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tv   Boom Bust  RT  December 6, 2017 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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we can sleep well at night thinking oh we're ok the russians are the bad guys in the case you know enough of the case that there's a lot of bad guys everywhere. you know it's just it won't change and there was this it won't change even for the well remind of our top story tonight donald trump has recognized you recently as the capital of israel that announcement made in the last few minutes we've got plenty of reaction to come to. us as. it us. of her.
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thank you. i mean you called me a useful idiot. useful idiots were expressing my opinions on. doing it behind his record is the same strategy we attack persons instead of talking about what's next why stop me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one hour stretch i should be sent to the town of london because i'm going to try to break me on the wheel but out with a long time to be sure you don't scare me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out good company i'm in good company. because we think.
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if you trust the mainstream media well then you're in the minority sadly a great deal of media today is not designed to inform but rather confirm political biases this approach the news is not only polarizing but it's also lowering journalistic skills this is why readers and viewers seek their news elsewhere. but again i mean britain opportunities to prevent a series of recent terror attacks in. london were missed according to a new report carried out for the government with more details on this his party. well this is come from an independent report that was carried out by the u.k.
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home office and it was looking at how well the security services did their jobs in the run up to the string of terror attacks that took place in the u.k. over the past year and one of the things that it found was that three of the six attackers that they were looking at they were on m i five radar so the domestic security services were watching them already perhaps more worryingly the reports concluded that the attack carried out by soundman a bady and manchester arena in may that was the one that took the lives of twenty three people among them many children says that with hindsight that attack could have been preventable the cards fall and differently that's not actual quote from the report take a look at how the cards did end up falling. but
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to give you an idea of the extent to which the perpetrator of the attack in manchester was all in the security services radar well m i five were meant to have a meeting about whether or not to up his surveillance nine days after he was able to carry out that bombing the report also says that m i five denies that the bombing was preventable and all this is co-incided with a rather dramatic story here about two men who have been arrested for plotting to bomb downing street and assassinate to reason may so that gives you an illustration of the sort of constant threat that the security services care having to deal with take a listen to the home secretary amber rudd commenting on this report not to developing more quickly from march. the attack and threats are becoming harder to detect
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although it's got to be said that a foil plot is clearly better said that one that has been carried out but in the run up to christmas this seven year threat level is going to be weighing heavily on many people's minds. i don't trump announced that the time has come for the u.s. to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel he made that announcement just a few minutes ago there was already a wave of criticism to the proposal over across the muslim and arab world and from also gave the green light to move in the american embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv we can get reaction to all of this from political analyst nor day he joins us live now from the palestinian ministration good to have you on thanks for your time tonight just tell us what's been the immediate reaction that you've seen in relation to trump's announcement just a few minutes ago. well the immediate reaction is one of
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outrage. a little bit perhaps of pity towards the american people who are led by a man who seems to be as clueless as he is ignorant about this conflict about the implication of this reckless decision that he has just taken and about the diminished standing that he is taking his country to because of these policies and and because of this statement that is absolutely detached from reality and a slap in the face to the into an entire international system as we know it how would he see i mean tried to put yourself in his shoes i know it's difficult but he says this is in the best interests of the u.s. a pursuit of peace between israel and palestine me and palestinians how could that be the case do you think or in what way is he looking at it well. well that's why i said that he is entirely detached from reality this is not a step that is in the national interest of the united states if it were previous
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presidents would have taken at previous presidents who enjoyed a. a lot more wisdom and had teams that were not ideologically driven understood that this step is first of all illegal under international law and second of all would be detrimental to the interests of the u.s. in palestine israel and the region at large it would inflame tensions on the ground it would redraw the fault lines of this conflict and it would completely change the dynamic of the message from sent out from the white house today despite all the semantics and all the sugar coating that he tried to have is that the united states under the trump as ministration will reward countries for violating international law will reward countries for being bullies will reward countries for violating human rights and shield them from any form of accountability that's the danger of this message of this announcement today it's not just the implication on the
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prospects of middle east peace which are you know diminished tremendously with this announcement it's also the implications on the entire international order as we know it if countries understand that they will not just not be held accountable for their violation they'll be shielded by the united states then what will that mean to international peace and security how will we explain to the people the rising tensions and hostilities the war in his country after taking this position which effectively put the united states not just on the wrong side of history but also on the wrong side of international law he has recognized and illegality as a fact on the ground and if it does not and will not change the legal standing of jerusalem but it certainly disqualifies the united states from having a role in mediating peace in the middle east how much is just reacting to this decision opens the gates of hell. i mean that's when you hear how much say that
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well i learned that so you go on what's your reaction to that. well i think i think that it is expected and only natural to hear statements of outrage from all palestinian factions what that will mean and how it will translate on their ground . remains to be seen the hope of course is that palestinian dialogue which is in a far better place today than it has ever been in the past ten years we'll hear palestinians away from the dangers that i believe the israelis want them to slip into violence certainly a threat provoked on a daily basis by the israeli occupation and its practices israel right now is preparing a large celebration in jerusalem which will provoke sentiments in the city so outrage is to be expected and i think what's important right now is to make sure
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that we don't read this story from when the first. story this story was a reckless action from the u.s. administration with an american president changing the rules of the game standing alone facing the entire international community which has unanimously told him his decision is unwise it is counterproductive it is illegal and nobody is on board with this decision even his closest allies france the u.k. germany nobody is on board with this american president on recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and changing the rules of a very very delicate. doesn't seem to understand why do you think. given the fact that the international condemnation before he made i mean none of this reaction should come as
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a surprise to him i just wondered what is he got to gain from this. well he gains domestically because he is surrounded by a group of ideologues who only see the world from the right. wing of the israeli perspective. this team of his jared kushner and green blatt and even the american ambassador to tel aviv all of them are known to be right wing to be completely allied with the israeli government on its position in addition to his main supporters like sheldon adelson and others who are who have extreme use on the conflict and how to resolve the two a don't hide their hostility towards the palestinian people and who harbor very very racist views towards arabs and muslims in general and have openly said that they are against the
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establishment of a palestinian state and his comments also he tried to justify what he was saying through sort of practical arguments i suppose he was saying that you know israel is a nation state it has a right to determine its own capital. right in it's within its own borders but it does not have the right to annex territory that it acquired by force that's a basic tenant of international law and several united nations security council resolution have been adopted specifically about the illegality of israel's annexation of jerusalem the previous u.s. administrations did not oppose those resolutions in fact they voted in favor of some of them as did russia and and other countries that actually respect international law so. talking about practicality saying that this is a fact on the ground only goes to expose further just how little donald trump
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understands international politics because this is not something that is in line or in harmony with the tenants of international law with his obligation as the representative of the united states under the u.n. charter for example the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by force is a basic tenet of the u.n. charter of the international system as a whole what donald trump did today is say well we don't care we recognize the acquisition of territory by force it's a reality we're willing to recognize it and put the weight of the united states behind it that's why this is dangerous and with implications that are far beyond the borders of the region which is already volatile island and suffering from a lot of tensions all over the region palestine was the only place that was shielded from the religious fervor and tension that has plagued the middle east for so many years donald trump argument about religion and jerusalem religious status
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and the fact that he talks about really a drizzle and as the capital of the jewish people forces this false pretext of religious warfare if you will or tension down the throats of the palestinian people we've been rejecting this. and opposing this and. successfully for one hundred years in donald trump's circle of ideologues and zealots views the world in that through that prism and is in danger of. stability in the region and beyond because of that because of that ideology no look we're going to leave it there it's been really good to talk to appreciate your time tonight i was a no zero day political analyst thank you. ok now and some other breaking news this evening to you vladimir putin has officially announced his bid for the twenty eight presidential election in russia but the details on that is. that's why they expected that lattimer putin would decide to
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run for reelection next year however he has played korea on the topic so many times i in recent months and one can't help but wonder whether he was genuinely conflicted on whether to run for the presidency again or whether he was just being really good at keeping a secret and playing the media nevertheless we were put out of our misery when he said this but you grams of frank you for your support yes i will present my candidacy for the president of the russian federation. my super bowl sure thank you for your reaction but first of all for you. and i was rumored that this big announcement would come earlier in the day when he attended a volunteers forum here in moscow in fact i was here ready and waiting to bring you the breaking news of his decision however he played quite a once again and also seemed to seek validation from the audience there and they
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seemed very clear on what decision he should make. sure you if i make such a decision. and the people close to you support it. but it still should prove to be an interesting race over the coming weeks and months with quite an eclectic mix of candidates throwing their hats into the ring one of the most prominent being a stop child who's been gaining headlines around the world she's the former reality t.v. presenter she's also posted playboy amongst other things that she's considered to be the russian paris hilton and what's also quite interesting about her is that she and putin she's attended opposition rallies and she's promised to unite people against vladimir putin one all the other interesting thing about her is that she happens to be the daughter of the former mayor of st pete. who flies me putin himself has referred to as his mentor in those early days so that should prove
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quite interesting but it girls aside there are an unprecedented number of women entering the race for the presidency next year which is quite extraordinary because it's the first time we've seen any woman enter the race for the presidency in russia in fourteen years and of course there are the usual suspects as well including the liberal democratic party had a bloody media she were not scare the communist party is again r.d. zyuganov and the liberal yabloko parties grigori yavlinsky. also business on but boris tito of his from the party of growth he has pledged to champion the rights of entrepreneurs so quite an eclectic mix that all the russian people to sink their teeth into ahead of the elections in march next year i was and am reporting well we also asked gary about this he's the managing editor of the website the dot com. president putin will be all too aware of the unfinished challenges that remain
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ahead and that will certainly remain after march of next year these include further consolidation and cooperation of the one by one road project of which russia is incredibly important it includes finalizing the peace process that russia has instigated for the syrian arab republic finding a last thing peaceful solution for the free people of donbass finding a peaceful solution to the arse in a garden or a bar conflict as well as using the momentum of the bricks and other international bodies like the shanghai cooperation organization to the rise the rising east and south as people tend to call them this will include making the gold system more centered in asia rather than in europe and north america it may include increased trade will certainly include i should say increased trade in national currencies between partners in southeast asia and your asia even africa in some cases
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especially if we're talking about metallic standards we're talking the russian federation is going to introduce a crypto ruble next year joining venezuela being the only two countries to officially have the crypto currency and then of course there's the matter of increasing people's wages without damaging inflation so all of these very important things are on the table of any president and it seems that flooded here putin wants to ask the russian people for their trust so that he can continue to work on all of these incredibly crucial matters ok watching out international our donald trump has within the last few minutes recognized your resulin is the capital of israel we'll have that live reaction to that after this quick break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics school this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. what politicians do sometimes. i put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injured. or somehow want to be rich. to go on to be press it's like that before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in my house. first sit. another gun some is not is not quit place is not a good country. church because it is the minister philip bunch of family as well loves. you that's good at the deseret that is.
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just a political challenge. of the cult of less sure of the fear of secular serious . falling in just the embrace from the muslim of oneself to be the middle. of this fossil. play almost anything for the members of the base to not a second hour ride that john said i'm based on are my sure as i had no one can i do not cover we're survivors from that matter how on amanita. from michelle i cannot. confront mom i cannot be mr mom must feel now words to fuck them on a. good sister to sort of numbers go show you are the supermodel of the world of the susan the michael our. voices in his or the one of the street the. cinema of our government a lot of this. is serious let's go. again
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welcome back and i don't trump has announced that the time has come for the us to officially recognize to receive them as the capital of israel there was already a wave of criticism to the proposal across the muslim and arab world from both i gave the green light to moving the american embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv. therefore i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. ok we can get some reaction from and also i twenty four news correspondents to donna miller and also made with this is a new york let's start with. how did trump justify his decision the.
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well we heard it from the lips of the u.s. president he is recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and he's talking of you moving the u.s. embassy to the city of jerusalem in compliance with that decision now he says that he is fully committed still to the possibility of a two state solution he says that he's looking for a quote good deal for both the israelis and the palestinians this is how he put it when speaking to the country this decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement. we want an agreement that is a great deal for the israelis and a great deal for the palestinians now there's been quite a reaction internationally we've heard from a longtime u.s. ally saudi arabia criticizing the decision we've heard from turkey another longtime u.s. ally and member of nato also criticizing the decision now we've also heard voices
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from europe we've heard to recent mayer from the u.k. we've heard leaders of the european union as well as the u.n. secretary general all reacting to this dramatic move. judaism he's a final stop those issues. that must be resolved through guided we will see ations between the two parties a way must be found through negotiations to resole the status of jerusalem as the future coffeyville of the states the status of jerusalem should be determined as a negotiate in a negotiated settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and jerusalem should. form a shared capital now the move has also been controversial here in the united states we've heard a lot of criticism of donald trump for taking this move but we've also heard a lot of praise from him for a forum for doing it from supporters of israel here in the usa so it seems like no matter where you go in the world this is quite
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a controversial decision that donald trump has taken. well we'll get some reaction from the ground around the world because we're joined by john miller she's in the center there she's based in jerusalem at the moment and i twenty four news correspondent good evening to you joe dan what's been the reaction there so far this evening. ok look we've got problems with the same method for a showdown and i will try and get back to her but mohammed is on the left them home and i hope you can hear me mohammed in the west bank the same question to you mohammed what's been the reaction is adam adam gary here as well. as recording. this a cyclone in the mine and we just heard from the palestine liberation organization
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just moments ago that said that the two state solution is dead right now after the announcement that was made by president trump we also heard from the house movement in gaza that said that this announcement will open the gates of it of hell in the region and especially on the american interests here in the region there's a lot of jihad organization out of gaza also said that this is this constitutes a declare it you know for on the palestinian people president abbas is scheduled to give a speech very soon to give the palestinian authority reaction to president trump's and now we also heard from cairo president of a group that has sisi and education government said that it strongly rejects the announcement by president charm and it condemns it at the highest level. just picking up on something that donald trump said earlier he said that you know america is not taking a position on any contested borders by making this decision but looking at the
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reaction other people certainly don't see it that way. they don't see it that way at all they sing that despite the soft airing of the language and then now survivors present trouble he is in fact is taking sides he sided with israel and that's why they are rejecting him as a mediator they are saying now that the united states is that this honest broker in trying to revive the stalled peace process and they cannot accept the u.s. to be the mediator in trying to revive the peace process and get to a final resolution between the israelis and the palestinians ok mohammed thank you as mohammed. twenty four news correspondent based there in the west bank let's try and get contact again. she's in jerusalem also a correspondent for i twenty four news so donna you can hear me now i watched the reaction in jerusalem. i can hear you the reaction from israeli
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officials has been one of their sound resoundingly praise for this decision by the u.s. president israeli officials see this they're trying to see it really less as a political statement and more of a statement that really reflects jewish history and the jewish people's connection to jerusalem the prime minister of releasing a video on you tube where he said you know this is the land where our kings and our profits walked this is the place that has meant so much to the jewish people for thousands of years and of course this is where the where israel itself calls its its own capital it has the seeds of government here the prime minister the parliament the supreme court is here so overall this is a decision that israelis have been praising now if we look at the israeli arab lawmakers of course very different reaction there the head of the major party here
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that serves in the israeli knesset releasing a statement saying that trump is a quote hater that he is not interested in any kind of peace between israelis and palestinians by making because he's made this kind of move which really destroys he said the chances for peace she will we're going to have to leave it there we appreciate your time tonight thank you. international will be back with a couple of. russian products. just get a good quality. for the little bit of superb.
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headlines tonight donald trump officially recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel the move is already facing criticised across the muslim and arab world. after years of terror are still no longer holds any territory in syria the russian military says the group has been defeated there. after months of speculation president page officially announces his bid for re-election in twenty eight.


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