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we believe the. only complete system of abuse and torture of the refugees and i say. point the finger at countries over the plight of migrants in libya. protests are up for a six day in the west bank and gaza against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and a deadly explosion at a major gas hob in austria puts europe on high alert with prices soared and a state of emergency declared in italy. you're watching r t international live from our moscow studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program amnesty international has issued
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a strong worded condemnation of the way e.u. governments including italy are handling the migrant crisis the group has published a report titled libya's dark web of collusion focusing on the detention and abuse of people trying to reach europe. we believe the. complicity in a system of abuse and torture of refugees and migrants. because they know exactly what is going on and they have chosen to support. the system of detention and the view of migrants without. any safeguards some of amnesty international's findings are based on videos published by a volunteer rescue group called sea watch in the van but one of the video shows a refugee being thrown off a libyan coast guard boat the to use at the first. this video was shot from
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a sea watch search and rescue vessel of the pictures show migrants being whipped with a rope. to this boat seen in the video and i did working closely with people traffickers that comes from the testimonies of fifteen refugees have become we sometimes go back you cannot turn around. last week the european commission issued a report on eve programs in libya the document stressed the need to shut down smuggling and human trafficking operations in the country. r.t. all several institutions to comment on the allegations against you governments we received this reply from the deputy spokesman for the u.n. secretary general expressed concern of the situation in libya instrument of migrants professor of international relations and lyle number of reports from
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credible sources including u.n. agencies that there are systematic abuses that is and and i think it's clear that there are italy has to do and the cease hage and whether that whether or not they are economic migrants or if you choose to try to push from some war and other difficulties in the whole world will have to keep them together not to. use force in an indiscriminate matter nan are already ill advised ways and to make sure that people have job opportunities etc because a lot of people i mean they think you nor mistress to cross the military in so many deaths and they want to be leading unless situations very dire. the west bank city of bethlehem around bethlehem has been thrown into turmoil since donald trump's announcement last week that he was recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital according to the palestinian health ministry four people have been killed
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and almost two thousand injured in six days of clashes more protests erupted throughout tuesday local journalists encountering reports from gaza tensions is increasing on the phrase though not heroes easier yet we can see it. here we're just right now. in the life when it's so hard just right now a palestinian kid got shot just right now in a live bullet from the israelis palestinians are still protesting the demonstrations and protests are so glowing in gaza strip west bank and bet let him floor that six day today and palestinians have been protesting since. thursday night oh we can also use your tear gas pumps that israelis are throwing to use tear gas bombs that are filling the place palestinians have been demonstrating and protesting in guy's cell bank and beit everyone is being asked
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and palestinians are expressing their anger everywhere. meanwhile the israeli army says it has bombarded hamas post and gaza in retaliation for a rocket launch towards israel locals describe what happened. here. was the best. you can see. i think trump was wrong this time he made a mess with israelis almost that jerusalem is our capital we don't need him to say . protests against times may have also been seen in european countries where
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activists came out on the streets with palestinian flags artie's europe correspondent peter reports from one such demonstration the german interior minister thomas thomas they called scenes appropriate stinney and demonstrations across berlin over the weekend disgraceful well that was because there were some scenes where israeli flags were burnt and other. accusations of anti semitism it's a very different situation on monday evening a few hundred people gathered here outside of the german capital's main train station but speaking to people here they've said that their message hasn't changed they're still raging against donald trump's decision to move. the u.s. embassy to jerusalem to accept jerusalem as the capital of israel and they say that accusations that the. seven the decision to move the embassy is unjust and tragic donald trump should think of better things to do you can't just back one
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side in this case you have to see both sides and i'm. willing to say to the world only that we want to reduce limb to become because it's a city of a palestinian nation be held outside of the u.s. embassy however right there right now actually seeing the lighting of the largest hanukkah menorah in europe certainly seemed weiss to move the demonstration here in the reason is that the tensions are very high we have seen violence at demonstrations across the world germany of course making sure they don't want to see that at all here in berlin but there has been strong words from european politicians and leaders as well and as we're seeing this is the fourth day of demonstrations here in berlin demonstrations from palestinians abroad and those who support them going anywhere here in europe despite the strong objections to trounce decision both in the arab world and beyond the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and says the move will bring. peace to the region. and looked into that claim u.s.
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leaders seem to believe that if you repeat something over and over again it becomes the truth take a listen to nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations defending trump's recent jerusalem move which caused violence and chaos throughout the region we are living in the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel clearly disagree with you this is your. this is a regrettable decision as the capital of israel. this decision gates of. it is absolutely the right thing to do jerusalem is the capital of israel these decisions i'm hopeful to the prospects for peace in the region the announcement of the potential to send. to even clear signs we are living in the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel when both parties recognize reality peace comes repeating mantras happens to be a thing in washington d.c.
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especially when it comes to controversial foreign policy decisions take a listen to the no regime change just a no fly zone montra that we heard regarding the libyan intervention the security council has responded to the libyan people's cry for help this council's purpose is clear to protect innocent civilians the task that i assigned our forces. to protect the libyan people from immediate danger broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake pretty soon nato cruise missiles were flying in order to back up fighters armed by western countries then eventually the country's leader moammar gadhafi was brutally executed here's hillary clinton retelling her version of the events came we saw he died there and then there was that whole weapons of mass destruction routine performed at the united nations by call the state senate in the fall of two
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thousand and one declared eighty five hundred leaders. we have no ambition in iraq except to remove a threat so there and now iraq was left he didn't well bush was forced to admit that he was wrong about it will be no retractions about juror no come back and tell you i told you so now if any of that peace nikki haley is promising ever shows up it's certainly delighted but until then it looks like simply saying things doesn't make them so cable bachmann artsy new york. one person has died and more than a dozen people have been injured after a gas explosion in austria as you can see the blast sent here huge flames billowing into the sky the fire has now been called time at the site as a major natural gas distribution me at the end of austrian pipelines are likely to be shut down for days causing a major supply shortfall probably has the details but this is an explosion at the
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gas plant it's an austrian gas facility and it is a major hub for importing gas into europe it supplies a whole host of european countries including germany france italy slovenia in croatia so the repercussions of the explosion have been quite far reaching italy has been the worst affected that having to declare a national emergency as a result because rome now has a serious supply. shortage and market prices for gas have more than doubled elsewhere in europe the explosion abating existing energy supply issues for example here in the u.k. on top of that explosion most importantly north sea gas and oil pipeline has been shut down in order to repair a crack pipe and to top things off there's a severe cold snap here at the moment so that's paralyzed travel in some parts of the country so your gas is very much in demand people need heating and prices for
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suppliers have surged in the fare is at this moment though that price increase could be passed on to consumers which would be at this time of year a very bitter pill for people to have to swallow so this perfect storm of just three variables just goes to show you how vulnerable the energy supply to europe can be at a time like this now the issue with the austrian facility is that it happened to be the main entry point for russian gas into europe russian gas accounts for about a all of the overall gas supplies to the continent and there had been a new pipeline in the pipeline so to say the nord stream to that was meant to create another way for russian gas to get to germany and the rest of europe but that project has been put on ice due to mainly political obstacles some european countries are all for it others are worried that it would allow more scope to wield
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too much power over the rest of europe and the sanctions against russia have made it very difficult for anyone to invest in the project meanwhile the u.s. officials have warned of a so-called russian monopoly on gas supplies in europe after hearing in congress assistant secretary of state whereas michel singled out the north stream to pipeline which is currently under construction. between russia and germany just to point to an orator and to you this is a project that would concentrate seventy five percent of the russian gas to europe in the one pipeline so it's not in europe's interests it's not in our interests it's also a political rather than a commercial undertaking and i think it's important to be crystal clear about that because north to would go through danish waters this is a potentially significant political and legal stumbling block that could really slow progress on the pipeline it's a positive development that we applaud and we've really closely with the danes the
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credit goes to denmark for moving in this direction but i think it's consistent with european or just purely i just wish we could get germans and other large e.u. member states to see the same way he only field research fellow at the center for political studies told us the u.s. wants to gain a larger share of the european gas market but u.s. producers are looking to their own bottom line and that they would like to you know export. liquefied natural gas to europe because they see a commercial opportunity there so you could argue that strategic. sort of view about the future of gas supply in europe are also. commercial incentive as well but they're certainly look looking to increase their exports of liquefied natural gas and looking at their fracking capacity they're
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wanting to export it was only until recently that they were importing natural gas now all those ports have been switched to exporting so they're looking across the world including europe to export that gas that they're producing in the states the pentagon has been accused of anything track of thousands of its own soldiers stationed abroad that story and will still to come. he put themselves on the line. they did accept the reject. so would you want to be president and should. also want to be that. interested always in the water using. your first.
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record as a messaging app first store of value second and a medium of exchange third as a messaging app this is the history of economics the history of money the history of trade the history of the evolution of the d.n.a. and ourselves of our bodies suggests that bitcoin will be a lot higher because we as a species want to act and it's monetization of our unconscious is the monetization of our collective unconscious. welcome back to the program has asked the u.s. state department for clarification on the recent decision to remove the child's press credentials and congress. has a story this all comes after r.t. america was forced to register as a foreign agent stripped of their capitol hill press credentials only after russia was accused of meddling in the u.s. presidential election but before that happened heather nauert said that registration would not at all affect her ability to report so that clearly wasn't
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the case well i asked the state department about this but i didn't exactly get an answer when our t. was forced to register as a foreign agent and you said that it would inhibit our ability to report when the united states tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't see impacts or a fact the ability of them to report. news and information we just have the register it's as simple as that however just a couple weeks ago our press credentials were revoked so doesn't this contradict your earlier statement i think i think press credentials may have been revoked by congress and not necessarily the members of congress but rather the association of reporters that handles who gets to come in and cover congress after basically directing my question to congress she played the russian card a representative of the russian government in fact the fact that you were here as
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a representative of the russian government is a perfect example of how we do not restrict any type of freedom of the press they can get russian news if you well after washington's measures of russia actually designated several media outlets funded by the us government as foreign agents but it seems after this whole exchange that the state department is unwilling to keep its word and is now trying to just shift blame it to avoid taking responsibility media and legal analyst lionel gave us his reaction to the statement from have the knowledge it what does that mean well it wasn't necessarily revoked by congress or members of congress but the association selected by the members of congress to determine who covers congress why does this is double speak this is what is nonsense and by the way did my eyes deceive me when ms nauert was
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speaking she kept doing this a lot well when you do the new air quotes new you know that russia new you do it when you do your nudes and she did this a lot i don't know if this is a secret signal that they use but this is the most free kick the atlas should kill what is nonsense of art of my life you know exactly what the question was. why did you revoke our press credentials why that was the question russia t.v. our t.v. was yanked because it's russian whether you're russian own eighty percent where there was your media age that teacher will last that it's part of this nonsense that started where people were trying to figure out a way to explain away that hillary clinton lost the election. to prove only the biannual y. times report and knitted some key figures in the paragraphs talking about
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afghanistan iraq and syria not a single number was given numbers were disclosed though for jordan and lebanon of them himself a few months ago. group arrived now two hundred and the number for serious twenty six months ago is somewhat surprised and number of u.s. lawmakers had no end in the chair fully u.s. troops in niger you heard senator graham there he didn't know we had a thousand troops in the air did you know i did not well i'm fortunately we don't get like surprises it's sort of the routine especially with the new administration because the president has stated that he wants to keep everything under his best under his vest because he doesn't want people to know and he believes that's proper policy but it's not good good law because the constitution says he's not a lot of send troops around the world without the people in the congress knowing about it is because it's very difficult especially if they say well this is secret we can't let the people know we can't let the enemy know where our troops are so
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they put the american people in the category of the enemy because we're not a lot of no and so it's really a government out of control but it's what's the what this reflects is a foreign policy that there are institute ron paul institute disagrees with we don't think it's in our interest we don't think it's an interest of our security and we don't believe this brings peace and we don't bring it prof prosperity so we have practical reasons and legal reasons why we don't think these troops should be overseas and if there is any of them overseas we should know exactly where they are because who knows they may be shooting off guns and bombs and drones and getting ourselves into a mess that we don't want to be in and according to a report by the u.s. military general stars and stripes as many as forty four thousand american troops stationed across the world and not tracked by the pentagon around three hundred thousand u.s. personnel so outside america one hundred and fifty countries we have
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a quested comment from the department of defense it said that some pascale are indeed malta's having an unknown location as they may for example be at at sea. that is state to center may not accurately reflect the current force totals from politico and says the defense department's explanation just went to that's their excuse but that should not happen and a republican i mean the people who are supposed to know what's going on the people who are supposed to speak out the people who are supposed to tell their members of congress when we should get involved in hostilities and once again our immediate goal should be to improve our sales and not protégé hearing and saying well we're we're going to improve your your governments and we're going to tell you what to do if you don't do well we what we're going to put sanctions on you. on this on social media we're on facebook twitter and our website that's also dot com i'll be back at the top of the out with your top stories so you stay with us.
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with this manufactured consensus stick to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one percent. in the middle of the room sick. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate is full of the only show i go out of my way to find you know what this is really packed a punch. yap is the john oliver of r t americans do the same. apparently
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better than to see people you've never heard of love jack tonight the president of the world bank. to send us an e-mail. seems wrong. but old rules just don't. let me. get to shape out just because to add to it and in games red equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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i. this is the last broadcast signal around the world from washington d.c. i'm feeling and i'm beyond coming out we'll hear about the number of security breaches the government has faced and what it's doing rocky but nobody knew that no two thousand and fifteen it's to extend production cuts into two thousand and eighteen but also down for repairs according to an operator spokesman it could be weeks before it's back up and transporting four hundred fifty thousand barrels of oil per day again that's a problem to about forty percent of the been wiped from the market due to production disruptions in the u.s. u.k. venezuela and iraq. a group of hackers in russia stole nearly ten million dollars from banks in the u.k. it went after institutions that use first data is star network which is the biggest
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bank messaging system in the u.s. although the network itself was never had a few small banks using it had their debit cards breached on average hackers took five hundred thousand dollars per case in the u.s. and one point two million million dollars per case in russia. i. were security remains a top priority for individuals businesses and government with computer hacks taking place nearly every single day.
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