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tv   News  RT  December 13, 2017 6:00am-6:31am EST

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some of the international says countries bear much of the blame for the cruel treatment enjoyed by migrants in libya. we believe they know we stayed at u.s.c. stand off as you said all refugees that might say easy yeah. headline the to the south was donald trump congratulates jewish people on one of the biggest holidays his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital sparked yet more violence in the region. and right down i'm thinking about what's going on and the love that's all over israel and all about jerusalem. plus from tears to g. is american boys heartfelt video about being bullied at school season outpouring of sympathy swiftly brought up after his mother's pictured with a racially provocative confederate flag we got the story.
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by two pm wednesday the setting for the sound of my name's kevin oh in this is out internationally most welcome thanks for being with us this hour so first the now most international is accusing eve governments of condoning the detention and abuse of migrants trying to reach europe from libya. we believe they are knowingly complicity in a system of abuse and torture of refugees and migrants in the. because they know exactly what is going on and they have chosen to support. a system of the tension and abuse of migrants without. placing any safeguards or correspond to. the details about our mysteries claims. last year member
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states launched a series of measures aimed at cutting off the central mediterranean route through libya but to report by amnesty international says that these steps are in fact actively supporting a system of exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable people they should be helping and they have video evidence to back their claims to these are rescue boats that e.u. countries supplied to the libyan coast guard to intercept migrants at sea honesty says that this is the moment someone that had been rescued was thrown overboard and towed along that sea wall here we see someone else being whipped. thank you it was she was i was struck up. my.
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was my. this particular boat was donated by italy i can april and was handed over to the libyan coast guard in a ceremony attended by the italian interior minister who'd have thought it would one day be the focal point of accusations of human rights violations and then there's the detention centers after being rescued at sea migrants are taken to these facilities run by the libyan department for combat saying illegal migration with the full support of e.u. countries in the words of amnesty is here but they are exposed to a soul destroying cycle of exploitation and it's a cause for what reason thought uprising on our present is also a business in libya to kill some people this or some people would be some proving to the potential. before to. be used going to be tossed out finish
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it's going to be towards being before. it was sort of water to drink fully mature arsenic. level of abusing. these people who live in fear. do these known will or who the provided that unless you can pay for it would be reviewed several people who. said that the way tortured the wider families were on the phone in order to extort the money for the torture to stop and for them to be released. and this is just the ordinary daily life in these sand that the rights group wants european go. ments to rethink their cooperation with libya when it comes to migration is there is that if they continue to support libyan authorities european governments are laying bare what their true priority is putting the closure of the central mediterranean route before the
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welfare of the little people like here in the meantime a report by the european commission on the blocks programs in libya stressed the need to shut down smuggling and human trafficking in that country it went on to say that the eves efforts have a strongly human rights component and are being conducted in cooperation with the un refugee agency r.t. are several institutions to comment on the allegations against e.u. governments we got a reply from the un secretary-general deputy spokesman for one who expressed concern over the situation in libya and stressed the need for the proper resettlement of migrants we've also heard from oxfam who said that while the can't comment on amnesty's findings its own information indicates that the report does hold water or went on to add that to stop irregular migration at all costs the e.u. has sacrificed people's safety and well being violating the obligations of respect and of protection of human rights that's a view shared by the international relations professor. if you're getting a number of reports from credible sources including u.n.
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agencies that there are systematic abuses that that is and and i think it's clear that there are italy has to then and the european union has to say well we're not going to send these people back to libya and we're going to find some way to give them a safe haven whether they're whether or not they are economic migrants or research you say isn't is not right a country is in major powers unstable a situation and then later on complain that. there are mass migration movements from some war another difficulties. nexus launch talks promoting peace that was the declared purpose when donald trump recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel but so far there's been nonstop violence across the region because of it .
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decisions been heavily criticized by european and arab officials and that doesn't seem to trouble the u.s. leaders kalam open has been falling. well it's now the time of year in which israel celebrates hanukkah and this comes after donald trump's dramatic decision on jerusalem which may seem like a huge gift we wish you a very happy hanukkah. and i think this one will go down as especially special. and right now i'm thinking about what's going on and the love that's all over israel and all about jerusalem a love that's all over israel trump one is far is actually praising himself for the
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all but controversial move his point his predecessors only made promises where he actually delivered. jerusalem is still the capital of israel and most remain unknown divided city accessible question is that i take office i will begin the process of moving the united states ambassador to the city in israel and shows. i continued to say that. jerusalem will be the capital of israel so why is tom so gleeful about his decision as the international community praised him for it nope very dangerous decision we do know and agree clearly disagree these decisions are helpful from the european union member states sites this move would not come so is it what the american people want well not according to this poll taken ahead of trump's decision sixty three percent of americans say that they oppose the move but it's popular in israel right well not with all israelis they think of only friends leave in years and they. are in much greater risk than they were with i think it
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will because of. people day and. violence i think it was a reckless the scene and it takes less time to announce it is like a man who was playing in a coma defeated or in the. end. yanks the fruit. so he's taking us through still suddenly. oh my friends tell me in the day he announces that they're pretty much scared to to go but the drizzling because they don't know how it's going to be and they're scared to leave the house says so just who is happy with the move well there's the american israel lobby there's christian evangelicals and there's the guys over at that all right web site breitbart now that's not the biggest group of loyal trump east but trump did win over some of his harsh critics in the democratic camp. jerusalem is the capital of the state of israel something
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the united states congress has reaffirmed and the fact of history that cannot be tonight. i support the decision to recognize jerusalem as the eternal capital of israel and to move the u.s. embassy that this decision is long overdue and help correct a decades long indignity there may be benefits for him personally he may be a tipping his hat to his base and say you know this is a campaign promise that i made it's the same as what he's going to a lot of areas he's pushed much much further than where the public wants to go or what is in the interest of the united states and that's that's the hallmark of the trump. you know and i think that's the real reason he sees it more important for his personal legacy for his supporters to do this regardless of its effect on world opinion regardless of its effect in the united states in
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world opinion in regard to the surface of the palestinian. people the world is not happy with the move america is not happy with the move but donald trump thinks it's terrific a year ago at his inauguration donald trump said that from here forward it would be america first well it's starting to look like maybe it's trump first. r.t. new york well we're about to this in istanbul right now turkey is hosting an emergency session the coo of the organization of islamic cooperation over the whole jerusalem issue president told the meeting he's addressed leaders of the muslim world with a strongly worded statement calling israel a terrorist state shall it depends who's got the latest on it. let's start with some of his comments from today at that extraordinary meeting of fifty seven members of muslim countries across continents president want to say jerusalem is occupied so the decision by don't talk doesn't have any legitimacy a tour he described israel as being a terrorist state
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a state where soldiers killed ten year old children he also brought out a map of palestine and showed how the palestinian territories have to create since nine hundred forty seven and israel's borders have increased in the time and he said that this decision by don't trump does one thing incredibly badly it harms any peace negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis and he called on all the nations to rise up against this decision and to recognize jerusalem as being the capital of the palestinian occupied territories and not israel. this decision. illegal settlement displacement. not you know way of land. violence israel is being in a way awarded for all the actions they have commissioned and this process being
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alluded to israel by president trump well also that meeting was a chance for the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas to address those fifty seven countries about the fact that this decision by don't trump could be taken in the hands of extremists and they could use this decision to turn what he described as being a political struggle into a religious one now he also talked about the u.s. his role as a mediator between israel and palestine. with this step the united states has chosen to lose its competency as mediator and this qualifies itself from playing a role in the peace process we should not accept any wrote us please. well told trump is often called a divisive figure ever since he was elected to u.s. president a year ago however it does appear that he succeeded in doing one thing and that is uniting our nations against him by making this decision.
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it's exactly a month now since our to america had to register as a foreign agent in the united states after being pressured by the authorities now the time you may recall the state department showed us it wouldn't affect our ability to cover news but then just a couple of weeks later we had a press credentials revoked by us congress smear a car and asked the state department to clarify the situation simply also what's going on but when mark he was forced to register as a foreign agent and you said that it would inhibit our ability to report. when the united states tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't see impacts or a fact the ability of them to. report. news and information we just have the register it's as simple as that just a couple weeks ago our press credentials were revoked so doesn't this contradict your earlier statement i think i think the press credentials may have been revoked by congress and not necessarily the members of congress but rather the association
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of reporters that handles who gets to come in and cover congress after basically directing my question to congress she played the russian card at me a representative of the russian government in fact the fact that you are here as a representative of the russian government is a perfect example of how we do not not restrict any type of freedom of the press this all comes after r.t. america was forced to register as a foreign agent dead stripped of their capitol hill press credentials only after russia was accused of meddling in the us presidential election after washington's measures russia actually designated several media outlets funded by the us government as foreign agents but it seems after this whole exchange that the state department is unwilling to keep its word and is now trying to just shift blame it to avoid taking responsibility major and legal analysts leinil told us the altie was targeted as part of
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a blame game against russia simply. what does that mean well it wasn't necessarily revoked by congress or members of congress but the association selected by the members of congress to determine who covers congress what does this is double speak you know exactly what the question was why did you revoke our press credentials why that was the question russia t.v. our t.v. was yanked because it's russian whether you're russian own eighty percent or their russian media it's that teach you a lesson it's part of this nonsense that started when people were trying to figure out a way to explain away that hillary clinton lost the election i won they didn't have anybody to blame they picked russia so it just kept building and everything that's russian foreign agent this is an espionage statute from my state thirty eight
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whatever what is this if you want to write it is trenchcoat with the newspaper with holes in it like a spy oh come on this is embarrassing how do you stay with us off the break to a couple of days ago that two full boys video plea against his school bullies will know that's just today incidents in a backlash against his mother we'll tell you why. it's.
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wrong. to shape our. worlds apart. so more of what i was talking about before the break of american mothers learned about the internet fame rather the hard way after sharing a video of her eleven year old son tearfully talking about being bullied at school it was the first bit so it went viral so celebrities are ready to support him but
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then the tide quickly turned to his photo of his mother and. will tell you why. probably not. right for letter dear friends don't. call this heart wrenching video of an eleven year old boy from tennessee speaking out about being bullied by his classmates took the internet by storm keeping story got a millions of views and it up trending on twitter under its own hashtag of support a fund raising campaign was set up in keaton's name going almost sixty thousand dollars in just two days he became a center of attention with actors athletes and showbiz stars which. keaton the bullies one when i'm with you. well those punks at school to decide what kind of people they want to be in this world how would you and your mom like to come to the avengers premiere in l.a. next year this boy is incredibly brave and they do really got to me before he knew it keating himself had turned into
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a celebrity something he hadn't expected in the least. bit. good. making a difference in the world give them a voice. but as more attention was focused on keaton the once inspiring story turned sour as his mother kimberly was shifted into the spotlight as people sifted through her facebook profile they uncovered photos featuring confederate flags and unsympathetic prince and just as quickly as support had initially flooded in a backlash against kimberly hit accusations of racism and possibly using her son's pain for profit became the center of the story i feel pretty stupid or enough people i was pretty moved by keaton jones's video so every show is his mom and she just wants money she just wants me to share her go fund me account responding to the outrage kimberly tried to shift the focus back to the issue of bullying by saying that the photo of the confederate flag was meant to be ironic it was ironic it was funny didn't have any to do was no racist and no no absolutely not abs
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i've said i spent most of my life being weighed and and judged because i wasn't racist but that didn't seem to work social media right now is mostly buzzing about how she's using her son to get cash as her the account created to support keating it's not clear whether he'll get the money or not it's frozen at the moment so look or so a few days the internet went from supporting a victim of bulling to condemning his allegedly racist mother oh how quickly the tables have turned. seems so elsewhere today president trump's been telling congress how many u.s. troops are stationed abroad but the virally all white house reporters left out some pretty key figures now the sanctions on afghanistan iraq and syria it seems not a single number was given but troop numbers were disclosed for jordan and lebanon emitted figures as something of a surprise then given at the pentagon apparently did reveal them just a few months ago we have approximately eleven thousand troops in afghanistan and
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that is seen in our addition of over three thousand u.s. troops arrive in now and in the coming months the number for iraq is fifty fifty two hundred and the number for serious shootouts and the surprise a few months ago as well when the white house figures on troop involvement abroad mentioned soldiers stationed in asia air several u.s. lawmakers had no idea where they were former u.s. congressman ron paul told us the level of transparency is unsurprising. but i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger you heard senator graham there he didn't know we had a thousand troops in the air did you know i didn't know well i'm fortunately we don't like surprises it's sort of the routine especially with the new administration because the president has stated that he wants to keep everything under his best under his vest because he doesn't want people to know and he believes that's proper policy but it's not good good law because the constitution says he's not a lot of send troops around the world without the people in the congress knowing
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about it is because it's very difficult especially if they say well this is secret we can't let the people know we can't let the enemy know where our troops are as many as forty four thousand american troops stationed across the world and not being tracked by the pentagon it seems that according to u.s. military general stars and stripes and it claims that around three hundred thousand u.s. personnel are operating in more than one hundred fifty countries we got in touch with the u.s. defense department which told us that some personal motto is having an unknown location because they may for example be it see that its data center may not accurately reflect the force totals ron paul again says that explanation doesn't wash that's their excuse but that should not happen and in a republic i mean people are supposed to know what's going on most every country in the world is imperfect including ours but our immediate goal should be to improve our sails and not pretend that we can tell other people how to live and who should
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run their countries even though there are plenty of problems around but i don't think other people like us to take this role of secretly putting troops around the world and interfering in saying well we're we're going to improve your governments and we're going to tell you what to do if you don't do well we what we're going to put sanctions on you. as to whether he's a can so father kevin zero in moscow today at h.q. thanks a silly for watching a reminder of programs continue right after this break. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night with the six just full on
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austin the only show i go out of my way to watch a lot of the really packed a punch to please yap is the john oliver of archie america's got the same we are apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you've never heard of love redact of the night was the president of the world bank though kate on the right many seriously sent us an e-mail. credit as one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a line just i came to god and that that the desk i came to and in the spiral not. many lives have been broken like excessive to the banks got you into trouble and all the big bankers got big. government about the banks but i just didn't
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think of the ordinary men and the last morning through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face from happening you know you become ill you're going to job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is debt a life long trip or is there a way out of those actually come to bed or know would write to ditch a bill for so much suspicion some which. make this many. factor to sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling classes some protect themselves. the financial merry go round certainly the one percent. who ignore middle of the room signals. the real news
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group. led by wal-mart selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings promise to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that are going. to stop the spread of tell you that every gossip the public by file for the reporters. after it has been telling you on the whole enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we along with our love for her. to let her. illegal.
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i am an israeli old woman. that was born in haifa labs and i can play in ache for weight i cannot agree with so many things that's going on in my country better than me. it changed my life externally. is israeli was. born in the love my parents are both. in a certain way all across bibles i'm called actually i come or. really deal cause in
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the foreign wars. now. more. amusing is a very ordinary person who found himself wondering and the face of history. and i had to. to decide what to do the same situation and hopefully i found a way to. to give a meaning to a senseless. killing. your studies.
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oh s. . my mother was born in siberia and she was but fifteen or sixteen after they were of the russian the whole family came to his her in the beginning of the twenty is nineteen twenty something. on a boat my father though that was born in jerusalem met my mother there in the port when they're after israel and they married. my father from germany when most of poland were both. part of the socialists ernest movement the first at the time that the best thing to do in life was to be pointed nails into creating boats that's what they did.


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