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tv   News  RT  December 8, 2017 6:00am-6:31am EST

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west bank violence leaves more than one hundred palestinians injured in those israeli soldiers fired tear gas rubber bullets even live ammunition the tensions erupted after donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. mixed messages from the u.s. on the participation of its athletes in the upcoming winter olympics in south korea last conflicting statements in much of the minutes of each other we asked people on the streets of new york if they can guess which country wants no longer be taking the. stage. wow. and a breakthrough at last the e.u. and the u.k.
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say they finally reached a deal allowing brics it negotiations to move to the next stage but there are already warnings from brussels about a new condition and. this is r.t. international coming to you live from moscow and kate partridge thank you for joining us. more than one hundred palestinians have been injured after protests turned violent across the west bank and gaza tear gas rubber bullets and even live on munition re used by israeli police as they clashed with demonstrators the tensions escalate years after u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel which is also claimed by palestinians.
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but for more on the situation we can now cross live to our correspondent sean to dubai and ski here's in jerusalem why the last year i mean so what's the atmosphere like now right in the center. well there is the tension that's building here on the holy day for muslims just as we were walking down here to damascus case in jerusalem which is still a group of about twenty to thirty years running away running away because there was
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a charge of four israeli officers on the back of course but coming off of them and it seemed when we got down here that there had been some suited scuffle before we had a right as they've also been people chanting here outside just well and so there are tensions are mounting as to what is described as being the pinnacle of this three days of rage that's been going on across islamic communities around the world as you mentioned around one hundred people palestinians injured in the last two days in those. times violent now this all started a wednesday when the u.s. president donald trump announced that he would recognize jerusalem as being the capital of israel jerusalem is it's a speech it's city its territory is disputed and under the peace accords it was signed back in the road in one thousand nine hundred ninety three it was actually said that the. city would remain not
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a capital for the territory defacing look no you feel it could be some solution seems an issue over the problems in israel and the palestinian territories. the argument the israeli prime minister welcome that statements by i don't trump. this is a historic day we are profoundly grateful for the president for his courageous and just decision to recognize you from the capital of israel the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel. there are some fears though that that statement by the u.s. president and the fact that he has said he will move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv hates you to research could actually spark off a third intifada now the hamas leader ismail haniya is actually called for muslims
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to rise up against this decision by donald trump describing it as being safe tannic and he's also been decried as being and supportable by many other muslim majority countries across the world including that by the turkish president i reject tire i don't want that for the moment everything remains relatively peaceful but the tensions are rising and it is expected that there will be a third day of violence here in jerusalem. when you take care of yourself and show the difference in jerusalem thank you. meanwhile the state department was on the receiving end of some concerns raised over the president's decision however it seems the officials were trying to avoid some questions you believe this decision in any way be here to shoot the peace of the united states. we've made clear person has made clear that he hopes it hopes to advance this process. helps move it forward it's probably closer closer do you think it in any
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way here is pursuit of peace and what you hope i will know if you think it is impaired or if i can't make that judgment this morning not even given the negative reaction was that you see in every capitals among some of your allies in the post of yours you know again we were judged by what actually happens with those parties as we deal with this process as we carry on discussions with them again we're not going to be driven by a state it's inconsistent with the idea that you would also be negotiating at the table in less you can acknowledge what we're all trying to get you to say which you think you are still here now think that both you have but but the idea that it may be that is that jerusalem is the capital but perhaps in final status negotiations that it might be not the divine the united capital i will only address one more point on this what were the words the president used it was a very simple statement recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel
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there are words you might want to put in there he didn't there were jim i want to take out he did. when u.s. vice president mike pence was due to visit the region later this month the may now have to counsel a senior official within the palestinian government says burns is not welcome and any meeting with the leader mahmoud abbas is out of the question. well the international response against america's unilateral recognition of jerusalem is gathering steam some world leaders have condemned trump's decision the u.n. security council will hold a special meeting on the issue today one of the initiators of the meeting was bolivia we spoke to the country's u.n. envoy. the u.s. decision to acknowledge jerusalem as the capital of israel is a threat to international order and safety the global protest against trump's decision. the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas said such a step that damaged the u.s.
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image as a mediator in the peace process we hope that the situation will be resolved peacefully and that the international community will exercise its influence to help our stine become an independent state. meanwhile the u.s. is boosting security in the region and has issued a travel alert for americans that's after friday was declared a day of rage and hamas is calling for a new interface rebellious against israel other pro palestinian groups are also varying that trump will pay dearly for his decision if they were to to discuss the situation with my colleague. now we've heard the first threat against the u.s. because of trans decision and if that threat comes to fruition there was really serious consequences there so one minister group in iraq has been directly threatening let's have a listen to what they have to say trump stupid decision will be the big spark for removing israel from the body of the islamic nation and a legitimate reason to target american forces so what do we know then about this
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militia group well the name of the group is the hezbollah. it's a prominent militia group shia militia group and it's made up of around ten thousand iraqis and they're also part of the around backed popular mobilization forces and it is considered to be one of the most important militia groups there and if this threat is real is it appears to be how many people will be a target well we can't forget how many people have been sent on a large scale operation according to the u.s. defense department and these are the latest figures apparently there's around five thousand two hundred troops there in the country an awful lot of troops to be affected if these. threats become a reality that situation in iraq there but it's potentially not only value soldiers there could be a risk to no not at all there are been worries again about the fact that trump has come out and said that the embassy the u.s. embassy will be moved to jerusalem what are the consequences of that never mind
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moving it would become an absolute target for various terrorist groups we've seen in the past in benghazi if you remember then in libya that there were two coordinated attacks that were carried out by militant groups there so we've already seen u.s. embassies consulates government buildings attacked around in conflict areas and what does that mean for the u.s. staff who are thinking about or who will be forced to move to jerusalem as and when that happens they're going to be really worried. what we have seen today is that on an iranian backed militia called the haka it was below a new threat in the you us and its personnel in iraq that they will be a target for this militia as a result of this us a declaration and it will probably increase tension between the iraqi people and american personnel as in iraq not not just only in baghdad but also in other.
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capitals now with or without this group is going to carry out attacks against american interests in iraq and are not that will be seen but definitely this you are stick on edge and has instigated tension among the arabs and muslims all over the middle east and we will probably see more is commissions in the coming hours and days. now there's confusion i feel whether the u.s. will take part in the upcoming winter olympics in south korea white house spokesperson sara souness tweeted that the country is looking forward to the games with a security remains a top priority but just hours before she had implied petain ninety from becoming no official decision has been made on now and will keep us posted as those decisions are made. well the spokesperson had being quizzed off to the u.s.
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ambassador to the u.n. claimed america's participation in the upcoming games in south korea was item to question as the korean peninsula posed a security threat wolf and has been gauging reaction on the streets of new york. it turns out that a very well known country may not be participating in the upcoming olympic games and it's got nothing to do with russia or doping in fact it's the united states q the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is that a done deal or the united states recommending that our team goes or is that still an open question as environment there has there is an open question i have not heard anything about that but i do know that in the talks that we have whether it's tourism whether it's north korea it's always about how do we protect the u.s. citizens in the area now let's see if people here are aware that their team may not be going to the winter games what country may not be sending any athletes to the olympic games is it a russia b. north korea or c. the united states i mean russia russia. the united states and why
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it's unclear i get a chance to read the article i know nikki haley threw it out there and i'm not sure exactly why we're not going to participate but i'll be a little more informed major that they have been jammed all morning i see no reason why we should and so is united states yes nikki haley at the un's yesterday said we may not be participating what do you think of that. wow it's ridiculous terrible the u.s. olympic committee says there is no need to worry that there is no talk of not going to the games we've not had any discussions either internally or with our government partners about the possibility of not taking teams to the twenty eighteen elim pekin power limp winter games so no need to worry that well to be fair there are quite a few anxieties swarming around the korean peninsula north korea recently one as far as saying that with a war it's not a matter of if but when the six. yes of large scale nuclear war exercises conducted
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by the us are creating a touch and go situation on the korean peninsula and the series of warlike remarks coming from high level u.s. politicians in these circumstances have made the outbreak of war on the korean peninsula a certainty the remaining question now is when will the war break out that one chinese newspaper has actually issued a nuclear strike survival guide china is currently conducting military drills meanwhile south korea reassures everyone that everything at the olympic games is going to be completely safe and normal meanwhile there are u.s. bombers flying overhead in war games rehearsing for an all out war with the north cable mopp and artsy new york. cryptocurrency bitcoin has defined critics for its price reached new highs on thursday it rocketed above nineteen thousand dollars for the first time before slipping back slightly but before you jump in and invest here's
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a word of caution from nisha sethi. it's calling labels the hottest current seen no one is using his past milestone off to milestone but the rising value of the cryptocurrency has attracted both investors and criminals alike here's an idea of how much has gone into the pockets of hackers and elsewhere as we look at three of the most infamous cases. this recent case involves mining marketplace nice hash who faced elected uses something was wrong when visitors were greeted with a maintenance notice quickly discovered that nice hash wallets were completely empty and all of the bit coin had been transferred to one single wallet totaling over sixty two million dollars the company's advice to use this change in policy which is. this involves a credit to currency exchange convinced it's multi-faceted layers of security and how couple it created a system with multi signature wallets where keys were divided among own is and
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transactions had to be cosigned there even bold enough to state the era of commingle and custom of bitcoin and all of the associated skirt exposures is well famous last words one hundred twenty thousand units were stolen from the exchange platform valued then at around seventy two million dollars. now here's the low tech crypto fail a british man claims he accidentally threw a hard drive containing coin private keys into a local rubbish dump along with his household waste he says he's now considering digging up that until well that could be eighty million dollars in there so that we have it the bitcoin community has been rattled by intelligent hacking exposing security flaws and even catus management these three cases alone including the final mishap have seen the loss of at least two hundred fourteen million dollars worth of bits calling but despite the security issues that have plagued cryptocurrency is over the is the price of bitcoin. needs to skyrocket is there
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even predictions that if this continues by this right this time next year if it could be west more than the entire world's wealth one single bitcoin will be cool if the fifteen million dollars is the use of bitcoin is a currency is still highly questionable for the moment it's being treated less like a currency a more like a store of value and of course we should be forgetting the bonus how roller coaster trip is taken to get hit so hang on for the right if you're brave enough. to million dollars in a rubbish time quote something now the u.k. and you have agreed to move forward with rex it talks off to months of deadlock and after the break we'll cross live to london to get the latest developments don't go away.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than nothing. i see people you never heard of love right down to the night. president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read. to stand losing this is just the dance the right questions and the right answers.
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welcome back britain's prime minister to reason may has held a news conference in brussels to discuss brock's it all sides say they are now ready to move to the next stage of talks however britain is expected to face certain conditions well let's cross live now to an associate check in at the details by the nastiest so how much of a breakthrough is today's joint news conference. well you know kate certainly the breakfast deadline is looming time is ticking at what we've seen so far is that these negotiations have been anything but very simple especially may be according to those who expected things to move forward much quicker we've seen on theresa may and european commission president jiang are basically top themselves on the box for breaking through with this first round of discussions when it comes to the issue of irish borders now they're looking forward to moving on to issues such as trade
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however we have seen the european council president donald tusk come out and say that they're going to be really some different harsh realities he's talked about specifically the transition period that the u.k. has put forward saying that britain wants this two year transition period until sad that this is going to come along with some pretty serious conditions he has said that not only will decisions be made without the u.k. in this time but he's also said that the u.k. is going to have to respect even laws in that time including new laws including of budgetary commitments as well as judiciary oversight let's take a listen. to the early was in the transition period following the u.k.'s withdrawal . decision making group continuing. to serve in limbo state. it.
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seems to be dilutive reasonable solution volo following these latest developments reaction including some negative. reactions we've seen have come from the likes of former you keep letter leader and pioneer nigel farage who has basically described the way things have been going a sort of an embarrassment he's tweeted as saying quote a deal in brussels is good news for mrs may as we can now move on to the next stage of humiliation so let's stay tuned to see how these negotiations will now continue to move forward. yes i suspect they're going to be ongoing for quite a long time ernest us here in london thank you. now the french president is continuing his african trip this time stopping in algeria while surrounded by locals emanuel backlog had certain demands made clear. he's not going to go. but. as you can hear that a bustling crowd is heard asking for visas the president later said visa should not
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be a lifetime project mccraw arrived in the algerian capital on wednesday in a bid to reboost ties with the former french colony. it was. now the e.u. has blacklisted seventeen countries as offshore states in an effort to combat tax avoidance however according to human rights and legal watchdog oxfam it failed to include its own members which act as tax havens the blacklisting process has been surrounded by secrecy putting citizens in the dark and leaving tax havens free to use their political and economic leverage to get themselves off the e.u. blacklist while oxfam claims that for e.u. members island luxembourg the netherlands and malta should have been on the blacklist as so-called as they called so-called conduit offshore financial centers
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as well such countries act as intermediate destinations for money transfer to tax havens well they also provide favorable tax policies to ensure a quiet farms flow it means the mediators protect the reputations of their client countries or financial commentator charlie boyle believes the e.u. has made in effect your attempts to clean up its image after the twenty six thousand pounds more paper scandal. it was and attempt to be seen to be doing something internationally about the offshore havens the problem is inside it's inside the london as one of the biggest financial centers and it has the the this this transfer pricing policy which which makes it. virtually zero percent for the big corporations in terms of corporation tax and it's also. saving in big saving vietti as well so again it's totally on. what i find most interesting is the panama papers and the paradise papers and the leaks to do with that there's a lot of uproar but i'm amazed at how quickly it's died down it doesn't matter
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who's on the list or who is not on the list it's the case of the existing. business practices in those countries as well but it doesn't address the wider problem of the tax policies individual western countries all across the world including the. now an unusual foreign visitor has been causing a stir in the swedish capital a russian ambulance that was helping someone in need in stockholm to public attention with many questioning online the reason behind its mysterious appearance a string given there must be a movie being filmed according to the number plate came from petersburg could be something like a russian party bus and bunch of people who hired an ambulance and went to sweden to party is it putin's guys whose goal is to kidnap someone on the streets and take them to mother russia well this is how the situation unfolded in stockholm.
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her. closest metaphor asters very patient first wheaten to st peter's birth of the. last while were passing to talk home without just another patient in the street and a crowd signaling to lies. the people passing by our vehicle asked us to stop and pointed at a man lying on the ground. it turned out that he had had an epileptic attack planned all we could to give him first aid. we waited for a local ambulance to come and handed the patient over to our colleagues soon to.
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target for. more news at the top of the. donald trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem signals washington now deems this to be israel's capital reaction was easy to predict various degrees of dismay the law of unintended consequences surely inflamed. they call me a useful idiot i mean you called me a useful idiot
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a useful idiot useful idiots were expressing my opinions on t.v. there are thousands of us doing it behind his record is the same strategy we attack persons instead of talking about what's next why stop me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one hour stretch beyond the rock i should be sent to the town of london because i want to try to break me on the wheel but what i'm trying to this sort of nonsense you don't scare me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out good company i'm in good company you're going to do you want to do this because real friends think. that's good survival guide look stacey just like all the stores simply. be sure it's not there you don't get a. good citizen repatriations
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look at the rest a seven the. bill of the separate kaiser for. a partisan push on taxes can mitch mcconnell get a text to the president before the new year. and what happens to the economy if he does the experts weigh in on this edition of politics. rather than politicking on larry king congress faces a busy week in washington which includes avoiding a government shutdown and for the g.o.p. attempting to reach a deal on a text package following the senate's passage of a one point five trillion dollar tax bill the end a last week now can the house and senate reach agreement on the varying tax bills and will the president finally get a big legislative when he wants before the holidays and if so what happens next
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we're going to talk about that with chris lou he was a senior official in the obama administration serving his deputy secretary of labor and white house cabinet secretary he is now a senior fellow at the university of virginia miller center and he joins us from washington d.c. chris can the g.o.p. put the two things together can the senate and house come together before the end the year yeah i think they will but i still think there's a while to go there are some significant differences between the house and the senate version i'm sure that whatever gets the conference will make it through the house i'm a little bit less sure about the senate there's not a lot of room for error and there are a bunch of compromises that had to be made in order to win over a couple of senate republican votes and so we'll have to wait and see what the conference version of the legislation looks like. did trim complicate things when he said over the weekend that he would consider
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a higher corporate rate than the one the senate republicans fest ido i think he did and i think what has been most useful in the negotiations over this legislation is that he has largely stayed out of this i think the more he gets involved the more he starts to weigh in on various options i think it starts to complicate things and so i think he'd be best to kind of let mcconnell and ryan try to work this out among themselves does this compare to reduce the one nine hundred eighty six tax bill well it doesn't larry and it doesn't because it's not revenue neutral what was important reagan's ninety six tax bill is that it was kind of that once in a generation cleaning out of the tax code but importantly it lowered individual tax rates to the tune of about one hundred twenty billion and then it found about one hundred twenty billion dollars of revenue from increasing corporate taxes so in the end it was a revenue neutral measure and president reagan was very adamant back in one thousand nine hundred six that he wouldn't sign anything that increase the national
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that one.


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