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lives just. live . look look look at. least somebody kind of feel. down to look in to follow the salt in the soft fluid as they're going to fall and if you could piling up the most i could settle for a man that shouldn't have been there let alone please please
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please look. please. please please please please please. please please please. please. please please please. please please. lend. look look look look look please
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please please please. please please. please i can see if i can i would like to focus on the. leg. lead. others who want to listen read more snow my littlest was ok but it
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covers a lot. of. c.d.'s this is a loose study of the moment of them which was awesome i love it thanks. jennifer you. feel the love of guns in the bluest of the land of the suburbs when he was led by themselves don't believe it would go to see this should be able to muster to. tell us. all you have so much.
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love for the second losing movies. oh i don't. want to. go back yet. colonise they also have a say i say camels good morning nothing. to back out some of you know me. that i'll say i wanted to find the dances on the sussex field far back out there. call it just how. all that is there is every now and then some last would be had a bit of flair. if you deal. in missouri. with my dear to me. to let me sleep do you have any of it first my.
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of. all. in the world. and i got it from internet. and a lot of little mick relations with another country has. been around. for been so since a lot because there were a lot. of doors with people not getting out of there for. what they have to do to other people what it's all. our country or all or all of
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the. think there was the. it called calculus or. the only ones who i think did it did to me. out of one of us. they asked me what how we can help you. if you want to. just thought corporation it should be. yes i'm. not there. it does give me the reason we want went after years of course as if we cannot enter . we are sick but it is. i don't think there is a. vision the only. he did to me know i have a philistine has
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a talent. and until he has or doesn't if he had the it thought of mom would you know how the. children you and the number. of them in the whole of the new york to you feel although we don't see you kill him jenny yeah and that's about it is not a linear look on the magical bucket and that's the limit that they use and it was there when did you think of it that way and. i didn't. feel the visions and i mean on the other i think and. in this little. demand of my you may use hello no not to look allow them. to be to myself. and had a negative view of the fianna just a bit here and on the shelf of a few no less conceptual bucket with delicate and in the some of the in the top of
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this i want to be as you well know down in cold p.d.q. myself you can also really i think i'm a little to see that all of the fear of a mother becoming a pseudo laws are just. and then i'm unclear. how i'm going to. come along. in our fall that. unless they come with no money. senator. welcome.
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to not. just. for me i mean but i love them. that's why i started to work for wildlife moments in race in the in the study. when i started. with the right tools to make it as more the result before it was looking over you know it is six cases and all designs. and all these
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kids or the wrong things inside and all the work zoo is changed so i just thought it would change in this book. but. how to move the. police the minimum standards. it's neither were perfect. one.
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little looked really. busy these meetings. who. work up i. think of. because. the past.
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no russian flag will fly at the twenty eighteen john winter olympics but there will be russian athletes and no russian national anthem will play out during official ceremonies but founds will probably chandan acappella rendition you can take the athletes out of the country but can you take the country out of the athletes.
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like when you all know is coming through on sports property if somebody would invent for me because i'm going to spend my life for a plank of it as i'll talk to stroke or say with of salt it was clear. every night although we were attacked by the arabs we will attacking them and we will extremely shocked. saying but that's not possible i'll meet doesn't do such things and then the soldiers send myself and. the house with the prisoner of our god with over they all. believe much second class citizens in the on call. it was like lightning in my head that there is no way to be able to live together without tearing down the street
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was. in the front of my job was an extension of. different. men i did it isn't a telephone a descendent. of intricate and. i had a clue how. many women she had. a hundred percent. you know what he did. talking about i think you know to think you know hell if you don't remember if you did misattribute the asylum and. moving them into tariff can modify the model to be put on an arctic sea. air sort of almost any sort of the fall of the new year see the super slow the piano out of the month because see the shock and then the cream on top but i'm going to. help us i'm going on. to milan valley must have the. midnight edge of the world and not mathy. even
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a spot of the slowly been more often carla and made up and i can't predict what books are fairly sure the color t.v. . doesn't have the full extent of the five hundred two he and a little kiddie and have nothing more to the quality of the talk a little. bit now i mean the in the air and make a little out of the. shafts a little deja vu however should have an admiration and clear little of i wanna. be my good buddy and. feel loads of sympathy. much richer than allowed a lot of air around hell here and here. yet in my head it all in the end of the outlook. become a. lot of will to fall the hell and get me at the end of. it as it has it down here to marry or has it in kenya for me to go that i still feel i mean
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i would have been bad. looking. so it looks. like. i know but there is this if you can put that mission through to the senate nothing as a president that. excuse me. i
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don't know. if that was about to look at that. but it's not as. if you can pull the regional ridgetop keeping a little differently purely going to be we saw you've been in the national something president here gentlemen feel. feel if you know. you will not only hear your words here. you can. you know go on before they look at the big thought it was a man because they will split share the blame that susie's a feeling anybody from that because the today in your life then i will be
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going up to the study hall meeting and it gave me yeah old shot fill it up a telescope with a shade maybe that you do is i'll assume good. stuff. and you know what is there to annoy and that plans to expand their job as we move forward. on campus from the a.t.o. this week and did. put them and instead your redesign or this room as as. how you want it with them can you give us or not so by i don't know to whom you'll let me just get your outlets out too. and. if you want to help us if. we should do d.v.d.'s would you believe me because i wasn't what. he could give you maybe a fish would it be that you know
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a team is going to get its feet ok and mental fit of the misfit to do it loving for you i can do this in my capacity as selfish to him first the idea i'm not sure and tingle we can hardly. believe gets filled with school visits. are still. to give a live and. not a political is a left belongs to call kid out of elders from god get a box it. is a yawn see yeah. sure its biggest that's god but it's a little sis right that's what i'd be surprised if we have some influence but. i can fly i can fly. something that shouldn't be. very tender to get into. because that was able to get you to the
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special area we can be so i love you but you can't go didn't come to this will possibly to change in this is broken maybe can i get it now suppose it took more than a sound in my political bid you know that. i'm hot like and gives it to at number six when we can get out of here with these bulk of your. to make this is not to make fun of the feeling that things will continue to fit you don't you know it's not for the sinking itself which. you think this may be if this to happen this it could take on you don't meet me don't know thing i think you are a lot of bills big church family should become. part. of your business you know.
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the first time. i believe something with me. we have a lot of plans for the food show it's all. in my. was for that to change just. for me and he's. sixteen years. can divide. but money just come from very fast and go very fast. indeed go over and. saw. this is liberal and. if people start to
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understand you start to understand not understand. believe so then the other would be able. said he was. very good man who understand what i mean what is my need. i mean for the soup not for me. but some of the gun. ok. i think the well. i think i'll say that that was. the. this is a big joke we can. pick up. on because really these.
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days you do dishes but to be gay make them need to see the world. for the people. but. yeah it's million the general down the public and international relations office some kind of pm when you see panicky in palestine here it really is not possible good. because i want to ask you about the allegations of even what about the leak is the news of our lovely gives you. your. family.
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because if you can't be. sure. yes you see about how we will be used by this visit. allow me to sack you for your. if a lot of us in following. our application. you will see it so far so good. fortunately everything good in pakistan i. do politics. but the office. is my stuff and others are muslims one of the this is a little of us all of the kind of. i visit one of the not going to
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go something i describe. that. i was. ok. to we. had before the man and so on and so welcome. to my this is something a lot of old and i said look here and he said you know that i say listen you know. who work in the world and. how do you think.
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we have power here i think if you have those who are a pleasure. to have those economies shocking i think you have a good little kid. who was more than ok and just move on to something but i'm in love with the whole of them to suffer how they did with him for some time couldn't he as a. kid you could tell you looked up the local equivalent to clinton. mood will be fewer and fewer how quickly job you look back into it how you do not know call me do what i think i'm going to be back.
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let me explain something to everybody out there is wants to be a success in life is too lazy to go you can either become educated you can do that by yourself go to the new york university websites of the gallatin the visual and get the syllabus of the book list at all gals or vision students have to know i was in the galton division and they're going to personally project two hundred fifty plugs starting with aristotle reveals books now you are educated the second way you can be a success in life is a go no three things bridge golf tennis circuit for things and speed.
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of the gun some is not says no that can quit places go up to a good country on the. trail because it is to administer to live a show foremost a local school. the music of the school bus with us for a disco that is blue. listed with the culture. to call the case of the. tragedy of the city has. been stressful and biased from the fellow muslims feel to be the middle. play almost anything from the bible for the past a lot of the coward that are john's one based on our much less credit card number can i do the last hour we're slightly stronger at mcmaster. fucking on the canal he was almost feeling now we. could see this earth from the
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sun and not ours because she sees another car voices in his or the one of the street the large other you know the lot of this the series let's go to sleep. i. i i. i i. i. i i i.
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i protest as a killed and more than a thousand injured as violence escalates between israelis and palestinians the us recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. so it has all of the middle of. as you can hear way of having some tear gas tanks being shot all of this and other attempts by us media to undermine donald trump. c.n.n. runs a full story on the ledge tonight between trump's election team and wiki leaks. and sweden's chief prosecutor claim to stop crime district populated almost entirely by migrants is fast becoming a war so. you can go to all two don't com for more on.


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