournament game and they play for points so i think there were always two to show and plus they usually played at home so they always try to show their best it's going to happen with argentina recently but it did happen with spain soul hopefully if the spain spirit stays where we will play well i think and just keep it on the draw it's just going to go to the second cultural and i don't miss this that time but before we get to that i saw about the game had in russia because you know they traditionally played in the winter season we still see how development of the game solid to play when you've got the snow coming down like they said you know they change now the kind of the generation of the season so it's kind of invests the weather will this be a chance to kick on the game here now because it will include a lot of enthusiasm mounted in young players well surely i mean. i expect a lot of young kids after the world cup to choose to go to the book out it is in schools they do things that i don't agree with you that we play now in better
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weather because a lot of people say that since we changed due to this the system of seasons we actually play in december and then they just had again several games about us in minus fifteen minus eighteen which yeah and that's the it was really cold and a lot of players got injured so we as a union were really just didn't like it and we are now in talks with the league to sort of set the limit of temperatures high and low. it's not certain we have for a few things we want to be the pioneers and just think. what teams. other players not wanting to play against a must be someone that you know we don't want them to do and say that mark i'll be very happy with. things in terms of the world cup if you want to avoid who you know i would like to see mark but in our group i'm happy that we got in you know and so it's on a story we still get might get you good so yes i would like to wording that the opening game but the. be an interesting game but could be also. hard start for us
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yeah we got a young gun competitive you know you have a son rusher thought you require that's the that's the first competitive kicks and we know now spain yeah portugal spain also spain will not be in russia. in group a so that's that's good but the key thing isn't it and nobody wanted spain because then you basically. there is no this no you see case you go to spain italy spain and england are two two best teams of four two i think so looking at that i was at portugal and spain together. now nobody wants not great but there's still the european john thing you know that all the formal champions nobody wants to be put in is by yeah i think so but it the game between portugal and spain is going to be crazy i think it's like a. very cool classic or something like that and it's going to bring to see how well that game is going to be played as we're. obviously with all the you know i want to see what you can about the development of the game here another key thing is always
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generating interest among the youngsters economy boost in infrastructure don't you in the funding because even if you've got lots of children you've got to have good piccies good training facilities. and it's not going to be that you think well i hope so i don't see how the world cup i mean look up is more about building stadiums for big teams right so but still there are a lot of training grounds being prepared for the teams and i hope they will be used after that it will come up. as training grounds for for discos and academies and that could be a good legacy for. what's the interest for the world cup in russia are they happy it's going to come here because i guess if they have very few people are interested now but i know you really huge i mean. if you see in russia it's not about clubs i think in football it's about the national team and one national team plays it's still the difference always we had a packed stadium in moscow for the argentina game where the. it was a friendly game it was a park stadium in st petersburg the first day
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a russian spring friendly game just recently so it's you know it's going to be a lot of people going to turn out and a lot of people going to go to defend zones watch on big screens so it's no it's a big issue i mean it's a big call it a big celebration of football in russia i can so i just want to very very briefly just people on the drill side follow continues so russia got you know to go in to take portugal spain nobody wants. france to go for them pretty please but that big game just to cause a shock to have a very very same audience you know against croatia going so you that brazil have just drawn switzerland so like you said many times because there's no easy games at this race in germany it's just got mexico. and you know yeah and again we saw them in confederations cup in mexico quite free scoring that if you win but a gang they can beat anybody on the day because they have a fantastic coach on call over and told you who are. you so who i work with before
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he is a very very clever coach tactically and he prepares his team so well. for the obviously germany. yeah and alexander in terms of the the tickets this is an important thing isn't he talking about the interest for the world cup i know people who've actually already got tickets for the so a friend of mine got tickets for the opening and the closing ceremony it's really cheap as well and i just thought well you look he sounds so that's crucial isn't it you make it's affordable for people and you've got a lot of locals coming on to make sure you got punk stadiums and get up there sure and i think a lot of people went for the because you do it for three tickets which are not that expensive and i myself got for the i didn't get the final ones but for the opening game i have a set of tickets don't want another thing you just want to go to vo ip passes someone see you for myself yes but i want to take my i have two sons i want. take them to football and i don't want to be sitting in the ip and my kids somewhere
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else will like to be in the stands with them ok and i really appreciate you coming in to join us going to get inside i think you have come to think you know thanks for the back now and see you stan collymore who's also been following the the draw for a stand just brings a bit more of your thoughts than some surprising already. yes well the headline same news i'm thinking very most much these days abreu cast your list as well as a former professional portugal against buying the bottle of area european champions portugal of course against the winners in two thousand and ten that's going to be tantalizing between that say the likes of diego costa ricans cristiana rinaldo russia face in europe one edison cavani and of course we swapped raising groups a from some peru of being drawn against each of the group de argentina against croatia they played in the world cup a full. third back in one nine hundred ninety
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eight in group a brazil and switzerland group germany and mexico and here the drumroll a's belgium reports a mountainous former everton manager managed all of his life most of his playing career in england gets to play against england for may as an englishman i'd love to know peter schmeichel stuart's on a lot of talk about this being the belgian golden generation but i think that i don't think the anywhere near the finished article likes of edge and has all the likes of ramallah to call coup. the likes of christian bent so i think that we would have preferred to have got russia has the lowest ranked team in the england group but we've avoided the likes of course of argentina germany and brazil so at the moment i'm a fairly happy englishman and we just as the news is breaking group egypt. mike
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open the group with uruguay and russia i think that russia will be mostly happy with no mention kevon they and of course luis suarez mao salah liverpool player best off last quote a very light penalty in alexandria ahead of them going through so overall the draw is bubbling up nicely will conclude the groups will give you all for as we go along . thanks i'm calling all that bring is that i will be there. soon to say you're very hearty fellow peter but like me you spend a lot of time in the north of england so you're ok with this year i can't remember a single day like this in the north of england i mean it gets cold it gets windy but here we got the snow as well and thankfully that's not the way it's going to be when we get to the world cup you know i'd love to see that what as you call this in the fans this would be reduce or a level of imagine peru against france in six inches of snow that would be
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a world cup it would be. ten markets they've just been drawn into that group as well so we're going to play against france and who want to see we get to the world cup and we begin with france before in the group phase of big tournaments and we've we've done ok i'll put it that way but it's interesting because i made the video to show yesterday and i said i have a feeling we're going to be drawn together and it's harsh and so interesting. ok i think. there's a little bit about the stadiums if we can because of an awful lot of you know focus on the host nation are they ready are they not it's always the same you see the tabloids especially in england saying oh the stadiums are going to be ready it's all going to be a disaster. we actually got a good opportunity confederations cup last year to kind of just see what preparations are like so it's looking about what ten. stadiums twelve host
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cities all around twelve cities ten host cities and we also got a chance see what the fans made of coming to russia i hope i think we can now just have a look back at how preparations have been going. we when so much was mexico russia we thought maybe the like going to be bad we want to match it completely opposite they were still playing league friendly russian people are all friendly friendly that's nice to be and meet you play their beautiful
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gather friendly little world come back from work i'm. going to be a little more makes them tick. back to the studio where it's no good that the draw continues and we've got this a lot russia we've got years ago i and we've got agents now so in ecstasy you've got egypt in in that group so that's a good chance for russia i don't want to put those teams down but you know you're to go i think this difficult but it could be worse and egypt again and the thing is the thing is the opening match is not been drawn yet so russia will play in the opening match against a team from part four and that leaves russia with a really good chance of you know me depending willing theory cheery obviously interfering it's the the weak of thing isn't it in the pot for the finke the rankings if you hold them the way to what the it isn't like that because you've got australia in there and you've got as i said nigeria nigeria is is they've got
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a very young team because the german coach who's been organizing them playing really good football and we all know with nigeria on the day they could they can be very good i mean they it's not be enjoying it but if they get the part but potentially yes there's an opportunity for us with russia to have a relatively easy into this tournament yeah i mean if you are going to a game no easy games but if you're going to take your opponents you know that would be somewhere around not ballpark wouldn't the voiding the real danger long as i think certainly not got spanglish when nobody wanted him. on and that group with patrik looks but that's going to be so and you've got the you've got the current european champions obviously germany are the world champions with ben spain was running football in the previous two tournament and spain a day on the way back they qualified really well the one nine games that you were on that you know in ten games to be that consistent that's that's really good so
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that's going to be really interesting and that's not even taking into account the iberia factor you know how they are when they play each other and i think i know i think i know which because there's always. that cliche the grip of death and i think i think i see it forming because the past germany magazine we see sweden and we just see now you know sweden upset think it's silly now people are saying you can't roll them out for that sort of when you can pull off a result the way that sweden quite a fight against italy was and sort of vintage football was a great kind of part of the box and they got away with it and in many ways it's silly. it was really their fault the way they played it was uninspired inspirational they were not coming out with it they didn't have the creative players in the second game playing from the beginning he was sort of putting them on as the game progressed we think you know it's not you know so effective football diamont to be pretty but we saw greece win european championships playing an
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attractive football so sometimes you know not attractive but effective you know you can do that or i know but when you are in in the same group as germany to start with. who i mean they are kind world champions and you can disregard them they are incredible they won all their games in the qualification and then mexico mexico i said before a really really good and well playing team as well it's really difficult because the difference in the way that germany next to play to play that way in and you only got three chances you know let's talk about the opening game and you're not great because germany against mexico and you have a loses out on the really on the back foot then you've got sweden and then and other tecumseh i mean that's crucial for both of those teams isn't it nice going germany yeah yeah well. so often i mean i expect germans to really really well here and you know mexico will look at this and say ok we'll keep playing against world champs we can lose this game and still go through with them have to do it but
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opening games in groups are very often a very tactical affair you kind of don't want to get if you lose the first game we put you under pressure for the second game so you don't really want to give too much away. so you never know but i'm talking about germany and germany yeah i actually consider germany to be out there maybe with brazil as as a favorite but germany in these kind of tournament they're just too good ok it's a lot more results coming through now really doesn't want to ok we've got argentina i think that's very far the only thing that encourage serbia interation the thing group in argentina israel i think is the right of the screen screens going down. so it is argentina and it's costa rica sorry it's costa rica so good you know what switzerland brazil costa rica and serbia and that group so you so it's all forming and i just want to show you going to what we have a chance to go back to stan collymore going to give him any points or not. we are
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ok let's say cyclists under stand he say here we are i said i'm squinting today so monitor is starting to form is now also exciting ties. yes i mean it's very exciting i mean portugal against spain june the fifth argentina against croatia across as i mentioned finished belgium against england and tunis here in that group as well. sweden's first appeared appearance in twelve years and that fascinating one on so many levels not just a footballing level but a political level of course there's lots of stuff going on in the middle east at the moment and it's russia against saudi arabia a fascinating clash at the luzhniki for the guy and those are the two lowest ranked teams in the same group so from russia's perspective which sistani's left church itself the russian manager a little bit earlier he seemed very confident be very confident or again i would love pizza stuart's if you will the whole nation and your plane one of the lot we
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shrunk same's on the outgoing di it's a fantastic opportunity to get the russian public behind you to get some confidence for the same. so when the guy came and start the game on the start the tournament on the front foot. and he thinks down the back to say to teach and i'll go on putting things in the world cup and all in it because this oh it's not snow the moment i saw it really don't really feel about it it was actually iceland. however that would draw argentina against iceland everybody for fancy argentina because just because of the reputation and is england found out to the brits experience iceland are the same not to take lightly though i suppose it's one of those teams you can expect them to do relatively well because the concept is simple it's it's not you know they're not trying to play ticket talk of football with a lot of tactical movements and putting pressure on the ball in certain patterns
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they play what they can play the big strong guys we saw that in the u.s. we've seen that in qualification as well qualified as winners of that group they have you know something which is easily approachable and old players know exactly what the and they're strong in the pros they've got a lot of heart and this is their first world cup you know that's going to that's going to come to something as well so i just want to say this point that people might think this is very unpleasant and this is getting pretty big smile because this is this is the joy of being involved in a big draw for a world cup i couldn't wish for any more to be here with you know a huge name and in the game. and we found out a lot of people in russia are going to be smiling on the snow today i got a no there's no easy games but russia got saudi arabia egypt and years ago i they've avoided this huge language. they they have this is important for us it is so so you might say that saudi arabia is an easy opening game it isn't it's not
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a bad scene but this is an opportunity for russia there's no doubt about that it could have been you know it could have been that it could have been it could have been spain really you know. it has been it's now saudi arabia so for russia really really it's a good draw i tell you who got a good job as well angel and angel and in the in the with panama and tunisia and they will be loving this they've been the british media and they've they've been celebrating and you know as an english found this is the worst possible result i have to say for my opinion because what happens and it's the same every well come in get a good for a like this they get a few good results and then suddenly the media go into overdrive the whole nation believes that we're going to win the world cup and then they get knocked out by someone like i knew lots of other expenses so i want to be suffering where they have to prove themselves this is a bad draw because it's not it's not soft it's not good you know it's different now it's you know you've got a different coach who has
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a different approach to the media he's not easily sort of thrown away thrown back by them they know they can't control him they've got you know it's a different generation of players it's a really good job on the on telling you that and the thing is with england it doesn't matter you know what happens the media will always do what the media does that joe there for england is fantastic it really is an opportunity to not nothing is easy but to eastham south into the tournament so so well done for england yeah and as i understand you got so just ahead of the draw to speak to. some of the play is about their anticipation yeah he had your chance to teach and say well. obviously you've got all the brazilian stars a car food rinaldo going all dino and penny was also and and there are you know. they think brazil really have a chance they have they think they have this fantastic team the young team who in many ways learned their lessons in two thousand forty seven one defeat has really
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helped them win i know this sounds crazy but it's helped them in that sort of maturity development and of course they've got one of the biggest stars in the world name. a name you know you got someone like that who even on a day when things are not going for you just give him the ball again he can come up with stuff that they're they they anticipate brazil to do really really well in the world cup and obviously you know i'm used to a close who whose it would be said to the trophy today. he firmly believes that germany they they are the favorites and they they have a great chance of the retaining the trophy so you know everyone's a bit positive about the world cup and mind you the i was in a group of players from countries that has won the world cup many times so they are they are fully entitled to have that kind of confidence ok let's talk aside you round about speaking to formal world cup winners let's see what they have to say out of the draw.
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who do you see as the favorites to win it brazil brazil definitely with germany germany because it showed great ability great steel we desiccant team during the confederations cup and brazil because if all together that is saying signed the monies you know to play well they have individual players who can make the difference at the same time quality media a very tough and disciplined. president germany and spain and maybe i hope for is a cause in that someone that we don't look at too often that you can say way they can do really good. i'm.


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