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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 9, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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and i think that's catastrophic and is a holy city for both judaism and the muslim faith and the temple mount and their locks a mosque or in the same venue in the same situation one on top of the other they're both. absolutely essential to both religions and to both peoples jews and palestinians claiming access to and in a sense ownership of that sites so i think that this unilateral decision shows again president trump is taking a one sided attitude to this conflict between the palestinians and the israelis surprised that the prime minister said she wasn't informed of the decision beforehand when you were a foreign minister do you would you have expected a call from washington to inform you before i'm not surprised that president trump didn't inform and theresa may know because he just tweets his announcements or goes off the cuff but certainly we would have been consulted if president bush or
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president clinton had done anything like this we'd have been consulted would have expressed our views here that made it clear albeit the donald trump has said that solutions other than the two state solution may be on the table palestinian activism for a long time said this should be a one state solution with all communities living equally the two state solution was basically a lie the guy and of solution you are putting forward when you have foreign minister well i think the time has been running out for a two state solution for some time and that was the preferred. solution of the oslo process the palestinians rather against the natural will accept that the israelis went along with it there's now. voices from the very top of the israeli government netanyahu and others saying a two state solution is not acceptable so we have to find by the whether it is in which case the settlements have to stop or another option is on the table and what
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does it mean for washington now everyone from isis day kited to the united nations secretary general to the european union to who knows who else are all united against u.s. policy well that's true in a lot of issues. and i think that what is now happening is that america's becoming an increasingly isolationist unilateralist power which is very dangerous for the world whether it's over korea whether it's over jerusalem very dangerous for the world some might argue it's always been that way and the british prime minister is just like poodles anyway but some may argue that i don't think that was always true but there's nevertheless the close relationship between washington and london has always been very important and i don't think it should be casually pushed to saw it but i do think this particular style unilateralist stance of america going it alone on the president trump is very damaging at a time when the world is in
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a very dangerous place away from the violence in the middle east as we take these injuries love to some people saying the threat of future violence on the irish border as the woman or the not and secretary of state are you surprised knowing what you do about the d p that they could. and i know lots of it is speculation to give away on allowing kind of special status for. there was never going to be a way in which the heart breaks it which is what the d.p. a favor and the conservative government under theresa may up to now favor that's to say just leaving everything in the european union and going our own way as the united states. it was ever going to be compatible with an open border because that border across the other side of the border in northern ireland is the irish republic which is a member of the european union and therefore the customs union and the single market of the and that's requires customs checks and it requires all sorts of
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other borders in mission the constituency of working class protestants who for so long for them to the pan their friend. but i don't think necessarily that the feet of surrender or the tories of surrender what i think they have done is pushed the can down the road and caved into the european union to some extent at this point with pleasure wording that leaves everybody feeling if not happy then not unhappy and that's often the way you get in these kind of negotiations but it leaves open the reality that he's going to have to be confronted by the d.p. and by to resume his government that you're going to have to be either staying in the single market in the customs union or have such equivalence and alignment and mutual acceptance of each other standards. and regulations as well as no tariff
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barriers and so on and charges that if you might as well be no repercussions for the good friday agreement all these sorts of negotiations are being made outside of that agreement obviously provided that border stays open with not a single check on it then the good friday agreement can be protected but you said i'm playing with fire they are playing with fire because you know. to get to where we got in my twenty's twenty seven two thousand and seven when i was secretary of state under tony blair when we got the old bitter enemies sharing together which they had done until this year for ten nearly ten years required everybody to respect the good friday agreement it was very hard it was very tough it took decades of negotiation and compromise and you play with facts. at your peril you're joking about working hard by the way as well as you can
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back customs you deserve what before you surprisingly breaks it secretary said no economic modeling has been done in any sector of the british economy for what happens to britain in a way i wasn't because this whole enterprise has been. undertaken with a kind of foolhardy jingoism. that we're just going to leave we're going to stick two fingers up to the european union we're doing they're working hard and i think they're working hard but i don't think they've ever really thought it through then really thought through the consequences of britain leaving our biggest trading partner by far david cameron never thought about ireland at all winning the referendum i'm afraid both david cameron but especially trays of me and i don't make a party point here because john major the former conservative prime minister is virtually said the same thing have not really kept their eye on the ball about the northern ireland peace process and not being hands on in
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a way that for example gordon brown and especially tony blair and john major before . they really got to you know northern ireland and peace in northern ireland should be the top of the prime minister's in-tray every day and it never has been ok let's turn to britain's other call in the south africa what do you. yes exactly what are you going for as regards banking links to british banking links to alleged corruption in south africa well i was involved in the anti-apartheid struggle i was brought up in south africa south african born parents who were jailed and banned and forced into exile in the struggle with nelson mandela and so it's very painful to me as it is to many others who fought so hard to defeat a party to see this corruption and cronyism from president zuma of south africa right the way down to his business. salita around around him and what has been
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clear is that money is being laundered abroad through british banks and other banks billions of rand and hundreds of millions of pounds coming through to buy hong kong and british banks have been up to their neck in it h.s.b.c. standard chartered the bank of baroda is based here but also. the banks that have been part of the moving the the money around not necessarily having accounts in the name of members of the zuma family or their business associates to the south african indian family the good but for example santander please and probably other british high school we have the same military banks that it denying. that say. denied us before they were forced to reveal it and went bankrupt for taking corrupt money from the same elite. mckinsey s.a.p global brands also denied to the big it was
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a bit old vs in the end the struggle in mandela was finally freed to privatisation that selling out to the i.m.f. this would result in the kind of corruption we've seen in one developing nations need not of happens name one that it hasn't been is not a function of the automatic function good governance which happened on a nelson mandela he never tolerated any of the screw ups and would you know if any of the stuff i what it is done is completely betrayed his legacy and president zuma i'm sorry to say and those at the top of the african national congress that i still support and a been a supporter of for decades as with my parents. they have got they've got to change or they're going to die and they're going to drag south africa down into the quagmire with them just very very briefly what retaliation have you suffered because of the stunts you appear to be taking well back in the the apartheid days i got a letter bomb which fortunately was faulty. more recently i've been trolled and attempts
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to kind of smear me because i'm speaking the truth and i'm doing so at the request of the very brave whistle blows inside the south african system financial system and the general state system who are feeding me information to try and reveal the extent of this money laundering because until we we we defeat this disease south africa is not going to be able to get back on track going to thank you so pleasant after the break why did the state mandated b.b.c.'s panorama program not mention the u.k. government funded white helmets we speak to join this with us would be the about what she discovered on a recent trip to syria and. no sign of nights always on the days of growth victories or may often have a formants but this week's been queues full of the more coming up abroad do i'm going underground.
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tonight president of the world bank kate. seriously sent us an e-mail. welcome back as u.k. pm dres m a's arguably shambolic bricks at negotiations continued this week one m.p. and prime minister's questions raised the issue of how stable are the lives of millions living in britain with no new k. possible it's an alternative the prime minister wrote an open letter saying e.u. citizens living lawfully in the u.k. today will be able to stay but this week my constituent francoise milne was told by u.k. vi that she had to wait until breaks it was done and then take a chance it's going to prime minister tell us. east it isn't living here just
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in the brick negotiation things are fine may said but on regs that will generally that's not the way the odds on favorite to replace tereza me as tory leader appears to see it before my right old boyfriends next goes to brussels wilshere plough new coat of paint her red lines because i fear on monday we're going to look a little bit pink may try to put his mind at ease after a week in which many in the u.k. house of commons think the minority leadership of britain could be nearing its end even after bung to a defacto coalition partner this is how u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn summed it up eighteen months since the referendum no answers to the questions. to date they haven't yet concluded try as one no answers to the questions and the g.o.p. appear to be ruling the roost and telling her what to do this is make up whether
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it's. rick see the national health service social care report for always rising child poverty growing printer property or universal credit this government this government is unable to solve important issues facing this country the pm disagreed and then replied by waving a labor leaflet at him and that pushing around leaflets which same label will cancel the existing student. strike the right honorable gentleman apologized like grossly misleading. but one apology she didn't seek was from washington which she revealed didn't even consult her over a decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem condemned by one hundred twenty nations of the international norm aligned movement there was another middle east question from andrew mitchell former vice chair of the tory party about the world's greatest humanitarian crisis the whole house will support what the prime minister said last week in the middle
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east on her visit about the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in yemen will she continue to provide the maximum amount of pressure to lift both the humanitarian and the commercial blockade she said she would but have been arteries are made policies in reality joining me now from bordeaux in southwestern france as journalist for the sebelius she's recently been in syria where she's been investigating u.k. government turn as to what british mainstream media has for so long called moderate rebels vanessa thanks for being on going underground just before we go to syria what about to resume condemning the blockade of the ports in yemen surely a sign of a u.k. a good intentions in the middle east. unfortunately i consecrate that the u.k. has any good intentions in the middle east whatsoever being responsible in yemen trueman taining the blockade through the u.n. security council resolution two two one six that has a fact of play. used an illegitimate illegitimate basis for its resolution the
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legitimacy of the twice resigned president hadi to maintain a blockade a humanitarian blockade against the yemeni people and we know that the british government successive successively have been profiting from the military industrial complex trade with saudi arabia and are also determining targets in the riyadh command and control centers so any foe pretensions of humanitarian interests and yemen fall as far as i'm concerned the government there that they're involved with targeting they're just involved in the training of those told to go into syria them i mean that you've done so much work i should say that we've been really have your work because you've been in syria recently surely your happiness the state mandated b.b.c. has finally vindicated some of your work and said that the u.k. taxpayer is funding is the miss terrorists that basically can be linked all the way
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back to the sama bin laden and the destruction of the twin towers that's who the british taxpayer funds and that's what the b.b.c. is about i think it's very interesting that seven years into the conflict the baby say what shop until now has being very clearly colluding with the british state narrative which is effectively to demonize the syrian state the syrian leadership and the syrian national army this air in our bombing and its allies of course it's taken them seven years apparently to discover this link between u.k. foreign office funding and terrorist factions inside syria when to be fair organizations like r.t. like sputnik independent analysts and investigative journalists have been pointing this out for the last six years so it's let's say the b.b.c. are all the late coming to the party here busy deny of course any good luzhin would accuse the outlets including this journal of just being pro russian probably. and.
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on iran and and the syrian government yeah of course but what we've actually seen i believe. are our program is effectively a controlled detonation a controlled media detonation they've reduced what is a mountain of evidence down to a molehill affectively they focused in on the free syrian place they've completely ignored the white home much that i've been investigating for the last three years that run a very sad or a run by a very similar operation of u.k. foreign office funding via intermediaries both externally and on the ground in syria and who work alongside the freezer in place but not only the war at home it's the local councils all over the entity what i would call shadow state entity's inside syria are being funded by very similar processes as the free syrian police but the focus of the b.b.c. panorama program was entirely on the free syrian place and of course on adam smith
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international that has a history of channel corruption profiteering from aid contracts which is being extensively documented by even mainstream media in the u.k. ok but what you said about the white helmets white helmets would have just still routinely used it was used on the night of that banner over program the we're talking about why are they protected by the mainstream media here i think are the word you used is absolutely correct they are being protected and i honestly believe that this b.b.c. program let's remember b.b.c. panoramas history in syria let's remember saving syria's children and robert stewart forensic analysis of entire report and its potential to be nothing more than propaganda so i genuinely believe this b.b.c. panorama program is to create a scapegoat which is the free syrian play. adam smith international in this case
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while ignoring for me the much more important concept of the white home let's now if we compare the white helmet concept to for example the k.l.a. which morphed into the kosovo security corps in kosovo it's a very similar process where saying the british government colluding with al-qaeda affiliates inside syria we're saying running alongside the white helmet organization which we know works hand in hand with no support from various other extremists and stays inside syria it acts as a human share it acts as a protection for the terrorist entity it acts as a. camouflage for the atrocities that they are committing against the syrian people so i think we're not saying a protection of the white home it's themselves per se inside syria what we're saying is a protection of the global concept we're saying the white home that's appearing in
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brazil in venezuela or in malaysia or in the philippines so this is not a serious centric action this is a global issue that protecting the concept that protecting it to be fit for purpose for future military interventions what it does if they learned from the 1980's version of the death squads u.s. death squads of course in the tens of dramatica what you seem to be suggesting is a whole new p.r. dimension to absolutely look if we look at the process if we look at what i believe the white helmets first of all they infiltrated the country they built upon sectarian divisions that may or may not have access they gained the trust i mean james missouri who's they british trainer of the white home it says that very clearly the one entity that people will trust are the fire brigade or the first responders or the humanitarian organizations hence the creation of the white helmets in two thousand and. thirteen so we see them infiltrate but then we also
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see them being earmarked for reconstructing syria after the conflict and so securing british government by a gang right inside syria let's say and then they start entire process will be repeated sort of repeat spend cycle elsewhere in other global interventions and one thing that i wanted to make clear option the talk has been about this this funding stream through adam smith international to the free syrian police but what has been completely ignored in this program is the two hundred million that has gone from the conflicts polity and security funds into the euphemistically called syrian opposition and i received the actual breakdown off those two hundred million. security fund yes eighteen million into peace building and track to operations thirty two million to moderate armed groups now claiming it's non-lethal aid but
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how are they voting these moderately armed groups or those moderate extremist groups safety security and stability now that of course includes the free syrian place and the white helmets fifty four million they're making the claims that the white helmets have saved one hundred thousand lives whereas the documentation and the accountability for this claim they're also claiming that they are helping partnering seven million people inside syria well that's like a thirty five percent of the population that remains inside syria i would also challenge that claim. then we go on to political support fourteen million government livelihood and education in a country that britain shouldn't really be involved in under international law thirty nine million strategic communications twenty three million which claims to empower the moderate voices now they say again we know that funds have gone to an organization an ngo set up by x f c o employee carne ross who was also involved in the iraq. exactly who set up independent diplomat we know through the fire
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declarations that a certain number of millions have gone through independent diplomat and we no independent diplomat have promoted the white homeless in two thousand and sixteen and then human rights and accountability twenty million this is to develop independent media organizations for example syria that was set up by arc consultants say it was also involved in the creation of the white helmet so you know when we look at the extent and the complex the complexity of this fund saying operation by the british government and the fact that if you put in a freedom of information request they claim of course plausible deniability that everything is being outsourced so they cannot provide information to back up the claims that they are making because it is all being outsourced which of course then gives them as we're saying now with b.b.c. panorama the plausible deniability in which they can back off and lay the blame on
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the adam smith international in this case we often cover austerity issues here and you're talking about hundreds of millions of taxpayer pounds the question arises why on earth would the british government be making the british taxpayer funded people that are in effect linked to you know the person responsible for the bombing of the manchester arena or the westminster bombing here what does britain get out of funding people like the two hundred million has been sent to the syrian opposition with very little ability apparently to vet where that money actually goes to and i prevent in my articles that it go to terrorist organizations or to terrorist run organizations such as the local councils in east aleppo which again connected to adam smith funding via the tom kean project inside syria so we see a repeat of the same process as with the free syrian plates but through the local councils at the same. tallent why we are giving millions to the white helmets when
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making severe cutbacks to our running. fire brigades for example our own national health service one of the reasons that grant was such a huge he is tragedy and this was a statement made by the fire brigades and selves was that because of various savage cutbacks they were unable to respond in the way that they should have been able to respond so this is an extraordinary situation where our own country is suffering from cutbacks from austerity from cut backs and our own national health service and yet here we are pouring millions in syria into the health and education into an organization like the white helmets which is questionable questionable as to whether it is a terrorist a fed a i could organization or not and as i said we've seen it previously in kosovo and by the way james the missouri a a who was the trainer all of the white helmets was also present in kosovo we don't have coincidences here but that's
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really thank you and we invite representatives from all of organizations and as i mentioned to tell their side of the story here on going on the ground and that's it for the show will be back on monday with a controversial judge appointed by embattled u.k. prime minister theresa may overseas an inquiry into one of the world's worst fires in history just mentioned by the sun in that interview bill and keep in touch by social media with your money thirty six days of u.s. backed death squads thousand mostly women children of the elderly in what is being called the worst massacre in modern latin american history was ok months ago you know salvador. is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos. this is. because he
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is going out to study hall meetings. will challenge the little things just as they should be the only palestinians is gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those willing to work under the oak vision that not only can do this. and that is unfair advantage to have to this lady in the muscle that you have an identical t.v. in the doesn't she look the more camillus also don't piss off. the fence like when you all know it's coming to inspect our property if somebody would've been told me that i'm going to spend my life for the plank of it as i'll talk disco closer to the sultan was clearly seen. every night although we were attacked by the arabs oh or we will attacking them and we will extremely shocked and saying but that's not possible i'll meet does not do
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such scenes and then the soldier send myself from the standpoint of. the house without the prisoner with our bulldog with over the day i. believe much second class citizens in the on call. it was like lightning in my head that there is no way to be able to live together without tearing down the strip clubs.
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two protesters are killed and more than a thousand people injured as violence escalates between israelis and palestinians our correspondent was caught up in the clashes in jerusalem. so we're in the middle of. as you can hear we're having some tear gas being shot at. another attempt to undermine donald trump a c.n.n. runs a full story on the alleged conniving selection to. pick apart other stories that claim to be the smoking gun of collusion with. the prosecutor claims that they struck home district populated almost entirely by migrants is fast
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becoming a warsaw.


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