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tv   News  RT  December 11, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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the backlash continues to escalate against. israel. protests around the world including. the u.s. embassy. for the american ambassador his resignation. the u.s. led coalition. for declaring islamic state in syria and claims to be the only force responsible for quote meaningful progress against the terror group. videos released in america showing a police shooting. he was later cleared of murder.
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in one day worldwide headlines here. welcome to your program. the past twenty four hours have seen a fresh wave of protests against donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the u.s. embassy there. protesters demanded the resignation of the american ambassador in sudan crowds rallied against trump outside a u.n. office the most violent demonstrations were seen in beirut where protesters attempted to storm the u.s. embassy.
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but if you let. the. police fired tear gas and charge at the same time in a an attempt to actually capture a few palestinian use which they did and we filmed them dragging them away into police vehicles that was in a violent ugly saying that that was not i was not going to start. with the world. so all of this because of donald trump's announcement to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital in what has been considered right across as a dangerous reckless and completely ill conceived move approach
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a palestinian rally also took place in paris just before the israeli prime minister arrived in france binyamin netanyahu is on his first trip to europe after america's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital and so far top european politicians have been making it clear they do not welcome this decision. she expressed to prime minister netanyahu my disappointment to the u.s. president's declaration and explain that front sees it is contrary to ensnare. law and is dangerous to peace so i think the sooner the problem students come to grips with this reality the sooner we will move towards peace the only realistic solution to the conflicts between israel and palestine is based on two states which are as the capital of both the state of the sort and the state of palestine along the sixty seven line i believe that all or most of the group in countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize crucial in israel's work up little britain's
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prime minister has condemned the trumps decision as unhelpful adding she disagrees with the move germany's foreign minister expressed fears the move could worsen the israeli palestine conflict when we put this divisive issue up for debate. people can open the bible and to count how many times jerusalem is in danger and they will find out also that jerusalem is not mentioned even one time in the koran not even one time people will find out that jerusalem is the capital of israel since nine hundred forty eight the whole world is condemning this action because simply it's against the international law it's and against the framework for the peace process is has forfeited the united states for free did its position as a broker to the peace process and i tell you something the israelis have killed for palestinians in the past two days in peaceful protests while no israeli was killed
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there was an injury in an attack in and west jerusalem everything is a lie first everything my opponent says is a lie there were three terrorists killed in gaza strip which has nothing to do with the protests here because gaza strip they fired rockets and they forget about it they just forget that they fire rockets at israeli kindergarten when people who fought off followers of hijab in that whole say name hitler skull operator of the ring cycle of world war those who created fatah before nine hundred sixty seven to destroy israel when this resistance said personality is common to teach us morality listen come on it cannot be defended themselves why they are illegally on somebody else's land that is unacceptable what they done what they do and what i have been doing since one thousand nine hundred seven is in aggression and with your other
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guests this radical has never been to your land never been the old man in the history of those land they were born in russia donald trump. kept his promises and his trying to do it his best we are grateful but the issue is not donald trump the issue as these people go around to murder in a says europeans russians americans and we are here in the middle east the only democracy of the only all new really alive in this very dark environment trumps decision hasn't won much support at the un either the security council actually condemned the decision by fourteen members to one only the us defended itself or the bodies secretary-general suggested it poses a threat to the entire mideast peace process. i think that the decision that was taken when's the risks to compromise this effort and if that is the case it would
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be. the p.t. arab countries have also been condemning the move while some called for the entire decision to be reversed lebanon even suggested sanctions should be imposed on washington and egypt's foreign affairs minister. outlined to our sister channel r.t. arabic his country's view of this volatile situation. unfortunately . indicated on several occasions that the images related to such a decision and the possible ramifications. the decision was taken we do still believe that it does not conform to international legitimacy through the resolutions of the united nations it was shown to what we have see in the degree of violence that has been instigated by this decision and i think egyptian position
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has been clearer in that it pours this this decision and feels that it has not contributed positively to the opportunities to achieve peace in the israeli palestinian. situation. we have breaking news for you coming in at this moment on r.t. international president vladimir putin has ordered to start the withdrawal of russian forces from syria he made the announcement during an unexpected visit to russia's high a military base in the country was met by syrian president bashar al assad russia's defense minister and the head of the russian military in syria and the withdrawal comes after russia proclaimed the country's liberation from islamic state. now islamic states elimination in syria has sparked a new rift between key foreign forces fighting in the country last week russia
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declared syria liberated from the extremist group with the help of syrian and iranian forces however that doesn't sit too well with the u.s. led coalition which now claims is the only force that's made quote meaningful progress against isis or arties in the air and explains everyone was gearing up to celebrate i saw his grip on syria was loosening and the u.s. coalition forces had the champagne. on ice we are defeating isis we're really winning we know how to win races in terms of a physical caliphate will be gone by the end of the year but when the black flag was finally lowered some felt the lime light was stolen and used it on the locals to russia's defense minister reported that the military operation on the east and west banks of the euphrates river is now completed with the full defeat of the terrorists of course that could still be some pockets of resistance but in general
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combat actions at this stage and on this territory are over. how their russian claim the moment of glory i want to thank general manners for doing such a great job with respect to isis he's not the hell out of. myself made it possible with what i've let you do i think. so instead of celebrating some chose perhaps predictably to squabble over. i find it surprising that russia takes all the credit for defeating eisel in reality eisel occupied a large part of syria and iraq and it was the coalition that shrank the territory occupied by the jihadists let's step back and look at how i still lost ground in the south the syrian army backed by russian airpower repainted the map from back to damascus red well coalition forces with the help of the kurds did much of the heavy lifting by liberating swathes of northern syria but heaven forbid we should even
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consider this a team effort. with the support of the russian air force the syrian army liberated hundreds of cities from eisel territories and returned almost all the country's territory to the government controlled. the us led coalition not the russian federation or syrian regime is the only force that has made meaningful progress against isis three years the various size of so. a common goal driving i saw out of syria but now that's been achieved for some the main thing now is taking all the credit it is still absolutely critical to the us role in the world to maintain this this narrative that it is a response only responsible for. you know the good things that happen in the world while its enemies are responsible for all the bad things and and unfortunately it sees russia as not just
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a competitor really as an enemy at this point. the former dutch special envoy to syria nicholas told r.t. so if you have an answer that attempts to take all the credit for defeating i saw only made simply for political gain that. i think it's not and the country has really can claim. victory because there are so many countries involved in the fight against against islamic state it is the western alliance our countries the syrian regime dear amy and. so to claim it i think it's a political statement that wants to claim that he or she is the main responsible for winning from the has been a process of very serious. islamic
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states defeat has also been declared in neighboring iraq with a military parade held in celebration in the capital. and i would like to announce that our armed forces have finally cleared and alan bond provinces and have full control of the iraqi syrian border. in this case. the pentagon welcomed the announcement saying it will continue to support the iraqi forces to ensure eyesores defeat and the state department spokesperson made it clear that the u.s. has no plans to leave iraq claiming the fight against terrorism isn't nearly over the united states joins the government of iraq in stressing that iraq's liberation is not mean the fight against terrorism and even against isis in iraq is over the united states along with a global coalition to defeat isis will continue to partner with iraqi security
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forces advising training and equipping them. journalist nicholas derby's told us washington will try to find other ways to justify its presence in the country now that the terrorists have actually been defeated if the iraqi government believes that it has. essentially got the resistance to its control of the country and then it will probably once again be wanting the americans to leave so then it becomes a matter of whether the americans can actually find justification is to maintain some kind of presence they always have maintained some presence special operations forces working with the kurdish peshmerga in iraqi kurdistan of course now there's a certain level of conflict now between the iraqi government and the government of
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iraqi kurdistan and that may in some way be used as the u.s. by the u.s. as a justification for keeping least special operations forces and north an iraq. police brutality in america is making the headlines again it's off the body come for her it was recently released showing an officer fatally shooting and. the incident actually took place last year in the state of arizona a warning you may find this recently released video just over.
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police were called to the hotel after it was reported that a man had been seen pointing a gun out of his window the weapon was actually an rifle the victim twenty six year old daniel shaver had been drinking with his friends in his hotel room he was showing them his rifle which a witness thought may have been a lethal weapon well mark geragos who is representing the victim's family says it's the most horrific shooting he's ever seen but a jury acquitted the officer of murder and manslaughter charges just last thursday human rights activist randy short believes the officers claims that he felt threatened don't quite hold up first and foremost said officer was with the group of other people with gun there was no way that that man even if he had
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a weapon was going to be able to come that many people with body armor with high powered automatic weapon three it is a fantasy and a a a sick joke that the officer claimed to fear for his life it was excessive florists it was an execution i believe that many officers are psychologically unstable they're dangerous people and they sensually they have a license to kill thanks for showing your monday with us here on r.t. international just a moment we give you a breaking news on the program just to give you a heads up that the russian president vladimir putin has ordered the start of the withdrawal of russian forces from syria we'll give you the details in a moment. brings
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peace to the chicken hawks. they. used to tell you that we had life but. i'm telling you. all we want to.
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thank you joining us bitcoin has begun trading on the chicago futures exchange with many seeing it as a major step to legitimizing the crypto currency this month bitcoin topped the record nineteen thousand dollars a shocking considering it was well worth barely. bucks just four years ago however other krypto. over. them today well they're not quite so well.
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the problem i think with point is that as a stripper he did it. later there are so many of these and some of the communication they did in the space of transactions as being credibly slow are blocked trying to acknowledge you could be used by the trust that the central bank triggered use digital money which could be there and given to everybody in the country so where as of the moment central banks only interrupt react with banks so
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that the banking system a sudden all banks financial institutions suddenly central banks interact with us regularly and that's made with the means by which you get used to chill currencies to cancel the excessive level of credit created money which is being almost in the last bit of private debt bottles so that's to me the probably the major innovation central banks taking all walk trying to quality producing digital currency and then getting this whole bank account of the central bank which could be used as a way of bringing about a people's fund stays in. japan south korea and the united states are. currently holding joint military drills it's a display of force that the trio are hoping won't go unnoticed by north korea but just in case it does japan could be about to go a few steps further the country's military is considering whether to purchase long range missiles for its fighter jets however that may breach japan's own policy of only acquiring defensive weapons something that's been enshrined in the country's
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constitution since world war two and we asked people on the streets of tokyo how they feel about their country's latest military posturing. but you case it's rational not correct i mean it's not the good seeing you know to buy a weapon in the throat that you know. spend the money for and we're not supposed to have it in a defense that those you know by law we're not supposed to happen those that maybe counties and stuff so i know we have lots of procedures to go. she's not serious. i think it is just something like economy. months defense matter i think we don't really feel any kind of like real threat in terms of north korea i think there's a threat to spill. the escalating situation on the korean peninsula un
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under-secretary general jeffrey feltman visited north korea just last week he stressed that the only solution to the crisis is a diplomatic one achieved through quote sincere dialogue author and human rights attorney eric cirrhotic and things japan's growing military muscle is not helping to ease regional tensions what we see is an alliance between japan and the united states which by itself isn't a bad thing but what we always fail to do is put ourselves in the shoes of the north koreans and the d.p. r. k. in order to understand the historical context for japan has. always been head to head with north korea there's always an edge when you bring in japan into the korean discussion and adding new weapons and bringing the situation to a conflict potentially between japan and korea that have been in peace for so long
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but still without a peace treaty have been at peace for so long is only going to stir up trouble. we'll continue our breaking news here on oxy. international in show you some of the very latest pictures of the russian president vladimir putin arriving in cairo the egyptian president. was meeting mr putin at the airport of course what are the issues on the table to be discussed to day well first of all we understand that trip was actually set in place quite a long time ago but one might think now that putin arriving in the middle east well his timing is very pertinent of course what will be the main subject of discussion that of donald trump's recent a recognition of jerusalem the israeli capital a move condemned by many european and arab leaders as well earlier today president putin made an unexpected visit to russia's military base on the northwest coast of syria it's where he ordered the start of the withdrawal of russian forces
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from the country he was met by the syrian president bashar al assad. defense minister and the head of the russian military in syria the first withdrawal was ordered back in march for sixteen hours a part of the air force remained to continue the fight against the islamic state last week russia proclaimed the country's liberation from the terrorist group. will continue training syrian forces and supplying military equipment one senior lawmaker has claimed that the withdrawal is likely to be completed within just several weeks. thanks so much for joining us here on this monday on international. which will give you more headlines in half an hour.
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everybody i'm stephen. out. with guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. enthusiastic this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i'm not a. good one i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet every day americans call me and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. is. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to be rich. to go on to be for us to supply them up for free in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my house. guests are. joining me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. the world against islamic state may be entering its final phase in syria but
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a resolution to the country's wider civil conflict is not yet inside while the deadly grind continue or can the warring parties be finally brought to the table while i ask nikolaus one dumb former dutch special and way to syria. state is making its final stand in syria shaken by the blows of government and kurdish forces the end of the war against the caliphate is in sight. what will happen to the. rebels for the end of the syrian civil war only served to prolong the carnage. because when dan former dutch special envoy to syria a veteran diplomat author off destroying a nation the civil war in syria welcome to the show great pleasure to have you with us and that islamic state holds no more than a few small towns and south as serious stunning reversal from the times one that
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stretched from aleppo to was so now you might expect isis tour avert to guerrilla tactics and terrorism now how dangerous well the terror will be after its military defeat it well there will be under groaned so it's more difficult to undergrown organization so they will try to do terrorist operations perhaps not in syria but elsewhere on the world so why do you think they are going to get resources for that . where well that's the point the since they don't have and the oil and gold they have less resources but you don't need much resources to carry out a terrorist attack while he only much resources to carry out a terrorist attack but you do need resources to keep an organization together you have to feed the people yes but i think they will have their cells or even people
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who are not really part of the organization are willing to carry out attacks on their own a separate cells so the syrian forces fighting isis are taking having losses in there as our whereas islamic state getting the strength and lots of ation from to make a tough last stand in their remaining syrian territory i mean why aren't they folding like a house of cards right now they are ministry defeated they are perhaps still stretched out at various desert areas within syria or perhaps small parts of iraq so but an organization which doesn't have the army can still carry out all kinds of terrorist attacks all over the world as we have seen in europe for instance in western europe there have been various at the expo people who have grown up in europe they are not being sent by the so-called islamic states but they are already there and sometimes for various generations wise ass is more.


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