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and it turned to terrorist attack in new york a suspect is injured after an explosion rocks a central bus station three other people were hurt. but in a putin visits three middle eastern countries in one day his planes touched down most recently in ankara after he visited a russian base in syria where here announce the withdrawal of troops from the country also stopped off in cairo for talks with his egyptian counterpart. and israel's prime minister is traveling around you're trying to rally support for donald trump's recognition of jerusalem the capital of israel but the e.u.'s foreign policy chief made it clear europe wouldn't follow suit.
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we'll have you watching r.t. international. new york narrowly avoided a terror attack today after a box to turn to detonate an explosive device at a subway station near times square police have detained one suspect along with three other people sustained non-life threatening injuries the governor of new york says the suspect was influenced by groups such as islamic state. i would say influenced by i don't like the connotation of the word inspired but influenced by these groups and here we can see what's believed to be a video of the botched attack we cannot verify its authenticity at this point you can see here a flash followed by a cloud of white smoke people then flee the scene and as the smoke clears one person is seen lying on the ground no more pain our correspondent in new york reports from close to the scene of the attack. well we're here on eighth avenue and the city is breathing
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a sigh of relief in the aftermath of an explosion in the subways now rush hour in new york city is quite a big deal monday morning people are pouring in crowded subway trains and there appears to have been a blast and now it's being called a terrorist attack or an attempted terrorist attack the attacker has been identified as a twenty seven year old male details are beginning to surface and at the moment the city is breathing a sigh of relief now eight avenue is now open up for traffic and the incident took place very close to the port authority building now the port authority building is the main bus terminal for manhattan people coming in from new jersey commuter buses as well as buses from around the country coming in on greyhound all come into the port authority building and that building was shut down in the aftermath of the blast there was reports of a stampede in fear of people running not knowing what was happening but at the moment it appears that there are no fatalities only injuries in these injuries are
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non-life threatening so a lot of questions are being asked people are wondering how safe things are in the morning rush hour as you see crowds and crowds of people piled into subway trains trying to get into manhattan people are asking about safety here in new york city police department is on the scene there helicopters have been flying above there are also a fire department vehicles around we understand that the f.b.i.'s joint terrorism task force is investigating this this is being treated as a terrorist incident here in new york city but at the moment the suspect is in custody and there are no faith talent. new york police actually identified the suspect as being twenty seven year old. they say that he had bound explosive device to his body which badly injured him when it went off. and you probably remember just over a month ago the city's deadliest attack since nine eleven took place. just
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a prophet been planning this for a number of weeks he did this in the name of isis. ingenious state senator richard black believes that it's inevitable countries with open borders become targets for attacks. to some extent people are just accepting the fact that we live in a world of terror we never had terrorist attacks in the united states for you know four hundred years and then all of a sudden we have them almost on a weekly basis it's not just in the united states it's not happening in europe everywhere that opens its borders and allows people. who
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who arrive with with they often with religious belief that they have to use the way to be inhabitants of the country into inevitable that you're going to have a we have a very radical. function in this country of her. and they literally preach hate and they say look go out there you know what your duty. to to murder people and they go out and they do it and sometimes it takes many years some of these people are not even religious and then they you know they have a religious conversion later on and if they go to one of these bad mosques then and then the next thing that you have is a suicide bomber. the russian president is current in the middle east tool which today saw him visit three countries syria egypt and finally to the way
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he is now auntie's my guess the it has been following putin's talks with the turkish president this was the eighth meeting between that's me a putin and president edouard to books that the relations ties between the two countries are getting stronger every day they also discuss the whole hoops to use syria of course was right up that they said that progress is being made on the ground that of course those words are being echoed by actual events on the ground the syrian civil war is entering its final stage. but there is an interesting thing here recurring it seems coincidence that keeps on happening in the middle east when one conflict appears to be dying down in this case we're referring to syria another conflict in the evidently erupts in this case where referring to the united states recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. both russia and turkey think that the us
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administration's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the american embassy that doesn't help progress in the middle east process on the contrary it destabilizes the difficult situation in the region in fact it could ruin the peace process altogether. denouncements and condemnation have come in hot and heavy from around the world have been protests worldwide globally and the specially in palestine in israel that palestinians are going out of the streets to voice their displeasure that the feeling of hurt that they're experiencing a feeling of betrayal president had once said that four palestinians have so far been killed two thousand people injured by the by the israel's israeli security services and this is just the beginning stages of the one was also very harsh in what he had to say he said that israel is using the situation to crack down on gas
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at the crack down on how much of palestinians who also said that this is a crime what is happening and cannot be ignored by the international community in. the american decision to relocate these really capita led to huge wave of criticism for protestors against this decision were killed by israeli soldiers thousand were injured israel is. on the flames it sees in this wave of protests to oppress palestinians i'm not used to receiving. lectures. about morality from a leader who bombs kurdish villagers in his native turkey. hopes you're on the wrong international sanctions and. with so much going on the timing of this visit was also rather interesting because it had been planned well in advance but you know because so many of them to be
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taking place at the time and glad to meet putin and president deadline to meet and to discuss them two central players in middle eastern affairs well that's a fortunate coincidence and that wraps up quite the tool for vladimir putin from egypt to syria to tech and then back to russia in one day. early today the russian president also made a stop in syria and russia's base he announced there that he wanted russia that russia had started to pull its troops out of the country as i still have been defeated according to russia's defense minister twenty three aircraft and two helicopters were being taken out of syria as well as military police units dean mining center and a hospital is a look back at the rise and the fall of islamic state islamic state a group whose name has become a synonym for bombings kidnappings beheadings and tara.
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was. the group emerged in the early to thousands in iraq as a salad jihadist militant group and came to prominence in two thousand and three after the american invasion however back then the organization was too weak to terrorize the world but by two thousand and fourteen i saw a grown strong enough to proclaim itself a caliphate
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a terrorist state with its own currency loss and vast territory both in syria and in iraq that's when the us pledge to crush it so i can announce that america will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat. our ject it is clear we will degrade and ultimately destroy. the small syrian town of cook bammy was the. first major loss for i saw. myself fought back and managed to make further territorial gains but ones not quite as significant as in the early days in september two thousand and fifteen russia joined the fight rolling out its large scale anti terror campaign in syria.
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six months after the start of the russian campaign another major symbolic loss for i saw the liberation of power myra the city where the terrorists filmed one of their most horrific executions. russian as strikes destroyed oil trucks and tankers draining the terrorists' cash source and while i suppose money was burning the u.s. led coalition together with the iraqis and the kurds attacked isis biggest city mosul the battle for mosul turned out to be a long one waged over nine months and victory came at a tremendous cost turning a city with two million inhabitants into rubble.
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after the liberation of mosul the coalition shifted its focus on syria backing its kurdish allies in their push against isis self-proclaimed capital raca in october two thousand and seventeen the city was completely liberated. the final nail in the caliphates coffin was the liberation of dairies all the syrian city which i saw besieged for three years. with one. after the loss of their result there was not much of a state left i saw they suffer defeat after defeat being pushed from all sides and all parties u.s. and russian air strikes sads and iraqi forces kurdish militias and hezbollah.
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author and writer abdel bari atwan thinks that america should now join russia in withdrawing its forces from syria but actually it is that day of celebrations for russia and its allies in the middle east i believe it is it is actually a huge achievement and president is not only visiting syria he is going to pay another visit to egypt after that he will conclude is that i have to visit. to meet the president. of turkey to say that we have to look at that to the stage all to that actually the coming days after the victory against isis i mean to make a permanent peace in syria peace on the middle east the u.s. troops in syria was illegal and now a very will be more illegal i think this is
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a clear message to the american administration that they should actually pull our troops from syria not only from syria but also from iraq so there is no need for them to be there unless that american actually would like the water in the middle east. tensions around jerusalem amounting israel is attacked a mass positions in the gaza strip that's after the palestinian militants reportedly fired at least one rocket targeting i.d.f. positions so it is fire that in the wake of donald trump's announcement that the u.s. would recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel may have sparked a wave of anger in gaza on monday. the. five.
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and on sunday hundreds of anti to. demonstrators rallied in need the u.s. embassy in beirut lebanese security forces fired tear gas and water cannon into the crowd we discussed the recent wave of protests with missteps above guzzi from the palestinian national initiative and you're a retired israeli ambassador. stalling the american decision to relocate the embassy to jerusalem for the last twenty two years since congress passed the law of the relocation of the embassy to jerusalem that stalling did not bring peace closer it only intensified the palestinian hate education exacerbated palestinian terrorism what sort of good do is absolute nonsense he doesn't make sense he's just repeating of again. what we had actually suffered from is the zionist that it is against palestinians is that in forty eight that has led
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to. now the longest occupation in modern history the reality is with all due respect that jerusalem has been the capital of the jewish people more recently the jewish state for over three thousand years king david is we have no you know how many. would you if you lived in the sari club or innocence of india how can you. be if this is for the sophistication of history anyone who took his story one or one knows that king david was there one who initiated jerusalem as the capital of the jewish people over three thousand years ago anyone who studies religion knows that the koran does not mention jerusalem even once even ones i'm really sorry for this level of discussion because
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it's full of lies mishap. but i'm not going to answer that the basic fact is that is the. gentleman who could buy most of russia during the second world war that did not mean that companies would recognize that patient because it's a fact. that says occupied france that did not mean the people who is located vision of france because it's a fact as much as you lose a limb cannot be recognised as a couple of years because you lose a limb. and that's a violation of international law the same time the us ambassador to the un reacted to the wave of criticism by doubling down insisting america's view simply reflects the way the world is when you recognize the truth when both parties recognize reality peace comes we are living in the reality that jerusalem is the capital of
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israel. however the u.s. position has been broadly rebuffed by the rest of the world going to somebody overwhelmingly voted to reject jerusalem status as the capital of israel and the thirty general stress that quote there's no alternative to a two state solution let's can list says that trumps decision is likely to backfire rest of the world clearly disagree with and america alone in its decision in thinking jerusalem is the capital of israel so yes it's something that does not fit well not just in the region capital but all european capitals as well all the major. united states for this decision there's a lot of pressure on the americans perhaps to reverse his decision it's unlikely that they will this is something the united states and shot themselves in the foot everything they do at the moment backfires. they're losing ground diplomacy they're no longer the effective players of the middle east so very few countries in the
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region teeth united states seriously they don't see them as a. partner in peace but rather they see someone a president or a government that's very reckless and cannot be worked with whether it be the arab israeli peace process or in other conflicts like syria and iraq. well the wave of protests sparked by donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel is now reached belgium palestinian activists took to the streets of brussels to show discontent demonstration came during the israeli prime minister's visit to the capital with more his. bombs decision on jerusalem is clearly continuing to stir up trouble especially as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu comes now to visit europe first for talks with the french president mccaul as well as for talks with his e.u. colleagues pacifically e.u. foreign policy chief morgan really as well as european foreign ministers now he was
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met by protesters in belgium and in france yet netanyahu expected it seems his european counterparts to follow in trump's footsteps he did expect some kind of support when it comes to this issue even having thrown around the word hypocrisy but we have seen that the e.u. foreign policy chief among greeny has basically indicated that netanyahu should hold his horses when it comes to the issue of jerusalem saying that quote here he should keep his expectations for others we've seen quite a similar story unravel in paris with the french president michael ware. and that's when you know who did talk about peace however it was quite clear that their vision of the path towards this peace is completely different it's always been a couple in jerusalem it's never been the couple of any other people so i think the sooner the problem students come to grips with this reality the sooner we will move towards peace and this is why i think president clinton known was stored and so
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important for peace she and i expressed to prime minister netanyahu my disappointment of the u.s. president's declaration and explained the france sees it as a contrary to international law and as dangerous for peace because it doesn't seem to serve in the short term the cause of security. for israel and for these release them selves to be clear netanyahu has not really received a lot of support on this issue from other leaders in europe along them of course german chancellor angela merkel here in the u.k. british prime minister to resign may has also made it quite clear that this is not an idea that is very popular here and that both merkel of course and me have made it clear that they don't think this announcement is going to be good in terms of the decades long attempts to try to come to some kind of viable solution to these really palestinian question now here in london we've also seen the metropolitan
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police as well as emergency services conduct some kind of training for the first time in a foreign embassy and this was an israeli embassy they were they were basically training and preparation for a chemical attack they were saying that this was has nothing to do with the latest developments when it comes to jerusalem and also in europe really passions have been flying when it comes to this issue and left and right there been several instances for one we've seen in sweden a couple hundred protesters come out on to the streets with anti israeli messages we've seen in another lens an attack took place at a really restaurant by a man carrying a palestinian flag really other examples as well so it's clear that this is an issue and this announcement from trump has so far really just stirred a lot of trouble. i could discuss this story more depth joined by political activists and social justice company george bought a very good things you george of course want to mention did the police staged an exercise responding to
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a possible chemical attack on the israeli embassy official so there's no connection would you make a link with the current tensions or not. i mean obviously the things are connected in terms of the narrative whether or not this was planned in advance or not it's difficult to say. but certainly what is absolutely clear is that trump's movie is an incredible provocation to what is an incredibly unstable situation as had a sort of a lid kept on it by the the pretense if you like of of the idea of a two state solution with the u.s. as a broker of peace. but that i mean that is a more ridiculous claim than it has been for a very very long time. european powers have been told to wait for jared cushion is much talked about peace plan but jericho is somebody who himself by his foundation has specifically supported some of the most of the far right wing elements in
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israel that are involved specifically in illegal settlements. that the ambassador to israel is trumps bankruptcy lawyer who's also specifically linked to the most right wing settler factions in in israel and the crucial thing from the point of view of the rest of the world irrespective of what the bible might say about welcome three thousand years ago is that international law is very very clear on the israel palestine situation in the west we're always told that this is it's an intractable situation but actually in international law it's very clear international law says that israel must respect the ninety six nine hundred sixty seven boundaries and the reason this is so relevant today is the east jerusalem was annexed illegally in one nine hundred sixty seven by the israeli military military . and this is just following on from that fifty years of injustice but in a very very inflaming way that can only be expected to create further tensions if i
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can quote briefly one of the most famous ex u.s. presidents john f. kennedy said those who make violent revolution in those. those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. and for me personally as somebody for from the u.k. that is very much implicated in a lot of the military actions of the us i feel as an activist a personal need to speak out on these issues but also i have jewish heritage myself and i very much stand with with albert einstein who who shared a view of many jewish people prior to the establishment of the state of israel that if this stage is or was established in the way that it was as a as a civilian imperial imposition it would only lead to future problems and another thing that i've been saying for a while and along with many others is that the huge danger with donald trump is that when his when he's sort of national divide and rule politics begin to break
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down and his sort of national issues start to catch up with him there's a huge danger that he'll start inflaming and provoking tensions across the world to distract from that national context and i think that's what we're seeing at the moment and i think you know as somebody who in the u.k. that is still nominally part of the e.u. at the moment i would say that it's very very important that the e.u. comes out very very strongly and demands that we move to it to a meaningful peace process but the problem of course is that a meaningful peace process has looked more and more unrealistic as israel has occupied more or more of the land under international law since one hundred sixty seven and it has been clearly stated is not theirs to occupy. and if it's very. clear and what about. you know. it's i mean it's appeared somewhat divided just wondered where do you think their priorities lie below seven the president said that. the e.u. would be in if you will he accused the e.u.
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of cowardice for supporting what he called palestinian terrorists on the other hand you've got the likes of reason may saying troops decision was unhelpful which in the e.u. stands as a whole. well the czech republic is known to be one of the closest allies of donald trump within the so it's not surprising that they've come out in support of him. the fact the reason may who held donald donald trump's hand perhaps on willingly in the rose garden a few months ago and got a lot of criticism for it the fact that even she has come out alongside president mike wrong and need the senior. foreign diplomat in the e.u. saying that this is a provocation i think makes it fairly clear that the e.u. understands very clearly that this is a situation that could easily get out of hand but unfortunately they haven't had the courage yet to come out it's strongly certainly it's people like myself would like and demand demand essentially that we move forward for the first time in
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twenty years and move move beyond the potential the u.s. is a serious broker of peace in the middle east that hasn't been for a long time and what you're seeing in palestine is that the enemies of the palestinian authority who accuse the person in authority of having a century colluded with the israeli administration far too much those people are coming out now and saying look we need to disown the palestinian authority and so we are seeing the same potentially the pretext to a massive destabilization of this region and i think a very very important point for international viewers to understand is that while it may sound ridiculous the base of donald trump and it is the same base of george bush jr is roughly twenty percent of the u.s. electorate that is crucial to any reelection and believes genuinely in a particular interpretation of the book of revelations that the man that predicts that we have to have world war three emerging from
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a conflict in israel and this perhaps explains why the right wing in the u.s. that is highly anti semitic in many ways people. protest with with of torches. all sorts of scary anti semitic slogans on the other hand the right wing breitbart news etc is very much involved in this sort of pro israel narrative and inflaming tensions there so we are really saying this mess and then the quote i just wanted to finish on from before from a friend of mine who made a documentary about israel palestine said the greatest enemy of justice often is time and so this is the opposite of what the us is saying is what we should just recognize that jerusalem is the de facto capital of israel and we should move on from there i would say that the opposite is the case we need to call out this incredibly dangerous move from trump and despite being allies nominally in the u.k. george pre-show your views political activist social justice company george part of my guest.


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