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into my about naaman unfeasable on and off the old david knox is likely to have and i'll go through it with you as a first date and so that they would have to have offered as you're told had bought . them with this record as a magazine. even then give yourself. medium. so class of your french i want to see what can be said the only thing or spawning inflorescence in will follow and proceed so they know they can watch out for a fine convincing sense. yet for mona the road to debt reduction will be a long one the consultants have begun to negotiate with some of her creditors but she will be free of debt for another seven or eight years. helen dumped them when they were putting as a consequence they thought it would have been to pay some of. the men to want to
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take to be. senator you do this simply. the start of serious cable for indeed all. the. movies i said as it has all dealing a different i think we do need to. stay in the all star wars. do you for a show mission screw to really a reason. there was a use of. force also so there's a loser law. many don't look out for taking first. or. so how. to pay. for the first of the. value to be able to go again with the thought at all
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it was all code or law so they will have a clue for you. what was yours and your go to work as well as learn plate to do the helping over indebted people has become a very lucrative business in denmark and yet these two consultants are not the most expensive on the market some of the competitors charge fees of up to five hundred euros per month not to mention the percentage of around fifty percent that they take on the amount saved through debt renegotiation. it is clear for to live at men that my store my hoping you can only shreya the. atlanta school to take in we have an auntie ality in particular county it is the land media often the ticking all getting in for free means k. and so on and on about felt that we were typically men or scooping the day and that's why the victims are going to keep pussy human that i am not mom. has some
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fun so so mean so moments he chewed me out. for paul for some grat fact has been to face a middy ha. as of this mackey of who is bullshit artist from marcus for math i was first at you get this get a mountain air mattress for us and then had not thought of for us to first quarter face in it a look at the how it got knocked down normal force it into tick up for paul a man to see him an obvious amends cover and certain and slyly a-basin artists that here. meant big love you rick became an estate for bore some for vo substracted not matter after football era from maffra lack of face to men's got a deficit for poorer for pork or for poor. in this society of abundance where temptation and frustration are present in equal measure ever more
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subtle techniques are used to encourage consumers to resort to credit and to make it as easy as possible france has widely developed what is called revolving credit renewable loans with very high interest rates which can be a formidable driver of overindebtedness. look at your new lover is took out in his belly during the storm. paul i meet that mean so many all. this he see within. me with the who says. you feel i'm you. crazy i have a p.c.b. a. vision. was a little boxy said crazy over who caused the tree in. north. pole sitter could extend motion a prevent. if you go home or federal books either could put
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capital. to this entity it be a good. my guest and you can. see this on the. books or not so you can read it back to duty. on the north. korea. look at that. the pioneer of revolving credit in france coffee currently belongs to b.n.p. perry personal finance who also unsettling it's the number one consumer credit company in france and in europe with twenty thousand employees and twenty million clients represent an outstanding debt of sixty billion euros for its c.e.o. it is only normal that the cost of our evolving loan is a lot higher than a conventional low. level source in a known. criminal system oh.
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it was you. were to move to continuous in a matter of. this song scream you're just going to cancel. it oh well i. believe it was that our year. be. released. because of the nuclear war most of. the. info was a vicious the us to really know it was a short time. the problem is that these revolving loans figure in seventy percent of files of over a debt are people and sometimes it leads to tragedy indeed some have nicknamed revolving credit revolver credit. one morning in august two thousand and nine jack discovered the lifeless body of his wife claudine who had hung herself in the
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laundry room of their house with a letter in the pocket of her shorts. of true situation like injuries in these. abusing the industry folk. negras the mother of four children and it was she who managed the family accounts as her husband worked abroad two hundred days a year she would fortunes signature and never spoke to him about the infernal spiral she was being sucked into a vicious circle of new loans taken out to pay off the old ones twenty seven in all in the space of three years for a total amount of over two hundred thousand euros in two thousand and ten the french minister for the economy christine legarde passed a consumer credit reform through parliament post tighter controls on revolving credit reports or the op was dongle is on. a pretty henceforth for all purchases exceeding one thousand euros sales people who offer revolving credit solutions must also offer an alternative a conventional loan. that if it is at the new made me that it has for
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forty missed the way they are lifting. to tell me or. happy due to the table being. home. with lee to. go there to. he is. he would like. to. leave. the smaller me mom no salad there let the. city do. it because i've been familiar to. you. he would need to. be seven years every day and yet in two thousand and sixteen five years after its
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coming into force the so-called legard law does not seem to be respected the consumer association c.l. c.v. has carried out a widespread investigation across sixty banners and thirty three french departments lunatic move up the food is the immediate more could you will move you have left don't preach what some people some of the time but do need to quickly i'm off to stop long commutes for some people silica speak the minute pregnant extra tickets will result push. through the price it could ship. was a much younger woman but it's said that. simplicity of handle. this not only is the guard law not
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respected more worryingly it has circumvented in two thirds of cases sales people propose an interest free loan payable in several installments at first sight consumers would be silly to refuse as zero percent financing but there's a hitch to be entitled to it one must usually subscribe to the store loyalty card which does contain early valving credit option was fast and month that it will be on. it's almost as. if i was belonging to some place and i talked to him. like i was seeing god now because that was a full can sample i was so close and it's really tough to say off these parts will show them the story of the crazy visuals of the cia everything. like when you all know it's coming through and spoke to if somebody would have been put in the group i'm going to spend my life to playing committees are a little disturbed person of the soul to those critics.
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every night over we were attacked by the arabs we will attack them and we will extremely short. of saying that's not possible oh me doesn't do such things and then the soldiers simply myself from the. host with the prisoner we've all got gold with over they all. believe much second close citizens in the. most liked and i think in my head that there is noone will be able to live together without. odd. about it under the rhythm of them a bit but that's not a kind of you know me my that. came at that but listen listen the soul has
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to know me a little more to me it's just luck. to. them. rather than beginning to get it doesn't it doesn't assume i'm out sunday the nut job i love to talk about something as innocent. and then a morsel of a not that i'm of one's gonna find out i'm. not going to enter now would come from indiana netflix or. something else no count but somehow the moment someone saw was in a gas. can and i. know i have heard it.
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i was. three feet into a gun point blank myself over your shoulder in a government thing is over. i was. thirty years out of. the clear pick a windy day lindsay like to think that british. consumers are not actually obliged to use the revolving credit option contained in the loyalty card but you to a need or a simple urge many consumers end up doing so and when they do there is no discussion with the sales person and no possibility of choosing a far less expensive and more ties a baloney. in
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the u.k. the government has simply chosen to tighten controls on lenders that offer what are called payday loans a kind of way to tell us as a rule these are very short term loans with weiqi reimbursements which can reach astronomical sums if the borrower happens to miss out repeatedly and we keep payments henceforth in their advertising these lenders are obliged to mention the cost on a yearly basis the a.p.r. or annual percentage. the pain i'm from the money shot takes care of like that imagine. not named idea that just made today might come to the money show. hundred pounds and the visit money. now for cash. that was so simple. they just make it so we say in the end oh my god look at the a.p.r. . now. imagine how much money you have to pay that.
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must help. one thousand children twenty three point six percent and your percentage right all right. well one so from two hundred twenty three point six percent now shrubbery everyone has power and you bought a few five back. but just over a thousand pounds. you drove shocking. when i was working to you know. the car so badly. and. i should've remembered all that when i started getting into debt and i didn't because. you practice you get a gift and you panic and you just get bigger and you panic more and you panic more new panic. do you has that stuff. going to from the white there
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are people signing agreements for literally thousands of percent a.p.r. so what they're boring i'm paying back it's it's crazy really and it's caused a lot of problems for a lot of people when you're in a crisis you go where you need to go to do what you need to do to make ends meet if you've got children and you need to put food on the table then you're going to go to one of these lenders people often say well why would you why would you borrow at such a high rate of interest but when you're desperate desperate things and the argument has always been were surely for those people who are the worst off in society those are the people who should be able to benefit from the best rates of lending but the industry has never been like.
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that. in each french administrative area like here in strasburg one hundred eighty nine years law required the setting up of a household debt commission which meets twice a month. and . you can you know would you say down there is in the pool. on the ten songs at home. playing the. father having my son. do nothing i. they do better. and they can get less difficult some of them have some cycle. between.
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the two little clean believe it or not you can both be done to move it to. trying to give. you examples of. different also have. the administrative staff of the commission secretariat compare is orses and charges so as to evaluate the ability to repay if the balance is positive the commission negotiates a reorganization of the debt with the creditors usually a reduction of monthly payments either by extending the duration of the loan or by lowering the interest rates yet currently around one situation in three is deemed irremediably compromised with no prospect of improvement in such cases the debts are cancelled so that the person does not remain indefinitely in debt to offer them a second chance as it were a fresh start in life. some dream of taking this further and to collectively cancel
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debt in the spirit of the biblical jubilees or the kings of mesopotamia who wiped all the tablets clean at regular intervals to bring back to the city those who had fled their creditors. it strikes me that if democracy is to mean anything if money is simply a series of promises we made to each other democracy mean that everybody gets to weigh in on decision just a few central bankers who are not disinterested. so i think a jubilee would be a way of bringing home to people it's our solution to all problems but it would be a way of saying look we could have hit reset any time these aren't real things these are things that we agree with each other we could we could do it otherwise so a jubilee would want to kick us into consciousness of what the world we're in is really like the. right. set up a nationwide coal center financed by most of the banks and lending instead basements which some clients in financial difficulty can cause. do.
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leprosy really do. that they can do she simply not knowing when to vallance was to panel show. him how he would have kids. leave. it when you get. to compete we don't need. is this from consensus some point we resign from supreme until some progress on them such as. they see that some new recruit to suppress suddenly kept roger and the defense witness to freddie trying to squash. it will join if you don't put up with it if you put it up and you know it is you could not fathom how this is going to sway the kids even assuming doesn't she says she doesn't want to get the. idea is that they would be jumping the gun
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out of me. because i mean doesn't she just want to go to the people to help out of this is selfless on the local bill of a new war softball kotler through a wall street. who will. still fill i think there's been she's all over the constituents traumatized on the jets and from the. only google some people saw me go there best on wall sources social some president bull market recount do talk while. watching. this i don't know if they will do much. it will stop them but of course manage it better that if you're. going to fall apart you can then by just. quest i felt a second. because the system could issue a small. to do me beat you to it in this is the part of the miss you poor
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poor hire. city to cuss sold all or. to see the need f. the north father. back seem to do is a repentant before he worked as a financial advisor for a large insurance company but one day his life changed radically he was violently assaulted by an angry client not even his customer and social welfare which was in the throes of restructuring took months to pay his sickness benefit so he went under financially before meeting crazy use. of the business are going to sue the book because she just because you say. there's also
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a because you simply be confused here more so very. good you know there was so. zick zero zero don't invoke yourself that controls. some for more. from a christian. then. also you're one of us that much here. as long. probably. lucky. because there were. no cars on the. farm looking for them because part of the new digital but i don't want
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to leave but they got know it with a view that we. have no way saturday to assault this one going to give it up as many. followed up with. what you see on so much. but also you know so much of a lot of them was just political stuff read out like you see because again no i have this i just can't get it plus classist it up yes i did all that i mean both it's almost like the idea of the always been the comes up in the. book you are good starting to sound good you know you see. it was you i mean it is how do you know if you say he made it and this is when you play.
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this sounds here. it's the people. who were going to. walk in space and they started to not pay but you know get past you know i'm a shot at the i don't pee my stuff yet know how much i talk about it i guess but then added up that. that's exerts a simple clause saying people don't want to do social workers are so long. gets results on some things away for good. but truth just. strikes which way does one by one. pounds of one's own drugs or the promise that the morning finds donaldsonville months roofies and i
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just did just this way because that's was underage and sears printers to slug the drug children to school but it's a very clever were those of the cedars for encouraging people to do it one by one. here one by one it's mostly what i mean and he's not the way we want to we don't we're not again with the assistance and he's an away most recently we believe that they way to transform not only the people as a time from the say the like these might sound neat because. you can feel the need for a process of empowerment these emotional wound and take it outside. and a technical one and then you take this political consent that you need to fight not just to change your approach to change a just around. the third. just
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black sit on the. discovered about the struggle of the. that was a moment where isis targets the body looked like it was about to be destroyed and as someone who put themselves on a kiss here are some people struggling fall on the kissed idealogy if i didn't somebody with the skill with the ability to go and help those people in the
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existential struggle in a moment of need then my whole life i'd not be a hypocrite. everybody i'm stephen pope. hollywood guy will suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm honest. though no one knows with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have fun every day americans. and the stork to bridge the gap this is the great american.
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it's a. wonder when the. car of the city leading. to a new look in the movie took on fears that. there's a road reserved in. following the momentum make a friend with her foot on the cliff and for a moment up on the u.s.s. iwo jima look at them they want to. and the feeling. of those. of us that the awful.
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but. i'm putting this week's top stories on. rages following donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital clashes between palestinians and israeli police have caused deaths and injuries. but the art world reacts to trumps in the calling for east jerusalem to be recognized as the palestinian capital with turkey already planning to open its embassy there. also ahead president putin kickstarts the withdrawal of russian troops from syria during a surprise visit after millett free chiefs that the fate in the country.


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