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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 15, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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even recognize the right of north korea to exist has now has not recognized them as a nation and has no diplomatic relations so consequently who you talk to and how you relate to them is always a little unclear no one's holding the united states feet to the fire to unconditionally sit down until there's a resolution to this issue so that we can work toward a nonproliferation in demilitarisation of the korean peninsula. the u.k.'s top military officer has claimed russia's navy could somebody underwater cables disrupting communications and triggering a global economic chaos with more on the accusation his party boycott warning has come from assessed or at ph he is a senior nato official and he's also the chief of british defense stuff and he says that russian ships have been spotted perilously close to land take cables these are
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underwater very important strategic cables that cross the atlantic from europe to the u.s. and since according to peach russia has continued to develop its unconventional warfare well the internet could be the kremlin's next victim russia in addition to new ships and submarines continues to perfect unconventional capabilities in the formation wolf. and there's a new routes. to our way of lawrence which is the vulnerability of the cables that crisscross the sea well according to sir peach that kind of disruption could have catastrophic event effects and he stressed that russian ships are constantly cruising the atlantic's waters potentially with the purpose of causing these cables when no one is watching and as is often the case when military officials make
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these warnings well there is a way of mitigating this threat that he's talking about according to him and that is by spending more money on defense quite an important and perhaps also ironic side note to this story is the fact that these cable cables that we're talking about are the very same cables that we know that britain and the u.s. have been tapping we know that thanks to the leaks of edward snowden from back in two thousand and thirteen we know that g.c. h.q. the british spy agency also its u.s. counterpart the n.s.a. they've been gathering intelligence through these cables for years for example g.h.q. is tempora program that placed data or interceptors on those fiber optic cables that connect the u.s. and europe and all the information flowing from the u.k. was intercepted it made this sort of trance atlantic network that allowed british intelligence to access huge amounts of traffic going from europe to the u.s.
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the n.s.a. had a very similar program which is called prism as well none of that appears to bother this nato official who is making this warning about russia potentially cutting the cables the message from him appears to be the next time that your internet is playing up well before you start cursing your internet provider make sure it wasn't the russians first the u.s. previously raised. alleged underwater wiretapping by russia in twenty fifty backbend it was claimed moscow might be plotting to sever the lines during so-called periods of conflict no evidence however was put forward by either washington or london international if as a commentator jonathan steele says a person is using the threat of attacks real or imagined to avoid cutbacks to its armed forces protrudes is an old allegation i mean two years ago already very full
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officials in the pentagon in washington were making exactly the same claims i mean it's just part of the new technology that's available to. countries like russia and the united states and britain part of the sort of hard bridge. capabilities richer but it seems to be developing. satellites. sort of navies and air forces and armies always trying to get more money there was against cults so anything that helps them put forward what they think is a strong argument will try and use of course i mean we know that the longer. the united states managed to tap the secret on the water curveball in the sea of the hordes of the serviette nuclear forces to find out what sort of nuclear probabilities and in turn trends were so this is a very old technology. story of a meeting between a russian lawyer and donald trump's eldest son who was all across the media earlier
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this year natalia of us and it's guy i was pretty trade as a kremlin agent even though she repeatedly denied any such links last month the lawyer was asked to respond to questions from a u.s. senate committee on it skier wrote to the senators stating that donald trump jr was seeking evidence of illegal donations to the clinton foundation when she replied that she had no such evidence he apparently lost interest in the conversation that's when it's quiet believes trump a junior high. misunderstood the nature of the meeting she expected the senate committee to publish her written testimony but never happened so she handed it to the us media person it's told us more about the controversial meeting called them to smear so this summer it dawned on me why mr trump decided to promise some incriminating information just look at the third and this is the latter that the congressman questioned me about this e-mail paints the whole picture of the spy
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drama that's been unfolding since july and the first part of the letter goldstone writes the crown prosecutor of russia has information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and you will receive this is part of russia and its government support for your father when you see all this so you can't help but wonder how such stuff could happen if the crown prosecutor from goldstone's latter is the russian prosecutor general it means that he's giving information that's actually and implicates russia itself in supporting one of the presidential candidates it is total nonsense that various government offices in the us are working with this nonsense spending millions of taxpayer dollars on investigations of peanuts and smear campaigns that ruin people's reputations and careers of course others score political points and become popular politicians or journalists and don't forget about the huge army of lawyers who also make money for mess they are
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happy so much excitement. that clashes are continuing in the west bank over the contested status of jerusalem we've got that story and lost its cover. it's all the politicians who make people afraid that we have better relations with russia better relations with the united states only to enforce a law suit from nationalism in brussels and the european union that is the real reason and this is something i don't subscribe. to. just by accident i discovered about the struggle of the. that was a moment where isis targets the body looked like it was about to be destroyed and
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as someone who called themselves this hero some people struggling for on the kist ideology if i didn't somebody with the skill with the ability to go and help those people in the existential struggle in a moment of need then my whole life i'd not be a hypocrite. welcome back now riots are continuing in the west bank following washington's controversial recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital for palestinian protesters were killed and dozens were injured on friday in clashes with soldiers.
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palestinian is said to be in a course of the decision after allegedly stopping an israeli defense soldier stay at a checkpoint when to stand in the west bank town of ramallah. while here in jerusalem there were a small number of protesters spent most of the day shouting allah akbar no they were generally peaceful although there were some small but intense scuffles between palestinian protesters and the israeli security services here including we saw footage of what appears to be a woman being punched in the face by a member of the security services in addition to that small group of women who were holding that protest for a number of hours actually were at one point preventing jewish people from being able to leave and go up the steps here at damascus gate and as a result of that the security services came down and forcibly removed them pushing them up the steps and away from this area so the tensions still remain there bubbling not just under the surface but over the surface people incredibly unhappy
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by that decision by dawn from move that a week ago now on the latest develops of that we've heard also that he and lebanon have decided that they are going to open embassies for palestine here in east jerusalem that comes off the back of that extraordinary meeting that was held in istanbul just a few days ago where it was announced by the organization of islamic cooperation that they would recognize east jerusalem as being the official capital of palestine in direct contradiction from what the usa did more than a week ago by recognizing to reach them as being the capital of israel therefore the tensions still remain and it seems though it's not just a tension here between israelis and palestinians but this is a tension that so expanding to many other countries in the world. protests in solidarity with palestine are being held across the middle east in jordan of capital crowds demonstrated outside the u.s. embassy after friday prayers while in beirut in lebanon hundreds of people gathered
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outside the u.n. building waving palestinian flags. protests have been raging in gaza as well one march was. largely peaceful but saw protesters burn u.s. and israeli flags elsewhere in gaza things quickly spiraled out of control as a local journalist encouraged very reports we are still are not close but freezone and tensions are increasing the israeli army are throwing tear gas bombs as you can see actually raids of tear gas bombs they're also throwing live bullets we can hear the live bullets. as you can see. bombs are finding the place people are running. the ambulances here taking dangerously. low blows.
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was. a sense the morning there were lots of protests and demonstrations all over gaza strip there was a million march all over gaza strip the palestinian factions and the palestinian leaders come out their supporters and the palestinian citizens to come to the confrontations to contract with the israelis against to express their anger i got startled trips decision the israeli army has a message using undercover agents to arrest palestinian protesters in this video you can see how several people dressed as civilians help i.d.f. offices in riot gear to detain demonstrated you can also see that they turned out to be armed during my guns as soon as the arrest started. trunks has banned mobile phones from primary and middle schools on public health grounds the new ruling won't come into effect until september next year the
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students using phones at school have has already been a divisive topic in other countries including the u.k. i start looking at. the row social on. amaziah to you seeing the best or worst of people on social media this is what i think why don't they just come i phones and talks about friends during the break time play just do what we all used to do as kids and then take their friends when they go home and just you know just leave it for six hours i think if you just legislating for a problem that doesn't exist i mean i think you know technology is coming you know they need these things are around people have them and you legislating for i think a problem that really doesn't exist i mean i'm twenty five i remember when i was in secondary school and you weren't on your phone the entire time you know when you were in your breaks your other playing football or hanging out with your mates you're trying to deal the problem with being stereotyped by the media about young people constantly being on the phone constantly being hooked on it and it just it's
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a myth it doesn't really exist actually are rather going to computer in my session to go through that we've got enough computer at the university to not have to rely on phones schools most secondary schools and universities are slightly richer most secondary schools can afford. to have laptops or computers in every classroom so having the ability of having students access information online via their phones is quite useful to be honest my class were all quite happy to leave our phones i leave my phone in the office during university time so why can't they do the same and they are kind of in agreement with may interaction between students and teachers the so important they need to leave the friends at home leave them told to leave the classroom even to break time they need to sort of concentrate on what they're doing with any class time. i just think we are all the degrees of our mobile phones we coped without mobile phones i just think you don't need the phone
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is just a tool technology is not going to suddenly go away do legislating is like being a luddite you know when when the invention of machinery started coming into factories and people were against that the reality. this kind of stuff is happening and people are moving forward and for me schools have to break into the education system a lot more than the thing at the moment telling kids not to do something they will end up doing the complete opposite so it's better to just embrace it and use it as a tool to expand. the russian economy minister alexei has been found guilty of taking a two million dollar bribe he's the highest profile official to receive such a conviction. was previously the deputy chairman of russia's central bank for nine years and was also the russian deputy finance minister during flatmate putin's first presidential term he's known for his role in the early economic reforms in russia after the fall of the soviet union. has more on the conviction. of who held
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the position of economy minister for three years was arrested last november during a late night sting operation where he accepted a two million dollars bribe from the c.e.o. of rosneft a state run oil company here and russia and according to the court he demanded that sum and exchange for his ministries approval of the sale of another major oil company here in russia to rosneft saying that he would actually impede the deal if he was denied for his part of has pled not guilty from the start and claims that he's the victim of a setup however the court found no proof of that claim he insists that the bag that he received the night of the sting he was under the impression that it contained a gift of wine and not a massive bribe he used to be fined around two million dollars and faces eight years in prison he's called the decision unfair but says that he's not giving up hope and his lawyers have already said that they will be appealing the court's decision this is of course been a very closely followed case here and russia and today's verdict does make will cry of the highest ranking russian official to be convicted of corruption charges ever
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. now a quirk in russian law could see a father facing a hefty fine or even jail time for using a tracking device. to follow away what cow. to the latter to the highest level up to four years in prison for a simple g.p.s. tracking device attached to a cow sounds weird if not surreal but thanks to one peculiarity in russia's criminal law it's real. meat eve guinea the suspect it's. slash farmer. slash father. i was going to make a cola for this cough and attach a g.p.s. tracker to it so it was all so that i can see his whereabouts at least roughly when i need to know who is in. the cafe is a terror when he just disappears every now and then. we have huge areas of abandoned and it's hard for me to run after him because i've asked him there were
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times with this one once i spent two whole days searching for. a tiny gadget that would save the day why not fetch it online for a bargain price and so you gave me did only to be met by officers at the post office the g.p.s. tracker had a built in mike which makes it an illegal spying device if there's no license technically here's your crime the result a confiscated gadget and either crippling fine or prison plus the dubious honor of being the first ever spy in the village or really in the middle of nowhere. getting in trouble like this i couldn't have imagined not even in a nightmare. if the jail him were in my daughter's future a fine would be very harsh it would really hurt our pockets so i do it's terrifying for us after a bit of research we thought it could be one of the things our t.
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should bring up on thursday. as far as i know last year more than two hundred people were found guilty under the same law. what can you say about that is that i didn't even get the reasons for using g.p.s. for what purpose was it always thought that if we ordered the gadget online from china because the calf would run loose with the zip is that illegal was he obliged to pay for it there is an article in the russian criminal code under which people can be charged if. i didn't even know that such an order existed i'll definitely look into that article in the cases with those individuals it's the first time i'm hearing about problems with attaching such things to cat was i know the trackers or even put on cats to make sure they don't get lost what's the problem with couse this needs to be sorted out i'll handle it. years ago i didn't think my problem would get publicity i hope this means that they reconsider the law because lots of people have suffered because of this when i was watching the t.v.
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i was nervous i hope the case is resolved in my favor and maybe we can breathe freely by new year. so there's mr terre waste chance to be less of a trouble maker without any laws being broken he'll have a tranquil r t have your day on the day stories by following us on facebook and twitter and join me again for the latest at the top. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did i took a life style game bigger than the death star game and it was. many lives have been broken excessive. banks got. big bankers got big. banks but i didn't think of.
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many. lost money there is a back handed down by creditors people see no future bad face for half a mil into a job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty. is debt a lifelong trouble or is there a way out of those actually trying to bed an hour for an old market to ditch a bill for more cisco someone. with more make this manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. with the famous merry go round certainly the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signal. is
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really cold. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things were considered peter lavelle it
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would seem the more the anti trampers push to have the president removed from office the more we learn about the media in such places as the f.b.i. how they really work to date the investigation known as russia gate has revealed preciously little though we're learning there was collusion elsewhere. across talking real collusion i'm joined by my guest richard goodstein in washington he is a democratic political strategist and a former adviser to hillary clinton's two presidential campaigns in miami we have john karr below he is host of off the cuff on rebel media and in phoenix we cross to josh bernstein he is a t.v. talk show host all right gentlemen cross talk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate josh i'm going to go to you first because one of my one of the crosstalk rules is always go to the person that got up early is for this program and that is you want to talk about some of the things
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that's coming out of the the f.b.i. in the in the special investigation into. alleged collusion with russia during the election we have this peter stroke you know and he's written some you know with his girlfriend pretty nasty things about donald trump you know he's a he's an eighty eight he is a nuisance sees a menace what you know all these kind of thing that's fine that's fine you can have an opinion like that but when you have something like this i want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in andy's office presumably that's and you mccabe there is there is no way he gets elected but i am afraid. we can't take the risk it's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event that you're going to die before forty i mean that that's more than just saying you don't like someone calling somebody a creep or something like that that sounds like you've got a plan and you've got power and you're going to make things happen behind the scenes how do you read that josh well i think i read this as the elites and the
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deep state and the globalists they all expected hillary clinton to be the next president united states but the american people thought otherwise and they voted overwhelmingly to make donald trump the forty fifth president of the united states . for rod rosenstein to say with a straight face and any testimony that he believes that there is no collusion and that he doesn't think that robert mueller should be either investigated or or replaced is just insane it truly is i mean if you look at and i'm calling it collusion g.p.s. but if you look at fusion g.p.s. and you see all the things that have happened from bruce or and nellie or being part of that organization then you have the fact that they were having secret meetings approved or had secret meetings with the people at fusion g.p.s. with glenn simpson and of course with christopher steele the one who planted the fake russian da ca it is absolutely incredible why the justice department is not
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putting a special prosecutor on robert mueller to investigate iranian one n. fusion g.p.s. is beyond all recognition i can't even imagine why that is not happening the only thing i can think of is maybe jeff sessions is compromised in some respects you know richard way in there i mean these are i mean it at the very least these are uncomfortable things that have been revealed that have been during the election in the transit high ranking member of the f.b.i. who get this kind of the this information i mean they had to really put in they're still apparently at the f.b.i. about all this go ahead richard. peter do you assume your viewers know about alice in wonderland where up was down and in was out in black with white justice refer to this overwhelming victory this is a victory by somebody who got forty six percent his opponent got three million more votes fifty four percent of the people rejected him he had the lowest twenty five
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percent of the electoral richard clinton i'm so going to say no can you read peter kill you address the f.b.i. question please i am i i am i am the f.b.i. is what won this election for donald trump why because colmes which pressured by f.b.i. agents in new york right and he put out his press conference back in july last year criticizing hillary i was totally against the rules he put out that letter eleven days before the election would totally undermined her at a time when the f.b.i. knew darn well that donald trump was in was basically working with the russians or the russians or trying to trying to help him and did nothing basis close the case on the dossier now that say they found that johnson and that the democrats paid for him presumably the i know what i know i mean i'm ok all right let me get let me pulling on here richard you're always a jewel on the program but let me go to let me go to john here ok but ok if we can if we connect the dots here if where you were using you know when i just gave that
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quote right there i mean that looks to me like trying to get find so warrants on your political enemies and this is the f.b.i. ok you know if you want to go after your political opponents in your political party that's fair game everybody does it this is the f b i ok i want to know more about these types of things because we need to know if the f.b.i. is it is corrupt and it needs to be and people needed to be weeded out there because i read these things here i find it really quite shocking this is the politicization of the justice department here that is a banana republic go ahead john. oh absolutely look and i just want to one comment to richard i love that the amusement was kind of laughing richard and democrats seem to forget that we don't elect presidents here on the popular vote donald trump took seventy four more electoral votes than hillary it was a blowout it was a landslide and so who the two so you that that he was overwhelmingly elected is
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absolute gentlemen gentlemen and rich or not you know that enough josh has had so i don't want to talk about the election anymore i'm sick and tired of that election but i want to talk about what's going on now ok go ahead john in miami let's talk about the f.b.i. though here so let me say this i began my career in law enforcement i began my career in law enforcement with the n.y.p.d. i worked on very high profile cases what you are seeing is unprecedented improper and in my opinion illegal strokes text now like you said earlier peter there were a lot of nothing berger's in those attacks but it only requires one damning piece of evidence and that text where he talks about insurance policies where he essentially is talking about undermining a presidential campaign because he and a few other people and let's be clear ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of f.b.i. agent street agents do their job bravely with integrity with fidelity the acronym you know the f.b.i. is motto but nobody bravery integrity we're talking about
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a few bad actors at the top we're talking about the arch villain andrew mccabe we're talking about the moron puppet james komi who was fired and by the way the president has every right to fire the f.b.i. director should a president who is the chief law enforcement officer he can fire the f.b.i. director because it's tuesday and raining and he's in a bad mood he doesn't need a reason and peter stroke who was mccain's little henchmen so they were definitely plotting to undermine the presidential election it wasn't a political politicization of the f.b.i. it was the weaponization of the department of justice of the f.b.i. of the intelligence community on behalf of criminal one of the dirtiest people ever in politics hillary clinton people need to go to jail.


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