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tv   News  RT  December 10, 2017 9:00am-9:31am EST

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demonstrators attempt to storm the u.s. embassy in beirut in protest of donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital it follows days of rage in palestine and condemnation from the un security council. syria has been proclaimed free of islamic state though poppins opened she had just remained. russia's ban for the twenty eighteen winter olympics over adopting scandal that
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erupted two years ago that's despite the i.o.c. saying there's no concrete evidence to support claims of state sponsored cheating. and that the man who didn't and says he'll run for reelection in the twenty eighteen presidential race. this is the week it's r t international coming to you live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. tensions are rising in lebanon where protesters have attempted to storm the u.s. embassy in the capital beirut the rally there is the latest in a string of protests decrying president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital.
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as you know. but. right now we are witnessing a. just a few minutes ago there was a charge from at least i'd say fifty or sixty some of them would in buttons others actually carrying m. sixteen s we managed to push but. a number of. palestinian protesters one of two of which they managed to catch and take back to the base behind me which you can see now so that caused a certain amount of tension. but at the moment now things have calmed right down the police i think engaged in more of the cleanup and the rearranging themselves you can see behind me all sorts of the movement of army personnel reposition
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themselves police start to take control of the area and these demonstrations are beginning to roll out now i think we're at the beginning of something quite big you know just in two thousand and eleven just six years ago or so we saw what sparked the arab spring then and now that i'm sure a lot of governments will be leaks in the region and i think many of those same elites in the middle east will be wondering is this going to escalate and does this really but pose a threat and itself well sunday has also seen protests in. gaza and clashes with the police in the city of bethlehem well let's go live now to gaza and local journalist who do they follow their hand so how tense is it where you are. well palestinians in the in gaza strip and the west bank complete protesting for the first fourth day after trumps decision on recognizing jerusalem as the state
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of israel i'm not i'm not here as east borders and there are clashes happening between protesters and the israelis we can see here dear got us bombs and live bullets and so far there is one injury by tearing gossip bombs and there is another i would like to add that there is a russian correspondent that was injured and effected by god's bombs from read the ham and earlier today there were a lot of protests and demonstrations from students in universities against wrong decisions and they were chanting slogans refusing trumps decision on recognizing jerusalem as a state of israel palestinians in gaza and the west bank are very angry i think that things are actually escalating now you can see behind me a lot of protestors and there are lot of protesters. confrontation now with there at the israeli side. it's very dangerous here and protesters are
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going back and forth they're increasing from time to time and. the ambulances are here waiting for any injury and it's very dangerous and there are a lot of injuries for a moment when eunice is for a sense the morning like five to six injuries. and who pray in gaza thank you very much thank you. we were on in jerusalem police have arrested a man after a stabbing at a bus station left one person seriously injured do bensky reports. twenty five year old security guard who worked here at the central bus station was stopped less than an hour ago now we understand that the person who stopped the security guard was a twenty four year old palestinian who has been taken in by the police we understand that the palestinian man who attempted to carry out this stabbing actually has a head injury spalling that the security guards he was twenty five years old were
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stopped in chest he's now receiving treatment in hospital we understand from the hospital that he's condition is deemed to be very serious now also we've been hearing an interview by israeli defense minister who has cooled this boycott now over our businesses is saying and i quote they are not supported by us they're not a part of israel but he did later saying in that interview that he wanted hope that all would calm down and that life to normal here in israel. well in response to trump's move palestinians declared three days of rage which ended with several people killed in clashes with israeli police. are unfortunately a u.s. president makes a statement and the israeli citizens will need to pay the price for dangerous days
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are coming to drill syllables out. it's going to be in default i think so here in bethlehem there is a large deployment or for israeli horses on the ground as has been used rubber bullets allison these are using a molotov cocktail bombs as well as stone throwing at. gary's demoed of the palestinian streets especially after day as strikes launched on the gaza strip really just now on the buffer zone and there were a lot of confrontations between the palestinians and the israelis. was. this is.
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well jerusalem is considered sacred by jews muslims and christians the jewish quarter of the city is home to the western wall the last remnant of the second jewish temple which was destroyed by the romans well the ancient city also has is the shrine of the dying of the rock the oldest islamic monument still in existence and the out x. a mosque the search holiest site in his long well israel calls jerusalem the attorney. capital however most of the international community don't recognize the claim no country in the world has an embassy in jerusalem only some consulates where the western part of the city is mostly israeli and the eastern part time a stadium it's holy sites are a particularly sensitive issue with unrest frequently erupting over the well a number of european cities have also staged protests in support of palestine an emergency session of the un security council was also convened and during the
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meeting of the fifteen members fourteen were united against just one us. ok we regret the us president's decision to moscow washington's decision with serious concern these decisions are helpful to the prospects for peace in the region our actions reflected an honest assessment of reality it is fuelling tensions and increasing instability in an already volatile and turbulent region israel like all nations has the right to determine its capital city unilaterally actions attempting to change the status of jerusalem respect for its in the long existing foundation for thirty two months of these really palestinian issue being knighted states will not be lectured to by countries that lack any credibility when it comes to treating both israelis and palestinians fairly well israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu prays strums decision calling it historic.
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want to discuss the whole situation now we're now joined live by dr a leading figure in the palestinian liberation organization dr ashrawi thank you very much indeed for joining us well let's have a look at some of these issues here why the palestinians venting their anger about donald trump at the israelis. well because it's well that's occupying jerusalem and has been systematically getting out of a program of ethnic cleansing demolitions they were geisha of ideas that has laid triple siege to jerusalem that has brought in israeli settlers in and around jerusalem and buying power basically so nobody ever loves the occupier or throw flowers at the occupier the question is now as the u.s. has emboldened and has moved from being a close ally of. a party complicit occupation and
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lawlessness this is the difference now netanyahu announced fourteen thousand new units for settlers and they are carrying out a whole program of the judaization of jerusalem i.e. trying to transform to start of cultural character. islam excites christian sites and so on to turn it into an exclusively juror city something that nobody accepts and of course the legal historical and cultural status of the city would remain as a palestinian city a city of inclusion and tolerance let's also let's have a look at the words that donald trump actually used here when he was making this what's been called this historic decision i mean he could be argued is only doing what he's previously promised and he was explicit in that he wasn't pronouncing on the legitimacy of any borders themselves do you think that this is being overlooked . i'm sorry you're asking me to comment on what he said
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about the borders yes because if you're looking at all of the city yeah yeah because if he wasn't i suppose borders. i think this is extremely disingenuous and i think is insulting our intelligence and everybody's intelligence once you determine do you give the city as a gift to the occupier and once you determine that it's become the capital of another nation you're giving away a city which doesn't belong to you anyway over which you have no jurisdiction you have decided it's the capital of another state and then you say well then you can go and negotiate later about the borders how are you going to negotiate with israel about borders when the things that it is its capital that it is under israeli sovereignty and that the us is complicit in this this is really the curious what is doing is preempting the outcome of negotiations ahead of time deciding the fate of
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jerusalem not the status because the status of jerusalem legally is that neither west not east jerusalem belongs to or should be under israeli sovereignty because jerusalem occupied west jerusalem in one thousand forty eight and it occupied east jerusalem and one hundred sixty seven if you want to follow the logic of might is right then yes you follow the occupiers law and you violate international law as he's done now but this is extremely dangerous and to try to tell us well you can go later once we have this side the faith and we have given it away to israel you can go and negotiate with your occupiers the status of a city which we gave away to them as their capital this certainly does not make sense but not much makes sense when it comes to policies and we'll leave it there dr hanan ashrawi the p.l.o. executive committee member thank you very much for your thoughts thank you. now on tuesday the russian team was banned from competing at the twenty eighteen winter
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olympics international olympic committee chiefs reached their decision based on the findings of an independent investigation into alleged state sponsored doping however individual athletes who can prove they are clean will be allowed to compete and a new trial flag. these you know i did ask lee so we'll probably see bates beats an individual or team competitions under the name olympic else leads from russia. no one thought about what it actually means for the athletes to go to the olympics under a neutral flag it's simply the murder of our national sport. well the pro headed by former swiss president some notion it found evidence of a systemic manipulation of the anti doping rules and system it also led to the
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suspension of russia's olympic committee and a fifteen million dollars fine however the schmidt report says it's unclear exactly who was behind any tanking efforts. nevertheless the independent and impartial evidence do not allow the i.o.c. d.c. to establish with certitude either who initiated or who headed this scheme on many occasions reference was made on the involvement at the minister of sports level but no indication independent or impartial evidence appeared to cooperate any involvement or knowledge at a higher level of the state the simple truth is that in order to compete at the highest level you have to do something to stay there and when you have a very well paying job at the level of mr barker and mr reid ian travers target and so on they need to do it to come to stay on on top of us into doing a new russia is very useful to keep this to one of the thing i would question that i have my mind is ok so russia's bond and so on and it was completely beyond what
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next who else will go after like annoyed my money would be on nobody because they want to keep beating or sick a piece a new drum save your shoes by rushes by because it is the only bad one in order at least or clean in the case you know not for the case that there's a lot of bad guys everywhere. you know it's just it won't change and they're with this it will change even for the well another i.o.c. investigation looking into individual cases is still ongoing and has already resulted in lifetime bans from the games for twenty five athletes most of them insist they're innocent and accuse officials of violating their presumption of innocence. the story is a little more as we got almost nose markel things presently was to appear a beach dinner that she only now believes is close the record is going to be slow i mean almost missed the by that my mom can get the news nice studio dodged.
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the first of do it just reasonably just really should sit on that one you can sure you from was impressed me and i want to shoot of that is to choose to shoot anybody just me. or go to goodness the boy in there which sickly child that was all right but the most the thing even though i've been doing it you want him up so you can't do any more with your two at the start so you toss it all. to be needed push a sting out of the opinion leadership in europe what they see here with us you've watched. it all which in. the morning like newsnight does the thing you did that just did so the fear of what do you. watching i didn't. a lot of my patients said the decision against the russian team was politically motivated saying it's wrong to impose collective responsibility but the i.o.c.
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as president gave his assurance that politics played no role in the outcome the eye you see is politically absolutely neutral we would not allow her to be influenced by any kind of political considerations in. such a sporting matters they fielded exactly that question and they said this isn't a political decision but of course the world knows that it's exactly that this has been a controversy that has been clouded in political judgment and it's impossible to separate this particular decision from what's going on in the rest of the world regarding fake news and the allegedly intervention of russia into britain's briggs's vote and even the american presidential election so there is a lot of this kind of stuff swirling around the world at the moment
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a lot of it is beyond belief frankly but people are accepting some of it so i don't think you can disentangle the two things of that in a putin has confirmed he'll run for the russian presidency in march twenty eighth seed more on that after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and obviously going to get out of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. hey everybody i'm stephen. hollywood guy. proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. do you see this is my buddy max famous financial guru well she's a little bit different. because. you know what with all the drama happening in our
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country i'm sure you have some fun every day americans. we start to bridge the gap this is the great american. welcome back this week the russian military announced syria had been completely liberated from islamic state but it won't but the no particular area is not held by the jihadists there are still small pockets of resistance the russian operation in syria began in september twenty fifteen when i saw held more territory in the
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country than any other faction and u.s. led coalition has also been involved in the northeastern part of the country with the area west of the euphrates river now liberated my sil's self-proclaimed caliphate it's effectively no longer exists and on saturday the iraqi government also declared it would fully rid the country of this logic state on showing the russian operation in syria ati's correspondents were given direct access to the conflict. this is the. add in love hockey oh from which russian jets are launching their sorties against islam x. they target here in syria. whether it's. tied the pilots are ready to go it's
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a moment's notice. in this amphitheater laid down by the romans almost two thousand years ago that isis staged one of its sickest massacres the russian military considers it the crowding jewel of the operation here in syria. you can see had just some of the impressive military hardware that isis have in that possession that has made the battle for power mera so tough way extremely close to isis positions less than two kilometers away in.
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the. words a syrian artillery position overlooking the industrial quarter of their resort the battle is said to be theists isis fired back as we filmed shells began falling all around. we ran but the syrian batteries kept firing life indeed as order is still far from normal but at least they won't be starving to death and the more. plotting a putin has announced he will run for president in the elections set for march twenty eighth. and has the details. it was widely expected that vladimir putin would decide to run for reelection next year however he has played korea on the topic so many times over in recent months and one can't help but wonder whether he was genuinely conflicted on whether to run for the presidency again or whether he
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was just being really good at keeping a secret and playing the media nevertheless we were put out of our misery when he said this but you go i'm surprised you for your support yes present my candidacy for the president of the russian federation. it. but you are much frank you for your reaction but first of all for you. but it still should prove to be an interesting race over the coming weeks and months with quite an eclectic mix of candidates throwing their hats into the ring one of the most prominent being a stop child who's been gaining headlines around the world she's the former reality t.v. presenter she's also a poster playboy amongst other things that she's considered to be the russian paris hilton and what's also quite interesting about her is that she and t. putin she's attended opposition rallies and she's promised to unite people against
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vladimir putin when all all the other interesting thing about her is that she happens to be the daughter of the former mayor of st petersburg a man who vladimir putin himself has referred to as his mentor in those early days so that should prove quite interesting but it girls aside there are an unprecedented number of women entering the race for the presidency next year which is quite extraordinary because it's the first time we've seen any woman enter the race for the presidency in russia in fourteen years and of course there are the usual suspects as well including the liberal democratic party head of lady mir she were not scare the communist party is again r.d. zyuganov and the liberal yabloko parties grigori you. also business on but boris titov who's from the party of growth he has pledged to champion the rights of entrepreneurs so quite an eclectic mix that all the russian people to sink their teeth into ahead of the elections in march next year. well for more on these and
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plenty of other stories that go to our website. otherwise i'll be back with the latest headlines at the top of the sea that. i. the iowa.
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previously on the great american children. and this is just a normal he's a bigger additional chilled me suing cheese or images i am in the kitchen to do a flat when i was young i start the food fight. where we go there night time bob's hero. everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosselin task hollywood guy usual suspects favorite movie proud american first of all i'm just as george washington and r.v. enthusing just uncle steve to me is a good stride the big boy was this is my buddy max famous financial guru and will he's a little bit different i've understood your abraham lincoln high not that there were no windows up last but not least my larger than life. the night an aspiring star rio. with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road to have some
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