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tv   Documentary  RT  December 11, 2017 8:30pm-8:52pm EST

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he told me about his son avi ku was kidnapped and murdered by hamas in one thousand nine hundred four about this organization that he created. i'm sure. that. the. us for. them to have. this side of this palestinian believe mother with the picture of her six years old kid of hope just exactly like my wife carrying the name of our daughters whatever it was have changed my life it was like a lightning in my head. that there is no way to be able to live here together without tearing down this wall. means the peace bloc that was started in december of zero nine hundred ninety two.
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the first circus started the one thousand nine hundred four as a group of israelis israeli families mostly parents and policy yes mostly from gaza. to establish the group. tell only will men because women are more gentle and less violent. they're going to have today is about six hundred families people who paid the highest price possible people who lost relatives because we believe that we need to speak to people from the bottom up to create the kind of grassroots organization of the group pave the way to a reconsideration because any peace agreement without
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a reconsideration process would all be a ceasefire. we all cos would say peace organization which is trying to change the political situation with limited means it will close in the paper to organize the most stations we do what can be done to explore so you want to influence the israeli society and this conversation makers as much as we can. the main thing of course is going to the. checkpoints we would come they are healthy there are enough people there that how how paspaley they line is growing. to caesar we have to know when the checkpoint open and when they close if there is the opening there are no soldiers there we call me we. talk to me and they will not buy the thing the ins with ladies can i ask them.
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for me it's illegal to be a model citizen. and i go as a poor as a root. so there's no the all important as a person but he is important in those far as business evening would cause a risk in the regime falling apart so indeed the americas are americans so much less of them and to have him leave the old oil from time to time they keep saying at the again so in the end i think most countries are accepting that he will state . what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to be rich. to going to be press this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. altie we have a great see what we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guard see that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall
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since my last will call him that throws are asleep. thousand zero zero zero zero he didn't brush. left left left more or less ok stopped that's really good. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a line just i came to god and meant that the debts time i came and it was spider not found. many lives have been broken really excessive to the banks going to. big bankers go through. the banks but i just didn't think of the. lost money through the back. creditors people see no future bad things happen you know you become ill you do to job your relationship breaks down you become
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a casualty is death on life long trouble or is there a way out of those actually come to a bit of you know would be right to ditch been for so much risk and what. we do have a huge amount of cleavage to switch to the crux of the most of both of them all is the elections of our schools we do. hundreds of meetings in israeli and palestinian high schools. there used to be a time when i was going very often to average of two the most sessions per day no i mean more were the real issue long. list of i'm going to the sessions more often sitting at my computer and passing on messages about the most relations of course you are going to. to pass the check following. the palestinians need a pass. and also they should like to get the best.
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they take them and many times that they put them aside to take again it's not. nothing there is a human. mother can come with their babies or babies crying in those below good lines. why don't people that they have to go to or has the little ok security security is the most. holy word that he's. been taught in this in this situation many times they say to you you want to be here. every one of the music you live. when. stuff out of the class is really supposed to say. the full of anger and so corking into the open mouth of an active ok for most of
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them it's the first time ever in the life. they see a side of israel policy for each other brother but putting our pain on the table trying to compare who's pain is bigger. it's an ass quick. look larry this is to me here this is quick creates the crux. this is all a bit cracked through this cracked a little it comes it really can drive a lot of that. so one of the arabs says to me and i was standing there and didn't know what. sydney. was or don't you don't even heard us. second closer to me and i said well soldiers behind me also would lead me to go home you know that one said the goal me another helping us and then the other said the god bless you. one person come since point one grain of
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sundin on the bones and another person consonance only another gloom and when a thousand people each one small grain then perhaps that will be enough to push the button and sit down in of direction. in the midst of. the muck of the police to them a good look. at them a given for the nonce. well generally we are swimming against the current generally people look at us as crazy people because we are able to see the manatee of the us . i am not a title i care about this cult when they sincerely believe that what i'm doing is for the best interest of the scum. i am.
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hurts me. when i see i've done it many times i don't dance i am the i must make it is a great deal well. generally i fully understand that. the right wingers species the breed for me so i understand the anger i understand the feelings the only difference between me and then that i have decided not. to use might be revenge you know to create mobile. i tried to be not to all dog and claw understand why he calls me a traitor when they say no i saying that what i'm saying is the very best and i think that you might not be a traitor but when you want to keep the total is the only thing is that destructions.
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you're supposing. killed by the humiliation the frustration the anger. of a young palestinian who grew under the earth a person without any hope whose mother was being humiliated let's check with enough to have any any control of his life of the star. of the suture of his past. history channel and i think us in the time bomb us us all keeps a key. and good for social. there is no qualms policy in the house without the prisoner of our the dog with the. day ali very much second class citizens in their own country it just tool when somebody says but all countries in the world well you can leave well some persons it's true
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they're all certainly some parts of syria. hopefully the civil war in syria will end but if nothing is done then the fall of the process could go on for many generations. feste the foreigner first of all why do we have to be there. it's occupied by all it's a people. we have problems four hundred thousand years definitely and there are many countries that try to be involved and try. get the bandits from being involved but i forgot saying enough is enough i want to live in peace. you know people ask me when i give a lecture at high schools if we're given everything everything will be ok. i said i don't know i can't makes promises it's like if you go to the doctor you say
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to the doctor doctor i have a cancer in my leg if i take off the leg will i be ok no doctor will promise it's the to be ok but if you want take of the you with day. to ensure the long term survival of. israel must have peace. getting out of the telly talk with making peace in the palestinians is not just something. but it is also our long term survival he story is shown that no military supposed here with the eyes of the regional or global lust for ever and no alliance last fall if well. do you think it's fair they think it's life. all the time warning about another war i don't mean the war i want to be in peace. i want to raise my truth then.
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in a quiet peaceful place and my granted. we need to understand. that the key is in our hands i believe that. if someone has something to look for. if someone has reason to leave it will be. blowing so. i don't think that lend or else is more important than and many like. them have to understand it's adèle and give up those things when two people are out so i think everyone should give up something. peace
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does not necessarily mean that the two sides suddenly fall in love with each other so what happens in the reality is a certain moment they realized nuclear site is going to win and that. very much so strong it's also but then people say old them this bus thoughts i wish we could smash them to pieces but it seems that we have to make some kind of then we said. from day one to today i have only a few although the voice behind my ear go on this is the right thing to do i'm doing the right thing to home memory. yes i'm really worried about this though the. yourself in the saying that anybody who was a good mind should be aboard the boat but no i did not lose hope. very well.
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you have to have hope. you must have hope if you learn they have hope. so i hope. we are not living in the hollywood film nobody is promising us hippie and. they're all cases in the story well people are a world struggling for just cause and they succeeded but they're also christians little people who are just fighting for a just cause and doing all they could and didn't succeed. i'm not stupid and i'm not naive and i'm lots pulling most i know this is a very long journey and know that it's true steps forward last step specialists.
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economics of omaha didn't always was honest display. but i know the flow of my ways the only way fall for all the other ways that don't work. we need to learn. how to show them learn. because other ways rule have to share we very few. with. little.
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it's a. wonder when they hit a car on the city of new day. it blew
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a new twist in the mood to call. this a rogue reserve the new. following after being mauled me meant to make a run with a foot on the cliff in for a moment up on the us as a local look at them they wanted us and the feeling to see all. of those. so. i thought that. playing. our.
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place. donald trump is making history again this time in the middle east russia has banned from the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics is this politics on steroids and do neo cons and how saakashvili have no shame. i just know you. can follow that up that so much of it.
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but. i do keep it on the hill. a terrorist suspect is arrested in new york after an explosion rocked a central bus station injuring three people. but to me a putin visits turkey during his middle east horn announces the withdrawal of russian troops from syria. and the israeli prime minister is in europe seeking support for donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital but the eve foreign policy chief makes it clear brussels will not follow suit.
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you want you all to international live from our moscow studio with me. welcome to the program new york has narrowly avoided a deadly terrorist attack police have detained wants us.


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