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tv   News  RT  December 8, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EST

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look suspicious. violence leaves two palestinians dead and more than two hundred injured as a day of rage is declared in the region tensions have spilled over since donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. a major breakthrough is reached in the brakes at the top says both sides agree to move to the next stage a senior officials warned things what i may get tough. and there are doubts whether the usa will compete at the upcoming winter olympics in south korea with american also it is giving out links the message is the people of new york see more certain about who will be their. states
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wow terrible. thanks for watching the headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate. two palestinians have been killed more than two hundred injured in large scale protests according to palestine's health ministry tear gas rubber bullets and even live ammunition were used by israeli police as they clashed with demonstrators tensions have escalated following u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel.
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well protests are underway across palestine israeli police are using tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators in jerusalem and people are gathering at the damascus games where several clashes with security forces have already been seen shot to do good point. totals were hurled at the security services and the journalists who were trying to get out of the way and then the police in turn were pushing those protesters away and running off to them some on the back of horses as well trying to steer them away from damascus gate but this is just an indication a small indication of some of the scuffles that we're seeing across the israeli and
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palestinian territories today and over the last few days we've been talking to israeli citizens and palestinian citizens this is what they had to say. they will not be back of the questions consequence of. a ramifications will it for another intifada or another revolution it's going to be in trouble but i think you know what is is this time is not going to be short one you know i hope thinks them outright but it doesn't look right you know policies or look for any excuse they can't call for delivery and. they don't they're not going to stop it is to this is significant move i think it's going to cause trouble why jerusalem is to be the capital of israel i don't know. here is in palestine it should remain in palestine there is the sound of horns in the end that's sort of people showing support for the small number of demonstrators who are here they've been chanting things like
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this is our capital these are palestinian demonstrators who are unhappy with the announcement by donald trump. this is not just a small scale scuffle this is already become something a little bit wider with the i.d.f. actually launching two strikes on gaza in the last few days they say that that was in retaliation for a rocket strike which they blamed on hamas in gaza however that has since been claimed by another group and there is fear that this could lead to even bigger tension as you heard one of the people i spoke to there saying this could be a good intifada and that is actually what the leader of the islamist group hamas in gaza ishmael honey it has called for in the last few days describing this alliance between the u.s. and israel as being a state panic and meanwhile on the other hand the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has described this is being a great decision and has thanked john will trump for recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. meanwhile the u.s.
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is boosting security in the region and has issued a travel alert for americans it comes after friday was declared a day of rage with hamas calling for a new into further armed rebellion against israel other pro groups are also vowing that trantor will pay dearly for his decision for news correspondent mohammed al cassim has the latest from bethlehem. but in bethlehem there is a large deployment of israeli horses on the ground and also demonstrations the palestinians have been demonstrating president downtimes decision to declare a jewish one cat capital of israel they've taken to the streets and we have seen now hundreds of them just here in this one location in the northern part of the city of bethlehem in the west bank as has been used rubber bullets by the israeli forces and returned with you know the palestinians are using molotov cocktail bombs as well as stone throwing it has been on and off throughout the day but it's
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extremely dangerous here. and also aware of course of clashes on the borders between gaza and israel just to the south of us. palestinian official. said. alice that he and president the palestinian officials will be meeting with vice president mike pence when he arrives here later this month in the in the region he will be visiting israel and was supposedly scheduled to meet with president mahmoud abbas in the secure people and where we are he said that he is not will come in palestine. or protest against trunks decision have been
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staged across the world many people right in front of u.s. embassies in support of palestine demonstrators banned american and israeli flags as well of posters of trump and binyamin netanyahu. well the international response against america's unilateral recognition of jerusalem is gathering steam a number of world leaders have condemned the chance to sit in while the u.n. security council is holding a special meeting on the issue right now one of the initiators of the meeting and we spoke to the country's envoy. the u.s. decision to acknowledge jerusalem as the capital of israel is a threat to international order and safety the global protest against trump's decision proves that the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas said such a step would damage the u.s. image as a mediator in the peace process we hope that the situation will be resolved peacefully and that the international community will exercise its influence to help palestine
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become an independent state. britain's prime minister's reason may says all sides of the back seat negotiations are now ready to move on to the next stage of the talks however there are still many obstacles the u.k. is expected to face the saudis and assess a chicken and explains. certainly the breakfast deadline is looming time is ticking at what we've seen so far is that these negotiations have been anything but very simple especially maybe according to those who expect to things to move forward much quicker we've seen a theresa may and european commission president john clarke humor basically pot themselves on the box for breaking through with this first round of discussions when it comes to the issue of irish borders now they're looking forward to moving on to issues such as trade however we have seen the european council president donald tusk come out and say that they're going to be really some different harsh realities he's talked about specifically the transition period that the u.k.
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has put forward saying that britain wants this two year transition period and sad that this is going to come along with some pretty serious conditions he has said that not only will decisions be made without the u.k. in this time but he's also said that the u.k. is going to have to respect laws in that time including new laws including budgetary commitments as well as judiciary oversight let's take a listen clearly was in the transition period following you do you draw. your decision making group continue. to. own a world that. seems to be dilutive reasonable solution well low following these latest developments reaction including some negative com from the likes of former you keep letter leader and pioneer nigel farage who has basically described the way
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things have been going a sort of an embarrassment so let's stay tuned to see how these negotiations will now continue to move forward. well then we discussed this issue with janice aren't considered an independent member of the european parliament to southeast england she believes the deal has achieved nothing. it isn't a break for whatsoever we've basically given up control of borders because there's still be free movement of people we've got no end date for the transition period it may end in twenty twenty one it may end beyond that we've still got the european court of rights having jurisdiction over our laws for eight more years and no parliament can overturn that so we haven't actually achieved anything we can have a transition to do with parity we're leaving in name only on the twenty ninth of march in twenty nine states but mrs may hasn't given us an end date for the transition deal so we could be shackled to them forever over in this transitional
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period we can't actually negotiate a trade deal with the us so that's a big sticking point and it's not just the the us has forty other countries lining up to do trade deals with us is humiliating climbdown the tory party of close ranks on this and even the people who said take back control that was their slogan they've talked so just on the river is policy for them people and country second. now will the americans compete in the upcoming winter olympics in south korea we find out why the sunday times after the break.
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hey everybody i'm stephen bach. hollywood guy suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush in our view to say this is my buddy max bemis financial guru well she's a little bit different. going to the well you know we know that up with all the drama happening in our country i'm sure the brood have to meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american. welcome back this confusion about whether the usa will take part in the upcoming
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winter olympics in south korea white house spokesperson sara saunders has tweeted that the country is looking forward to the games in chung chang although security remains a top priority but it's just hours before she had implied the team why not even be going. no official decision has been made on that and will keep us posted as those decisions are made well sourness was christe after the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. claimed america's participation on the games was an unplanned question as the korean peninsula poses a serious security threat. will they went on to the streets of new york to find out what americans think. it turns out that a very well known country may not be participating in the upcoming olympic games and it's got nothing to do with russia or doping in fact it's the united states cue the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is that a done deal or even as the united states recommending that our team goes or is that
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still an open question as environment there has there is an open question i have not heard anything about that but i do know that in the talks that we have whether it's tourism whether it's north korea it's always about how do we protect the u.s. citizens in the area now let's see if people here are aware that their team may not be going to the winter games what country may not be sending any athletes to the olympic games is it a russia b. north korea or c. the united states russia russia. the united states and why it's unclear i get a chance to read the article a new nikki haley threw it out there and i'm not sure exactly why we're not going to participate but i'll be a little more for major the day i've been jammed all morning i see no reason why we should so as united states yes nikki haley at the u.n. and yesterday said we may not be participating what do you think of that. wow it's ridiculous it's terrible the u.s. olympic committee says there is no need to worry that there is no talk of not going
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to the games. we've not had any discussions either internally or with our government partners about the possibility of not taking teams to the twenty eighteen a limp it can power olympic winter games so no need to worry that well to be fair there are quite a few anxieties swarming around the korean peninsula north korea recently went as far as saying that with a war it's not a matter of if but when the successive large scale nuclear war exercises conducted by the us are creating a touch and go situation on the korean peninsula and the series of warlike remarks coming from high level u.s. politicians in these circumstances have made the outbreak of war on the korean peninsula a certainty the remaining question now is when will the war break out that one chinese newspaper has actually issued a nuclear strike survival guide china is currently conducting military drills meanwhile south korea reassures everyone that everything at the olympic games is
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going to be completely safe and normal meanwhile there are u.s. bombers flying overhead in war games rehearsing for an all out war with the north cable mopp and artsy new york. the new has blacklisted seventeen countries as offshore states in an effort to combat tax avoidance however according to the charity oakes found some countries who were left off the list thanks to political pressure. the blacklisting process has been surrounded by secrecy putting citizens in the dark and leaving tax havens free to use their political and economic leverage to get themselves of the e.u. blacklist well oxfam claims for e.u. members island luxemburg the netherlands and malta should be on the blacklist of tax havens if the e.u. applied its own criteria to them while oxfam also points out that some e.u. members not only use so-called conduit offshore financial centers but they also act
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as ones and they do this by being an intermediate destination for money transfer to tax havens they also provide favorable tax policies to ensure a quiet funds flow well this enables the mediators to protect the reputations of their client countries financial commentator charlie boyle believes the e.u. has made in effectual attempts to clean up its image after the twenty sixteen panama paper scandal. it was an attempt to be seen to be doing something internationally about the offshore havens the problem is inside it's inside the london as one of the biggest financial centers and it has the the this this transfer pricing policy which which makes it. virtually zero percent for the big corporations in terms of corporation tax and it's also. saving in big saving the v.a.g. as well so again it's totally on. what i've most interesting is the panama papers and the paradise papers and the leaks to deal with that there's
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a lot of after all but i'm amazed at how quickly it's died down it doesn't matter who's on the list or who who's not on the list it's a case of the the existing. business practices in those countries as well but it doesn't address the wider problem of the tax policies or individual western countries all across the world including the. crypto currency bitcoin has lost almost a fifth of its value it had reached a new high of nineteen thousand dollars on thursday but now observers fear the market is heading for a price collapse is a word of caution. it's calling labels the halt its currency no one is using his past milestone off to milestone but the rising value of the crypto currency has attracted both investors and criminals alike here's an idea of how much has gone into the pockets of hackers and elsewhere as we look at three of the most infamous cases. this recent case involves mining
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marketplace nice hash who faced elected uses something was wrong when visitors were greeted with a maintenance notice quickly discovered that nice hash wallets were completely empty and all of the cohen had been transferred to one single wallet totaling over sixty two million dollars the company's advice to use this change of policy is. this involves a credit to currency exchange convinced it's multifaceted layers of security and hackable it created a system with multi signature wallets where keys were divided among owners and transactions had to be cosigned there even bold enough to state the era of commingle in custom of bitcoin or of the associated skirt exposures is well famous last words one hundred twenty thousand units were stolen from the exchange platform valued then around seventy two million dollars. now
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here's a low tech crypto fail a british man who claims he accidentally threw a hard drive containing coin private keys into a local rubbish dump along with his household waste he says he's now considering digging up that until well that could be eighty million dollars in there so that we have it the bitcoin community has been rattled by intelligent hacking exposing security flaws and even catus management these three cases alone including the final mishap have seen the loss of at least two hundred fourteen million dollars worth of bits going but despite the security issues that have plagued cryptocurrency is over the is the price of bits quo. continues to skyrocket is there even predictions that if this continues by this rate this time next year that could be worth more than the entire world's wealth one single bitcoin while the call is a fifteen million dollars the use of bitcoin as a currency is still highly questionable at the moment it's being treated less like
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a currency and more like a store of value and of course we should be forgetting the volatile roller coaster trip it's taken to get here so hang on for the right if you're brave enough. now an unusual foreign visitor has been causing a stir in the swedish capital a russian ambulance that was helping someone in need in stock cone left many asking why was there a string given there must be a movie being filmed according to the number plate came from some petersburg could be something like a russian party bus a bunch of people who hired an ambulance and went to sweden to party is it putin's guys whose goal is to kidnap someone on the streets and take them to mother russia well here is the real reason why a russian ambulance was in stockholm. let's
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just let it all or asked us for a patient first weekend to st peter's birth. while we're passing to talk home we don't just another patient in the street and a crowd signaling to was. the people testing by our vehicle asked us to stop and pointed at a man lying on the ground. it turned out that he had had an epileptic attack we had all we could to give him first aid. we waited for a local ambulance to come and handed the patient over to our colleagues seems. to. be.
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an uninhabited strip of desert filled with land mines on the eastern border of iraq isn't the first place you might think call for setting up a business but the rewards could be great as he goes down off reports. a lifeless desert hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest big city would use to be as close to the middle of nowhere as you could get now thousands of people take shifts here digging for black gold but it's not just oil buried under sand and rock here there are mines as well the whole area was booby trap back in the eighty's during the iraq iran war in just the past few years some twenty five thousand mines have been dissolved in extracted the number is staggering in itself yet no one knows how many more are still scattered around the demining efforts is still
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ongoing in fact not even a quarter of the site territory has been cleared yet what this means you stick to designated driveways like this one and anywhere else is off limits like for example anywhere beyond this road even the hills over there are still ridden with bombs bad doesn't even come close to being the iraq's largest operation but the size of it is very much irrelevant here there's because it's all part of an exemplary multinational skill exchange platform uniting iraq south korea malaysia turkey and led by russian energy giant gazprom nest. on the one hand barbara is a large scale program on the other hand it is one of the most difficult petroleum projects in the middle east region the wells are really deep there for only highly technological methods can be implemented we solve this problem and that proves the high development level of our company there with by building
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a gas plant we first lady met the ecological challenge and secondly we ensure the full recycling of petroleum gas which is produced along with oil in this field. all of this requires a lot of manpower of course some foreign workers are employed and brought in for the demining operation but many are locals batterer has created vital jobs for villages around the site. igor's done up from barbara in iraq see. back with the latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more on the last tories as wanting to calm. down. why i was president how did return to london why it's a liberal city why i mean this is
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a cool one the more important. that i learned the parts of the airports in in the south and the invincibility persons of both yemeni liberated and why why do think you have to me you should. join me every thursday on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. live the. live.
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