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is also the chief of british defense stuff and he says that russian ships have been spotted perilously close to atlantic cables these are underwater very important strategic cables that cross the atlantic from europe to the u.s. and since according to peach russia has continued to develop its unconventional warfare well the internet could be the kremlin's next victim russia in addition to new ships and submarines continues to perfect unconventional capabilities and information wolf. and there's a numerous. to our way of lawrence which is the vulnerability of the cables that crisscross the well according to sources peach that kind of disruption could have catastrophic event effects and he stressed that russian ships are constantly cruising the atlantic's waters potentially with the purpose of causing these cables
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when no one is watching and as is often the case when military officials make these warnings well there is a way of mitigating this threat that he's talking about according to him and that is by spending more money on defense quite an important and perhaps also ironic side note to this story is the fact that these cable cables that we're talking about are the very same cables that we know that britain and the u.s. have been tapping we know that thanks to the leaks of edward snowden from back in two thousand and thirteen we know that g.c. h.q. the british spy agency also its u.s. counterpart the n.s.a. they've been gathering intelligence through these cables for years for example g.h. hughes temper a program that placed dates or interceptors on those fiber optic cables that connect the u.s. and europe and all the information flowing from the u.k.
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was intercepted it made this sort of trance atlantic network that allowed british intelligence to access huge amounts of traffic going from europe to the u.s. the n.s.a. had a very similar program which is called prism as well none of that appears to bother this nato official who is making this warning about russia potentially cutting the cables the message from him appears to be the next time that your internet is playing up well before you start cursing your internet provider make sure it wasn't the russians for us to the u.s. previously raised concern. alleged underwater wiretapping by russia in twenty fifteen back then it was clear plotting to step up allowing so-called periods of conflict no evidence however was put forward by and international affairs commentator jonathan steele says britain is using the threat level officials in the pentagon in washington are making exactly the same it's just part of the new
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technology that's available to. countries like russia and the united states and britain part of the sort of hybrid. capabilities which everybody seems to be developing. satellites harbored what sort of navies and air forces and bombers are always trying to get more money they're always against cuts so anything that helps them put forward what they think is a strong argument will try and use of course i mean we know that it's long margin seventy one the united states managed to top the secret on the water curve ball in the sea of the hordes of the serviette nuclear forces to find out what sort of nuclear probabilities an intention is worth so this is a very old technology. story of a meeting between a russian lawyer and donald trump's eldest son was all over the media earlier this year natalia vessel at sky was portrayed as a criminal agent even though she reaches of the meeting she expected the senate
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committee to publish her written testimony but this never how u.s. media vest on its guy and told us more about the controversial meeting could lead them to smear the nation just look at the e-mail that got the attention of the president's son it was sent on june the thing it and this is the latter that the congressman questioned me about this e-mail paints the whole picture of the spy drama that's been unfolding since july in the first implicates russia itself in supporting one of the presidential candidates it is total nonsense variously and served taxpayer dollars on investigations subpoenas and smear come. pains that ruin people's reputations and career is of course of the school political points and become popular politicians or jam this and don't forget about the huge army of lawyers who also make money from mess they are happy so much excitement. clashes are continuing in the west bank over the contested stages of jerusalem we've got
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the last story and still to come after the break. it would seem the more the anti trampers push to have the president removed from office the more we learn about the media in such places is the f.b.i. how they really work to date the investigation known as russia gate has revealed preciously little we're learning there was collusion elsewhere. what's the quid pro quo for people who are happy to pay the maximum in the extortion racket that the drug and insurance companies got the government to impose an unconstitutional tax called obamacare is that they are bought in to america's various foreign policies raped and pillaged for a few bucks that's the foreign policy or two pharmaceutical companies created opiate crisis domestically you don't hear anyone questioning that unless n.b.c. or c.n.n. b.c.
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or any of the mainstream media outlets they all buy into it they get paid a lot of money they'll pay the stipend to the health extortionist and the obamacare folks as long as they push the line that there's still an active ghostlike population that's crawling around america fishing through garbage pails living on five dollars a day entering the third world and trying to game the system twenty four seven. welcome back a former russian economy minister and that kind of has been found guilty of taking a two million dollar bribe he's the highest profile official to receive such a conviction when he was previously the deputy chairman of russia's central bank the nine years and was also the russian deputy finance minister during. a presidential term he's known for his role in the early economic reforms in russia
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after the full of the soviet union. has more on the conviction who kind of who held the position of economy minister for three years was arrested last november during a late night sting operation where he accepted into million dollar bribes from the c.e.o. of rosneft a state run oil company here and russia and according to the court he demanded that sum and exchange for his ministries approval of the sale of another major oil company here in russia to ross snuffed saying that he would actually impede the deal if he was denied for purposes his. has pled not guilty from the start and claims that he's the victim of a setup however the court found no proof of that claim he insists that the bag that he received the night of the sting he was under the impression that it contained a gift of wine and not a massive bribe he used to be fine around two million dollars and faces eight years in prison he's called the decision unfair but that he's not giving up hope and his lawyers have already said that they will be appealing the court's decision this is of course been a very closely followed case here and russia and today's verdict does make the
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highest ranking russian official to be convicted of corruption charges of or. at least for palestinian protesters have been shot dead by israeli security forces on the tenth day of rest of the decision by donald trump to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel so a deep and ski reports from the city. palestinian is said to be in the course of the decision after allegedly stabbing an israeli defense soldier to day at a checkpoint when to stand in the west bank town of ramallah while here in jerusalem there were a small number of protesters spent most of the day shouting. no they were generally peaceful although there was some small but intense scuffles between palestinian
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protesters and the israeli security services here including we saw footage of what appears to be a woman being punched in the face and then go over the security services in addition to that small group of women who were holding that protest for a number of hours actually were one point preventing jewish people from being able to leave and go up the steps here at damascus gate and as a result of that the security services came down and forcibly removed them pushing them up the steps and away from this area so the tensions. you remain there bubbling not just under the surface but over the surface people incredibly unhappy by that decision by dawn from move that a week ago on the latest develops of that we've heard also that he and lebanon have decided that they are going to open embassies for palestine here in east jerusalem that comes off the back of that extraordinary meeting that was held in istanbul just a few days ago where it was announced by the organization of islamic cooperation
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that they would recognize east jerusalem as being the official capital of palestine in direct contradiction from what the usa did more than a week ago by recognizing jerusalem as being the capital of israel therefore the tensions still remain and it seems though it's not just a tension here between israelis and palestinians but this is a tension that's so expanding to many other countries in the world and this video shot on the israeli gaza border you can see a severely disabled man taking part in a protest it's believed he lost both his legs several years ago during israeli airstrikes he was hit by israeli gunfire on friday and died while other protesters tried to carry him to safety according to local officials israeli soldiers suspected the man was wearing a bomb belt. protests in solidarity with palestine are being held across the middle east in jordan's capital crowds demonstrated outside the u.s. embassy off of friday prayers on in beirut in lebanon hundreds of people gathered
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outside the u.n. building waving palestinian flags. and in these images from gaza you can see protesters running from tear gas carrying injured people elsewhere in the territory things quickly spiraled out of control as local journalist reports we are still are not allowed the free zone and tensions are freezing there israeli army are throwing tear gas bombs as you can see i. actually raids of tear gas bombs there are also throwing live bullets we can hear the live bullets. as you can see. bombs are finding the planes people are running. the ambulances here taking dangerously. low. was. sent the morning there were lots of protests and demonstrations all over
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gaza strip there were a million march all over gaza strip the palestinian factions and palestinian leaders come out their supporters and the palestinian citizens to come to the confrontations conference with the israelis against to express their anger i got startled trumps decision. the israeli army has admitted using undercover agents to arrest palestinian protesters in this video you can see how several people dressed as civilians helped i.d.f. saw officers in riot gear to detain demonstrators you can also see that they turned out to be armed during my guns as soon as the of rest started. france has banned mobile phones from primary and middle schools on public health grounds the new ruling won't come into effect until september next year we heard some contrasting views on the story i start looking at. the role on social media
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to you seeing the best or worst of people on social media that's what i think wives are only just for humans and talked about from during the break time just do work we were used to tell us codes and then take the forms when we go home i'm just going to just leave hurt for six hours i think if you're just legislating for a problem that doesn't exist i mean i think you know technology. coming you know they need these things are around people have them and you're legislating for i think a problem that really doesn't exist i mean i'm twenty five i remember when i was in secondary school and you weren't on your phone the entire time you know when you were in your breaks your other playing football or hanging out with your mates you're trying to deal the problem with being stereotyped by the media about young people constantly being on the phone constantly being hooked on it and it just it's a myth it doesn't really exist actually are rather going to computer in my session to go through that we've got enough computer at the university to not have to rely
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on phones schools most secondary schools and universities are slightly richer most secondary schools can afford. to have laptops or computers in every classroom so having the ability of having students access information online via their phones is quite useful to be honest my class were all quite happy to leave their phones i leave my phone in the office during university time so why can't they do the same and they were kind of in agreement with may interaction between students and teachers the so important they need to leave their friends at home leave them told to leave the classroom even to break time they need to sort of concentrate on what they're doing with their in class time. i just think we all did degrees without mobile phones we coped without mobile phones i just think you don't need this phone is just a tool technology is not just going to suddenly go away do legislating is like being a luddite you know when when the invention of machinery started coming into factories
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and people were against that the realities of this kind of stuff is happening and people are moving forward and for me schools have to embrace than build it into their education system a lot more than they're doing at the moment telling kids not to do something they will end up doing the complete opposite so it's better to just embrace it and use it as a tool to expand. the use of phones at school has already been a divisive topic in other countries new york city introduced a similar rule back in two thousand and five but it was scrapped ten years later on the grounds that it was preventing parents from communicating with their children a recent study by the london school of economics found that banning low bars can improve academic results but under the current rules in the u.k. the decision is up to individual schools. to police officers in the u.s. city of cincinnati are being accused of using excessive force and poor judgment after they tasered suspects during a domestic dispute inquiry but he comforted all of the incident which happened
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earlier this year has only just surfaced a warning you may find the following footage disturbing. yes. the officers confronted two men inside a house tasering them and without prior indication they were under arrest one of the men suffered from a collapsed lung as a result of the confrontation a complaint was filed but the county prosecutor has prevented the officers from being interviewed until a criminal investigation is completed stun guns are considered a non-lethal weapon to subdue targets bert's when misused can result in death since the turn of the century over one thousand people have died in the us after being tasered by police on average nine out of every ten of those victims were unarmed and it's also been revealed that a number of those tasered also hurt mental illnesses. now concerns of police abuse
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have prompted honesty international to issue an appeal to strict a tazer of what was in the u.s. one victim who sued offices described what he went. to recovered like physically but mentally on the. heart of think about still even though it's been one year. later. it's repeatedly did it over and over and over and two days into it they just tell me that there was not going to be
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a bomb on. the way they were laughing and. pretty much having fun with it. that they were going to try and kill me. well there were doubts he would love to hear your thoughts on today's stories so do get in touch by following us on facebook and twitter not be back in just over thirty minutes with the latest headline so i mean.
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credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a lot in the hole just i came bigger and met that the debt steichen bigger and it was spiraling out of control. many lives have been broken by excessive to the banks got you into trouble and all the big bankers got big. on the government by the banks but i just didn't think of the the ordinary men who rushed mornings through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face from happening you know you become ill you don't your job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is dead a lifelong drug war is the way out of those national front of it and over and over the right to judge bill from so morphed cisco from what.
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i would call make this manufactured consensus institute of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round. the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news is really low. very well could lead to the stan collymore show as we count down to the great to show it to the wall cook golden boot and a personal hero of mine that's got really need to disclose these stories.
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so. it's really going to. pull some music for you to apply for the contrary. if you countries. it's the highest thing you can do in terms of obviously. wise you know you want to play for clothes you want to play freshly you want to make it to the game and then obviously brought it up. is international football so you want to represent your country you know where the show where the badge and so it was always a massive ambition i've never an ambition i honestly thought i'd realize because i was kind of a developer i didn't get in the squad and so i was twenty four. right now it's one
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thousand six hundred to get cool parents will squalled. with i would great expectancy yes everyone thought we should beat portugal we were you know we were on top in that game the conditions were extraordinarily difficult it's hard to describe them if you would if you went out now and just stood out. in the heat that we played in you go oh my god i need to get in just standing there let alone running around so it was difficult but it's hard to appreciate that when things didn't go. there's enough guy even then they ended up score and kind of. go a little bit against the run apply and all of a sudden we're into the car no me a linux guy and insurance the moroccans which bicyclists we all go home i use and i are all can going as well i've wanted to i remember going down the road and him one and some new trade off the law it just was just wasn't happening and. brian robson did he showed yeah right wilkins got sent off and kind of rolled and
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she winds rose the board of the right wilkins is the most been going for it all around the plot is kind of one of the most but knowing seminole from the tone of it as well he just kind of just didn't really exactly throw the ball referee like we supposedly did but so then we would go. hey did gary lineker feel about paul and. supports all men who said roy you stall to don't worry trysting you're going to put pressure on you that's always pressure you always put pressure on yourself but i kind of like those moments. you know like to be under pressure like the big moment so i just went into the game first really do i was playing i just really wanted to know the god i remember these team to our should be. before the game in the morning of the game normally they're quite long before the polling kind of goes all in together and yet these customers clipboard on the side and he said boys he said i can give you all the permutations of ife we can win if we draw or if we had this
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and that but you know what you've got a day he's got to go out there for your country you play for the badge you've got the three lines what we need today you just need to win a sky i know you can do it we know we can do it and he was like goose bumps on the back of the net and all the boys were just about. to get out that we would like and he goes but if anyone's interested this if you put me to any. guy and spend the next forty five minutes going through it you're. all right how true it will cope what you remember. the golds and the guy and how you felt after the game when the formal whistle blew it was all right we joked to him it was amazing and it was beyond khan of any dreams that you could say you know we're under pressure men be playing if they made a few changes of super bowl xliii in the hateley cookies even the that it was probably the more obvious would have been suppressed to leave me out but probably saw something and he took a chance for tommy never really played. a strong kind of base leader the
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ten until diminutive strikers and then he brought in thing you know paid arrayed and glenn hoddle and all of a sudden. we start to keep the ball we place a good football you know we kept the ball for the goal is a bit of an avid some go. gary stevens crossed it and i just did what i did just download on the space and all of the students in the back of the net people tell us what it feels like to go on to be honest it's like an explosion of different emotions obviously does a massive amount of joy perhaps the most important thing especially when you've got a clutch we haven't got his relief a few minutes late you know brilliant move verdict right go down that you know down the left told you which went in and it just came in and i'm just one of those where you just take a little bit off it and just wanted to get into the ball and then and then whatever it was late so few minutes later colin to keep when he died he date nothing had
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happened in the previous guy who was the king of guys who had dropped straight from a post in the back of the net do you think you lost the chinese that i knew that was a massive difference from a person a young and same and everything else but you know in hindsight they described the go in particular as absolutely a lot of changes. because everything that was subsequently followed is is because of. the time exciting stuff but probably didn't really think about it in terms of that code. when you school trick you when you've been in the room you know it's mostly to win the golden boot all you have to have. said before that sort of that's what i want to do is i'm you know you go up every time on the plate in any case with a top score always but it's always going to lay going to win the gold and i was absolutely obsessed so i was going on as all get you know notice and i'm looking at the saying i'm thinking where am i on the charts and i knew everything old it's all
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right so my dad would probably the only person in time you need to have a bell may have me at fourteen so ball going next how did you go into that guy. full of confidence now just a totally different dynamic different personal faith in that same as well all of a sudden imposing a go selves for one of the great go go i am going to be asked to take up all of a sudden he felt like it was the. coach you know in the madness that was in schilling the security that press the media they just went up another level with the guy and then there is one of these. cool thing every generation england against knowledge and so you know what was the mood about playing against maradona all through the best player in the world you were scoring goals. didn't he was that outside boy on yeah we didn't demand from a market it's not kind of in. t.n.a. so it was basically you know you have a he does drift and it's always been difficult when you play kind of full for two years to play that crisp between the lines which he did brilliantly it was just by
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say the nearest money sketch and closely as possible you know because this is going to do the i wasn't that far away when he started the second. and it was just that was good even though just before the observer to think it's on plan all of which i hadn't seen and so recently i had no idea and i like how did the refs miss that. let a lot of the go yeah i didn't get too close very often i've no view of the hundred going to i couldn't see. but it's all you know from where i was to many pleasant i could say but obviously it was quite obvious from the reaction of. terry butcher bernie around all that was happening and then i'm going to do that and i said was he done it. yet i mean sure you know it's not an on they wouldn't even in my mind to even think about doing that but you know they did different countries different cultures different backgrounds but that was perceived as being really.


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