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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 20, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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some government business is it do we hear voices who deserve some of the promises of they've done it with the groovy. repression these are the easiest to bring this to these are was to me these are the this is the book called to the house was beaten by an already know that he believes this is the birth of the brothers he is the. citizens and these are the citizens they were both in their of the european union which means that people have rights in the past but which is very simple so there is no real interest of leaving the value of the citizenship in the course in citizenship because this will not change this culture so this is one big problem with that but nobody understands why because. past the battles chip if you leave if your parents have left italy you can't get. it from italy also. doesn't now it will do what italy does already promised in the
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campaign the freedom party under freedom party has to show that they're changing all string government off from politics that's what they see for free and party south tyrol is a part of austria softer only on the german and lower than softer only ones austrians and that's what they will do by staying with us here on r.t. international the latest news headlines coming your way at the top of the hour.
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here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night was he was actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to was you know it was really packed a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the single most important social equalizer of our time the internet is under grave threat the decision by the federal communications commission essentially gives internet service providers the keys to the internet without net neutrality will be economic opportunity divide only widen for all. stocking net neutrality i'm joined by my guest who rivera in new york he is the
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editorial director for reactionary times and a news max columnist and in tampa we have scott rickard he is a former american intelligence linguist right gentlemen cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate scott let me go to you first in tampa first i want to kind of express my bewilderment but maybe it should and shouldn't be will be looking at mainstream media covering this story on net neutrality a lot of stories out there but the meaning of it seems rather moot. to me and it's i think it's because so many of these news outlets are owned by internet service providers ok comcast and others like that here i mean what is the significance of this move because i think you know an era of the internet and as i said in my introduction i mean one of the great social equalizers of our time is under threat and maybe we'll tell our grandchildren i remember the golden years go ahead scott well that's interesting i mean it's very multifaceted obviously the media companies
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i have a very symbiotic relationship with the carrier. there's this this relationship goes a long way they pay a lot of money even for local news you know it's up to like seven dollars charge just for local news or rebroadcast the cost cable companies so you have a real close symbiotic relationship with individuals who are profiting from a current business so a lot of this really has more to do with the legality of rebroadcast the copyright component and obviously the economics they're trying to transfer of the upgrade of their networks to the economic wages of of the people that's what's really happened here and when you talk about a fast lane versus a slow lane let's be clear here that they are of seeds are written very clearly once you're up on the network the quality of service is actually built in the bandwidth is there you know each strand of fiber will give you ten gigabit they've pulled a lots of multi a modem but mostly single mode fiber around the country this goes well right past
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everyone's homes and they can install the equipment on the corners that will absolutely handle the quality of service what's interesting is that the companies that when you're trying to get faster speeds today are actually making you pay for that equipment by charging exorbitant installation fees so that's really what's happened is that technology is very simple to give people a quality service but what they're up against is they're trying to obviously make more money from something that doesn't really need to happen very much like enron very much like ethanol and very much like unfortunately the carbon tax charging for our in the united states i guess is how the americans have done this ok we have one and we have julio dissenting and that's what we wanted on this program really let me go to you new york you need to follow before we move to some more we explode here guys hang on you know julio i perfectly understand that i s p's this is a business that and it's serious business and it's an important business for our
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time my most important concern is. to make sure that everyone gets to stay in on this platform here and and and this is what a lot of people worried about when it comes to net neutrality are we going to have people left behind because there are lots of communities in the united states that don't have the best quality internet and if they're facing higher prices for not an improvement in quality that leaves them out that's my primary concern i have other concerns as well after this long introduction of my part my friend go ahead julio in new york. well you know what that sounds very conspiratorial there was what scott was talking about listen the fact of the matter is the people that are getting hurt are people that are due to that neutrality are people in rural areas people that are in urban areas that are underdeveloped i mean the fact of the matter is we're already paying extra for better levels of service that's already been happening because if you get business class intra you know high speed internet
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you pay a little extra and you get a little bit better quality service it's not like everybody's getting the same level of service all across the board it hasn't been like that and didn't think about the twenty plus years before two thousand and fifteen when they put in this additional regulation the internet for arrived it's not like taking it away isn't going to make the thing explode i mean this is really alarmist nonsense there's another reason to attack donald trump saying that he's doing something dangerous it's really there's no there's not going to be any consequence the average person is not going to feel any difference because of this guy i don't see it i don't see the trump connection here so clearly here i there's a lot of there's a lot of people in red and blue states that are concerned about this here you know scott the argument you know that net neutrality slows down investment i mean if you look at the bottom lines of the major piece i mean look at their stock prices are
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doing pretty well here and since two thousand and fifteen investment into infrastructure of these grids you know has dipped only a little bit here it is down eighty five percent what it what i would say is that i don't know i was saying this years back with since the ruling in two thousand and fifteen things haven't been that bad then you have google and facebook and so on and so on and so forth saying that they're there and they were are worried that the eye is peace will not be held to account to you know title to that everyone talks about go ahead scott well i don't deny the fact that there are any issues with a. rural areas not getting speed but let's be clear here that the american government has invested millions and hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial companies the acquisitions have been tremendous you look at small companies like sentry tell that gobbled up qwest that gobbled up a lot of around the southeast century tel is now one of the largest companies in the country from a telecom perspective obviously john malone and paul allen have done quite well
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gobbling up some cable companies recently so you have a very serious amount of investment that there's not only coming from the u.s. government but also coming from private investors and this net neutrality thing is absolutely more about the legality of things let's be clear here that you know they're not able to throttle back the pirate bays or the cody's or these types of things that are they're basically bashing into their their income so they're going after the of law in a way to actually throttle these things back and block them now let's be clear as well i cannot find our t.v. on a on a cable network across the united states our t. is not syndicated on the cable networks in the united states let's be clear here as well i can easily get our t.v. i know the guys i ski with these people out in denver helping out the u.s. disabled ski team so these are individuals that are absolutely blocking this type of access for r.t. and this will be another thing this is
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a freedom of speech issue for me because in the future if they don't want us to get our t. on the internet they can actually throttle that back as well and that's the only place i can get that so that's my biggest fear ok that's a fear of mine and i was actually to get there and everything go in we can go there right now who we want you know one of the i said my major concern was equal access from a subsidiary concern is you know are we going to see what comcast an eighteen bryce and what they want us to see and they could give them preference ok because i'm sorry because if comcast likes. wants to support m s n b c i think the whole world is in trouble here the question is can they stick can will they stay focused on business or would they be political ok go ahead julio wallace and there's been a couple of isolated incidents there was the vonage eighty in t. thing that was a google wallet thing yes but to have this net of broad sweeping you know regulations over everyone in advance listen we have antitrust laws you know we have
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the f.t.c. which was originally in charge of the internet before fall under the f.t.c. there are the f.c.c. rather under title two you know we we don't need another additional layer of regulation listen there were twenty two s p's that went to go to the to the f.c.c. and they met with. that they have you know smaller customer bases less than a thousand people they can't grow because banks won't loan them money because of the uncertainty that comes along with this so i mean it's hurting america it's hurting jobs it's hurting the level of service every day and do anything positive and listen before we had it we didn't have these widespread issues of you know i s p's undermining you know their competitors. ok scott you know if one of the major concerns is that you're going to have the major ions being that you get to force
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you to buy their products here and they will throttle and disappear oh that the competition see this is you know the internet really thrives when there is competition when it's really unlikely forced to buy any no no but if you can't see that you can you can't see something you can't buy it ok that is the whole problem here is the again every step of the way it's equal access if it's political ideas or products or being able to be on the internet in the first place go ahead scott one minute before we go to the break well when you look at when you look at the failure of the competitive local exchange carriers and they did try this they deregulated in one nine hundred ninety six the americans gave away the keys to the kingdom a lot of foreign countries came in and bought american infrastructure you have foreign intelligence that is manufactured and installed intelligence collection devices on american networks getting data prior to n.s.a. getting it actually so there's a there's a real serious problem from the deregulation from ninety six but at the same time
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when you look at current competition a.o.l. built their networks upon advanced network systems advanced network systems was they were the guys that built arpanet for the folks that bold parañaque and newman and managed it for the guys so this is a this is not a competition environment obviously time warner has some of the best. actual landlines and best actual fiber across the country after buying the arpanet infrastructure certainly these guys sprint have some great infrastructure because their road connections so this is not a competitive environment these are these are individuals who understand it a much higher level i've attended meetings at the national security telecommunications advisory council and so i understand these these types of issues and the most americans they don't understand this so when you talk about competition though there is no. competition there is absolute control and then thing that i find is that these types of individuals that are controlling it can
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control their access to i'm going to jump in here way to go to a short break air force no i mean no i don't know you don't have your chance after the short break up to our shop for a book in your discussion on the future of the internet stake. how does it feel to be a sure the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we do or don't like is there nobody you know visitation i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore it's cost effective that's what they want to do that's known they don't give a damn if you do the chores or not there are actually paying us to put it back into . the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sam bridge what she could is behind such success.
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welcome back across the uk where all things are considered on people belcher month we're discussing the state of the internet. let's go back to you in new york scott had the last word in the first part of the program and you were dissenting please go while i was just going to say we can't force stern environment that creates money i mean these smaller guys still at least have to have a fighting chance listen there's over four thousand individual i s p's in this country. you know obviously we have the big dogs you know and they're the ones that control the majority of it but hollows our consumer is ever going to have
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a choice you know if these smaller people can even compete in the market and i on the side you know i just wanted to bring up that you know going back to something that scott said earlier isn't it ironic or isn't it really not really that surprising that we would give up you know forgive for and access to our internet infrastructure in the ninety's under the clintons is that like follow a pattern that we wound up seeing going to she was secretary a. different topic and i'd like it i'd like it that's a good one they're ok all right you know scott you know what doesn't it doesn't. there's always patterns with. people you know scott you know. ok we just heard from the you know there's a lot of very small i a speech but you know what it's really almost a monopoly like environment it's the same thing with facebook at the same thing with google here is another thing i'm concerned is more and more concentration and now it looks like the f.c.c. reports to the i is peace that's what it looks like after this ruling here it is
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and you know shedding responsibility i mean they have to have f.c.c. is supposed to make sure that people have access to broadband ok i mean on the on the on the very top of their responsibilities. you know and so i wonder looking at you know shouldn't they be these big companies be broken up and we had standard oil we had other major companies that were broken up i mean it seems to me there's too much concentration of power too much concentration of money and it's bad for the marketplace and for consumers go ahead scott. well they've tried that they did break up ma bell bell was broken up and then really they actually at war divorce they remarried under age n.t. and all the all the bells came back together they also tried that with the seal ex and they a lot of people did make some decent money but obviously those have been all basically gobbled back up they did the same thing in the cable industry those all started out very local and you know you had advance newhouse one of the ones early
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on here in the florida area but they've also the time warner is in the individuals that own the backbone impose structure you know it's very similar like you brought up with standard oil they own the railway system that was transporting the oil and that's how they control the industry well the same thing goes for the backbone infrastructure for the internet that is owned by a very small select group of people who are controlling that transport on those backbone infrastructures and you know that that infrastructure is very easily managed you look at the kinds of inner connect that they have you know each single fiber will do ten gigabit of. bandwidth and they have tons of single mode fiber polled where they need it and they can always pull more so there's not a problem with the bandwidth issue i think what it comes down to is like you said with rural areas and individuals i live in a neighborhood for example that hasn't been upgraded for the telecom industry so i can only get seven megabit to my house but on the cable side i can get one hundred
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megabit to my house which is plenty for these days i mean there's plenty of transport to my home at this point seven megabit i would be challenged i mean obviously i can't stream as well across that is the quality of services good on the streaming that i can get from my my cable provider absolutely not when i go out to cody and other places obviously the origination point and the terminations point will determine where the band with quality is going to be so i can't get as good a quality but that the way that they buffer and they do their compression i get a pretty decent quality brings. stuff in even from across the planet so it's pretty darn good obviously when you're getting out to rural areas it takes more investment are the companies investing or areas absolutely not they're investing in five g. they're going to make everything wireless they're actually going to put the wires out of business in the neighborhood by basically installing stuff onto our eyes and getting what's moving in a different directly julio i mean we could get kind of an internet apartheid in the us. is this what it's leading to. no i don't
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necessarily think it's going to i don't know listen i think that now it's going to be a little bit more competitive i think you know the smaller companies or even if they wanted to combine and band together perhaps and you know go and fight the big machine let's say you know like i said it's better to not have an environment where the monopoly just gets more powerful and that's basically what net neutrality did i mean you look at it in the billions of dollars of lost investment you know and all the studies that came out and granted people you know complained about the studies because they were funded by you know the i s p's but. you know at this point let's talk about what more money let's see what money can do here scott you know i mean. i looked at some sources you know one hundred one million dollars came from these i as peace lobbying congress i suppose they landed their pen and paper and
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said don't you worry we'll take care of that bill for you ok i mean i looked at the list of everyone taking money that's remarkably bipartisan probably the only bipartisan thing i've seen lately people taken money from the eye of peace let me go to let me go to scott and they will go to julio go ahead scott well absolutely i mean obviously who you know and who you pay off you know we do live in a country of the history of the meyer lansky the history of the lucky luciano those just like truman was bought and sold by the mob we have our current real estate mobster in chief who has also been in bed with the mob for several decades that also you know this is a problem in the united states you know buying and selling politicians is not a new game they've been bought and sold on both sides of the aisle for quite some time by different interest groups and obviously that neutrality did not hurt anything from a business perspective it's creating another false business model just like enron and this is why. we're up against you know up against individuals who are you know
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building an industry based upon not creating anything but going towards a service model that salute the charges for something that is unnecessary to charge for who you are dissenting again on the program go ahead. you know what i was going to say listen when i before he became you know involved with the f.c.c. he was basically working with a group that was very anti net neutrality back in twenty fifteen and it was a group made up of the smaller piece you're not really getting the end. stuff so much from the big dogs you know because they're the ones that are a profit up by this type of you know overlapping unnecessary legislation or regulation rather they only really hurts their competitors you know so it may be if they have to go through a couple extra hoops they don't mind doing it because they can afford to do it is
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so long as it crushes their competition and they never have to worry about not being on top and that's the issue here ok well scott i mean i again i mean we're kind of looking at it from different points of view here because i see you know it's not all that can pet a tip here i mean what's competitive is their services and you know they would compete the have different services and and and content here but i mean we're looking at you know i know there are a lot of biased piece but. there's a few elephants in the room and everything else is very very marginalized and it seems to me the f.c.c. is again walking back it's going in the wrong direction because i don't see that these smaller guys are going to be protected i mean keep the let it go ok ok well that's good a bit if they go make sure but again going back to the beginning of the program if everybody has access ok and i don't see that happening again i see a step back where people go to get really crappy service and you have to pay a lot of money for it that's not good again everyone should have access to
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broadband everybody should have access to water and air to go ahead scott. it's a broad based on the went out of the smaller eyes i was going to they were it's really not a lot of the smaller species were a lot of the smaller pieces were against net neutrality because it took a lot for them to the deploy their infrastructure you know they couldn't keep up and they had to rent space in order to provide the quality of service that people were demanding and they have to rent space from the big guys and it's not cheap i mean they they're renting quality and they're and they're colocation centers and they'd like to have their own colocation centers and have their own infrastructure and when the smaller guys do get together and i don't blame them they don't want to have the same demands put on them by net neutrality which i understand that they can't afford it and that the same time they're not going to win this game they're just going to be gobbled up as soon as they get enough customers anyway so the fact is is that this is the status quo in american capitalism that you see and this is
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how it's always bad it is i don't think it's going to change much with the f.c.c. ruling i think the most interesting thing here that everybody is missing is that this is a legality issue this is how the piece will legally block content that they don't want on there to let networks they will legally block and throttle back things that they don't want to prioritize on their network. other it's a lot of the supporters of net neutrality say going to go to court what are their chances of winning all right well listen i want to bring that up from the legality issue you know forget that neutrality there was a decision recently between two software companies enigma software and now we're bytes it's one of my columns up on newsmax where an interpretation of the communications decency act actually allowed one company legally to engage in a torturous interference against a competitor malware bytes went after a unfairly and basically it were protected by the communications decency act so
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whether or not we have net neutrality protecting us or not these i s p. you can go ahead and do that and then just have coverage under that law until it's a piece of legislation that was poorly written there is actually a mistake in the way it was written which i pointed out in my column but they would have protection under the communications decency act even if net neutrality is not there ok well do you think that they could they will this will be overturned through the courts ok i want to ask maybe scott real quickly and then maybe scott can finish up what about the quote the in the court. of the court that i don't i don't why i don't want neutrality so i'm fine with this i mean it's going to go back to the way it was and we got last few seconds go ahead scott ok so you've had several judges speak out against it already. in support of that your trial it also you had governors actually supported that neutrality certainly a good lawyer knows the law but a great lawyer knows the judge so is the relationships with anything that is for
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the law fortunately ended and that will be the case of that in this area line and i'm just saying well i guess that depends standing on this program in a very long time that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests in new york and in tampa and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time a member prospect of. hey everybody i'm stephen ball. hollywood guy. every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. . this is my buddy max famous financial guru just
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a little bit different. with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have fun every day americans. and the stork to bridge the gap this is the great american.
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press than trump threatens to cut aid to un members who voted against america's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. this idea is it dangerous to stay here ok thank you i think. our correspondents caught up in the latest protests in ramallah as palestinians declare another day of rage against donald trump's jerusalem. social media giant facebook is accused of abusing its monopoly in germany and the inappropriate collection of users data. says the foreign intelligence service is a ramping up their activities in russia trying to interfere in the country's internal.


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