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it came after wiki leaks released the b. and c. e-mails to the public and the person who sent the links appears to be just some random citizen not even remotely connected to he can't leaks as the intercepts glenn greenwald eloquently writes us media outlets are very good at demanding respect but journalists also have the responsibility not just to demand respect and credibility but to earn it this is not the first time that c.n.n. and others have gotten stories blatantly wrong about wiki leaks trump and russia gate and it certainly won't be the last for those of us who lived through the run up to the george w. bush iraq war and the whole weapons of mass destruction destruction fiasco we've seen these major media mistakes missed reportings and unreliable sources before. i ask how many more lives and corporate p.r. apologies will it take for it's time to turn off the least trusted name in news and
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start watching the hawks. but. it looks like. it's like. as if you were to pull out of it. with the like you know that i got. this. week so. welcome aboard to watching the hawks i am i robot and on top of this and this is not the end this is let's see him and we're talking about c.n.n. just it scares me when i see that behind me i feel like people might get the wrong idea that they might feel that you're suddenly going to spin them a big wild yarn that's not true. now that i look story after story we've been in than bated since donald's election. of russia collusion russia gay they're doing
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this they're doing that miller's investigating there's blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. most of the time they're falling apart or you know mountains are being made out of molehills as the state as the saying goes . you know is the time to say enough is enough and you know and admit that this didn't happen the way for intelligence agencies and the mainstream news media and clinton and the gang want us to believe i think that's a huge thing that we have to ask ourselves in a context and as not me as a journalist but us as american citizens or us as the world has to look at the story look at the pieces and truly ask ourselves if what the many narratives of theory is about what happened really happened and which one of those are real concerns because we've spent millions of dollars taxpayer money investigating the
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whole russian collusion russia hacking russia russia. i'm not seeing anything new come out that. these people are shady most of terms people are shady not a surprise there's also the losers of gambling in this establishment there's shady you might not like them but they're not colluding but they're not good interesting it's like that's my whole thing is you we this story and how quickly it spread and how how many times we've seen this you either have to put up or shut up about it if you're going to keep pushing a narrative that it's true and get so defensive when anybody questions that then you need to start giving some answers because we have to work ten times harder than everybody else and give zero credibility get zero respect the fact that we we have an editorial rule on this show how many sources do we need three three sources three sources that's basically going of sources though tell me a little bit about rather reliably unreliable sources from was last friday right so
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this is the thing about this whole sourcing and while there's a lot of arguments about anonymous sources and whether you're. do you use them and how many to back it up this i don't even think this is a question about necessarily about how many sources but why you should have at least three and why you should double check your work it's plausible that one source i don't think is that there is possible that one source misread the data that's possible and though a story the problem is though in a story that about wiki leaks and trumped collusion that hinges on the release dates of these e-mails that whole argument falls apart you make the whole thing was to trial is it remotely plausible that multiple sources which they keep saying are two two sources told them the same thing i think personally that one source and they thought was reputable enough and reliable enough that he couldn't possibly ever get any he or she could possibly get anything wrong i think they have that one
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source and they went with it because they couldn't imagine that a congressman and or somebody could could have misread any. sort of. dusty in here you know and what's also most up to is you saw those sources get spread out there so there's not only the c m m but other news agencies as well that day on friday all pushing that same agenda we don't know who this is because even as you have the guts to come out and actually say here's the source of the gave us bad information like they did with the james o'keefe story glenn greenwald writes rather than informing the public about what happened and providing minimal transparency of accountability for themselves on the high level officials who caused this to happen they are hiding behind meaningless obvious skated statements crafted by p.r. executives and lawyers and they need to stop stop stop doing that. and it december twenty sixth in pure research every twenty three percent of us
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adults admit to knowingly or unknowingly sharing fake news which is how c.n.n. is inaccurate e-mail story and the incorrect and malice is a story. managed to spread like wildfire across social media and the fact that it spread so fast should come as no surprise that is ben cnn's goal for years being the first to report breaking news c.n.n. facebook has just over twenty nine million followers while their twitter page has over thirty eight point seven million followers that's a grand total of sixty seven point seven million people just from two social media posts on two platforms when you out and just to c.n.n. reporter social media accounts the number of people who saw the incorrect story for hours grows exponentially the original and original treat about the story was shared by reliable sources brian stelter who is five hundred forty nine thousand followers read tweeted it over twenty one hundred times and liked to tweet over three thousand times now c.n.n.
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reporter manu rodger who originally broke the story sent the tweet to his one hundred sixteen thousand followers which was retreated eleven hundred forty one times and like over seven hundred times that means that the social media reach of this one incorrect report and the ensuing hours of debate regarding it reached at least one hundred ten million people just through c.n.n. social media platforms and just for one post on c.n.n. dot com they state that c.n.n. digital is the number one online news destination routinely recording more than one point five billion multi-platform page views each month that they're in more than ninety six point two million households and more than eight hundred ninety thousand hotel rooms but most importantly c.n.n. is also number one on social media with more mentions fans of followers than any of their competitors what this all adds up to is an audience of nearly three hundred million impressions or views nearly twice as much in gauge and impressions as the
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purported russian things book ads of the twenty sixty the election and that isn't taking into account every official c.n.n. staff member who tweeted the story those reads. and so on and soar forth over every post regarding the story that was sent out from other c.n.n. social media accounts that is not to say that more than three hundred million people saw it took notice or even believe the false c.n.n. story that would be fake news however what is real news is the fact that all of our standards need to rise or the new one is will be nothing more than partisan mouth breathing in a social media war more concerned with view counts and serving the public good and that is why it is so important that you make their good point i mean that's a massive amount of reach to where when you send out one false news story you sundial one thing on verified you trust the wrong source whatever excuse you want to give or hey you're my world to me with the amount of false news we've seen over
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and over again looks like the court made it up or almost at this point but let's give the benefit of the doubt was so incredible if you go put out much information you have to if you're about much read reach you have to double triple quadruple check right and that's something that i that i say is that i don't think model raj the reporter who originally gave this overage only reported this story should be fired i don't i think that he followed the out of utah real standards that he was given he didn't make the decision to go on air he certainly doesn't have the power to do that so i think sort of he comes in with the story says this is what i have and they say go with that. and the thing is there's they haven't apologized and five reliable sources seller has said made clear that we they didn't apologize they just said this happened but they didn't apologize i think they should what i think there is an apology to have because if i bring the wrong way if you you know
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mispronounce a word and they would have been a you know you sounded vaguely russian or something they'd probably have a field day with what they get to go to a so they get it they get a last. stricter restrictions on their honesty or their mistakes than i think other news whether it's fox news m s n b c or anybody it seems like they got a free pass and i want to especially when you see the wake of reporters that have been given you know we've been terminated or you know suspensions for four months and things like that and like i said i think those arguing those media critics are going right now the who are their sources reveal their sources who gave you this bad information i think that that's about i think that's a viable as a journalist but then here let me present this to you know as some of us if we start giving up our sources when they have when they might not get somebody when something might be an honest mistake is that really the direction we want to go to pillory anyone who might in i think want to see a cord made of effort in this case where you have they say these are sources got a raw how to do resources there are you going to coordinate maybe it was given bad
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information on purpose that's where you have to step up and that's where they have to be the good journalist i'm buying that out and then report back to us that would be the ultimate way to go all right let's go to brian court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered of facebook and twitter see our full shows at our t.v. dot com coming up our course by the best with frank's brings us the troubling timeline of all of the news for attractions we've seen recently there are two street chavez brings us the story of a recent attempted bombing in new york city state what. it is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did i took a line just i came because and then the debts tie game and you decide to not try. many lives have been broken like excess in the banks got you into trouble and the
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only big bankers come. back but i didn't think of. the ordinary men and the last morning through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face or have you know you become ill you due to job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is dead a life long trip or is there no way out of those actually going to bed or know would like to ditch a bill for so much suspicion or. hey everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosh task hollywood guy ill suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i was the only guy no no no no doubt with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the good have some fun meet everyday
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americans call me and cook for the star to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. the first like when you all know it's coming through and spoke to if somebody would have been told me because i'm going to spend my life to a plank of it was a little disturbed person would have sold it was clearly seen. every night although we were attacked by the arabs or we will attacking them and we will extremely shocked. saying but that's not possible i'll make those movable such scenes and then disorder simple myself from the work of some of those books wobble some of the house without the prisoner we've all gotten over they all are. really
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much second class citizens in the own cong. it was like the lightning in my head that there is noone we're going to be able to deal with or without. the past week or two may seem like armageddon for mainstream media's fake news problem we can't let these recent episodes distract us from is actually a much older and systematic affliction lest we forget the mainstream love of the sensational and wildly untrue headline has been on display for a while now and has been metastasizing at an alarming rate ever since the inception of russia gate as the number one priority of a salish print media whether it be journalists cozy relationships with the
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intelligence communities often flagrantly inaccurate anonymous sources or the lazy habit of blaming any and all mishaps in the western hemisphere on russian hackers fancy bear or cozy bear or whatever bears available this week this pandemic of shoot from the hip and accuracy in straight out yellow journalism that has been growing for quite a while before today's apacs for more on that we term artie's actually backs. president donald trump is calling out the new york times for publishing what he calls fake news from tweeted this morning quote another false story this time in the failing new york times that i watch forty eight hours of television a day wrong also i seldom if ever watch c.n.n. or in mass and b c both of which i consider fake news i never watch it don lemon who i once called the dumbest man on television bad reporting the new york times responded to trump's tweet saying quote we have the new york times stand by our reporting source from interviews with sixty advisers associates friends and members
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of congress and recommended that trump read the story it has not yet been determined if this is a case of fake news. however in the past while no networks and publications have had to retract news stories a linking trump to russia a few months back media outlets published a story saying russia tempted to hack into u.s. voting systems citing claims made by the department of homeland security the usa today article said quote russians attempted to hack election systems and twenty one states in the run up to last year's presidential election official said friday the story was ripped apart when the associated press report at wisconsin one of the states included in the original report did not have its voting systems targeted by russian hackers but there was that time c.-span online feed was a briefly interrupted by r.t. programming c.-span tweeted saying quote this afternoon the online feed for c.-span
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was briefly interrupted we are operating under the assumption that it was an internal routing issue and that changes we will certainly let you know many believe c.-span was hacked by the network however that was not the case and in june of this year three c.n.n. journalists resigned after the network was forced to retract and apologize for a story winking trump ally anthony scare mucci to a russian and vestment fund their report was based on a single anonymous source leading to many factual and accuracies and the report and in december two thousand and sixteen the guardian published an article by ben jacobs claiming julian assange gave guarded praise of trump and blasted clinton during an interview the report alleges songe had a close relationship with the russian government soon after the article was published in one viral being shared millions of times on the enter net however both claims were completely false prior to that slate published an article by franklin
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foer detailing a connection between trump's businesses and a bank and russia on october twenty sixth teen held. clinton sent out an e-mail summing up what she got from the slate article for your mention the new york times was investigating the link the times later reported the f.b.i. walked into the matter and dismissed the idea that two servers were a secret channel for communication between trump and all russia after the claims were deemed false trump's campaign fired back at for years saying quote the email server set up for marketing purposes and operated by a third party has not been used since two thousand and ten the trump organization is not sending or receiving any communications from this e-mail server the trump organization has no communication or relationship with this entity or any russian entity obsession with russia gate has negatively impacted many media outlets as
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they continue to spread this narrative whether these lessons will be taken into account is yet to be seen and washington national banks are to. and there was a smattering of some of the news stories that we've seen are the be retracted or pulled back or where the headline kind of you know betrays what's actually in the story that we have all of us and to me i don't know i look at the tab and i see a pattern of a concentrated effort to get the ball. retracted later but by but as you pointed out earlier in the show without many people seeing just want to headline before you know maybe the retraction comes out of his small little print later right you create an impression. and i think you're talking about people who don't really pay that much attention to the news i think the impressions most of the impressions are views of the story were mostly in airports and doctors not because there was a problem with the sound up to. bellow so i wonder how you know i don't know how
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serious it is but at the same time if we're going to be like oh my god it reach all these people you have to be responsible that we have to look at at this whole idea that everything online at c.n.n. has all those you know weight to it but at the end of the day i don't believe it's this concerted effort i think that we give the u.s. government the u.s. intelligence service no no no no disrespect to anybody serving our country thank you very much but i think we give them more credit than what they even have time to do the idea that you know someone like timeshift is out planting stories or whatever i just i think i think he looked but i think people look at things and they get they jump on things they don't take the time soon realize that i feel that i don't have. to be the motive the symbol the motive is that we don't have enough of a real case to justify the money that we've spent and the hardening of spotlight and all of the lies that we've started telling in the the story we've built up we don't
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have a number i really do that we know that maybe they'll get struck mueller might get trump or something there's a. nothing to do with you know collusion and upsetting and election but we need to kind of we don't want to be told that we were wrong but you know i mean like we put all your eggs. why don't you pay it out this is the thing we should have been on the stories about trump and sexual abuse and sexual harassment from day one if he would have still better job doing that because now we have a huge white house press secretary saying well it's already litigated because the people voted for as soon as it was they and their answer but i do believe that there was a coordinated effort so we will agree to disagree on the heart was all right one more. one may morning rush hour new york city came to a grinding halt when a makeshift explosive device went off just steps away from times square the port authority bus terminal the bomb appeared to have gone up early and fortunately caused no fate holidays with the attacker
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a twenty several brooklyn resident who entered the country seven years ago from bangladesh injuring himself and taken into police custody if initial comments from law enforcement that the attack was isis inspired prove correct this marks the city's second isis like attack in under two months after a brutal truck ramming attack claimed eight lives also a manhattan's west side for on the ground details we're joined now by our teams turn the shot is live from midtown manhattan thank you for joining us trinity. that's very like you says we now know that this was an isis inspired a inspired attack that and then investigators told authorities today that the suspect had actually said that the recent israeli actions in gaza is the reason why he tried to carry out this act of terror now this is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the country thousands of people in them out of this hub
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every single day and so when this struck there was actual everybody in the city was extremely concerned now we're standing right where the explosion took place underground. in this area now we now know that there was four people injured including the suspect and authorities say that this would have been a much much worse because the bomb had actually only partially detonated let's take a listen to what authorities had to say earlier today. there was an explosion the police commissioner will go we need to there was a minor it was a you know practically low point device. there were several injuries we hold on are. extraordinary world thank you very much governor. let's be clear as new yorkers our lives revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack on the subway it's incredibly unsettling. and let's be also clear this
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was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not. result in the goals. thank god our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation make sure people were safe thank god the only reason that you know at this point minor. you know officials told r.t. that the device was not a sophisticated bomb at all that it was a homemade pipe bomb and only partially detonated so it did not have the effect that the suspect was looking for the explosive chemical did ignite but the pipe itself did not go off but the suspect it was the one who got injured because he was actually carrying the device and so he had injuries all along his abdomen abdomen and his arms but as this investigation unfolds we're learning more about the suspect as charles said earlier that it is a twenty seven year old by the name of
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a kid ola originally from bangladesh but he lives right here in brooklyn according to investigators the suspect did make the advice the devices. at work however we do not know at this time the line of work that he is currently in we do know however that he was formally a taxi driver in new york city who was certified to drive in the city until two thousand and fifteen but then his registration was not renewed but this investigation is still ongoing further investigate investigations of the ties that he had to with other terrorist organizations is underway but we do know that this was an inspired isis attack thank you very much actual boarding on the ground right there are people on the story and we'll have you back on as the story gets more and more interesting or wherever it goes thank you very much. and. i think it's the thing or you get years through it at some point. as i've said on
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the show before i was and you know i was in new york in manhattan. during nine eleven when i happen and that's one of those things that you start to get used to certain things but you also realize that around the world other people have dealt with this every day and i will say that it was my palestinian friends my israeli friends who really helped me through nine eleven because they had been through this as children speaking of palestine israel to interesting that the suspect there was there's word that the suspect was saying that that's not a search that was the this is what it's all called blowback but the decisions and things that we say will come back to haunt us i hope the world this is the only way that we see your work and she will push it over the seasons when it's hope so. so in a long mosque in the tesla brand maybe the most famous electric car maker in the world but auto mechanic elvira o'dell of pas and computer scientist hector rhea's may be the most ingenious for the last decade the pair of been transforming old gas guzzling exhaust spewing beaters and mexico city into environmentally friendly zero
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emissions electric cars and a testament their ability it's reported that they can convert an older guzzler into a green friendly masterpiece and roughly a week they'd. do this in an effort to help cut down on moscow mexico city's massive pollution problem caused in part by the estimated three point five million cars carrying the city's twenty million residents and while the pair have only been able to complete twenty cars over the last decade for them it's the inspiration to go green and the ingenuity to truly take the motto of reduce reuse recycle to heart or good story good story little lunch let's love those two guys you're like why not change the world differently you were a little thing to do or those are show for you today everybody remember everyone in this world we are not told we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am i robot for and on top of the law list keep on watching those talks and have a great day and like everybody.
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else. donald trump is making history again this time in the middle east russia is banned from the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics is this politics on steroids and do new consonantal saakashvili have no shame. mosher do you mean you don't. want to see the.
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court. not through space to. make. love to no. clubbing to no servants but to. alex you speak french. most. of the. new. phone is busy signal to discuss.
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a terror suspect is arrested in new york after an explosion rocks a central bus station injuring the three people. visit to turkey during his middle east tour and announces the withdrawal of russian troops from syria. and the israeli prime minister is in europe seeking support for donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital but the e.u. foreign policy chief makes it clear brussels will not follow suit. more on these stories go to. stay with us for cross talk discussing russia's ban from the winter olympics and if you're watching in the u.k. or island talk show renegade inc is next.


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