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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 6, 2017 10:30am-11:00am EST

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with all these violence it was going to be decided within the year and the signals are boding well for now dr butties thank you very much for joining us on the program i guess we'll know more when president from speaks in the next few hours about his reasoning behind all this for now though thanks for your time thank you. x. tonight in britain opportunities to prevent a series of recent terror attacks in both manchester and london were missed according to a new report carried out for the government with the details he is pretty boy. well this is come from an independent report that was carried out by the u.k. home office and it was looking at how well the security services did their jobs in the run up to the string of terror attacks that took place in the u.k. over the past year and one of the things that it found was that three of the six attackers that they were looking at they were on m i five radar so the domestic security services were watching them already perhaps more worryingly the reports
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concluded that the attack carried out by soundman a baby in manchester arena in may the one that took the lives of twenty three people among them many children says that with hindsight that attack could have been preventable the cards fall and differently that's natural quote from the report take a look at how the cards did end up falling. but to give you an idea of the extent to which the perpetrator of the attack in manchester was all in the security services radar well m i five were meant to have a meeting about whether or not to up his surveillance nine days after he was able to carry out that bombing the report also says that m i five denies that the bombing was preventable and all this is coincide with
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a rather dramatic story here about two men who have been arrested for plotting to bomb downing street and assassinate to reason may so that gives you an illustration of the sort of read that the security services here are having to deal with take a listen to the home secretary amber rudd commenting on this report not to developing more quickly from march. the attack and threats are becoming harder to detect although it's got to be said that a foil plot is clearly better said than one that has been carried out but in the run up to christmas this said their threat level is going to be weighing heavily on many people's minds. remind of our breaking news in this arctic news hour president putin has officially announced that he will run for reelection in twenty eighteen the announcement came at a meeting with workers at a russian car factory celebrating eighty five years of production he also made
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a number of announcements regarding the decision to ban team russia from the olympic games putin criticized the move saying the decision was based on claims made by a man with questionable ethics and psyche referring to gregory rodriguez who's the lead former head of russia's anti-doping agency he added that it's important that the i.o.c. said it had no evidence of state sponsored program in russia putin said russian authorities will not prevent the country's athletes from going to the olympics under a neutral flag meaning there will be no boycott of the game on russia's part earlier on wednesday putin was asked to volunteer for the moscow about his intention to run for the presidency in twenty eighteen of the so i'm assuming a few hours ago he didn't give a direct answer saying that the decision will be announced soon russia's ruling party is already said that it will support putin's candidacy the first round of the presidential election in russia to be held on the eighteenth of march twenty eighth that's the anniversary of crimea joining with russia.
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next this hour cryptocurrency bitcoin has set another record breaking above the twelve thousand dollar mark for the first time compared with where it was at the beginning of the year when it was trading at about one thousand dollars per since then it's been growing constantly with regular fluctuations is a quick reminder of how big corn works. or a. book.
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or last hour i talked to a cd a market analyst to ask if bitcoin could hold its own in the world of financial giants. a year ago how much further it can go and those forecasting two thousand would have been seen as being unrealistic and yet here we are at twelve thousand so as we've seen so often with bubbles and if this is one then they can go on a lot longer than people can remain solvent if you're planning to for example go against the trends the problem that we have here is like say this is not a real thing here this is a crypto currency this is just an online virtual. currency and therefore with it being such new technology and not being overly widely adopted at this stage it's very difficult to price and that's why i think the speculative aspect of this is the most concerning if you're watching a full hour of news from r.t. international the name of putin's officially announced he'll be running for reelection in twenty eighteen more details when we come back.
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if. i. could be a useful idiot i'm useful idiot you called me
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a useful idiot i use for libya useful idiots go expressing my opinions are on t.v. there are thousands of us doing it behind his record is a simple strategy we attack persons instead of talking about the order what's next why stop me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one or scratch me on the right i should be sent to the town one because going to try to break me on the we'll put up with a long time for this sort of nonsense you don't scare me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out in good company i'm in good company you going with me you want me to because we are free thinkers. what you should. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so if you want to be president. some want. to do it.
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this is what. you did. in pursuit. you got a busy news day here at all t. international let's now bring you up to speed on our big story that we broke in the past hour or so the putin has officially announced his bid for the twenty eighteen presidential election in russia that's joined nicky aaron again our correspondent who's been across a little i guess mickey although it's not been the biggest surprise in the world that mr putin would run in twenty eighteen it's still been a bit of a game of cat and mouse and it has indeed it was widely expected as you say that said president putin would decide to run for a fourth term it would have been a big shock how he decided not to but in the past month he's dogged this question
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so many times in fact it seems like almost every forum that he's attended he's been posed this question and he's not given as a definite answer and one can't help but wonder whether he has been genuinely conflicted and whether to decide to run again for the presidency or whether he's just really good at keeping a secret well nevertheless he put his out of our misery in the past hour or so and here's what he said. spicey bombs it but you should thank you for your support yes i will present my candidacy for the president of the russian federation. and i was rumored that his decision would come earlier today as he attended the volunteers forum and moscow in fact i was here waiting and ready miked up ready to bring you that breaking news of his decision when he was also the question he dodged it again but also seem to think validation from the audience there when they seemed very clear on what decision he should make. your way to assure you
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if i make such a decision rule you and the people close to you support it. and this comes of course as two thousand and seventeen saw president putin's approval ratings saw to record highs nevertheless the next few weeks could prove to be interesting as campaigning begins here he'll be pitted against one of the most prominent contenders one concern here because then he is thought childcare was the first female to run for the russian presidency in fourteen years also quite a controversial figure because he's not only are a former playboy model a former t.v. presenter she's an it girl and also he sees a ten day ante putin opposition protests so it will prove to be very interesting and i will have to wait and see what happens i come march next year and of course even leaving it to this late stage it does mean that we've got
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a short sharp election campaign ahead of us right now to karen and so for moscow thanks for that. let's discuss it now with afshin rattansi he's the host of artie's going on the ground. what do you make of any of the timing of this do you think any of this was to coincide with what the i.o.c. did last night. i don't think it necessarily has any connection with that there's no immediate. comment from london and from nato nation powers because obviously the decision is only just come out he certainly took his time about it but i presume the reaction here in london for instance really one of horror because the way they talk about vladimir putin here in london is really runs the entire earth he changes elections he puts trump going to white house and so on but in reality if opinion polling is reality even here in london and in asian nation capitals it is conceded that to me putin is the favorite to win next year's russian federation elections
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obviously the propaganda media if you want to put it that way here to root for competitor as they see it novell me but opinion polls if one can believe them once and they don't believe them here in britain if our general election is a going to go by put it around one opinion poll i just saw one latest one which was just after as you got of the communist party had said he was going to run putin at sixty eight percent far right off a good seven percent and one percent for novelli the west shows in candidate and four percent for zyuganov but i suppose if one's looking at the timing of the decision it is notable that certainly across the arab world which is bound to be alienated by trump's decision of jerusalem that's going to be moving towards russia russia obviously allied to the brics countries increasingly having a certain amount of geopolitical power of africa over latin america and in
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southeast asia so the fact that while donald trump alienates the entire arab world we get this from the kremlin or at least vladimir putin already on the campaign trail that in itself is interesting you know i've been trying to scan on twitter some of the usual suspects to see if any of the cynics have popped out. because everyone will always think it's just a done deal which as i said earlier rather treats russian voted with a bit too much discontent contempt really you mentioned how the u.k. might react with a bit of a ball rolling what about on the international stage there we've got a president putin has been in charge moammar another in russia since the year two thousand here is trying to run to stay in power until twenty twenty four in an international level how do you think that's going to play if he wins. well i mean on the international level russia is only mentioned now routinely with respect to the investigation into how donald trump became president the united states i think it's also mentioned in terms of syria where russia played
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a pivotal role and it looks like western backing for islamists is on the wane there . has been cutting the funding for cia backed. militants is the most militants in syria since you're one that now i like the turkey wasn't that long ago that he was shooting down a russian warplane so geopolitically he's seen as more powerful than ever because presumably in russia where you are the crimean people's vote has independently adjudicated he brought that back on the ten year we've seen ukraine the largest country in europe move towards the west and of course with all the saving in africa not in these let me putin but the chinese premiership saw a war in libya that they arguably allowed to happen because it's done more overall into that i think it's clear that russia or as never been more never mean more
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powerful than these that i would seem here whether the russian people think he does enough to stop the corruption to cause really ramped up after the west washington is galling boris yeltsin introduced all that privatization there liberalism which caused so much capital flight from russia. is another matter but could the other candidates in this election do any better than that and come out of the eighteenth out in terms of how broad will consider the fairness of this election so remember in twenty twelve that the lengths that russia went to to make sure that that presidential election was transparent i remember that being the webcams in voting booths among other measures that were taken what would it take to convince other countries that it will be a fair election do you think what will they expect from nato nation media will almost you know animists lee condemn the russian election next year it will condemn the idea that you're putin is contesting this election little and winning it and at
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the same time it will allege the vladimir putin is behind everything from every other affection next year because it's difficult to overstate coming to you from london here the way they see their putin's leadership of russia. capable of meaning the britain breaks apart from the european union with catalonia breaks apart from spain this is all under the power of the thumb of law to be uprooted. it's very difficult to see any fair reporting of russia just as there would be any fair reporting of china or any of these other emerging superpowers of the twenty first century ok we're sure we'll get more reaction in your next edition of going underground so let you go and get ringing around for the next edition look forward to it thanks for the other option there you go. and also made a number of comments regarding the decision to ban team russia from the winter olympics he said that russian authorities will not stand in the way of athletes
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competing in the games next year under a neutral flag but he did however criticize the i.o.c. move saying that it was based on claims from an unreliable source referring to grigori road control of the former head of russia's anti doping agency. which. most of this has been certain accusations that are not proven and are generally baseless they're founded on the testimonies of a man whose moral ethical as well as psychological condition is questionable there's nothing more. for the president added that it was important that the i.o.c. had said that it had no evidence of state sponsored doping in russia but says a lot of questions remain about the international olympic committee's decision about twenty four hours ago now that the i.o.c. banned team russia from the twenty eight team winter games in south korea over the claims that individual athletes who can prove that they are clean will be allowed
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to compete under a neutral flag. these you know i did elsley so will participate beating individual or team competitions under the name olympic else lead from russia. they will compete with a uniform bearing this needle and under the olympic flame. the olympic will be played in. no one thought about what it actually means for the athletes to go to the olympics under a neutral flag that it's simply the murder of our national sport. russian athletes won't give up on their country or their flag as this is always in their hearts. and tracing this back the scandal broke three years ago when german t.v.
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channel broadcast a film alleging a state sponsored doping scheme in russia the world anti-doping agency then opened an investigation into the claims russian officials denied any claims of state sponsored doping and july last year was published the mclaren report which gave a more detailed view of the alleged scheme but seeking a more independent view the international olympic committee also launched two more investigative commissions the same month russia saw a blanket ban on all paralympians and olympic track and field athletes competing in the rio olympics for alleged doping but that wasn't the end for team russia because after the olympics the situation escalated last december the second part of the mclaren report came out which apparently had more evidence that resulted in the decision to recheck all the samples taken from russian athletes in saudi twenty fourteen throughout this year the russian doping scandal then intensified further twenty two athletes were subsequently disqualified and stripped of their medals artie's kate partridge and union o'neal discussed that area. twenty five were
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banned in the buildup to this decision twenty two an hour peeling and as i say not a great deal of time either to appeal all or to prove whether or not you were innocent to be able to say what the store was the great compromise was being able to compete on during neutral flying but there's a number of issues surrounding their time constraints that you just said absolutely as they said it's now in no way aren't you here to take part you're in your an olympic now from russia as we heard now anthems no flags and also as you said that sense of prestige that sense of patriotism the whole point of what the olympics about these are all claims effectively came its claim and counterclaim you have to lodging gough and millar and saying this is how they this is how they did it then you've got schmidt saying yes we believe this is how you can do it as well you can replicate this but we don't see any photos we don't we haven't seen any cameras we haven't they haven't filmed it as what we seem to say ok yet this is the claim we can prove it and we're going to show how to do it and this is cause a bit of consternation amongst the athletes themselves and one by our teacher said well if you're going to basically ban people on the basis of scratches and some
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elevated salt then i'm really worried and we can hear him now. i hope that we will be able to see some evidence for what they're being punished and that is not that there are some marks on the bottles because then i would be terribly afraid of giving samples was not only fear of the giving samples there's also been some other sort of worries that have been raised by athletes and also across the organization as well by saying that this is a this is sort of double standards here because effectively you've got a blanket ban for one country but looking over time as well we've known of athletes who have been banned tyson gay justin gatlin and they have been bang to rights they will prove there wasn't a presumption of guilt there they were actually proved to have to be guilty and banned and come back and that's what russian athletes will be looking at now what we're seeing on our screen justin gatlin who came back to winner silver medal after being what he was burned twice before this russian markets have never doped the majority of them proven that as well but now they're looking at a lifetime by exports but this is all because of the system or all the levels that the i.o.c. demanded in terms of making their judgments and this is based on
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a presumption of guilt given what they consider to be all the different factors taken into account not direct evidence of it but all those different layers so what they're saying is that by being able to replicate they think the system of being able to override a tamper proof system by rajan covers diaries that is how he wrote about all the things that were going on in the time by the medal table of the people who won medals by the the so-called duchess list of all the people who were taking who were meant to be taking drugs they said by taking all these into account it's a presumption of guilt but as we were looking back over the past few days as i was covering before this is a presumption of guilt that covers that covers everybody and therefore it's a blanket decision but they're obviously they're going to be locals as we were talking about before four years ago there were skepticism that russia's first winter olympics would go without a hitch due mongers predicted not enough flights not enough hotels and not enough snow concerns about socially squalor in sochi double toilets and missing door handles the water that came out of the tower problem with the door of the house
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games were. and so well even critics had to admit they were it things been amazing it's running like clockwork and everything's just going really really well as i'm being really present everything russia is done so far. which they care about. so far well organized in people really friendly here having a good time through our accommodation our food almost four years later and russians who triumphed in sochi and now being stripped of their medals and given life a little pick bans why twenty sixty in the metro report explosively claimed russia used an elaborate system of state sponsored doping athletes officials and the ministers were implicated like the plots of a cold war novel the attitude to russia a return to skepticism then retribution as its track and field team and entire power limping in from the rio gave which left the clean athletes wondering why.
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we care about how the russians completing it until they got it the right policy but sure there are a clean nation never mind cleaned out they are to be a clean nation. the i.o.c. and i p.c. have now definitively backed up mclaren supporting the claims of former lab boss cricketing roche in cough who is under criminal investigation in russia and saying that infamous sample swapping system has finally been replicated but questions remain the i.o.c. standard of proof is not beyond any reasonable doubt but rather the balance of probability the presumption of guilt is enough it was logic of who was the original and only source of so-called proof against russian fleets this evidence has been grossly overvalued we can see we are seeing the results of a proper legal process it's
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a question of faith to believe broaching course or not is looks more like a religious inquisition. questionable bottles have no visible scratches they were presumed tampered with as the russians must have perfected their technique and left no marks and no argument basis for an on mass ban the cane condemned without any guilt no presumption of innocence for team russia what we see here is actually a violation of the olympic charter which is. which stands against political national racial discrimination so it appears that in the name of protecting clean athletes they are actually taking away the rights of russian clean athletes and in my opinion the mclaren accusations are unfounded and they are very politically biased. surely any athlete should be denied a medal and banned from competition if he or she cheats it undermines others'
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lifetime's work as does abound slapped on the innocent who are simply prison. guilty hypothesis that i'll be back in a few minutes with more on our breaking news that he made putin officially announcing that he will run in next year's presidential election i'm calling bright you're watching ulti international. done some is not is not a quick place is not as good a country. trying to seek to administer a live bunch of family as well before the storm. has existed at the best a distro that is glued. to the culture. of the culture of this list with the split second of christmas. pulling in customer and bias from a fellow muslim of oneself to be the middle. mostly albums fossil. play almost
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takeover i know no obligation to fulfill this. ya from just based. when lawmakers manufactured in sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the famous larry go around the lives of me the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signal. the real news is the a. child's seemed wrong wrong but all in all just all. in the world to get to shape our system comes out of jail and in gains from an equal betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the. truth. whenever you believe russian products. are not just getting good quality. for the little visit soon as we. look for the spiritual.
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this is breaking news after months of speculation president putin officially announces his bid for reelection in twenty also commented on the president of russia from the winter olympics. the circle so. we will not announce any blockade or prevent our athletes from competing if we want in a personal capacity. for the i.o.c. banned russia from the twenty eighteen winter games after a three year doping scandal despite a lack of concrete evidence to support the claims of the state sponsored drug program. also ahead of this policy in the u.s. president is expected to recognize jerusalem as the capital city of israel a move that's likely to ignite fury among many in the middle east.


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