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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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deflates the now popular conspiracy theory. graphic and disturbing video emerges showing the body of that yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh he is understood to have been killed by fighters after an alliance between them collapsed last week. president contradicts the french account of an airstrike in northern mali in october saying the killed soldiers. and another retraction from a major us media outlet over coverage of the scandal surrounding the white house and alleged collusion with russia. my colleague you know neil will join you for a look at today's top stories coming up next on our to international it is cross talk but in the u.k. and ireland it is renegade.
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hello and welcome to crossfire you consider i'm. michael flynn admits lying to the f.b.i. the reaction of russia gators and the liberal media is jubilation but why flynn's admission in fact deflates the now popular conspiracy theory. talking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and of course we have dmitri he's a political analyst we spoke nick international rules in effect that means you can
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jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate picture let me go to you first here. michael flynn i'm not surprised that he admitted to lying to the f.b.i. i think everybody knew that the media had a field day with it they stumbled with it is well what are the implications of this is that the beginning of something or the end of something it's it's the beginning of something that's not very good for the term police station. and you know looking at it from the point of view what flynn actually did wrong all the charge here with was lying. to the f.b.i. almost a non charge one of the same time they did because flynt has decided to flip and he's going to they expect him to give evidence to give testimony that they will be able to use that roberts and his team will be able to use to bring down people closer to term and of course from the very beginning their original target was not
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flynn it wasn't planning for it it wasn't. brigades it was little boys for the pows of course they don't care by these people and in fact in any other situation in any other election year or post election year nobody would get charged for these types of i mean if their target is stump and miller miller is not going to stop until he brings down the america that's his goal if he could get there mark because it seems to me and i've talked to some legal people about this is that if there were something more serious it would be some kind of conspiracy because that's what they really want they want a conspiracy. flynn didn't admit to that ok ok we'll mark yet what what flynn it made it do is lying to the f.b.i. or doing his job for doing his job for doing absolutely nothing illegal to do in fact it clears up his what he admitted to in this not indignant this plea
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bargain is he made it that what he did was done during the transition team when he was doing his job when they were the formally elected representatives from son in law under the logan act which is and nineteenth it was it was all or enacted in seventeen we do know. that when you have transition teams we go back to the i mean there's certainly some wrongdoing might have been done with the incoming nixon administration in scuttling a peace proposal with vietnam we saw brock obama go on his victory lap tour to europe yes ok he talked to fish oils here this is traditional but why is it different in this case because i don't think you're right that it's traditional let's remember that obama started first term in office with this so-called recept
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or relations with russia so trump obviously wanted his own reset and freeman was working on exactly that. talking to the russian ambassador i was just part of the you know i read what mr putin is accused of. asked me because that more school refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions and by the administration and of course it wasn't russia asking it was the united states asking the russian asserted well i don't want to go to be. if russia escalated what if they call you know the real story here gentlemen bitterly but actually it was their goal but you. know just there you know but you know we're ok with. get the record straight about amir putin did come out and saying that russia would have to probably retaliate which is part of diplomatic course i'm sorry it was. for mr lover off and then it was putin that actually overturned his own foreign minister but there's another name floating around here and it's cushioning
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here and in the in what was revealed about his relationship with israel during this same time where pressuring. i mean the united states pressure other countries on the security council the united nations not to vote on a settlement resolution which would be adversely affecting real again that doesn't get a lot of media oxygen picture for obvious reasons it wasn't for obvious reasons which we don't even have to stand here but we will and the thing is that question is a critical part in this because the american political establishment they really do not want to go they would prefer not to go there out of impeachment proceedings because that could reveal all kinds of stuff about the democrats about the clinton campaign the death isn't all the other man for this would be a scandal of the scandal the century and not the top but that by the others so what
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would they prefer to hear than they would prefer the nixon scenario where essentially they want to have a pressure point against around and say ok so we have this against your son in law and if you do not step down you should not quit we will go after why don't you i think you want to do what they will so i think it will go up to i think it's plausible but i think it's really risky what do you think mark i mean going after is sudden law ok do they really want to talk about israel israel is really just during the next few margin standpoint they will try not to talk about this though they will only point the finger at russia or they will try to. mute these that they will a.b.c. news on this one here. go ahead i am going to say the obvious they're not going to follow up on the story because israel continually metals and us politics and us politicians across the board both parties i are listening that's what i think it's
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a i welcome i mean israeli you know i would say control it's not to that extent but they very often do influence over us politics that's the reason the zionist regime in israel now what the actual details of this is that was revealed in what flynn admitted to is that trump's son in law during the transition was netanyahu asked the question or who asked flynn to ask the russian ambassador and every other ambassador on the security council to vote against because un resolution because they don't bargain minister and he was going to abstain that condemned israel's settlements i.e. ethnic cleansing in palestine russia of course ignored that they did not agree to change clothes if you will jump into the well i think it's important to note that actually the neighboring media has been very question of a lot of months and remember the scandal with the russian oil needs go which they
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tried to war out of all proportion i mean this i deal with g. adultry liberal ideology which is now destroying the world it is in fact color blind they're not israeli patriots they're not american petrus they're not european patriots they want control over the world and in this situation they're ready to sacrifice anyone including that david but i think i'm not sure that they want to sacrifice i think it's going back to victor's point here it's just basically. prodding taunting and trump they don't want to go through with it they. want the nixon scenario where he says i don't want to go there i don't want to go that far ok i still think that's kind of dicey because i don't think there's anything more and i think it's this is the end of the. there's no iceberg under there's no iceberg here that is going on there the it's been so done already so yeah i mean the reality is it does but for them you see perception is reality and in their way they want to paint this to the american public it is real that there is no i as big
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but to say whether it is a massive threat is. it that just because they are they so good will and no because . pleaded guilty because he confessed well let me remind you that it's not intervene to lying to the f.b.i. to go to some known russian collusion in this area not only it was of our own of the legal norms same legal norms of that of the soviet regime if you confessed you are guilty as the start of spring in general we she said confession is the queen of proof so you don't have to find proof he confessed there to their law to lying to the f.b.i. and the russians are this we have to remember this and the whole thing was whether the trump team colluded with russia to guess not of their own interest taxes to her israel israel israel not the lens gets blurry depending on how you try to go what. this is actually about though the question is why did flynn lie to the f.b.i. about doing nothing illegal right so was he it was it's all just the tip of some
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hidden russian collusion iceberg that he's going to flip or is this all they have why did he lie i'll tell you why he lied because the obama the outgoing obama administration and the media and the deep state colluded to create a witch hunt atmosphere we talked about this early on their whole goal here is to prevent anything occurring between russia and the u.s. and to create this new mccarthyite hysteria where you put people under oath you ask the monk comfortable questions you create a political domestic atmosphere where if you dare say oh i talked to a russian or i and we have. we didn't have the transcript so you better get it straight as they say they make some little lie that is in consequential in order to play down the public for and they get nailed on which is basically playing it was just in competitions at the end of the day look for somebody who'll headed to the
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u.s. defense intelligence or. getting into a story like this shows that he's probably not the most competent intelligence official but then again i remember david used to be the head of the cia and he got into the most primitive can you tap that and it's his could he have or so being resurrected him he sees one on their t.v. i watch it live so no i'm responding to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay with us.
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no one else chose seemed wrong all right old boy just don't call. me old yet to say proud disdain comes to attitude and in games from an equal to trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground. i was born and. it was my home for twenty five years the file in the four easy to hold it all well. now that was the most heartbreaking thing about defeat in my life
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it was such it was beyond traumatic you know we will felt by the state before and often a file. changed everything we talk politics now and how we can take power. if we continue to stand and make the noise. people out we can change this community. we need to realize that collectively we have real power with real real power to shape our destinies and to be of all that we need to seize these opportunities in an organized muslim. welcome back across like where all things are considered i'm peter remind you we're
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discussing some real news. ok let me go to mark here and we were told by the state department that after our t.v. was forced to register as a foreign agent and in the u.s. that it would still be business as usual now we have their accreditation withdrawn from them can't go to capitol hill presumably in the rest of washington as well. this attack is political it's obvious that very few people are speaking out about this attack on freedom of speech the western liberal media loves to say that trump is against freedom of speech but they never stick up for freedom of speech when it is being challenged mark we have this statement by the u.s. state department new u.s. legislation that allows the department of justice to label media outlets as foreign
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agents and to monitor. internet activity presents yet another threat to the media in the united states no i'm sorry actually that was russian legislation and the threat to the media in russia the u.s. state department put out probably i mean it's a new record in hypocritical hypocritic ality for the u.s. . state department to condemn russia for a test for tat measure that mirrors exactly what the u.s. department of joshua just did to russia he just they can't they can't even see their own part for snow it's extra you know they refuse to admit it because it's not the same when we do it and it's not the same look this has nothing to do with who finds out is funded by the british government nobody british taxpayer formally al-jazeera where it's all going to it's twenty four and nobody is going to limit
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their access to america and their accreditation to american government institutions like congress or any other institutions one also has to understand here that this loss of ok with the u.s. congress it has a domino effect because a number of other u.s. institutions they look at the good wife shops right to see whether their partners and it's going to have a domino effect where after this loss of accreditation all right he is going to be patient at other places in the us you know today when the i mean it when the american government talks of of freedom. speech it means freedom of their speech nobody else well you know i think it's one of the interesting things is you know i think a lot of our viewers the last few days the guardian read a pretty large piece on that on our t.v. and there is a lighter lining to all of this all this free advertising i mean it cost so much money i used to be in marketing i mean the brand awareness is really expensive to
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attain this isn't a lot of money and we're getting it for free the guardian's guy took about a week with this time to watch all our programs hold our t.v. i would mention picture with you know all. that but anyway what i want to say is ok it was basically for storage just as a foreign agent and we were told by the u.s. media for many years how bad thinks pression a foreign agent is you know when russia introduced the foreign agent. then michael flynn was forced to confess that he lied about his cortex with the foreign best of that period mind you it was dangerous to talk to foreign investor the only in two countries in nazi germany and in the soviet union i think no the u.s. government should really just some authoritarian regime because they're full of the it's war joke if broadcasting foreign broadcast is a foreign agent if a person talking to a foreign investor that he's a traitor and he pleads guilty then you are an authoritarian government that's
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let's talk let's let's let's review what the big problem with r.t. is now we refer back to this joint three agency intelligence report on russian hacking they clearly outlined the sins that r.t. has committed that have led to all of this highlights criticism of alleged u.s. shortcomings in the market see in civil liberties holo the democratic party rigging you know primary what would bernie's opinion is about aired a documentary about the occupy wall street movement framing the movement as a flight again. ruling class describe the current us political system is corrupt and dominated by corporations oh how far from reality is this alleged widespread infringements of civil liberties surveillance proof of police brutality if you will drove this ok well that's simply reporting factually he's huge to all of us which i thinks if you look real. criticism of us economic system us current policy they
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even alleged wall street greed and no us has national debt like twenty trillion dollars worth of it right so let me have all the prisoners ready to waltz a lot of grief that's a problem intelligence report while we want to be sold out did you hear what clapper and other secure that's all we saw would go out of both piece called quick but amazing contra wallace well there is no job at the us has a huge debt right there is no doubt that wall street is a greedy did anyone have doubts about that crick criticising the us now makes you an enemy foreign agent oh well ok. you know why can't i when i when i wanted to change gears here is go to europe. picture regular americans having a problem big problem getting a government together her coalition potential coalition partners s.p.d. they want something the electorate doesn't want they want more intensive
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integration of the e.u. expansion and they want to have a centralised e.u. budget. merkel is she going to have to bite because i think the electorate across the entire continent is saying no to everything i just said. oh so sure. her force chancellor in germany was almost like hillary clinton yet thinking. this was the inevitable german. and she now isn't. serious trouble because. it is no longer so inevitable depressed few weeks since this crisis erupted with here not being able to form a new coalition. started that i think even more sent in here this i think it's a huge humiliation for the social democratic party of germany because their leader martin schultz said times i'm not going to go into this big coalition i'm not going
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to go into this because. i say normal politics to this so it's a huge humiliation for him but i think it's not the first humiliation for s.p.d. basically not don't forget it was the social democrats who warmed to yugoslavia nine hundred ninety nine it was the social democrats that first used the german troops abroad after the world war two so if they have one communication more it doesn't make any money you can for this it must be it can it is this establishment feel that they're in title to rule ok this is and i see this all the way with the whole issues with brakes at all the way across the continent because the e.u. beating up on poland in and i'm hungry if you deviate from the ideology mr ideology or ideology great is criticize or this is the they don't learn from their mistakes they just double down just like the democrats are in the us angela merkel has been in power for more than a decade now all the and her numbers on like say putin's who's been in office as no
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one cares to notice a similar amount of time are going down less than a third of the german electorate voted for her but the german political establishment is scared of change the social democrats they originally didn't want to form a new coalition and says the most said why because any party including theirs that has been in call ition with angela merkel's government has seen their numbers similarly plummet in the polls as votes go right and left but now the s.p.d. is faced with the possibility. of another election the german establishment doesn't want this and the s.p.d. doesn't want this the social democrats because they know that in a new election this lose even more seats to the right and left regardless of whether they form a coalition so this is this is a stalled motion and they hope that this is going to go away it's not it's not going to go away while all across your all across the central right central there
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are in the western world losing great think that this is just some kind of momentary lapse of sanity no this is the new norm and the establishment better start waking up to it well as people are tired of going to the ultimate tired i'll use your advantage that they want to monitor it with every year every day markets are right that america becoming toxic toxic with the voters i mean the liberals their freedom a critic part of germany why did the vote plummet you know when mr greville best ever man it was a coalition partner because he was in kurdish with her and now my coalition for you because of the new leader of the free democratic party doesn't want to repeat the fate of the restaurant. may be toxic with the vote with those loaders but the liberal media and commentary across the west this door who are getting a raise to her at the leader of the theory world story is like the international
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outrage it was stagnant is force in the us talk sick poison i'm so don't throw totally into what i'm going to nicholas is missing in this part of the programme here it's it's not about politics it's about ideology that that's what's really at stake right here because you have these opposing seemingly opposing political parties but at the end of the day they have a common interest maintaining the status quo of course and we actually see them trying to do the same with some eastern european countries like concrete and like you know it. being the union surreal to. thank you all sanctions imposed sanctions against poor and with constant criticism against. sanctioning itself and you know one thing you don't see in the times of the soviet union in the sixty's seventy's and beaches there used to be a concept called goulash communism that comes from congo what did it actually mean it was a hybrid well it was a favorite because the soviet serialised you know each of these countries got their
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own. national culture and it was a little different their political culture was different their political roots the dishes were different from the soviet ones why not allow more sort of person to. be a little bit to enter into the the americans and the germans they don't even want to take their country is in the pull out ahead of the logic run out of time here gentlemen many thanks to my guest here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. think next time remember cross-talk. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see you.
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everybody i'm stephen both tasks hollywood guy usual suspects. proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we're just a little bit different i'm honest i'm going to run your windows up with all the drama happening in our pretty country i'm shooting the brood have some fun meet every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american to each. book. the wealth concentration the beer traffic concentration is sapping the economic vitality from this entrepreneurial nation called america and the machinations and the costs associated there with of keeping this year's prison
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population in place are dreaming loni away from all aspects of society and you've got the problems that you would normally associate with the ghetto like people nodding out in the middle of the day in the middle of the street.
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i was born to go full time it was my home for twenty five years. off to sea in the heart of my state i can't see. that night will follow me and my peoples for the rest of ice. you won't see any shots of the faithful not in this film we never want to see that again. grenfell for local and global reasons there's a bigger picture that i love more about every day we talk politics now and how we can take power because we learned that we have to look off to ourselves. grand fell changed everything. it did big.


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