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tv   News  RT  December 11, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EST

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so we have the new york governor speaking there and of course they mentioned that this is really this is the time when new york's citizens will all come together unfortunately in the light of this incident again thinking all of the first responders who were there and there's still a huge police presence presence in the area still advising people to stay away from it but we'll be following closely of course well let's also let's just get just before we move on jackie i mean we've got we've got a statement here from the new york mayor saying let's be clear this was an attempted terrorist attack as we were saying earlier and as you say that he says that the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals our first responders were there quickly and the only injuries we know of now. so at least if there is anything to come from not then it is some some good news that bill de blasio was also saying at this point it's only known of this one guy this one individual who was unsuccessful alternately in his looks like and there's no other credible
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threats against new york city which is of course what everyone's going to be looking at now was he working alone could there be somebody else out there is there more to worry about davis plenty of questions on that to be answered jack to get to the time being thank you very much indeed we can get some more reaction from full what you can intelligence officer and he may show now in this particular situation well hi there any police not confirmed they're treating this as an attempted terror attack so was it new yorkers that were lucky that this attempt was a botched attempt. it sounds like it may well have been yes there's been a few books attempts in new york as well which people credit to the american intelligence agencies who knows. but yes there have been warnings over the last few days those reports only yesterday that the heads of the intelligence agencies from the five countries which is america canada the u.k. new zealand and australia had had a meeting in australia recently to discuss the increased threat of jihadi
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terrorism in the run up to the christmas period across you cross europe and also across america so there's probably a high likelihood that we'll see more attempts like this in the run up to christmas across all our countries well i mean we recently saw an attack on new york not so long ago could it be that new york is becoming a particular target which is something that seems to be suggested by the n.y.p.d. . i think that's a likelihood yes america is deemed to be the great satan across much of the middle east in terms of its interventionist policies its wars that it's conducted over the last decades so yes there's always going to be the possibility of pushback there's no doubt about it the other issue that might be politically inflammatory right at this moment is the fact that president trump declared that jerusalem was the capital of israel and this is a unilateral declaration it cuts through decades of diplomatic attempts to resolve the palestine israel crisis and move towards peace and it was such
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a key issue around that so i think yes we have seen days of rage already in the middle east around this subject and it might well indeed put americans at greater risk than in their hometown in their home country but also across the world but also i mean there could be more in the timing of this while in the fact that not only is it president trump has said that he recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital but it's also coming at a time as well where russia is redrawing their troops in syria and they've said that isis has been defeated across across that area is there something else in other aspects of timing as well. i think absolutely i mean that was another point i was going to reach towards is the fact that iraq has now said that isis has been defeated within its own country obviously the operation against isis in syria has been very successful for which russia has made a significant contribution and america's most trying to claim some credit despite the fact they were funding a lot of these groups to begin with. but yes so we also know that one of the
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propaganda tools isis uses over social media has been pushing towards greater jihadi activism jihadi actions across western cities because these people they've lost the local caliph it area and they are now displacing back to their home countries so this is indeed a greater threat and this is indeed why the. heads of the intelligence agencies from the five countries met recently to discuss this particular threat in the run at christmas also ronnie what we've been hearing is well if you look from from the british news in the fact that they're saying that they have managed to meet several terror attacks quite a few terror attacks i mean is it ever possible to prevent attacks like these when they attack a transport. it is more likely if you are doing proper and very good intelligence work to stop an explosion because often there are more than one actors in the plot so there might be chatter if you have human agents out there on
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the streets who can report back on people plotting to do something you have a greater chance of trying to stop those sort of attacks what is more difficult to try and stop a lone wolf attacks where someone just takes a machete and knife or whatever where there's no pre-planning there's no particular pattern of activity there's no reporting from the community that someone might be becoming more dangerous and that's much more difficult to to stop so that's what we saw in the u.k. particularly this year i mean there were four big attacks there was a an inquiry into it conducted by an eminent lawyer anderson and he said there were mistakes made there were bits of information that slipped down the cracks in the whole investigation and perhaps some of these attacks particularly the manchester bombing could have been prevented with better intelligence work so one hopes that lessons have been learned. and finally i mean is it a case of this is a particular point of issue during christmas i mean looking at some of the attacks that we've seen over in the past as well looking at the christmas markets is it
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a case of it's christmas or is that case a bit because it's a festive time and more people are around and also people are more fearful because of. yeah i think it's a bit of both i mean obviously you know christmas is is symbolic for the christians so that might be a an attractive target to go and attack but yes it's just the fact that more people on the streets or people are gathered in predictable places and in the west that makes it very easy therefore even for a lone wolf lone planner to conduct something that might be very high profile and very messy and very aggressive so i think there are these issues and i think that's particularly why the heads of the five ice intelligence agencies came together recently to discuss precisely what they can try to do and i know that you know across europe there are. all are some pretty protective measures going up around the streets around these christmas markets to try and make people feel a bit safer so i think they're doing what they can and they are former u.k. intelligence officer animation thank you very much indeed for your thoughts and.
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well in other news president putin has ordered the start of the withdrawal of russian forces from syria that's just five days after he announced the complete defeat of islamic state in syria artie's daniel hoare kins joined me in the studio earlier with more details also to many will view it that way especially from a military point of view this of course was a surprise visit as you mentioned earlier today. it's part of putin's middle eastern visit he is off to egypt next to visit the president there abdel fattah el-sisi who will discuss the issue with alongside news about his negotiations with . the turkish president as well as made it clear that while of bulk of the troops is withdrawing as early as today in fact the first pilots on flying back to russia we understand. the military forces will be quick to return if the terrorists improve his own words rear their heads once again let's take a listen to a statement. to the defense minister and the head of the general staff started to
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draw of the russian forces to their permanent legacy and for terrorists to raise their heads again and we will strike back with the strength remember seem to fall. now of course the base in tartus and attack here will remain although the bulk of the bulk of troops is going home over the last two years the russian troops have played a very important role in backing the syrian army were getting territory ever again around ninety percent of the country russian troops were closely involved in liberation of aleppo palmira twice in fact of days all on the euphrates river bank as well. here's a look back at isis rise and fall in just four minutes islamic state a group whose name has become a synonym for bombings kidnappings beheadings and terror.
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my. god. the group emerged in the early to thousands in iraq as a solid fiji haddest militant group and came to prominence in two thousand and three after the american invasion however back then the organization was too weak to terrorize the world but by two thousand and fourteen eisel had grown strong enough to proclaim itself a caliphate a terrorist state with its own currency laws and vast territory both in syria and in iraq that's when the us pledge to crush it i can announce that america will lead
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a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat. our ject it is clear we will degrade and ultimately destroy eisel the small syrian town of kabbani was the first major loss for i saw. i still fought back and managed to make further territorial gains but ones not quite as significant as in the early days in september two thousand and fifteen russia joined the fight rolling out its large scale anti terror campaign in syria. six months after the start of the russian campaign another major symbolic loss for i saw the liberation of power myra the city where the terrorists filmed one of
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their most horrific executions. russian as strikes destroyed oil trucks and tankers draining the terrorists' cash source and while i suppose money was burning the u.s. led coalition together with the iraqis and the kurds attacked isis biggest city mosul the battle for mosul turned out to be a long one waged over nine months and victory came at a tremendous cost turning a city with two million inhabitants into rubble. after the liberation of mosul the coalition shifted its focus on syria backing its kurdish allies in their push against isis self-proclaimed capital. in october two
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thousand and seventeen the city was completely liberated was one. final nail in the elephant's coffin was the liberation of their resort the syrian city which i saw the siege for three years. with what. happened. after the loss of their result there was not much of a state left i saw they suffer defeat after defeat in push from all sides and all parties u.s. and russian air strikes sads and iraqi forces kurdish militias and hezbollah are. well russia's latest declaration that syria has been liberated from lies still
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respond to new rifts between key foreign forces fighting terrorists in the country it didn't sit well with the u.s. led coalition which now claims it's the only force that's made what it calls meaningful progress against islamic state artesian he aaron explains. everyone was gearing up to celebrate isos grip on syria was loosening the u.s. coalition forces had the champagne on ice we are defeating isis we're really winning we know how to win bases in terms of as a physical caliphate will be gone by the end of the year but when the black flag was finally low it some felt the limelight was stolen and used it on the locals to russia's defense minister reported that the military operation was east and west banks of the euphrates river is now completed with the full defeat of the terrorists of course there could still be some pockets of resistance but the general combat actions at this stage and on this territory are over. how dare
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russia claim the moment of glory i want to thank general mattis for and they said with respect to this is not the hell that. i said made it possible with what i'd let you do i think. so instead of celebrating some chose perhaps predictably to squabble over the far north i find it surprising that russia takes all the credit for defeating eisel in reality eisel occupied a large part of syria and iraq and it was the coalition that shrank the territory occupied by the jihadists let's step back and look at how i saw lost ground in the south the syrian army backed by russian air power repainted the map from black to damascus red while coalition forces with the help of the kurds did much of the heavy lifting by liberating swathes of northern syria but heaven forbid we should even consider this a team effort. with the support of the russian air force the syrian army liberated
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hundreds of cities from territories and returned almost all the country's territory to the government controlled. the u.s. led coalition. the russian federation or syrian regime is the only field that has made meaningful progress against isis three years the various sides have shared a common goal driving iso out of syria but now that's been achieved for sun the main thing now is taking all the credit it is still absolutely critical to the us role in the world to maintain this this narrative that it is response only responsible for. you know the good things that happen in the world while its enemies are responsible for all the bad things and and unfortunately russia has not just a competitor really has an enemy at this point. also
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a writer abdel bari atwan thinks america should now join russia in the door and its forces from syria but actually it is a day of celebrations for russia and its allies in the middle east i believe it is actually a huge achievement and president bush is not only visiting syria he is going to play another visit to egypt after that he will conclude his trip to visit. to meet the president. of turkey to say we have to look to the stage also there are actually the coming days after the victory against isis i mean to make a permanent peace in syria a permanent peace on the middle east us troops in syria was illegal and now they will be more illegal i think this is a clear message to the american administration that they should actually pull our
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troops from syria not only from syria but also from iraq so there is no need for them to be there unless they're american actually would like to muddy the water in the middle east. well russian president vladimir putin is on a trip across the middle east his latest stop was cairo where he met he's egyptian counterpart. was following the talks for us. like one of lattimer putin suddenly showed up in syria a little earlier his cairo trip was planned in advance but what kind of timing this is to squeeze in talks with both the president of egypt and turkey in cairo and ankara and here we're talking about a timeframe of just several hours while donald trump's jerusalem move really continues to send shock waves across the entire middle east and as abdel fattah sisi and vladimir putin were addressing the journalists here at the presidential palace in cairo we heard more condemnation of that move as a c.
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up we were discussing the palestinian issue and especially the situation after the usa decided to recognize drucilla as an israeli capital and to move the u.s. embassy from the television. series and then a jury's decision will have consequences that will influence the recently you know the conflict and the. we want to stress the status of jerusalem should be based on the international law and un resolutions otherwise it will worsen the situation in the region and russia support israel and palestine resuming talks over all disputed issues they have including the status of jerusalem solid agreement takes into account the interests of both sides should be reached this should be fully in compliance with all international agreements russia fully supports all agreements that were adopted by the united nations we consider any action that anticipates the outcome for peace talks between israel and palestine counterproductive again this
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was being said in cairo the egyptian capital where it looks like the arab league is ready to convene and come up with a united official response which will basically mean that it's a response from the entire region but even before this week a lot has been said in front of the microphones and in the streets they cannot opposed people's feelings and beliefs. this is a new type of adventurism and global arrogance of the us. the kingdom of jordan refuses the recognition by the united states so jerusalem is the capital of israel the decision by the united states in its context gives legitimacy and recognition for occupation and the allowance of a de facto status using force indeed right now it is fair to say that not all the arab world but a broader islamic community is ready to stand up for the palestinians so far the president of turkey tiber dawn turn out to be the most outspoken and here's what
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that lead to. is row is a terrorist state i'm not used to receiving. lectures. about morality from a leader who bombs kurdish villagers in his native turkey who dreams dreams. hopes you're on the wrong international sanctions and into those cameras but back to vladimir putin's trip as i've said he's got one more destination on monday and that is going to be ankara where he will have face to face talks with top aired a lot after that we know that they are going to produce a joint statement as well so while we watch it out for that. we want a large protest is underway in by roosts against on the terms decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital tens of thousands of people have gathered in the south of the city in the past twenty four hours have seen
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a fresh wave of violent protests against the move. inchy newsier protesters demanded the resignation of the american ambassador and in pseudo non-crimes rallied against outside a united nations office while the most violent demonstrations were seen again in beirut where protesters attempted to storm the u.s. embassy. for more on this we can now cross live to beirut based journalist martin j. well hi there martin can you tell us how this protest differs from what we saw on sunday. it's slightly different in the respect that it contrasts with the violent demonstration yesterday which were actually only gather two or three hundred people whereas today was much more much more well organized by has been something like in the region of a ten thousand people turned out on the streets today in what was
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a very well organized and a very i don't want an order an organized march which sends a very lucid uncompromising message to both america and israel that what america what donald trump has done in making jerusalem the capital officially making jerusalem the capital of israel is completely unacceptable not just by sunni muslim countries across the arab world but by those who fall on the over the sheer influence of iran as well. thank you very much indeed that's beirut based journalist martin j. thanks for the update. well now let's return to our breaking news story this hour all celebrities in new york have confirmed that they believe a blast on the subway was an attempted terror attack they also said that a low tech devices detonation we can see the live pictures from new york as i'm talking all new york police department earlier confirmed they were responding to a blast at the central bus station in manhattan police also confirmed that one
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person is also the suspect has not life threatening injury. yes along with three other people well here's the official confirmation from the met bill de blasio. the reality is that we all are tall good man. who would like to make a statement against democracy against. the statue of liberty you know hall. and. told you that. we had from andrew cuomo that sort of explaining what they said it's been it's confirmed as an attempted terrorist attack what would we know what's been happening what's the timeline for the day we do have the confirmation they did say that you know it let's be clear this was unsuccessful in the time to terrorist attack done by one individual the mayor did go on to say that their mission right now is to secure all of the major transportation hubs and major sites in the city so he did
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say that there will be an expanded n.y.p.d. presence throughout the city today but they do have this one individual who the police commissioner did identify as twenty seven year old. he was found at the scene with burns and wounds on his body he has he's in hospital with non-life threatening injuries along with three other people who were also at the scene and injured in the explosion while they said that this was a terrorist attack is specific motives are not yet clear and i think that's important to say of course so this all started at seven twenty in the morning when police got the call to go to the new york port authority at forty second and eighth avenue in new york city. of course a huge hub in the city where there's at seven twenty in the morning on a monday morning there's going to be a lot a lot of people the new york governor said that it was the band had an improvised
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low tech. device attached to his body and he did it intentionally. he was talking about how of course you know getting the call better early in the morning that there's been an explosion in the new york metro is just anyone's worst nightmare but he did say it i guess sad to say but he did say that this is the best outcome in a bad situation that we do not have any fatalities here and so the reality turned out to be better than what his initial fears are. now the police commissioner did say the suspect made statements but they would not be discussing them yet like i said he is currently at the hospital in new york city along with the others who were injured and again i think it's important to reiterate that his motives were unclear although the officials are saying that this was a terrorist attack of course all the new york officials did talk about how the first responders got to the site very quickly and you know were taking control we
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had a lot of reports of people on social media and whatnot saying that they were in the area and that they were. that there was a lot of chaos of course because nobody really did know what was going on but at this point we do know that it was an intentional explosion from some sort of improvise homemade device by this twenty seven year old. fortunately no one died in the attack but of course everyone's going to be trying to figure out what was behind it what was his thinking and what's going to be next to what we're doing now and thank you very much jacki what we do is request a. correspondent in new york. can actually tell us what's going on at the scene why that kind of can you hear me. i can hear you just fine see this stuff now that we're here at the scene i'm just a block away i'm at forty third street in a babineaux and around me the street has been blocked off and you can see a large number of new york city police department vehicles as well as fire
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department vehicles fire trucks now the road is blocked off i can see some police officers you know with the swat team the cheerio with helmets with weapons and those kind of swarms of people now from what we understand the subway station where the incident happened has temporarily been shut down people are not able to get out of the train the trains are flowing through and at the moment an area that would normally be just a hobby of activity at this time of day monday morning as people are getting to work at this point other than people that are kind of gathered around there's media here and other than that the area seems to be pretty pretty cleared and pretty vacant you know we're seeing a large number of police vehicles and the roads are blocked off but other than that i mean it's not as as active as it as it would be things that just kind of shelter with the subways you know not letting people out now the port authority building
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which is you know the subway where this happened was above the port authority building this is where buses from new jersey buses from the greyhound from around the country that's generally where they drop off people into the city but as of now that's not happening from what we understand so all but we are getting reports that it will be open again shortly so. it sounds like we've lost caleb that at least for the good news that life seems to be returning to normal in new york well meanwhile and just a month ago the city's deadliest attack since nine eleven took place. mr say probably been planning this for
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a number of weeks he did this in the name of isis. now president putin has ordered the start of the retort of russian forces from syria that's just five days after he announced the complete defeat of islamic state in syria r.t. daniel hawkins joined me earlier in the studio with more details also in many will view it that way kate especially from a military point of view this of course was a surprise visit as you mentioned earlier to declaim air base in latakia as part of putin's middle eastern visit he is off to egypt next to visit the president there abdel fattah el-sisi he'll discuss the issue with alongside the news about his negotiations with. the turkish president as well he has made it clear though that while the bulk of the troops is withdrawing as early as today in fact the first pilots will be flying back to russia we understand. the military forces will be quick to return if the terrorists include his own words rear their heads once again
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let's take a listen to a statement. about it on the air to the defense minister and the head of the general staff of the start of the withdrawal of the russian forces to their permanent base and if the terrorists are to raise their heads again we will strike back with the strength of the never seen before now of course the base in tartus and attack here will remain although the bulk of the bulk of troops is going home over the last two years the russian troops have played a very important role in backing the syrian army were getting territories ever again around ninety percent of the country russian troops were closely involved in the liberation of aleppo almira twice in fact of the resort on the euphrates river bank as well. well here's a look back at i suppose rise and fall. islamic state a group whose name has become a synonym for bombings kidnappings beheadings and terror.


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