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and i mean and i think that still is going to happen in a province like it live in the northwest there you have the the successor of. and they will be perhaps at that by the americans by others by the turks so as long as other countries other armies are doing the work for him to syrian army it's all right with the mosque is so they use use these other forces like friends the kurdish forces in the north they have received in the past arms of the syrian regime not because they were friends of the syrian regime but because that's the age it suited the syrian regime to use them to attack others and lemonade so once these other forces have been eliminated like this lemming state then i think this era regime will turn to others and the miis like the kurdish forces in the north but it seems like the race to take credit for victory against
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isis is really on who can claim to be the ultimate winner here for instance french president mccall has already said we have won in russia the same in that general victory. i think it's not and the country that is really can claim that they have victory because there are so many countries involved in the fight against against islamic state it is the western alliance our countries the syrian regime. radians do so to claim it i think it's a political statement but it isn't ones to claim that he or she is the main responsible for winning from the audience has been a process of very serious what does d. and devices mean for the local groups on the ground in syria when are the syrian kurds and assad's forces going to go against each other once to common how such
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anime is no more or will we see a defacto partition of syria between the kurds and arabs i think nobody wants a partition of syria but the problem is everyone wants to have the power and syria sold them a big question now is the. us is lemonades at or defeated militarily and the regime troops and the. opposition troops are confronting one another with the help of on the one side russia and iran and on the other side by the americans how much the americans are still prepared to support the people they were supporting before or whether offered has been defeated they will lose their interest and they don't want i think at all and the confrontation with russia in syria and probably also not the other way around now there's all this talk of a fish or pre-lit political transition in syria and how maybe gone after
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a peace deal is hammered out now we keep hearing about the opposition and what they want but what should we do with those who fight for us that are are they going to just accept something they fought so hard to prevent. well i think the main forces in syria fighting for. are supporting him are russia and hezbollah and iran and they none of them wants to news their allies so they will keep supporting him. supporting they will keep supporting the regime because they don't want to lose a strategic ally what about you know syrians who are certainly a partially not all of syria but a lot of people in syria are still supporting assad what about them. well they they will wait until there is a new situation but syria is peaceful so they will keep supporting the regime and
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many others are opposing the regime and the negotiations are you come better go to interest syrian talks in geneva as long as both sites still want to eliminate woman or the opposition wants us out to leave at least and although they say we have no preconditions and this is the syrian regime in fact wants to get rid of the opposition so the syrian regime it it really speaking is getting more and more strong and the country's military speaking on the party that is stronger military speaking the more it is strong the less they are willing to really make any concessions you know after i visit to russia vladimir putin discuss peace in syria with donald trump do you think washington and moscow care really come to a consensus in syria saying how their relations in all the other areas chests abysmal i think this is relations the relationship between moscow and the
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mosques and the united states and the masses is fully a symmetrical. russia is a friend of the president of the americas i in fact is and they me and have not only during the civil war about during this war but also in the past had very. negative relations so it will be very difficult to have a real compromise between the united states and russia because they simply because. you have noticed if you notice that mr and damn for the past half year or so americans aren't so adamant about. assad leaving is as a precondition to anything anymore because they do understand. in order to have some sort of peace settlement in syria they need us right now and i don't think that russia is actually insistent on not staying once the peaceful transition is
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done i don't think that assad as a person is the sole important thing for russia. no a so there's no those all important as a person but he is important as far as his leaving would cause a risk in the regime falling apart so indeed the americans are americans so much less to have him leave folderol from time to time they keep saying at the again so in the end i think most countries are accepting that he will stay and. there is fault that he would have to leave at the beginning of the transitional period but there must first be a transitional period at all because for the regime transition is a kind of dirty word almost that they want don't want any transition the most they
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want and they reform us so but as long as they stay in power for the regime it's ok but gradually also from the gulf states and also from qatar and saudi arabia and others and for turkey those old those countries was first want to him to leave not only to leave but. they have now come to other opinions because they got particularly turkey also they got a lot of damage or does a fund that is from their support of the opposition because this gave the kurdish forces a chance to occupy a big part of balls on syria. promise of endemol then take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to a close friend and former dutch special envoy to syria axum bassa there are two incidents and iraq now a talk about how the syrian civil war is going to play out in the near future some change.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i was speaking to guest of the world of politics sports this list i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. one else chose seemed wrong. role just don't call. me old
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yet to stamp out disdain comes to attitude and in games from it because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. donald trump is making history again this time in the middle east russia's ban from the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics is this politics on steroids and do neo cons and how saakashvili have no shame. we felt like when you all know was coming through and spoke. if somebody would have been told me because i'm going to spend my life to plan committees i'll talk to story person of the salt it was clear. every night we were attacked by the arabs we will attack them and we will
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extremely shocked. saying that's not possible oh i'll make those moves into such scenes and then they sold us and myself from the. host without the prisoner we've all go over they all. believe much second close citizens in the. most liked and i think in my head that there is no way to be able to live together without. odd. fears will people been saying about rejected in night six just full on austin the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs
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a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are fairly better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank take. me seriously send us an e-mail. what politicians do you shop to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to. have to go right to be first dislikable for three of them or can't be good. i'm interested in the waters of my house. for shit. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. football
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game a great so one more chance for. the base this minute.
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we're back with nicholas of and dan former dutch special envoy to syria discussing the situation on the ground and the war torn country welcome back mr van dam now the united states has a lot more troops on the ground in syria that they care to meet and it seems that there is no plan for any me at withdrawal what will the american military presence mean for the final act of the syrian war when it comes it is really openly open and that whether or not the americans want to stay there and gone from the a syrian regime and the russians i very much doubt that they're really want to continue this war but shows almost already have taken seven years to go into a new military actions against whom so if they would be they might defend the opposition but they don't think they are going to anyway this is a regime they may be using these forces to eliminate extremist forces in the
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province for instance together with the turks together with others but i don't think they are willing and the more goal to fight the regime so it will be a two goal you could call it a cleaning up against terrorist extremist forces but this is both in the interest of the regime and both india interest of the moderate forces of the opposition you've mentioned turkey and i want to talk a bit about it the country has recently established another syrian foothold and. it's just going to keep it strips on syrian territory for as long as it pleases are they playing a stabilizing role here what's your take. i think the main thing for day for turkey is to get rid of any powerful position of the b y d the corridors party which is empowered and p.k. k. so if they can at lehman eight or neutralize the role of the kurds in syria then
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for them it's ok i think. and of course if turkey suffers from terrorist attacks which would emanate from northern syria they want to. attack those as well these forces but i don't think the turks i think they will already have regretted that they've intervened at all because if they had not intervened probably the kurdish second factor would be that strong so i think india and they are going to cooperate with the regime to eliminate the kurdish forces in the north is a common interest but it's quite a switch from wanting to eliminate or to to topple the regime of president bush. together with other forces and then come back and cooperate with him against the kurdish forces which have achieved quite
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a lot of independence now what is saudi arabia which is accuser sponsoring rabble is across the region. protests as being to fit it well that's just a band and them did i think the m d is so days they are much more focused on the role of iran than on any other force so they want to diminish the strength of iran for a strategic reason. apologies for interrupting the program there but we have some breaking news or so it is in new york have confirmed that they believe a blast on the subway was an attempted terror attack they also say that a low tech device was detonated well new york police department earlier confirmed they were responding to a blast at the central bus station in manhattan police also confirmed that one
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person who was also a suspect has known life threatening injuries along with three other people. well joining us. well to discuss this further i am joined now live in the studio by our correspondent jacqueline vegas so we heard from bill de blasio the new york mayor saying that this was an attempted terror attack as much as has been mooted before so what more do we know you know that statement came from him along with a few other officials from new york talking the governor of new york andrew cuomo he was talking about how realistically hearing the idea that there is a bomb being set off in the metro system would be one of the worst nightmares one of the most frightening things that you could possibly hear about that's what he was saying during his statement and he's saying that the course that the reality turns out better than the initial expects expectations and fears of course because he reported that it was
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a low tech device that was trying to be exploded affectively a low tech device but clearly it did not happen as the perpetrator was planning to happen so he was saying that mayor bill de blasio also said thank god that this guy did not achieve his ultimate goals in exploding the device but of course adding that this is just sort of a reality that we live to live with at this time and. they both threw out a lot of appreciation for all of the first responders in new york just saying that they really came out together and got the situation under control as quickly as possible saying that they're there of course always trying to keep their eyes open as to what's happening and getting out there as quickly as possible to respond to these sort of unfortunate situations that like they mentioned are reality of today's day and age unfortunately like you did say at the beginning there the mayor did say that this was an attempted terrorist attack and we have the perpetrator
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himself it looks like he was injured along with three other people again very important to mention that those are all non-life threatening injuries and that man is now in custody so of course we're going to be following what else comes up what the motivation was behind this but like you said he did say this was an attempted terrorist attack and in that sense they need to feel like it's good news in that it was assaulted i mean very soon we will be going to our correspondent in new york for an update but listening to what the authorities had to say that we've heard reports of it being a pipe bomb and that's what they said to emphasize this was i loved technology desination wasn't exactly and i actually i'm reading right now that the cleese commissioner was saying that the suspect is twenty seven years old. i know that i'm of course butchering that name but that's what the police commissioner said and that he suffered burns and other wounds and is currently in the hospital. and so
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yeah going on to say again that this was a male who was using an improvised explosive device that he had attached to his body and that he intentionally detonated that device i do believe that we have some video of the. officials let's take a listen to. that we. would like to make that statement again. you know. so like we said earlier we did have the mayor of new york saying that this is incredibly unsettling the idea that this was an attempted terrorist attack again just putting out a lot of appreciation that somehow it went wrong leaving only three people plus the person himself with non-life threatening injuries when you can do it so it's
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understandable that new york in a way is under this great sense of sort of scrutiny and kind of almost like a mental state of emergency because we had that attack not so very long ago just a few weeks ago now where people were on a bike path as well they were out walking we had that terror attack and of course new york is no stranger to these attacks and even going back to nine eleven so in a way where people prepared for it i mean this is this is something that in a way has become what they say the new you know i mean it's just something that you can't get away from and of course this was a prime opportunity this was in the new york subway thirty seven thirty i believe in the morning on a monday morning which means that the place was just flooded with commuters trying to get to work and this this guy you know how the plan to carry out a terrorist attack and it would have been the ideal place unfortunately to actually get a lot of counseling is so we can only be at this point that there are only the three people plus the actual perpetrator himself who have injuries but of course they are
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life threatening but like the governor said a bomb in the subway is just one of the worst possible things to happen and this has just come out the best possible way somehow so we'll of course be following to figure out what exactly went wrong with this they were calling it a low tech device homemade device that this person had made and that it went off in the metro. as we were discussing earlier on is on now only the new york what's been happening there because just a month ago as we said the city's deadliest attack since nine eleven took place. mr safe had been planning this for a number of weeks who did this in the name of isis.
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well joining us live with the latest details on this and. correspondent caleb moore thing i can't what more details do we know in light of what's been said by the authorities well right now i'm standing on eighth avenue in manhattan i am a new just a block away from where me and to ensure a place not all around me and i can see a lot of the fire trucks and our larger fire department being recalled n.y.p.d. of course now the straight out of the incident took place around the plant authority building is actually blocked off and there's just a rara down a police making sure no one gets into that area that a lot of firefighters were our new york city police department our joint terrorism task force other forces are on the scene our lot of people are gathered trying to get information about what occurred. but according to the reports that we're hearing now a lot of this was
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a young bangladeshi manner of possibly twenty seven years old who attempted to set off an explosive device and attempted to do it in the name of isis from what we understand this was an attempted terrorist attack according to reports now the individual did not succeed in detonating he advised the device in the way they had intended and a small number of people were injured and their injuries were not life threatening now it's important important to talk about you know where we're at because we're just one block away from times square and all around me there's just a lot of police didn't close you know fire department vehicles the streets are really shut down with all kinds of that and crowds of people trying to figure out where they're going right now the subways are closed off you know this may just subway lines come through this area and people are not able to take those subways as the lines are not running so there are
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a lot of commuter our daughter to rest trying to figure out where they're going a lot of fire department folks are. and it sounds like we've lost we've lost and we're trying to get him back just as soon as we can because he's giving us the latest updates about what's been happening in new york but jackie let's have a look at some of the things that caleb raised there i mean he gave the age of the sauce but we've given his name. ken you've said that he was twenty seven year old suspect i mean mentioned the fact that this was done in the particular name of particular organization we don't know about yet it's not been confirmed by the also if he's just saying that it was terrorists exactly in the police commissioner did say that he intentionally detonated this device earlier in the day we're getting conflicting reports of maybe had gone off accidentally not by plan but talked a lot about how it was a low tech improvised device that he had strapped to his body that he intentionally exploded and this was at seven twenty in the morning in new york police were called at seven twenty two
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a walkway that connects the two stations at forty second street of course forty second street and seventh i believe is where. that's where the calls are coming from but for the second. time square is so that this is an extremely busy place and suspect is in custody he's in the hospital with burns and wounds there are also other people who who were injured in the explosion this morning in new york those are also non-life threatening injuries very important to note we have all the major officials from new york coming out and speaking about what happened this morning they were of course all very appreciative to all the first responders about their extremely quickly and trying to get things under control as quickly as possible when there was a lot of things that weren't exactly clear what was happening. the new york governor talked about how you know the idea of getting the phone call about to
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explosion has gone off in the new york metro is just the worst possible nightmare he was talking about that but it was also of course. this is. the best outcome that could have happened in that situation it's not clear how much security was in the actual station itself it's not clear how he got this improvised device into the station but the mayor bill de blasio did say that this was an attempted terrorist attack and that he of course was saying thank god that man was not able to achieve his ultimate goals but still a very frightening prospect the idea of monday mornings seven seven thirty seven twenty in the morning on a monday when everyone's trying to get to work and that station really isn't the center center of new york city so you can only imagine how many people were present at the time there's a lot of pictures on social networks of people having run out of those stations and there was just you know. emergency vehicles there and they were saying that people
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were shouting and screaming in panic and nobody really had any idea what was going on and also of course the police as well until they can actually establish what's going on they don't give away too much information and the fact is it was all over times actually pretty quick wasn't they held back until they knew that was going on and now we're told and i suspect and also i want to happen also jacki looking in terms of the timing as well we've seen attacks before a round festive period also whenever the celebrations if you look at for instance the bastille day celebrations that we saw a nice also christmas markets in berlin is that time to be vigilant isn't exactly in people unfortunate means everybody is out on the streets right now everybody's trying to get where they need to be it's the holidays everybody is out in doing their shopping and whatnot like i said at seven twenty in the morning everyone many people are just trying to get to work and so this attack was clearly planned in some way that he had this improvised device attached to his body and went to the
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new york metro which would be a prime target for anybody who's trying to carry out a terrorist. attack so. the suspect the twenty seven year old man is in police custody in hospital he has. burns. you know the police did say that he intentionally exploded this device. and they say when they were saying that this was terrorist attack so it will be will of course be following to see what more comes of that what exactly were his motivations. and we have a video of some of the officials what they were saying today during the press conference let's take a listen. we. would like to make that statement again.
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so that we have the new york governor speaking there and of course they mentioned that this is really this is the time when new york's citizens will all come together unfortunately in the light of this incident again thinking all of the first responders who were there and there's still a huge police presence presence in the area still advising people to stay away from it but we'll be following closely of course well let's also let's just get just before we move on jackie i mean we've got we've got a statement here from the new york mayor saying let's be clear this was an attempted terrorist attack as we were saying earlier and as you say that he says that the perpetrator did not achieve his goals first responders were there quickly and the only injuries we know of now. so at least if there is anything to come from not there is some some good news that bill de blasio was also saying at this point it's only known of this one guy this one individual who was unsuccessful in his.


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