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tv   News  RT  December 9, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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to protest is a killed more than a thousand people are injured as violence escalates between israelis and palestinians our correspondent was caught up in the clashes in jerusalem. so we in the middle o. . as you can hear we're having some tear gas being shot at. another attempt to undermine donald trump a c.n.n. runs a full story on the alleged conniving between trump's election team and wiki leaks we pick apart other stories that claim to be the smoking gun of collusion with russia. chief prosecutor claims that a stockholm district populated almost entirely by migrants is fast becoming a war zone.
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for joining us is just past midnight here in the russian capital. this is about international. clashes have again erupted in jerusalem the west bank palestinians declared three days of rage following president trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. in jerusalem protesters three stones at police who responded with sound grenades and tear gas several protesters were arrested and crews in jerusalem correspondent
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david skinned a cameraman witnessed the violence firsthand the same way his own in the middle of . as you can hear we're having some tear gas being shot off. us and jack we're in the middle of a presidential palace and you have been shaking against the fact that president trump has named this us and he's saying this is really capital. so we just want to take a few moments to get some safety equipment on as we are in the middle of this protest here in jerusalem as you can see in the distance there are a group of used to here to protest that decision by don't trim to name jerusalem as the official capital of israel and if you look down this street you'll see some of the security forces fresh from the israeli defense force also some offices on horseback there used to the way some of these forensic. people. here.
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we've just come to the sort of the street here because some of the protesters are actually throwing rocks and bottles down in or direction towards these way the security forces which are behind this. as you can see the security forces are just coming past this now these are israeli security forces who are going to different courts the streets to try and break up of the protest as you see some of them still running down the hall i mean. you. can almost feel angry and they the north tried rapture. so it. is true. protest groups the west bank and gaza palestinian authority say that two
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people were killed in the unrest and more than a thousand injured local journalist and reports from gaza. well anger is the mood of the palestinian streets especially after the airstrikes launched on the gaza strip. how much belonging sites and societies to manvers of hamas were killed tensions are increasing we are just now on the buffer zone and there were a lot of confrontations between the palestinians and the israelis hundreds of youths are now on the buffer zone at the ambulances are waiting on the. everyone scared for a new injuries. protest in support of palestine are being held across the world crowds gathered in paris and rome and across the ocean and most planned in new york meanwhile an emergency session of the un security council was convened over washington's decision on jerusalem and during that meeting of the fifteen members
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fourteen we united against just want the u.s. . for nearly seventy years the city of jerusalem has been the capital of the state of israel despite many attempts by others to deny that reality. we regret the us president's decision is a mess washington's decision with serious concern these decisions are helpful to the prospects for peace in the region our actions reflected and honest assessment of reality it is fueling tensions and increasing instability in an already volatile and turbulent region far actions are intended to help advance the cause of peace stake is the respect for international law and the legitimate rights are for each side at stake is the legitimacy of the security council israel like all nations has the right to determine its capital city. in its home to change the status of jerusalem response within the existing foundation the system with these really
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close to. the united states took this step in full knowledge that it will raise questions and concerns whether to do this is a dangerous precedent this meeting reflects fear over repercussions of the unilateral decisions that run counter to and threaten the system of political relations the united states will not be lectured to by countries that lack any credibility when it comes to treating both israelis and palestinians fairly however the u.s. envoy to the united nations who we just saw that nikki haley attacked the u.n. itself and accuse the global body of being biased against israel. over many years the united nations has outrageously then of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards israel the un has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance and we will not be a party to that the united states no longer stands by when israel is unfairly
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attacked in the united nations foreign ministers of the arab league countries are holding an urgent meeting on the jerusalem issue some of them have already called for recognition of the state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital but it's in retaliation for trump's decision. writer and political commentator out the door asking joins us live on the line our very good evening to you dog trips decision on jerusalem following that israel's call the only other nations to recognize it but if we look at what happened at the u.n. security council meeting very little support if any at all there do you think any countries will eventually back up the u.s. . some of the contrary still already approached israel they want to move them buses but you see the matter is not whether in the five conferees who will move their embassies to jerusalem the main three is that we're here for already seventy years
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all our government institutions are in jerusalem and if anybody opens the bible well there will five that since the time of david king david general slim was the capital of israel and if you go back to abraham he was promised by that those who will bless you will be blessed and dick cursed this year will be cursed so anybody who wants to make the choice will make his choice this is the choice because the choice is actually not just a matter of capital of he is the road the choice is where the. people want to respect history culture see all of and whether they want to respect their own promises well the president trump respects his word he promised to move the embassy you promise to recognize your roselyn and him thousand and he is
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a very good example for other people to be loyal to closest allies israel it pre-shared see it deeply what i want also to mention listen just today now there you hear human rights organizations gave the data on syrian conflict four hundred sixty five thousand people heard there are we can continue to see what's happening in the rock in yemen in egypt in libya well tell me please where the christians in jury such liberty as in these throw where the christians are protected in the middle in the middle east unless we are talking about israel. israel is the prospering construct of the user of the country which provides christians muslims and jews with absolute full rights in jerusalem and is standard for appreciating it we get some european countries and liberal press stirring up
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the i prize well here i mean this is a waste of the liberal press which actually tries to portray what separate me here as a major event the riots were quite small irrelevant and i want to assure you that what president trump did will rather contribute to peace in the middle east because those arab countries and those terrorist forces and those so by the way rioted too dangerous to live with dyess isis flags there will see now that the united states is not going to support them as they hoped during the time for bomber when he took the side of most in brotherhood and other let's say if not terrorist bug extreme radical organisations now america will not support them anymore it's very important sign it's very important signal and use the royal will of course take an issue to restore a species doris the improvement of living conditions of our arab neighbors which is
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very important and the life here is there anything but what people can see on the liberal western television channels it's just not true look about what's happening in the middle east here is the most peaceful place believe me the most peaceful place is israel jerusalem if you come here you can see it yourself you say it's the most peaceful place but wouldn't a the us embassy in jerusalem be a target for terrorism. not on the contrary whenever is the role made concessions like in one thousand nine hundred three or withdrawal from lebannon there were waves of terrorism with sauza as of people killed here many many hundreds many many hundreds and thousands of people were killed here why because they saw that by pushing us they can accomplish something now when they see their service they're not going to each accomplish anything their will start probably
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thinking about their own lives how to make their lives better and here in israel and well for some reason they understand that the life here or m. talked about our adversaries is much better their dog to want to leave his or they want to live in israel by the way and. jerusalem is really a very peaceful place to listen to compare any data only use the row how many people killed in a class and these are all during the year compare it with syria police compare it with iraq with any other arab country around you will find that is the real respect human lives more than any other country on the earth we can prove it the very simple way come here you can see talk to the people that you know it's a place where peace is in actually in trains in the name jerusalem your research is the cd of peace and this will be eternal capital of the jewish state
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for ever for ever we do appreciate you coming on right a political commentator duress in my guest thinker much. of the quest to prove trunk loaded with russia shows no sign of letting up c.n.n. recently aired a story that donald trump jr being center directly linked to wiki leaks documents on the democratic national committee before they were even made public. it was september fourth two thousand and sixteen at the height of the campaign that's when candidate donald trump his son donald trump jr and even trump jr's personal assistant they got an e-mail with a decryption key and a web site address for hacked wiki leaks documents the documents were made public on september thirteenth via wiki leaks twitter feed c.n.n. the claim the e-mail was sent on september fourth and later turned out to be false the e-mail was actually sent to trump jr on september fourteenth the day after the data went public and took ginia later tweeted a response to the full c.n.n. story i know that you can't help but spread freaky news c.n.n.
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but now that you know the truth you should have the decency to retract the full story make the correction take down the b.s. tweet and apologize to the two or three people that still believe you to be credible your welcome u.s. president also slammed the story accusing those behind it of gross incompetence or wiki leaks founder julian assange has called for somebody to be fired for their work later on a correction giving quote the proper context for the timing of the email we discussed the story with several independent journalists they believe c.n.n. ran the story without fact checking simply to call scandal. i think they have become a victim of their own mania that they have themselves helped create more than anyone else we've had a long long list of errors that had to be corrected in this long running hysteria about russia supposing interference in the american election there are even more disturbing stories where there's not real factual error but there spawn in
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a way that leads into the story they're trying to prove they have lost control of how to report this story they never had an objective view about that and don't forget the kind of relationship between mainstream media like c.n.n. and what you might call operatives of the state where they brief people to give them stories and then they just repeat what they're told by these essentially anonymous state sources and they don't bother to check because they can't check and to some extent they like the situation because they've got inside information and they feel privileged but of course they can be manipulated and they can just get it wrong as they seem to have done in this case and in this case of course they got the dates of the wiki leaks concept wrong which completely changed the context of the story it wasn't that wiki leaks have been contacted before the election and trying to been a straight people have been given inside knowledge that they just got the same information the same terms of a body else and c.n.n. jumped on that in order to try and create
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a scandal as it were and it's backfired for them. the efforts to undermine trump's presidency haven't stopped bad reports in the u.s. media citing an anonymous source say that russia's equivalent to facebook got in touch with trump and his claim that the v.k. social network offered to promote trump's candidacy among russian speaking american steering the election goes deeper into the story. no news is good news but russian news is always breaking is no matter how shaky the connection. that explosive information comes from anonymous sources familiar with an e-mail sent by the british publicist rob goldstone he's the guy who arranged the infamous trump jr meeting with a russian lawyer back in june of two thousand and sixteen c.n.n. issued an exclusive report saying those e-mails are the first indication there was any follow up after that meeting and not follow up centers around what goldstone
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allegedly referred to as a cute marketing idea scandalous here's what happened the director of partnership marketing v.k. russia's equivalent of facebook hit up team trump to set up a page on their website to appeal to russian americans before the election finally the smoking gun right on the network confirmed they made an offer to trump just like they did to a bunch of other popular people we welcomed international celebrities joining our social network we invited donald trump to create a v.k. account like many other celebrities but the media all but push those facts of the side choosing instead to focus on the young the exact himself one outlet said they became manager represented a new point of direct contact between an influential russian and advisors to trump not really sure if influential is the way to classify this guy however. the media are also pointing out that the v. k.
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executive has taken photos of trump and at a separate event snapped one with president putin well apparently that didn't impress the trump team they didn't reply to the network's request. we never received a reply from donald trump's representatives it is absolutely ludicrous and it is part of the nature of how our media has covered this entire story for this entire year and plan to continue to do for months and months and months as long as it keeps their ratings elevated because it's russia that's why this is so exciting to the media and a way for them to store up a story that is absolutely baseless and yet another one of hundreds of hundreds of stories that have been and will continue to be nothing but sensationalism and russia phobia. district is fast becoming a war zone according to sweden's chief prosecutor will take a look at why after the break.
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on the face of it everybody out there is wants to be a success in life there's two ways to go you can either become educated you can do that by yourself go to the new york university websites the gallatin division and get the syllabus of the book list at all gala to the vision students after i was at the gal to give us your first big project two hundred fifty plugs starting with aristotle read those books now you are educated the second way you can be a success in life is a go no three bridge golf tennis racket for things and speed. so there is no the all important as a person but he is important in those far as his leaving would cause a risk in the regime falling apart so indeed the americans are americans so much less to have him leave old all from time to time they keep seeing if they go so
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in the end though think most countries are accepting that he will stay. sweden's chief prosecutor has warned for the district in the capital stock which is a large immigrant population is becoming a war zone brink of me is almost like a war zone when do police work there they operate as if they were de army. migrants make up the vast majority of the suburb of ring could be with almost ninety percent first or second generation immigrants the district's been placed now in sweden's most severe category of urban areas with high crime rates as riots and burning cars become increasingly common in the area. but it's far from the only swedish area that's developed a bad reputation the city of seventy kilometers from stockholm has been plagued by
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months of violence criminals there of even use grenades to target police stations and fire fighters now require the backup of military style law enforcement. the third largest city mom of us also witnessed a sharp rise in crime this year alone fifty nine shootings have left seven people dead and dozens more injured almost eighty percent of the local population say that they live in fear well over a third say they're afraid to actually be alone on the streets at night meanwhile armed police have been deployed to protect joggers at night we discussed the situation with political scientist and commentator stick beyond longer and he says officers now have to respond like an army formations. there are places that are. part of the us where british police. is moving into the area. like that form that they were in a. combat situation or that's information all over.
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the region a lot of it from. the middle east. side or a lot of they are running over the edge downhill over the edge had a very low profile for a long time so these groups have been managed to build and let the words need to keep from growing. pakistan's air forces warned it will shoot down any drones including american ones if they violate the country's airspace comes after two weeks after the u.s. reportedly conducted an air strike on the country's border with afghanistan. we will not allow anyone to violate our airspace i have ordered the biggest and air force to shoot down drones including those of the us if they enter our airspace violating the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. thank you stanley
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officials and u.s. drone attacks have done significant harm since two thousand and four almost a thousand civilians are believed to been killed by strikes including around two hundred children we spoke to sultan harley a pakistani air force group captain he believes islamabad attitudes to washington is changing. in the near past the united states has been playing a good cough bad cough game with pakistan one officer says something positive the other gives strong threats in the past the drones have been attacking targets in pakistan allure it false but haps the approval of the government of pakistan but in the past couple of years the government of pakistan has not provided any such approval the united states should actually cut and very its options because it has been using pakistan as an ally and if it was to turn against pakistan it would be detrimental to the peace in the region. you are right today thanks for staying with
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r.t. international join me for the latest news headlines at the top of the hour. they
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call me a useful idiot i mean you called me a useful idiot a useful idiot useful idiots go expressing my opinions on the terrorist to thousands of us doing it behind his record is the same strategy we attack persons instead of talking about what's next you'll ban me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one not scratch below the right i should be sent to the town one because i want to try to break me on the wheel but out with a long time of this sort of nonsense you don't scare me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out in good company i'm in good company you're going to see me you want to do this because we are free thinkers.
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tragedy i did it i took the whole gist i came back up and made that the death star game and in the spider not. many lives have been broken really fixes that the banks got you into for a war on all we big bankers got big. government the banks but i didn't think of the. last morning there is a back. creditors people see no future bad face can happen you know you become ill get into a job your relationship breaks down and become a casualty is dead a nice long trip or is there a way out of those actually front of it over in order to ditch bill for. a few more.
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the stuff from the chemical and if you could tell when a plumber so i can settle for a man that should have been there. please . please. until please you. please
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