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tv   News  RT  December 7, 2017 8:00am-8:31am EST

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headline news mass protests erupt across the middle east following president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. a landmark in the fight against islamic state the russian military says the terror group has now been routed from syria. and british soldiers could face trial at the international criminal court its chief prosecutor says there's reason to believe the war crimes were committed against captives in iraq. twenty four seven this is r.t. international my name is called embracing four pm this thursday here in moscow first of the developing unrest in the middle east protests are being held across
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palestinian territories over donald trump's decision to recognize to roost as the capital of israel demonstrators are burning posters of the u.s. president and clashing with israeli security forces. the go ahead to move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem which is long been contested by israelis and palestinians. therefore i have determined. that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. and that. no one has the right to play with the fates of the then so of people for the sake of one's personal ambitions. i can already get the palestinian missionary christian rights in jerusalem with all new fuel for the extremism and i've got my war against terrorism.
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they cannot oppose people's feelings and beliefs this is a new type of adventurism and global arrogance of the us. king selman made our position clear during his telephone conversation with president saudi arabia's policy regarding the palestinians will never change the palestinian issue is a primary concern to us. we warned the u.s. the drizzle and may stay arab we've warned of the consequences there would occur in case the us and president trying to this decision which will damage u.s. relations with the arab nations. of the reaction palestinians are holding a general strike with more protests expected over the coming days the islamist group hamas has called for a new uprising called an end to fatah undeclared friday to be
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a day of rage palestinian president mahmoud abbas slammed trumps decision while the israeli prime minister described it as historic. these deplorable and unacceptable measures deliberately undermine all peace efforts and proclaim that the us are abandoning the role of sponsor of the peace process that the. we've played over the past decade this is a historic day the president's decision is an important step towards peace for the original pics that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel drusilla's considered sacred by jews muslims and christians the jewish quarter of the city is home to the western wall the last remnant of the second jewish temple which was destroyed by the romans the city is also home to the dome of the rock the oldest islamic monument still in existence and also the mosque which is the third holiest site in the city is at the heart of the decades long conflict between the
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israelis and the palestinians israel calls it the eternal capital a claim the most of the international community rejects and because of the dispute no countries have an embassy there the western part of the city is predominantly israeli but the eastern part of the city is predominantly palestinian the holy sites there are a particularly sensitive issue and when they are threatened there's often been unrest and violence something that's very much in people's minds now. no one knows what will happen but dangerous days are coming to jerusalem that is definitely my. fear that it was part of violence hopefully it won't. and i think that unfortunately a u.s. president makes a statement in the israeli citizen who will need to pay the price for. meanwhile the current u.s. embassy in tel aviv is gearing up for potential clashes outside its doors by implementing extra security measures and also issued a travel alert forbidding employees from traveling to jerusalem's old city.
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with me now is professor of political science is don. thanks very much for joining us in gaza today now this reaction which we've seen in several countries we were looking at it earlier in bethlehem just south of jerusalem we've seen trouble in lebanon and in turkey other palestinian territories this reaction was surely expected do you expect think it's going to get any worse. the answer is yes the declination by the u.s. president don from jerusalem is the capital of israel has been considered by many palestinian and arab leaders as a declaration of war against palestinian arab and muslim feelings who recognize jerusalem. as one of the sick of the muslim sites in jerusalem and since the early hours of this morning we have seen rallies produced and
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demonstrations in many palestinian cities in gaza on him and also in a number of arab capitals like amman jordan is done. lebanon and other victims and we do believe that and expect that maybe tension will escalate in the coming hours of days as a result of this u.s. declaration which is adding fuel to the fire in the destabilized middle east region and what about even in iraq shia militias there say they plan to attack u.s. forces over this decision do you see things escalate in there as well. well i believe in an arc it's. it's very important to note is that because that on a number of u.s. military advisers that autumn around five thousand u.s.
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military advisers and pearson in and in iraq and was invaded by the u.s. in two thousand and three and the u.s. government is also supplying and aiding the iraqis to come back i says another thing in vatican moves but what we have seen today is that. an iranian backed militia called the heart of it was below a new juba threatened the u.s. and its pearson and in iraq that they will be a target for this militia as a result of this u.s. declination and it will probably increase tension between the iraqi people and american personnel as in iraq and enough not just on me in baghdad but also in other. capitals now without or without this group is going to carry out attacks against american interests in iraq and not that it will be seen but
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definitely this you as the commission has instigated tension among the. top son muslims all over the middle east and we will probably see more is commissions in the coming hours and days and that just very quickly if you could be spoken to middle east leaders their reaction was to be predicted but also america's allies european leaders other nato members of the leaders have said this isn't a good idea so why do you think he's done it. that is a very good question. you as president do not run has spoken to many arab leaders before he decided to take this decision unfortunately out of reaction was. expected we we believe that our reaction should have been. much better than that to try to convince dong wrong not to not to do it what we have seen over the past
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hours european and international. reaction is much better than the arab reaction and also the reaction of the russian government which has decided to recognize east jerusalem as the capital of palestine i believe that this is not go into fact this is not going to push the u.s. to backtrack it's a condition of your wisdom as the capital of israel but at least this is a good yashin reaction from many many. capitals to show their displeasure with this u.s. declension this. sensitive moment sunny the reaction going well be on the vocal of the moment thanks very much for joining us i appreciate your time on this political science professor dr mohammad of a seder in gaza thanks very much. well european leaders and the u.n. as i mentioned they have been quick to voice their concern some calling it washington step radical with more on that in paris he's maria phenomena. the
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interims controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel has got a lot of angry reaction including here in europe france's president and what about kong has condemned the recognition this is what the french media has to say. this is a regrettable decision which friends does not approve of and which contradicts international law and un security council resolutions germany has also condemned the decision with its foreign minister warning that it will not calm the conflict between israel and palestine but rather it fuels it even more the e.u.'s foreign policy chief has expressed serious concerns over the decision as well saying aspirations of both parties must be fulfilled and in this case clearly what we've seen is absolute the opposite. that it will send us into even darker tarns than those that we are already living in the case prime minister has joined the fear in terms decision
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will deteriorate the situation in this troubled region saying it's unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region and this is the opinion that russia also shares we've heard from the russian foreign ministry that it doesn't promote progress in talks in the ministry has also added that russia's position is to recognize the eastern part of jerusalem as the capital for a future palestinian state while the western part of jerusalem as the capital of israel as you remember east jerusalem including the old city was taken by israel are following the six day war back in nine hundred sixty seven but it was never internationally recognized as part of israel so it's you can see a lot of reaction a lot of anger and confusion and now we know that on friday the united nations security council is going to have an emergency meeting following the request from eight out of fifteen member states to discuss the decision and its legitimacy.
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more of our headline news now the russian military says islamic state no longer holds any ground in syria meaning that the main fight against the terror group in the country is now essentially over. looks at how the once powerful group was eventually defeated after years of bloody fighting. the sukhoi islamic state of syria and iraq is a state no more for all intents and purposes says the russian defense ministry it is being destroyed as a fractured iraq still hot spots and isolated pockets with putin added but with the liberation of the west bank of the euphrates river isis has done seven hundred and ninety days off to russia got involved in september two thousand and fifteen when isis was arguably at its peak fitness lifts
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. when the russian operation began isis held more territory in syria than any other faction two years in a few months on the caliph it has been reduced to clumps of villages and i don't habited dead that wasn't the russian air force saloon that did this the u.s. led coalition also played a huge pot we've been covering the syrian civil war in depth before isis even had its name before jihad ists hijacked the rebels cause he had some of the more memorable moments filmed by my colleagues and i. are.
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this is the ad base from which russian jets. against this namak state targets here in syria. there it's. time. it's ready to go it's a moment's notice. in this amphitheater laid down by the romans almost two thousand years ago that isis staged one of its sickest massacres the russian military considers it the crown in jewel of the operation here in syria. you can see had just some of the impressive military hardware that isis have in
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that possession that has made the battle for palmeiro so tough when extremely close to isis positions less than two kilometers away and. were as a syrian artillery position overlooking the industrial quarter of their resort the battle is said to be theists isis fired back as we filmed shells began falling all around. we ran but the syrian batteries kept firing life indeed as order is still far from normal but at least they will be starving to death and the more. ultimately it wasn't russian or american jets that played the decisive role in this victory belongs to
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the syrians the thousands and thousands who fought and died to defeat isis those who stood up to jihad even when it seemed nothing could stop them unfortunately it's unlikely that this will end here. any isis fighters that skate to the ground the sleeper cells will terrorize the world for years to come but now they'll no longer have the caliph it to fight for. the question now is what to do with the remaining arsenal fighters in neighboring countries like iraq it's likely to be a major talking point when the top diplomats from russia and the us meet face to face in vienna shortly on the sidelines of an international security meeting our europe correspondent peter oliver is the. focus that this the council meeting is the the open coming by lateral meeting greet between russian foreign minister said for all of the u.s.
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secretary of state directed to listen the to know we chill that very well since february when mr tillotson took the job they've met more than seven times. while among the hot topics of four mr tillotson a mr allow for all of. this day will be the situation in the korean peninsula also the ongoing conflict in ukraine we are also definitely expecting them to discuss that against islamic state in both syria and iraq on wednesday as we just heard the russian defense ministry announced the defeat of isis in syria they've now offered their assistance to the united states in an attempt to do exactly the same thing
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and the west of iraq was still yet to hear back from the u.s. all mouth off or we may well here's something from the meeting between mr tillotson mr lavrov which is expected a few hours from now we'll keep you posted on that ahead the italian energy giant being blamed for birth defects in sicily why the u.s. military spending big on pest control it's still to come after the break. so that. the coalition that it has built has been basically destroying yemen killing yemeni syrians now it's. common. it's a national park. so it would use not. if trains from even coming babies. know the need. indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas in yemen for the past
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thirty months. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. want to be that's. going to be for us that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. should. allow again british soldiers could face prosecution of the international criminal court in the hague of allegations of war crimes committed in iraq the courts chief prosecutor says the reasonable grounds to believe that some troops may have abused captives between two thousand and three and two thousand and nine the reports. it's
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a court that seen a number of historic and high profile trials of war criminals including the cases of slobodan milosevic. and charles taylor and now the international criminal court in the hague is looking into british troops ledge to war crimes against detainees chairing the iraq conflict my wrists explain years after u.k. troops officially pulled out of iraq the only things chief prosecutor has said that there is a reasonable basis to believe that british soldiers unlawfully killed prisoners during the portrait acted u.s. led the war. powers and in investigations of these crimes which where they.
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cannot be done that is it was. the in the cases where we're going to the fact that it was. intended as a signatory to the room statute the u.k. is one of the founding members of the i.c.c. but despite being one of the driving forces behind the creation of the court when it comes to allegations directed at britain itself the u.k. says there is no need for the i.c.c. is involvement we are confident that our existing efforts to investigate allegations preclude the need for any investigation by the i.c.c. i had the british government sixty million pound iraq historical allegations team was shot down earlier this year accused of a lack of professionalism it didn't result in any prosecutions and the long awaited chilcote inquiry which came
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a year before that concluded that the two thousand and and three. of iraq was based on the false pretext. in the past the international criminal court has been accused of racism and imperialism by pursuing predominantly african politicians the probe into british soldiers alleged war crimes would see the court investigating one of its main back as victims and their families will be hoping to see the i.c.c. deliver justice where the british government wasn't able to. see london. to merge with the bulk of funding for research to wipe out disease spreading pests such as malarial mosquitoes comes from a us military agency and the environmentalists who trace where the money's been
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coming from a concern that the technology being developed might get misused or even lead to an ecological disaster. what's concerning about a dream dr is the genetically engineered organism that's designed to spread and it will spread inexorably until it takes over an entire population so that means you just have to release one single specimen of this organism say a single mosquito or a single mouse and then through sexual reproduction it spreads its trait until it takes over there's a strong concern that you could use a gene drove system to stretch to spread a deleterious trait you could for example try to cause. to fail or there have been suggestions that you could genetically engineer a flying insects such as mosquitoes to potentially deliver something that's harmful and then spread that through a whole population of mosquitoes if you have a military agency or a couple of military agencies in the driving seat of
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a technology that could be used as a very powerful carrier for a bio weapon. obviously the question comes up whether it's going to have dual use or as you heard there the main aim of the gene editing research is to modify species d.n.a. so that the desired changes then spread through the population however given the potential for abuse the united nations is considering a moratorium on the project e-mails obtained by the e.t.c. group show that the u.s. military is invested one hundred million dollars in the project so far the u.s. defense department darpa agencies has seven research groups on this at the moment all working on the biological engineering but many of its activities are believed to be kept under wraps in the interest of national security jim thomas again describes how the development of genetic modification technologies has progressed over time. we knew that the u.s. military was interested in june drives and we were funding to a certain level but what's become clear is that probably the major funder of gene
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drive research and development files seem to suggest that they have in the case of darpa the defense advanced research projects agency around one hundred million dollars worth of funding the idea of a gene drive which spreads a genetic trait through an entire population is a potentially very powerful carrier for a bio weapon they say the reason they're interested is so they can pick up this bio weapon if it was used by hostile actors that they could be able to detect to monitor and disable gene drives as a bio weapon but what's concerning of course in the process they're actually building this technology and acquiring the the ability to use that although it's known that there's these military potential uses the field is always described as being about trying to deal with malaria or trying to be conservation uses but what we're now discovering is the u.s. military that seems to be significantly in the driving seat. now here's darpa's response to some of the concerns raised over its genetic research it says the
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project has been mischaracterized and it's committed to being fully transparent. italy's biggest oil firms being accused of dumping tons of toxic waste off the coast of sicily for decades and creating a health crisis in nearby towns inhabitants of jail or blame the company for a string of birth defects as well as other serious illnesses. i was born this way it's not easy i don't have friends like other people do the others tell me i'm normal like everyone else but these are just words.
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man got off to my son that's missing the whole front of his mouth and the whole the television side we went to the hospital on our own and there we understood that it wasn't an addict issue that the doctors told us no and ask you if there's a petrochemical refinery in your neighborhood. i'm angry because without this pollution our children would have been normal like all the others he would have had a normal life. by fifteen year old son asks me if oliver have a family one day my children be like me i ask myself why did i do wrong in life i mean you just cannot accept such as i will not be happy because my daughter is like this and she will always be like this. of the italian oil giant in question and he has hit back at the allegations of triggering a health crisis and claims there's no connection between the high rate of birth defects and detective a t's near sicily those who say they've been affected have
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taken matters to court here's the lawyer. i mean there's no family that hasnt been affected by it. and there are no months in which a malformation of birth is not recorded we decided to entrust to a judiciary inspection the explanation of the reason and the means by which such malformations and schumer illnesses could have been linked to industrial pollution . that she knew for half an hour from r.t. in moscow money column break thanks for watching i'll have your next world news an hour from now. thank. her.
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i. this is part and this is a boom bust broadcast around the world from washington d.c. coming up that point continues that surge in value early in the morning hours busting twelve thousand and really just moments ago at thirteen three forty thirteen three forty guys an expert joins us to talk about the crypto currency can somebody explain this plus farmers and ranchers may be producing so much food over
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supplies have been created pushing down prices which is good for families on a budget but it's hitting about half the states in the country pretty hard we'll plow into the issue with an answer experts and now let's check out some of the stories topping the headlines. good manager former manager oliver schmidt has pled guilty for misleading us regulators and violating clean air laws in two thousand and fifteen the u.s. e.p.a. accused volkswagen of cheating on their mission to test the environmental protection agency found that there were discrepancies in various car models like the jetta beetle golf and even the audi a three as the investigation continued it was discovered that the company and use really highly sophisticated software that was installed in over eleven million diesel cars to actually trick the emissions test the scandal was so bad that volkswagen c.e.o. martin winterkorn had to resign volkswagen spent more than eleven billion dollars
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