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tv   News  RT  December 8, 2017 7:00pm-7:29pm EST

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israel's armed forces target to gaza in response to several rockets launched against israeli territory. violence leaves it to palestinians dead and hundreds of injured as a day of rage is declared in the region tension spilled over after a controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. plus a major breakthrough is reached in the break that talks as both sides agree to move it to the next stage though senior officials warn things will only get tougher.
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broadcasting on direct from studios in moscow this is our international i'm john thomas had with us now israeli jets have hit palestinian militant targets in the gaza strip in response to rocket attacks this is according to israeli defense forces palestinian medics report at least twenty five injured twenty four news correspondent shy ben ari is in gaza for us. we have witnessed that idea of response hitting targets inside the gaza strip just behind me here on the horizon we could see very large explosions this in response to earlier projectile fired towards israel with the one rocket actually being intercepted by israel's missile defense battery i would go over the city of stare at that's a little to the north of here in fact there was a an additional project also fired towards israeli territory that it's yet to actually have been found and a little while after that around nine o'clock local time we did see that the
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response from the i.d.f. hitting two targets going to have modest illegal weapons warehouse inside the gaza strip as well as he was training facility. two palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured in large scale protests according to palestine's health ministry several reports suggest more than seven hundred fifty people were affected to tear gas rubber bullets and even live ammunition were reportedly used by israeli police as they clash with demonstrators tensions have escalated following u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. clashes between protesters and israeli police have been seen across palestine in
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jerusalem people have been gathering near the damascus gate where there is a massive israeli security presence are trying to escape the port. postals will get the security services and the journalists who were trying to get out of the way and then the police into pushing those protesters away and running off to them some on the back of horses as well trying to steer them away from damascus gate but this is just an indication a small indication of some of the scuffles that we're seeing across the israeli and palestinian territories today and over the last few days we've been talking to israeli citizens and palestinian citizens this is what they had to say. they will not be back of the questions consequence of. a ramifications will it for another intifada or another our revolution it's going to be in default i think so you know but this is this time is not going to be short one you know i hope takes them
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outright but i don't look right you know policies or look for any excuse they can't call for delivery and. they don't they're not going to stop us it's a significant move i think it's going to cause trouble why do seem to be the capital of israel i don't know. here is in palestine should remain in palestine the sound of horns in the end that sort of people showing support for the small number of demonstrators who hate taking challenging things like this is our capital these are palestinian demonstrators who are unhappy with that and. meanwhile on the other hand the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has described this is being a great decision and has. recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel palestine says it will now reject any u.s. led peace negotiations it also says u.s. vice president mike pence won't be welcomed when he comes to the region later this month we discussed the implications of trump's decision with dan dyker project
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director for the jerusalem center for public affairs and a foreign affairs adviser to the palestinian president. now for the peace process it actually paves the way to peace because israel will be called upon by the same trumpet ministration to make concessions to its palestinian neighbor which it will be much more ready to do now that a basic wrong has been corrected which is to to rightfully acknowledge that they drew sloan is the capital the possibility is really now seem blocked by what mr trump has done gruesome is a very very sensitive issue to the palestinians to the arabs to the muslims and to the christians of the world and what what he has. created is a serious situation not only of mistrust but of instability and potential for explosion in this part of the world the palestinian authority looks and the hamas
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is of course they look for any excuse to call for a day of rage so you know that the hamas is in business to kill israelis and to kill political opponents like the fatah and the p.a. uses the day of rage as an excuse in order to avoid making any headway on the peace process nerd intifada really means a popular uprising and a popular uprising can take the varieties of ways and what is going on today is an intifada what went on three months ago in jerusalem was an intifada but it was entirely peaceful and that's what our authority really aims at popular uprising that is nonviolent is the best way of expressing the feelings and the rejection of the palestinian people of the trump and israeli occupation well if the palestinians want to wipe themselves off the face of the battle italy they should continue in this in this line of political violence as well as threats of physical
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violence i would suggest that they go back to the table and where they have israelis with open arms and open hand willing to negotiate with them but this is something they're going to have to learn to do and stop calling for days of rage and for terror and violence. protests against decision have been staged across the world many people rallied in front of u.s. embassies in support of palestine demonstrators burned american and israeli flags as well as posters of trump and benyamin netanyahu. meanwhile washington's it decision on the status of jerusalem prompted an emergency session of the u.n. security council here's artie's caleb from new york with more but all at the emergency session of the fifteen members of the united nations security council fourteen of those members stepped up and criticized the united states for its decision regarding recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and announcing that it would move its embassy we regard east jerusalem as part of the occupied palestinian
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territories. we therefore disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to jerusalem and unilaterally to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel before a final status agreements. we regret the decision announced by the president of the united states to recognize jerusalem as the capital of his room for in the midst of a lot of the arab republic of egypt denounces the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capsule of israel. week in china is highly concerned about the recent developments regarding the status of jerusalem. most good butin the washington's decision with the serious concern that was. now when nikki haley took the floor at the security council chamber she emphasized that trump's decision did not really have any direct impact on any borders or ongoing territorial disputes it was simply a recognition of the israeli capital being in jerusalem the united states has not
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taken a position on boundaries or borders the specific dimensions of sovereignty over jerusalem are still to be decided by the israelis and the palestinians in the negotiations the united states has not advocated changing any of the arrangements at the temple mount hareem serif. the president specifically called for maintaining the status quo at the holy site finally and critically the united states is not predetermining final status issues we remain committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement during her remarks nikki haley argued that the united nations was not treating israel properly and she also went on to say that because the united states side facilitated previous agreements between israel and egypt and israel and palestinians that they had been signed on the white house lawn with this show that the united states maintained credibility within the both sides those were
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her words the usa maintains credibility with both sides now we then heard from a representative of the palestinian authority and he seemed to strongly disagree with what nikki haley had said that you. do lose the use impunity undermines essentially the fundies. to seek peace in that in the aftermath of this announcement from tom we have seen quite a bit of chaos protests are taking place not just in palestine but also throughout the region with various various supporters of the palestinians protesting a lot of anger and the days of rage that have been called by palestinians and others so quite a bit of a strong reaction to the announcement from donald trump which was discussed at the u.n. security council when we spoke to the ambassador of bolivia to the united nations yet n.t. he believes the decision on jerusalem falls into
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a larger pattern of behavior by us. i think that we should consider their disposition. in our brother from a rather perspective the fact that the united states is not in contradiction not just international but what the international community has been doing for the past decades. regarding jerusalem. also. can see the rain it's unilateral unilateral actions against syria not just start but also considering the fact that they have less parisa called on climate change but they have abandoned the negotiations for the global the fact that they are also putting at risk the so-called iran nuclear deal those are examples that. right now the united states it's of course not just. contradicted in turn national
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law but also they are becoming increasingly threats to multilateralism maturity persisting pakistan has threatened to shoot down american drones violating its airspace deal tells on that much more coming up stay with us. no russian flag will fly at the twenty john winter olympics but there will be russian athletes and the russian national anthem will play out during official ceremonies but founds will probably jump in acappella rendition you can take the athletes out of the country but can you take the country out of the athletes.
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politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to try to be for us as a white woman for freedom or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. welcome back to watching our international numbers and prime minister theresa may says all sides of the bridge that negotiations are now ready to move on to the next stage of talks however there are still many obstacles the u.k. is expected to face as artie's and associates are going to explained certainly the
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breck so it's a deadline is looming time is ticking at what we've seen so far is that these breaths of negotiations have been anything but very simple especially may be according to those who expect of things to move forward much quicker we've seen on theresa may and european commission president john clarke basically pot themselves on the box for breaking through with this first round of discussions when it comes to the issue of irish borders now they're looking forward to moving on to issues such as trade however we have seen the european council president donald tusk come out and say that they're going to be really some different harsh realities he's talked about specifically the transition period that the u.k. has put forward saying that britain wants this two year transition period and sad that this is going to come along with some pretty serious conditions he has said that not only will decisions be made without the u.k. in this time but he's also said that the u.k.
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is going to have to respect laws in that time including new laws including budgetary commitments as well as judiciary oversight let's take a listen clearly was in the transition period following the u.k. withdrawal. decision making group continue. to state. it. seems to be dealing with a reasonable solution bring these latest developments pioneer nigel farage who has basically described the way things have been going a sort of stepped up its efforts to bolster the block the latest push came from the former president of the european parliament a german politician martin scholtz he has proposed to the creation of a united states of europe. i want to new constitutional treaty to establish the united states of europe a europe that is no threat to its member states but a beneficial addition the convention should draft this treaty in close cooperation
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with the civil society and the people its results will then be submitted to all member states any state that won't ratify this treaty who automatically leave the e.u. . you number of other measures to boost european unity have previously been a proposed among them the creation of a european army a european version of the international monetary fund and having an e.u. finance minister earlier we discussed this with the head of belgians people's party me sheil mother to come in he says europeans are worried by the prospects of a united states of europe. if you look at all the polls today from cities and from all over europe they don't want to most of or in. the e.u. they want of the country that the member states get back more seventy they want to take their first futures back in their hands particularly taking into account
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that the e.u. looks to be very undemocratic you know an elected official taking decision today in brussels that many citizens oppose and more to read the incapacity of the e.u. to tackle the major issues in europe and certainly one of the major issue for example is migration a lot of european want the borders because and we know today that the proximately six million people are waiting. to get into europe and europe and want to plug that and you see that the e.u. . is to you for example saying that we need more migration we need to open the borders this kind of ideas are totally rejected so i think that a lot of. europe incident will be concerned and worried by mr shore's plans. aeration. air force says it will not
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allow any drones including those operated by the u.s. to violate the country's airspace and according to air force chief among. we will not allow anyone to violate our airspace i have ordered the biggest on air force to shoot down drones including those of the us if they enter our airspace violating the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. pakistan has condemned u.s. drone attacks saying they have been damaging into the country and have caused deaths and severe injuries among civilians we spoke to talat masood a retired three star general of the pakistani army he says it is time for the u.s. to stop playing a double game in pakistan in the near boston the united states has been leading a good coffee black coffee gave the darkest time one officer says something positive the other gives a strong interest in the past the drones have been attacking targets of box style
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are a little bit close but haps approval all for the government of pakistan but in the past couple of years the government of pakistan has not provided any such approval the united states should actually still and its options because it has been using pakistan as an ally and if against it would be detrimental to the peace in the region. pakistan the air force chief also question whether u.s. involvement in the region was actually helpful he raised concerns over washington's previous track record attempting to build democracy. no outside power can engineer democracy inside a country nor is democracy the solution to every problem examples in iraq and libya are in front of us after the fall of gadhafi and saddam what happened in this country's did they get democracy it is a syria currently and of course yemen afghanistan iraq all of these countries
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have lost their ability and they are in serious problems in fact the moment there are some scribes in the new york press in the washington press who are predicting that if pakistan doesn't go the line of the united states of america if syria like situation may be created over here because pakistan cannot allow its territory to be used by others to engineer in the name of democracy and me farcical moves which will destabilize the country. the e.u. has blacklisted seventeen countries has offshore states in an effort to combat a tax avoidance however according to the charity oxfam some countries were left off the list thanks to political pressure. the blacklisting process has been surrounded by secrecy putting citizens in the dark and leaving tax havens free to use their political and economic leverage to get themselves off the e.u.
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blacklist oxfam claims for e.u. members ireland at luxembourg the netherlands and malta should be on the blacklist of tax havens if the e.u. applied its own criteria to them oxfam also points out that some members not only use so-called conduit offshore financial centers but act as ones as well and they do this by being an intermediate dis to nation and for money transfer to tax havens they also provide favorable tax policies to ensure a quiet funds of flow this enables the mediators to protect the reputations of their client countries financial commentator try to boil believes that the e.u. has made ineffectual attempts to clean up its image after the two thousand and sixteen panama paper scandal. there seem to be doing something internationally about the offshore havens the problem is inside it's inside the event as. this is the center for the big corporations and the lake. in those.
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political opposition has been arrested in kiev saakashvili regards himself as an anti-corruption activist and is calling for the impeachment of the current ukrainian president poroshenko after the arrest actually was placed in a temporary detention facility in advance of a court hearing a crowd of his supporters he's facing off with police outside the facility and is calling for the release earlier on tuesday saakashvili was detained by ukrainian authorities on suspicion of assisting a criminal organization he tried to escape the authorities by climbing to the roof of his house from where he addressed his supporters he was later removed by officers for his part saakashvili claims that security forces were trying to kidnap him because he was has risen up in defense of the ukrainian people and saakashvili first appeared on the international stage as president of georgia in two thousand and four and served for two terms he left office in two thousand and thirteen but was charged with having abused his power the following year and in two thousand and
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fifteen he lost a georgian citizenship when he became a citizen of ukraine saakashvili gained a new political life as governor of the country's adesa region after a pro western government came to power less than two years later he resigned to do a spat with president poroshenko who then revoked his citizenship in september this year saakashvili crossed the ukrainian border in a bid to topple poroshenko for the first time being excuse me for the time being he is still officially without citizenship of any country. but as for me i'll be back in about thirty five minutes with a full of news you are watching which international class i would. be first like when you all know was coming through and spoke to. if somebody
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would've been told me that i'm going to spend my life to plan committees are a little disturbed person with solti was clearly see. every night although we were attacked by the arabs we will attacking them and we will extremely shocked and saying but that's not possible oh me doesn't do such things and then the soldiers and myself from the work of some kind of those books in the house with all the prisoner we've all dealt with over the day ali. billy much second class citizens in the on call. it was like and i think in my head that there is no way to be able to live together without tearing down the street was the. love of law for the dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forced me to fight in the
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battlefield still. to stop by to tell you that somebody gossiped a couple of my files. on the hot guys and tell you on the full enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we along with our lives watch. i . visit us broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm feeling and then be on the t.v. coming up the wildfires spreading across california would you be awfully if in us history our chief correspondent that we report more for us from los angeles and the
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jobs report is out and it is good two hundred twenty eight thousand jobs were created in november and the unemployment rate remains unchanged at four point one percent coming up we'll take a deep dive beyond those numbers with danielle de martino now let's get to the stories topping today's political and business headlines. in just a few months eighteen thousand will face off with the justice department in court over its attempt to buy time warner and the trial will begin on march nineteenth but a decision isn't expected to be handed down until after april twenty second which is the deadline for both sides to complete the deal while eighteen t. announced the plan to acquire time warner back in october two thousand and sixteen it wasn't until last month that the government sued to block it from happening over antitrust concerns following the news eighteenth tee shot back and called the lawsuit a quote radical and inexplicable departure from decades of antitrust precedent
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during a hearing on thursday judge richard leon said he would likely rule on the issue in april or may. leaders in the u.k. and the e.u. came to an agreement early friday to move on to the next round of brecht's at talks to get here both sides had to agree on the future of the border between ireland which is part of the e.u. and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. they also had to hammer out details on the rights of british citizens in the e.u. and vice versa on top perhaps of. the most divisive issue which is agreeing on the u.k.'s financial obligations to the bloc following this round of negotiations british prime minister theresa may said i very much welcome the prospect of moving ahead to the next phase to talk about trade and security and to discuss the positive and ambitious future relationship that isn't all of our interests commission president john clive younger even said i believe that we have now made the breakthrough that we needed.
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will tax reform pledge by president donald trump to be completed before christmas also a limit a key portion of obamacare the affordable care act and what might that mean for individuals in our country joining us now from denver is hadley heath manning the director of policy for independent for the independent women's forum headlee thank you so much for being with us really appreciate your time and before we get to it could you tell us just a little bit about your organization your history. current independent or m is that twenty five year old organization based in washington d.c. and our mission is to speak about issues of importance to women and family instead of course tax reform and health reform both in that bucket did you all start around the clarence thomas time was at the beginning of when you were you're out there the clarence hill anita hill. yes in the early one nine hundred ninety s. and of course you can tell from our title that we're primarily interested in women
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the vast majority of our staff are women and we sort of originally formed as an alternative to feminist organizations that we believed were getting away from being trope women and. more. democrats organizations or left leaning organizations so we wanted to step in and be a program an organization with an alternative voice now on the health care i'm not sure if it's going to happen or not be a see a portion it looks like it might but you know if the individual mandate is goes computing is killed what happens to that what happens to the country then what gets put in its place remember the president was going to repeal and replace what didn't seem like there's any replace now so what happens the of think oh it's and.
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