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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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from tel aviv to jerusalem connections between national security and nato nations middle east policy are often drawn in britain but not in the context of years of nato nations support for islam is to militants in syria to take down the government of president bashar assad no one appears to ask how wise it is to use u.k. taxpayer money to fund militants who can do us harm here in britain but when it comes to british military support for the persian gulf war talk receives like bahrain and of course saudi arabia it is national security that is often actually invoked take this prime ministerial response to a question about u.k. arms sales to saudi the security of the gulf is important to us and i would simply also remind the right on with gentleman that actually saudi intelligence the counterterrorism links we have with saudi arabia the intelligence we get from saudi arabia has saved potentially hundreds of lives yes minority government u.k. leader to resume now in defiance of a european parliament arms embargo resolution continues to allow the export of
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lethal weaponry to saudi and it apparently protects us here at home from terrorism even if it continues to threaten tens of millions in yemen the u.n. calls it the world's worst humanitarian crisis joining me now is the former vice chair of tourism is party the u.k.'s former sex your state for international development and you michel andrew thanks for joining us in the studio we're going underground i should just ask actually given the amount of abuse the stations getting at the moment why you as a conservative m.p. appear on r.t. at all well i should make it clear i never take any money off you for doing so i come on of my own free will and the reason i do so is because when the russians were destroying the city of aleppo one of the great cities of the world in syria you let me on you let me have my say and you brought costs what i said and i thought therefore you were standing up for free speech and for that reason i've never had any qualms about speaking out on r.t. i'm sure the russians and those living in west aleppo would have
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a lot to say about what you said about east you and i have debated this in the past of course were i do a bit more of this great civilized city is now lying in ruins. yes but presumably i says days have less of a less of force and they did when you were grieving over obviously the mass casualties occurring in the celeb you probably best leave it ok let's go to jerusalem obviously we're hearing now of drone strikes by the israelis killing palestinians alarming footage of children being rounded up do you think that washington's decision to regulate through islam is the capital of a jewish state is helpful as regards middle east peace where we've also seen reports of rockets being fired from gaza into border is ready towns like strawbs and so on so it cuts both ways but obviously anything that leads to greater violence is to be regretted and although to be further to president trump i think
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he is the fifth united states president who has said they would move the embassy to jerusalem i do not think it's helpful in bringing about a lasting peace in the middle east i don't think it assists towards the two state solution which still remains the declared objective of international policy so i regret very much that he made that decision last week even though of course some ballast syrian activists on the ground perhaps secretly welcoming it as it has united the palestinian resistance movement finally who've for a long time not believed the british government or the american government when it comes to a two state solution on any assessment or judgment it is and unhelpful decision in securing a lasting peace in the middle east it does british policy only yemen make britain safer. well i think you have to disaggregate the two points you made earlier one is about the arms sales so we can deal with that and the other is about the humanitarian crisis that has developed in yemen the saudi led blockade of which
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britain as us is loosely a part although our prime minister has spoken out against the blockade but there is no doubt if some humanitarian supplies been which is well what we have called for in the british parliament we have called for a lifting of the blockade totally both for humanitarian supplies and for commercial supplies because of course on the humanitarian side we're feeding about seven million people in a country of twenty seven million of whom many others are starving and you won't be able to save yemenis from starvation just by lifting the humanitarian blockade you've got to lift the commercial blockade you've got to allow food and medicines through hard data port data port is where eighty percent of the supplies come through in normal times in a country where nearly ninety percent of all the food that is consumed is imported so the absolute critical importance of the data simply you can't get round that and we need the blockade both for commercial and for humanitarian who is giving aid
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while exporting lethal weaponry to kill. the very same people that we're trying to save i think you have to disaggregate the two points and let me explain what i mean by that saudi arabia is surrounded by enemies and is extremely rich they will always buy weaponry and always get the weaponry and the weaponry that britain sells them we know that somebody else will flow make the point that therefore it seems to me that the selling of the weaponry is a second order issue if it is if it is legally sent from britain under an under an export licensing regime when that is the toughest in the world and it is not your that isn't clear as those hurdles then you know you can take a decision of whether it's right or wrong to supply weapons but that is a second order if you cause they will get those weapons anyway the first order issue is how you stop the attacks on yemeni civilians how you address the
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humanitarian situation if we go into this second point you just said someone else will sell it to them i'm not sure the golden rule actually that was most a one in geo humanoids in yemen is already writing to the attorney general jerry wright saying no this is in contravention of any kind of international law so that is that will not be an excuse no no but if i live obviously we cannot act outside the law there's been a judicial review of britain's weapons sales a traditional view found that they were perfectly lawful but my point is that i don't believe for a second that the situation in yemen will be improved to britain today dick has an arms embargo because the weapons will still arrive and they will still be used and arguably britain has some influence over the way the weapons that we supply are used in making sure that they are used in accordance with the rules of war my deep concern about yemen is not only the blockade it's also the attacks are taking place night after night which are killing yemeni citizens and we need an urgent lifting
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of the embargo both the humanitarian and the commercial and bug and we need to re. ignited a re invigorated peace process bringing all the parties to the table without preconditions because the saudis previously asked for preconditions to be set to learn and that won't work we need no preconditions and we also need urgently the updating of the resolution twenty two sixteen on the yemen a briton holds the pen at the united nations and my great concern in the aftermath of britain failing to win the seat on the international criminal court the i.c.j. at the u.n. is that if britain doesn't face up to its responsibilities to bring a new u.n. resolution to the united nations security council and relies on twenty to sixty then another country will do it and we hold the pen on yemen we have a deep historic relationship with the yemen i mean a difficult one but we know the area very well and britain should be leading the
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efforts to get a united nations brokered peace between the combatants and the yemen which is killing so many people this christmas albeit that would washington veto it anyway as it seems to be making a deal with saudi arabia israel the other person is seeing iran as the biggest enemy in the region well i'm not one of those who thinks that iran is. is the bad guy in all of this i think we need to bring iran into the comedy of nations i think that it's very important that we stand by the iran nuclear deal and i think we should be doing everything we can to bring them in and that's why i'm very pleased that boris johnson went to iran over the weekend to hopefully revive britain's relations with iran a move them to a different level i think it's very important for peace or at least jewelry some of their brows in washington what do you make of seeing the fact the president has a position of diverse because the short it seems to be and all these years and all
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these millions hundreds of millions of pounds with the british money we did it all go the british taxed. money has been absolutely vital in keeping alive and sustaining one of the world's other worst humanitarian crises millions of people who have been absolutely dependent after britain has provided more support for the refugee camps around syria in jordan particularly lebanon iraq and turkey britain has provided more support than the whole of the rest of the year i believe united together so that it would be the. better not to see vital that are to be prevented in ground ok to ability to be preventative when we have a report here we have a leaked member of the conflict stability security fund talking about two hundred million going to also all manner of different activities which don't seem anything to do with trying to create peace they seem to be supporting islamists in syria be
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returning home to do mirror in britain that is a highly. highly doubtful statistic britain has been working i have a leaked memo here eighteen million in peace with thirty two million being given to moderate armed groups fifty four million to the weight helmets which are now been linked to a sedation al-qaeda linked groups were white helmets very nearly won a nobel peace prize and white house that i know that the russian rick is in china i know i know the russians think that the white helmet is the most front but actually the clear evidence that we had in britain was the white house that's were incredibly brave men and women in syria going to the rescue of people under attack from russian and regime bombs. i think i think what you're saying about the white helmets is extremely contentious and i'm satisfied from the work that joe cox and i and others have done on the all party friends of syria group that the work of the white helmets was enormously valuable in humanitarian terms and yet now we know it's not about geneva it's all about the stronger talks turkey russia iran. the
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syrian government it's over isn't it for british policy of the. by this government of britain british british policy on syria british humanitarian policy provided brilliant support to desperate people but in terms of the policy of the british government and the american government on. syria it was always fatally flawed because the americans with our sport undermined the kofi annan plan that the united nations which would have addressed the issue of assad remaining at the negotiating table but not subsequently being a president the deal that kofi annan put on the table which was rejected by the americans and i'm sorry to say also by the british government today it will be a. deal that we would leap towards because it was such a good one but unfortunately was heavily undermined so in terms of the macro policy on syria partly because of the actions of the british parliament back in two
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thousand and thirteen partly because of the decisions of the obama government partly because of the decision by the obama government in america to say that there were red lines which couldn't be crossed which were then crossed and america did nothing to have anything to have a really really you know britain america haven't really been a big force in the politics of syria over the last few years under mitchell thank you. after the break always be closing we tread the boards of finance capitalism and corporate sabotage to the stars of director david mamet's award winning play glengarry glen ross and from the news corp corporates love to fake of course the director sack. over divorce. going underground.
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credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did i took a line the whole gist i came bigger and made that the debt strike him bigger and it was spiraling out of control. many lives have been broken by excessive that the banks got you into for a war and all the big bankers got big payoffs. on the government by the banks but i just didn't think of the the ordinary man and woman that lost money so as a back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face and have ulema kamil
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you lose your job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is dead a life long trip or is there a way out of those actually come to a bit of an old michael to ditch bill from some more flow from which. to. welcome back within the next twenty four hours official u.k. homelessness of a good are said to show a spike in people sleeping rough all across the country but while for some they're a testament to bank bailouts and austerity they'd likely be ignored by the protagonist of a play glengarry glen ross says in a us estate agency david mamet's award winning drama follows the wolves and sheep of one nine hundred eighty s. new york real estate tearing apart modern western capitalism and the american dream
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the fast paced sales batter and dialogue and dark humor could arguably not be more relevant today in an era of fake news donald trump and brutal inequality we went down to the set of a west end revival of glengarry glen ross of the players' theatre in central london to talk to the plays director sam yates and members of the cast stanley townsend and daniel ryan the play is running until the third of february twenty eighth in sammy it's the relevance of glengarry glen ross says the twenty eight banking crisis destroyed that glamour of the thatcherite bankers. i think so i mean suddenly it wasn't a sexy profession anymore and there's a fair bit of hate thrown in that direction for police reasons they were always hated estate agents anyway but in the end the main salesman who's not here because i'm going to you do it is. all of the characters using language to mystify people rather than communicate absolutely opposite a or to to trick someone or to bomb someone up or. you know to wear them down or to
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sell an idea or whatever absolutely guys or masters of a few using the word to get what they want and i know you said that donald trump of course was in the real estate business the state agency business as it were extra perils here but language well for sure i mean that's why he cut his teeth in this sort of eighty's and if anything what he did twenty of them self. sworn in to sell an idea and go for a very strong impression and yeah i think it's all there in his rhetoric he doesn't hardly knows what he's talking about most of the time but manages to keep the words coming out somehow subtly downs and your character shelley levine what happened to him he started with so much hope he's a bit like sure except good help later on because when bankrupt was really your character to show you were surely time moved on. circumstances
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he was the most successful estate agent was the machine shelley the machine the mean and he talks he talks a great game but times have changed what he was going is now not what he's selling today and he's using the same methodology. these guys have a great ability to talk the talk or die and they say south confidence for this group should because he doesn't get the right tips that the christian slater character gets this year's model of the new salesman yeah if you're successful you get the newly. you get the prime premium leads to success breeds success but if you're not successful how do you become successful and meanwhile then you'll run your kind of us the general public being sold to us all that yeah i love the way you've come to me on the not successful. third of the money to buy you guys yeah absolutely i mean you know if you meet ricky romero in a bar and yeah it's only now that i started trying to decipher some of what roemer
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is saying as a link trying to you know he is he's a bamboozles you know i mean it's it's a phenomenal scale to to get under somebody's skin and find out what it is that's going to tickle them you know i mean that's and that's what these guys are absolute experts at and also finding who is the pray who is the mark who is the most gullible who's going to buy into it and i don't have to be this rabbi but he made of the loads of people here who had the engine misselling and oh so many other things yeah it's pretty obvious resonates well with we're well i mean you turn on any t.v. morning shows that you know on t.v. are all about miso old products it's it's you know it's it's everywhere we were all buying into a dream we're buying into bitcoins with it we don't know where that's going to go but people are people are searching for you know what is the moment he says let the
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wife character come to your rescue we never see we don't know exactly to some wisdom in that you know the only woman who we ever what we refer to you know living refers to his daughter you know but we don't learn anything about her but we hear about this the only woman character and it seems to be the sense behind the kind of you know even within the old this premise of greed you know even the mark is someone who's greedy for something and hopefully the wife is that is some kind of voice of reason this. is it as you say as your cargo but people audience is coming here can recognize the events here is if it's really seventy i think so i mean i think that the language that uses is as fresh is as fresh as a daisy really but the characters that we know we've met just because they're from america absolutely i mean quit talking crooks with a great sense of humor and they say outrageous things just raise anything here in
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london for a show and it's really the language of the city of london before everything went. everything had to be bailed out by the taxpayer well i mean it's you know it's guys fighting to be top of the office and i've been in this bizarre situation where the top guy wins a cadillac the second guy gets a set of steak knives and the third and fourth guy fired so i think we can all remember times of competitive workplaces and people being you know pushed and pushed and pushed target monthly reviews etc etc also ruled by faith on some level executive don't trump was a buyer and seller of property no longer will the police to the white house only the time of this broadcast here and. here the police do know yeah but who says that's not going to happen. so we don't know but seriously we just explain why the police i mean because there are stratagems of trying to get out of the misery there is yeah there was a robbery which is very simply where the police come in i think in many ways to get
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shelley has reports of great great success for sal and there is a parallel between what shelley in that act cells cells were said but he's really selling the american dream i think mom is pointing to her saying listen the american dream it's a pop you're all buying pop because to be successful you need to be successful and if you're not successful whose fault is it. it's your fault that success breeds success you're not successful like you become successful then obviously the play was written quite a while ago now we have jeremy corbyn leader of the labor buddy saying this kind of thing actually has a politician do you think this resonates with the with the times politically in that way because most politicians would still say no you should be striving and surely living your character is just a failure and as he should be read up a bit more only into there before you start buying property. yeah i mean absolutely
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but i mean a sucker's of me and i live everywhere there every where you know the. ball way and you know the thing is the there's a great feeling of regret it would be a thing that seems great one day the next morning doesn't look quite so rosy you know and i think we're living in a time where where you know politically constantly shifting all the time and you know someone makes one slight come and we're with it we're all you know we're on them that's why that's what happens in this play as well you know the federal pounces these guys that they're looking for the flaws in people's personalities you know even with themselves in the office you know and i think we are living in an equally. as full pound.
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there's a lot of pouncing going to. people frightened some of the audience members maybe the ones who are rattling the jewelry are a bit frightened of seeing their language being deconstructed in this way little. the american dream the british capital street yeah i mean maybe maybe so although when your son the safety of an audience you can kind of just enjoy and you can look on in horror and not have to be assassinated on stage by someone else sort of thing so i think people more enjoy it really i mean it is a ton of laughter through the evening audiences really get on the plates at. so they had the surely shocking and i but i think we've been really surprised about how the but the laughter is so huge i mean certainly in the rehearsal room we knew what we thought would be funny but the what's happening in the auditorium on a nightly basis is like wow it's that funny it's that they're all so obviously resonating even far more than we could imagine to cope with the pain from. where we
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laugh that we do not cry. daniel ryan sam yates sandy downs and thank you. well now to go to the week stories is broadcaster for liberal democrat member of parliament and bit opaque today president britain's most senior police officer updates london local government on the ground phil criminal investigation you've sure. there you can see why you should be you know it's. a calling let's go to the murdoch here is this all i said i think it is the times reports russian t.v. wanted to start class on the rest after grand fall it's you i've said you've made the news just as i questioned of state back neglect corruption and got to services led to social cleansing and gravel what did you i think i mean it is it you did it i want zero zero not mean obviously the russians often meant in class revolt in this nation no doubt about it last one on the case apparently all around us the
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careful action ok you next again lots of things happening in jerusalem terrible atrocities of course we have to say both sides called too often but we've seen children being beaten up by i.d.f. soldiers grad rockets from the palestinian side chair we call being a big supporter of palestinian rights he's being bugged and there's an inquiry pitchford inquiry currently going on. what earth is this story about bugging in the vault let's look at the headline first here option the guardian reports surveillance from spied on campaign groups the big companies leak shows this goes back to the fact that we all know the police went to extraordinary lengths to infiltrate campaign groups to the point where at least one of them had a child with one of the campaigners some margin going to those lengths it also now transpires that various large companies may have been doing the same thing in order to get information about things like demonstrations against them and potentially to help them suppress stories which are uncomfortable for those companies as illustrated article of the great blows to interact with rachel corrie. march
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sixteenth two thousand and three killed by an i.d.f. bulldozer and arguably didn't get the sort of coverage it should have got because of all of this and they were bugging her bereaved relatives that's when it gets serious because all googly this makes it very hard for campaigns to get justice in a corporate and surveillance obsessed world let alone what it means virgin orwellian state your next story i mean i'm sure that story won't get much play on state mandated media let alone an independent broad govern this country which is this big story yet you heard from the previous kerry the previous story got a little bit of coverage this cover actually none the canary says jeremy corbyn wins an award for world peace and the silence from the mainstream media is deafening leave aside the fact he didn't get much coverage for his pretty well received speech at the united nations it turns out that he also won something called the let me get the name of it was right short ride to peace prize the
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response to this is well we never really covered this but hold on a ninety and channel four when survivors is a sure mcbride was a member of the old ira so well that you know so it doesn't count doesn't seem to be hurting his poll numbers perhaps one reason why it's not hurting his poll numbers is this story from the from the buckley brothers telegraph yes i love this one option the telling. i don't have to be very clever to do my job says bricks at secretary david davis later on he said he'd been misquoted but he says it's more important on the radio yet but he's not so he said he says it would probably come and he tried to reengineer what he said but maybe suggesting a jocular fashion he claimed that it was not important to be very clever or to know that much to go through bricks that perhaps he's saying to valse doesn't involve much intelligence because it might be the dumbest thing to do that's not how he put it you might call and say i've misquoted him well as the international trade industry spokesperson and so his secretary of state lee invokes that it's easy this
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will rx it thing is he's a bit of a thank you that's it for the show will be back up that maybe even the european union's renewal of a five year license for the use of controversial life or say using monsanto products or w.h.o. said it will probably cause the jennings if you feel that people talk about social media with you it's out there three hundred twenty ideas to the day since the english bill of rights thrown into confusion by cia whistleblower and exposer mester balan's edward snowden in twenty fifteen. all see we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the free float world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that much qualify for the european championships at
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the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that winning spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best form since my last will come from that steroids or as we've. thousand zero zero zero zero zero. right right right. left left left more or less. trust in the mainstream media is an all time low but no one should be surprised in the media has itself to blame for this sad state of affairs is a self-inflicted wound and actually a conscious business model the media no longer has an interest in the morning news
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media today propagates ideology. headlines an hour to amnesty international says e.u. countries bear much of the blame for the cruel treatment enjoyed by migrants in libya. we believe they know we need the complexity in the system of. all the refugees and my friend said in the. plan does donald trump congratulate jewish people on one of their biggest holidays his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital sparked yet more violence in the region and right now i'm thinking about what's going on and the love that's all over israel and all about jerusalem and frontiers to is an american boys heartfelt video about being bullied at school season not pouring of sympathy swiftly trying to his mother is pictured with the right.


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