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i don't mean. anything. are you. going to tell us about the economy offered a lot of items it's a world class facility why did you decide to want to stall to an academy could have gone and carried on coaching become an ambassador a million things why did you want to have an academy. first of all it does my mind . to give to the kids to go petunia to became became accused is that even. if you come up and down on. the philosophy beyond the kind of the thought that these symbols try to be the best. and the philosophy started to eat some of their personality and then they can cut.
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out for bullets. position and pressure. being want to be king be heard you need to have some other decision. playing front not back looking the front. have courage and personality but it was not oh we started in two thousand i think. and then eighty years we became. the best you know i mean the first fifty first of all you have to be within the means of these concepts to invest for the young in the future normally if they are champion became mean the senior or so became champion and after the fierce last year of. our senior i would team became champions or something. if you feel
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a little bit to me feel like to be champions of roumania your club. in the wintertime we are first i put in the mind of the player who can win and can be the best. and so i think we do this with. good football and. what they say the enemy now like we did meet are going. to be some serious clubs that you're competing against. building with and compete but that we ought to get these to promote the players to give the players to build the players it's not to compete to beat them with you all you want but you need to because. we have a good good talent. all the time i said to the kids in our theme. for us thinks we came short. and then if you have also personality you can win.
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in these moments we have a thirty five players the hundred pairs the national teams we have thirty five someone to do the whole rosengren remind them selection of different warning three players comes from your account to me that must make you very very we have. six five players like you very proud of you he has less. than a day i think. i hope. the next generation better than us he is the bigger target for me. and i think he would have a talk on the kids start to seven. eighteen years old seven to twelve. we select our own quest on the city. sort of thing to the eighteen we select the role of me.
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so here we all the fruits of your. future. if you invest in the young with the future. kids on the west i want you to pass the ball train for me to score a goal play. interview . seventeen's and annoying scenes champions in the champions of the fifteenth champions. champions. now it's good to be the. boss. how does this city in romanian football is this
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a surprise is this this is this a miracle how do you write about the story of for several it's. a miracle it's the biggest miracle i've seen in the past twenty years maybe in the past thirty years only a full boat to create a club from scratch. there were sheep here before dist academy. was built haji took them refrain from ground zero from scratch build this he built a lot of pitches he gave the kids in this region and the entire country the chance to play in a professional environment most of all it wasn't just this he gave them the chance to dream big. if. they're worth the project for when you go. he believed in what he did and after three when he is won the championship we've we did team. basically we beat.
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the kids in the countryside you have to move. we go here's the legend. i five. is an inspiration for these kids and i think he should be an inspiration for the entire world of romanian football because. he's doing the right thing and. i think that he's the only one who understands fully understands the mission should have. so your kids when they play start bucharest big club famous club do you look at them and. how would i would i put inside one thousand nine hundred ninety seven i think. players seventeen eighteen and i think that i think it's tough to. impose peace if you have
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to. concede on saying go and be like you you might you might miss going some very very easily. just like playing on for they are you have the support you have to give. the. kids the young need to have back to him somebody could take this. pressure. give confidence i believe in you you go and play. when i. did when i i mean when we have that problem good kids can technically. i believe in you which is a shame i told you my opinion yes each academy in this place that you need to get the car to get to promote the one play at minimum each year. for the first game if
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you know why to have our company. what it is that is and. this is the judging i'm she will at some stage or the be the national city manager or head of the football association because. whether or not he's bringing bryce to the moment boy i'm reminded of football federation they call it never said no it's kind of impossible to ignore what you did show in time on from his own morning risking everything kind of putting it. to the us and promoting youth and making throwing out of better abroad playing champions league football would play a supporter of the me which is pretty strong. just to use some of your thoughts. your has to show a signal of intent and i would say that it would be impossible to move to refuse his help either as a football manager for the remaining national team or as a very important decision maker and for most
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a solution. he always mostly does the good the feel personally the best the the film the football and that's why the twenty fourth most last time she was to start looking for a long walk and she did the scene in the day believing the system produces good and don't like. the late. lord came close to live in national didn't know him the option of teams coming from his academy. was quite incredible statistic forty per cent four zero zero pm come. all the blissful moon mission things that come before you think of it. just think about your statistics you have been going through the process going to
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the dribbling forty three for defense. the club. football king of romania georgia how jean. king. a lot of the precipitation about the. definition. from one romanian legend sort of after the bright visit dump a trustee to the school sees world cup see ninety four ninety eight he's memorise a managerial career don't go anywhere.
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everybody i'm stephen ball test collingwood guy you'll suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush in our view to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i'm not a. good one i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm shooting the brood have some fun every day americans call me closely start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. what i want to. return to london while it's a little it. was. somewhat important.
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i learned the parts of the airports in the south and invincibility of our sense of . liberated. why do they keep. a very warm welcome back to the stan collymore show we're going to stay in romania if we may we traveled from can stand so in the south to close in the north to visit dumper trusts former teammate of mine at bradford city in the premier league to discuss his nine hundred ninety four ninety eight world cup memories.
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we were. told that brian first. born to talk about your world cup experience is a true legend let's go back to ninety nine say you you you were injured for that squad so how disappointing was it to miss the nine to ninety world cup in italy yeah i was a really disappointed. i was getting injured just before the world cup. i had my debut in just before the world cup in one thousand against italy and i was looking forward to playing in that world cup especially a play in the last official game against denmark where we beat them face to. and i was very very happy to play in the world cup but just one month before the world
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cup i get an injury and in my opinion i was fit enough to play but the coach didn't respect to take me in the squad. it's the first woke up in the united states is what you fail because obviously the previous will copy nine hundred ninety reason it's in the football country a country you know well having played in it. was a general faith in amongst the remaining players by playing in the united states in . a sport that was them perhaps the full fifth most popular not even the most popular sports in the country correct first of all i was very happy to go to the united states. for me as a romanian it was something new i never been there and i was excited to go there to see what's going to happen and that was really surprise every training we made a lot of people come to watch things and they see a lot of girls playing for but it's unbelievable how many girls so that was the
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first time you saw the kind of like the explosion of women's soccer in in the united states i didn't expect i didn't expect they like from what i thought they like only american football and basketball and baseball i never believed they would come so many people in my first official much in l.a. it was like one hundred thousand people then the rose bowl yes i cannot believe when they i thought of many against. colombia i thought nobody maybe only colombian a summary when i see one hundred thousand people is going to be serious here i'm well you know very nice for me it was the best ever world cup how did it feel scoring the winning goal against the house nation wasn't that important much for us we just lost one game against switzerland for a run and those are our thought he has to qualify to win that game and for. same for a united states but if i remember well even if we won one zero i think when i still
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qualify because two the teams will go through plus one third of who is the best for me was a fantastic feeling because it was my first world and world cup and in that action i was looking in the books there's no one player from our team that and their goalkeeper made a mistake. i shoot and they scored a very important goal it was a day for me to play the world cup final and that year we thought that we can go all the way there so good in the so-called didn't then after beating. we're confident that we can go away. voided so many good players and not team in ninety ninety four was all the players really good teams playing at madrid barcelona chelsea by liver chris and the players they play in be clubs i think in that time we also like it not only in the pitch side of the pitch you are good friends we are making a good family together it gets to penalties against the swedish national team to
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essentially go on to the very very last stage of the tournament you missed a penalty a goal scoring fullback you missed a penalty how did you fail in two thousand and seventeen do you ever think about still yes. because is the biggest regret in my life we don't play in the semifinal against brazil not only me all my. friends all my ex players together we thought that was the biggest regret for that generation and i feel that we should have finished the game before the penalties was two one for us eleven against ten and we didn't want to do is the world. in france remind you again lots of senior players had a very good. spirits of the ninety four will cope. closer to home on european soil
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we confident perhaps going to step up or. you know we wanted to do better than ninety four the problem started to reach the romanian press. ninety four the press was that he was with us and then before the ninety eight. only negative. stories that they say we make our blog and so what was the story beyond that because for people all big football fans every single player to remind the national same walked and nancy nancy will cope with long hair boy you know we tried to do something because the press in romania kill us this saying all the time we are not a family we're not together we have too many problems we are not playing would only hurt us and then we did we didn't know what to do then we decided let's show everyone but you know telling romania and the world that we had a team together maybe it was not the best idea but we try to do it like this and in that game i think we do enough of the game still the press still kill us in this
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and how you have to the game said to them listen you will come after us you will see in twenty thirty years you will say we need education ladies. you are fantastic careering wins with chelsea winning trophies what do you feel like supply against i mean grammar so you you famously went past when you when you scored supply almost a personal dalby going for you was there any extra motivation there. first of all was very difficult to play against glenn how did he bring me to chelsea he was the one could believe in me that i am the best that i had back in the world he gave me all the confidence and was really. for me very strange to play against him i didn't want to play him. against equality before the game and say being honest guy power no. come after the game in the bus and say congratulations really even though i remember even the players say how it's possible because no one in romania will do
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this especially the world against him they come in the bus and congratulate us. and that's a story so you have to sign them and yes i did by jove. i was one of his one hundred list so i just protect the ball and then i score for the legs of even for me it was a big surprise that in the last minute i was going to be even the coach told me after the much what are you doing. after winning and scoring that was the feeling. we do that we play corish very witty and we should be in the top but the we didn't place over it and then again penalties was for sure for us and then also the two to leave the world cup like this because we wanted to go for the. i thought that the generation could go to the front. but you know and from the sometimes small things change the difference between somebody and nobody's or is more than
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the difference see them come to. but i still think that would be very hard for somebody in the media to achieve three world cups and to arrive in the quarter for . right to say introduction featuring the stuff that you're. a month ago in moscow liverpool manchester united played champions league games against c.s.k. i. moscow and there the fixtures are reversed spartak unfortunately didn't make it so the last sixteen by our all mushy come on sat down with their italian manager must. also take a new life in russia. when just defender must one almost destroyed as was not thinking you are the chances you . capitana. now instructing his. as a coach he's new for spartak moscow his first full managerial job but whenever
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there's a chance he makes it. in there. and then million dollar no one to say so that you're going to. go there with. it when the media. is from chris you think we've. done this you very very flawed he put in the course or goes on on sunday. he's not only the first born's for that manager to win the russian premier league dead the season he also managed to break the sixteen year long time trial for the moscow sweat on whites. and he. too difficult to spam. list national team the euro to follow the sixteen in france
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consider a. squad was full experts universally agreed with the well being in spain in group stages and only losing to germany in the quarter finals on penalties. after the tournament to join chelsea this surprised. look around no longer wanted to deputize and decided to take a step up. that you'll. watch your. stuff they will get. for but then. i think you for the. first russia seemed like a major cultural challenge especially with so much negativity in the press. when the stone or the force it will be with god be called
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a squatter ok but at the end though you support the mosque whatever on my cindy thought of you that says well there so you got dory i think i see all of the. basic s.c.r. improper almost almost a little but he can't easily adapt it to life in moscow especially since his beloved food is there to make the adaptation service good to be there so. there are many projects i could even i better go when the there was just one or check it out yeah i mean in the mind your corsica. we're watching football together feel it guess we done the first leg of the world cup qualification playoffs one more reason to revisit houston you're on the national team with content down taskmaster on us rather. they could become in one of the if you for the vocal
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nacewa that i call me i'm with you on the. i'm with you on the imports. even fats and i from media all of whom i play look at now no scores associate off either the spot though it was the hall i mean she the blues the joke i want to put equal value of pressure was that i was a. little. transpires on to the bits would be hard to find him this morning he made an emotional on the touchline then just latest former colleague who is now famous in england for his patience and chelsea. going up ok but. god shall stop us joining if we get one that has met the request village of authority we need one and you've got the already running full nature of the day two three and four months only perceived to be in my eyes you know me stop
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you know i don't be there when the friday market ok growing up i saw a lot of gallons of i thought this part of. the rain russian champions have found the perfect match and their manager except that. is not from rome but from. that so we have time for today i know it goes very quickly doesn't it but join us next week while the chats and all time england hero and england legend will be taking you behind the scenes of the draw joining us point. elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in
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the world of zoos the middle fiddlesticks mission to do it like you know. this is my compass he is going to study all maybe. john. the only palestinians who gets the most hope from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who. vision didn't know who could do this. and though it is unfair advantage to have to display any of the muslims i'm going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more in the middle false imprisonment. all to see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the free world cold. to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must
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qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best form since my last will call him the story. of the euro zone here i called russia. dr no i was left left left more or less ok stop that's really good. money explain something to everybody out there is wants to be a success in life is two ways to go you can either become educated you can do that by yourself go to the new york university websites or the gallup division and get the syllabus of the book list at all gala to the vision students have to i was in the galton division near kandahar city approximately two hundred fifty plots starting with. aristotle prevails books now you are educated the second way you can
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be a success in life is a go no three things bridge golf tennis circuit for things and speed. donald trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem signals washington now deems this to be israel's capital reaction was easy to predict various degrees of dismay the law of unintended consequences surely inflamed. the. whenever you believe russian product. you're not just going to get the quality. of the little business as well.
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but. ultimately the little. violence leaves more than two hundred palestinians injured as a day of rage is declared in the region tensions cooled over off the donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. a major breakthrough was reached in the present talks as both sides agree to move to the next stage and senior officials warn things will get tough. and there are doubts whether the usa will compete in the upcoming winter olympics in south korea with american authorities giving out mixed messages by people on the streets of new york city.


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